Thursday, April 30, 2009


It seems that it now takes an entire "Boatload" of stuff to raise a baby.  I cannot believe all of the "things" they have for Henry.  I am currently sitting downstairs on "Henry Watch" while Momma tries to make up for the sleep lost last night and I am looking at the vibrating recliner he is sleeping in (sort of like an adult massage chair", his car seat/carrier/stroller seat (they call this a "Travel System), and a swing.  NOW THAT IS JUST WHAT WE HAVE DOWNSTAIRS!  He has changing pads, swaddling gowns (one complete outfit all attached with lots of Velcro), monogrammed burp clothes (HE IS GOING TO SPIT UP ON THIS), diaper king (marvelous invention), crib, bassinet (also pack in play), and on and on and on.
The "CORKER" in this mountain of stuff-----well NO the two corkers are------the "IT Z BEEN".  Marvelous little device that gives you the time it has been since he last ate, the time it has been since the last diaper change, the time he has been asleep,  AND  a blank spot for anything else you might like to time.   WELL BACK IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS---I Looked at a CLOCK (NON-DIGITAL) to see how long it had been since they ate last, I counted the diapers strewn around to know how many times they had been changed, and sleeping-----DID THEY EVER SLEEP!
The other marvelous invention that EVERY MOTHER MUST HAVE---the monitor.  Now they make a audio monitor as well as a camera monitor so you can know EVERY sound or move your baby makes.  BACK IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS----I used my EARS (SHOCK) to listen for the baby and thought it might border on voyeurism to watch their EVERY MOVEMENT!
Henry did not let his Mom sleep much after the 2 AM feeding, so hopefully she will get a long nap this AM.  I can see him growing right before my very eyes!  I do not need any gadget for that--it is truly amazing!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


THIS YEAR'S WINNER FOR       MOTHER OF THE YEAR------drum roll--------
ME!  I certainly think after cleaning out #1 daughter's frig that I am a shoe in!  I am slowly but surely working through all of the projects that I came up with for myself.  THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE-but #1 Daughter's Request!  I had to get #1 SIL to take the throw away sack to the garbage can it was so heavy.  AND BY THE WAY-----what is all that stuff in the bottom of the frig everytime you clean it out??

Henry's Mom has gone for her first walk and I am on assigned "Henry Watch".  I am watching him sleep, squirm around and make "Baby Noises".  I moved furniture and cleaned under it in the den today and cleaned a few inside windows.  STAYING BUSY to say the least.

The MOST IMPORTANT task of the day-----deciding what to make for dessert after chicken quesadillas for supper and Mexican Rice.  This required ANOTHER trip to the grocery store!  If you have to go to the Grocery Store though-Wegman's makes it a pure pleasure!    COULD WE PLEASE GET A STORE LIKE THIS IN RUSTON?????

Tonight I have front end of the night baby duty.  Once we get him down after that midnightish feeding then he is his Mom's.  Henry has got us all just where he wants us-JUMPING AT HIS EVERY WHIMPER!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Mr. Henry J just got back from his one week doctor's visit.  He has gained 12 ounces    SINCE FRIDAY  - A GROWING BOY!  This came as NO SURPRISE TO Momma Lulu since every time he nurses he appears to be in a "Drunken Milk Stupor".  I told Camille she was quite a little "Milk Producer".  Somewhere Elsie is SO ENVIOUS!


Mr. Henry decided to show us all just WHO WAS IN CHARGE last night.  After his 9ish feeding he was not asleep, so Camille went to bed and I rocked.  It seems as if he was not sleepy!  After about an hour of trying to soothe, I had to get Camille back up and feed him some more.  He was still awake-----so I took over the rocking chore.   FINALLY at 11:45 I had jiggled him enough that he drifted off.  He woke up some time after 12 and ate AGAIN.  My personal thought is that if he is awake-he needs to be sucking on something.    SO   since no paci-----that means Mom has to get back up.     AND WHERE WAS DAD WHO MANDATED NO PACI  while all this was going on-----------Sleeping the sleep of the exhausted!!!!!  I think he might have felt bad about it this AM when his sleepy wife woke up not her usual cheerful self.  Camille did say she planned to ask the Ped about the paci today.    WHERE WAS THAT NIGHT OWL, POPPA BOB WHEN WE NEEDED HIM!

The "Little Family" has gone for the one week check to make sure Henry is getting enough food.  Not much doubt in my mind about that-I can literally see him filling out!  It only took all 3 of us working hard to get them out the door!  What a hoot that one little baby can cause such a stir!  Well off to the Mountain of Laundry the little man created!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I had a "rocking good time" with the "newest man in my life" last night. After his 2 AM hit at the "Milk Bar", I heard him fussing while his Momma changed him. I got up and put him back to sleep while his Mom went back to bed. We were rocking and rolling! There is nothing like the sweet smell of a baby during the wee hours of the morning. I experienced this with my other Grands as well during their first week in the world. I wouldn't take anything for the experience!

I am enjoying the last day of great weather before it begins raining and turning cool up here again. While out running errands, invariably, I get asked about my accent. I always respond, "What accent?" To my ear, I sound just like MOST of you people up here, but then occasionally I run into someone with a "Thick Erie Accent". Camille has been told that she is getting her accent back-could it be that Momma is a "Bad Influence"?

With everyday, the Jennings are settling into a routine of sorts. Mom has been Spring Cleaning, working in the yard, cooking meals, washing clothes and an occasional late night rocking session!

WHY doesn't the weather stay like this for the next two weeks!

Sunday, April 26, 2009




Henry had his first dinner on the patio last night.  I grilled and served supper outside with Henry watching from his carrier.  I think Mom enjoyed getting out of the house for the first time.  I am working on getting the back neat and pretty so they can spend plenty of time there this summer.  

Things are beginning to settle down at The Jennings Abode.  I don't think Camille got much sleep last night with Mr. Henry deciding he is hungry every two hours.  Question to all you young Mothers-----what is your secret to keeping baby's business inside their diaper?  We are doing a mountain of laundry since Henry seems to "Go" on everything in sight.  I am sure there has to be some solution to this.

Momma Lulu went to bed early and did not get up during the night.  I am a very light sleeper, so I hear them, but have instructed Camille to call me if she needs me.  Does not seem much point in all of us not getting enough sleep.  

I have about a half a dozen projects going inside the house, in the front, and in the back yard.  Depending upon what Camille needs-I work on a project.  At the moment she is sunning in the back yard, so I am on "Henry Watch" in the den.  IT'S A TOUGH JOB BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


We survived our first night with Mr. Henry-QUITE WELL! Camille fed him at 8 and went to bed and left Henry in Adam's care. I took him from Adam-since I had not had my share of holding time yet. Adam quickly began to fade and went to bed at 9. Henry and I hung out, rocked and watched House reruns. At 11 Camille came back down fed Henry while I stayed up with her. She has to have help getting him back up the stairs. After feeding, burping, pooping, and pooping again on the not-attached new diaper, he settled in for a little sleep. I went to bed and the new parents took over. He had to be awakened at 2, but followed the same routine as at 11. Powers jumped in the bed with me around 5. I suppose the fact that Camille was up and in the nursery told him that we should all be up. I got up, took Powers out and fed him and checked on Camille. Sitting in the glider in the nursery, she and Henry seemed to be pretty content. Back to bed and the next thing I know it is 7:30 and BC is calling.

Adam & I worked as a unit to give him a bath last night before Camille's bedtime. We learned you do not give a bath on the couch-even a spit bath. Today I have learned that you do not change diapers on the couch. That discovery was made when Henry christened the "Green Couch". HOW IN THE WORLD DID I EVER GET ALL THIS DONE WITHOUT HELP? BC has always been willing to help, but he also has always worked long hours. It is a miracle that our kids survived!

Henry is a very good baby-so far. My guess will be about the time I leave to go to LA-he will wake up and not sleep so much. Isn't that the way it works ALWAYS!

Friday, April 24, 2009




The "Milkman" began making deliveries last night! Momma and Baby are MUCH happier! At the moment both are sound asleep, probably getting "FIRED UP" for the first night home! The Jennings Family arrived home around noon today and have begun settling in. The stairs are probably the biggest obstacle at the moment! SLOW AND EASY!

WHAT I REALLY LOVE-----is new parents! It seems that in order for Adam to take Powers for a run and Camille to take a nap, I NEED TO WATCH HENRY SLEEP! CRACKED ME UP! We will see how long this lasts! I still remember after all of these years falling asleep as I hit the bed in desperate need of sleep when mine were little. AS LONG as they were sleeping-I WAS SLEEPING!

It has turned warm in Erie today and the sun is shining at last--THANK GOODNESS. HOW YOU PEOPLE DEAL WITH THESE PERPETUALLY CLOUDY AND OVERCAST SKIES IS BEYOND ME! I took BC to the airport for his return and got slightly lost coming back when I missed a turn. THANK GOODNESS I have "Sweetie" with me! I saw a really lovely residential part of Millcreek which forms a "C"around Erie proper. The Jennings house is one block away from Millcreek, so I see two sets of school buses when out early in the morning traveling a street away from each other! Although "Big City" (certainly MUCH bigger than Ruston) living has its niceties, I miss the total 15 minutes from one side to the other drive of Ruston. Also as a side note-IF YOU THINK THE ROADS ARE BAD IN RUSTON-come up here to "POTHOLEVILLE". Obviously the snow, ice and plows are really hard on the highways!

More pictures coming. Will get some help downloading tonight and put them up ASAP. Henry is changing day by day and I decided today he looks JUST LIKE ADAM!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


REALLY interesting day today! I may have met my match or at a minimum my equal! # 1 SIL DARED to set me straight today! BC said his heart skipped a beat and his eyes bugged when Adam told me how things were going to be! NOT MANY ARE BRAVE ENOUGH TO GO THERE!

Henry was doing some fussing today, so ADAM had been putting the paci in to soothe him. I thought this was a good idea and had even encouraged it yesterday. When the lactation nurse came in, she told Camille to loose the paci for a while-until Henry got established nursing. He ate, she left and then he fussed! I DO NOT DO WELL hearing my sweet new baby grand fuss! After unsuccessful soothing attempts, I put the paci back in. Camille saw what I was doing and questioned, but did not stop me. When Adam came back from class and Camille told him what had happened (I believe I had stepped out of the room for a minute), he told me in a firm, but not harsh voice-"We will not be giving Henry the paci!" I sat there slightly startled! I am known to be "Strong willed" and "Bossy" by my family and am not called to task by any of them very often. Adam was letting me know that Henry was their son and we would be doing this their way. I LOVE IT! I actually got a good laugh about it after BC and I left! Scott is like me-we are VERY PA-and therefore don't confront you-just do things our way! If he ever questioned what I was doing when I stayed with them after #1 & #2 Grand arrived, I do not remember. Rather I think they just waited until I left and then did it their way. NOT ADAM- he told me to get along we needed to get it straight how things would be. I think it is wonderful that he is setting me straight, but I also told him that was fine-BUT when I could not soothe Henry-he was then the "Designated Soother"! He agreed and is quite good at doing that as well as everything else.

Tomorrow brings the "Homecoming Day". I believe Camille is a little apprehensive-since this is her first. I have told her it will be fine and I plan to stay two more weeks. I very well remember bringing home # 1 and having the same feeling. You are just stepping off into uncharted territory. They will be fine-but she will have to see that for herself.

Note to Running Buds-no running here. The weather has been YUCKY all week-cold-cloudy-windy. The sun FINALLY came out today-THANK GOODNESS! Hope to have time for at least a walk everyday while the sun shines. The weather here has been a lot like our winters at home!

BC & I have also suffered for the second time this Spring from Hay Fever with everything up here blooming like it did at home in March. NO FUN going through this two times in one Spring! Hope to post more pictures soon, in the meantime, if you have not already done so-go to Brooke's blog on my list of Bloggers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Long day-sitting with Momma and Henry J- BUT YOU KNOW SOMEONE HAD TO DO IT! Henry has changed a lot in just 24 hours. We laughed and said that his features had been squished up so long since he is such a "BIG BOY" that they FINALLY have a chance to spread out. He is a good baby and is learning to nurse and the facts of being in our "Big World". I am TOTALLY AMAZED at how Camille and ESPECIALLY Adam have gotten "On Board" to being parents. They seem to be "Naturals"! Adam is the best "Swaddler" including nurses that I have ever seen. He is adapt at burping, changing Poopy diapers, aspirating noses, in essence EVERYTHING but nursing! What a great blessing for Camille and Henry J!

Camille's brother, # 1 called today and when he found out that Henry went to the nursery from midnight to 7, except for feedings, HE WENT INTO ORBIT! It seems that when #1 Grand was born, #1 and #1 DIL were left with their baby all night and not give the "Nursery Option" . After a full day of labor and THEN a section, an exhausted Mother and Daddy were left with an unhappy baby and NO TRAINING! He HAS STILL NOT FORGOTTEN THAT NIGHT AFTER 8 YEARS!! He told me to tell Camille that "That was not fair and he was going to tell Henry that he was abandoned right after birth!" I LOVE MY KIDS AND THEIR SENSES OF HUMOR! I was cracking up as he told me to relay all this info to her. I cannot WAIT to hear him tell her all of this in person.

The greatest blessing in my life are my children and grands! I SO LOVE THEM ALL!

MORE PICTURES TO COME-need to get the computer genius home from the hospital so I can figure his computer out!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Camille and Adam's good friend, Brooke, posted the pictures of Henry below. Not much time to download and work on pictures here! It has been a long day for all of us----but so worth the long day! I wouldn't want to brag-but it is pretty amazing that I now have THREE perfect grandsons!

Henry is a "solid boy"! He has those little rolls that you love to see on a baby and a MOST AMAZING HEAD FULL OF BLACK HAIR! Pappaw Conville needs to run up here and give him a haircut! Our sweet niece, Ann, was born with a head full of black hair as was BC's sisters Nancy & Kathy. Blue eyes and a chin JUST LIKE HIS DADDY-Henry J is a sweet and precious baby!

Camille has done great and she and Adam, both seem to be taking to parenthood without a blink! When we went back late this afternoon, after taking Powers for a walk and giving them a break, Adam had been instructed in bathing Henry, and they both had been given nursing instructions. They were taking to it like "Ducks to Water!"

The medical staff all commented when Henry was born, "LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT HEAD & LOOK HOW BIG THIS BABY IS!" Camille and I had guessed at Henry's size and she was RIGHT ON THE MONEY! She did have the unfair advantage of carrying him around for 9 months!

I am staying with "The Mommie" tomorrow AM while Daddy goes to school. SUCH A TOUGH JOB BUT SOMEBODY GOT TO DO IT!

I must end by saying WE HAVE TRULY BEEN BLESSED!

Introducing Mr. Henry James Jennings

aka - the most handsome man in the world! Here is a preview of the little guy.

But trust me - there are LOTS more to come! Family is doing well and very much IN LOVE with Henry!

Dont you just LOVE him????


Mr. Henry J. has refused to vacate the premises!!!! After a night of trying to get things going, Camille and Adam got the news this AM that Henry was hanging tight to his current home.

SO Mr. Henry will be transferred-without choice-around noon today. Camille & Adam are in good spirits and at peace with the section to come. WE ARE JUST READY TO SEE MR. HENRY!

Note-Nurse Sonja-CCJ said all of her nurses have been great-THANKS FOR THAT PRAYER!

You catch one and you catch them all! Someone needs to explain to "The Powers That Be" that those can be timed where if you are going the speed limit, once you catch one then you get a pass for the next several. BC and I left the hospital just before 8 AM, so trying to get to his company's office, downtown was a act of HIGH FRUSTRATION! I actually saw the veins pop out of the side of BC's neck when the driver's refused to let us and several other drivers merge in when we SUDDENLY came upon a closed MAIN street. NO WARNING before the turn-you get to it and in the intersection there is a "Street Closed" sign. I KNOW all you Northerners think we are slow and dimwitted-BUT we do post signs several blocks in advance and at regular intervals when we close a street-TO PREVENT TRAFFIC JAMS!

OK-enough venting---the weather is actually beautiful and sunny this AM, but I see on NWS more rain is coming? For my running buddies at home-it is quite cool-almost like our winter mornings.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Camille called and said well I am having some mild cramps, but they say that is normal and things are fine. In the meantime, MOM, could you and Dad go by MC DONALDS YUCK and get us the following for supper. I think the two of them have confused the lack of sleep that they are going to experience for lack of food. We were compliant and off we went to the Golden Arches. I called Adam as we approached the hospital and suggested he bring down a Dolley to take their load back upstairs.



Camille is in the hospital. The doctor is performing the "magic" that they have available now to get you "going". Things have come a LONG WAY since our 3 were born in 3 different decades! Once they get her ALL PREPARED-tomorrow very early they will check the status and put her on the "Evil P Drug" as some have called it. It looks like our newest grandson will be here tomorrow!

Camille has had a wonderful pregnancy and even now one day past due, she is not really miserable like most of us are at the end. The doctor told her that Henry J. will weigh at least upper 7's, but my guess was and is 8 lbs 6 oz. She thinks he will be upper 8's. We will see who is correct!

It was so much fun to see Adam running around packing his bag after they came home from their doctor's visit. Like most men we know-this seems to have sneaked up on him! They are told this is the day-and yet once it comes-they are not packed! NOW WHAT IS REALLY SURPRISING ABOUT THAT! He is a wonderful husband and an excited daddy to be. We are blessed as is Camille and as Henry J. will be.

Watch for Twitter updates. Adam told me that only one person could be in the delivery room and I told him I was SO SORRY that he couldn't be with us. HE DIDN'T THINK THAT WAS AS FUNNY AS I DID! He will call us in the AM when he knows what the deal is. We are on GO! SO LOOKING FORWARD TO HOLDING MR. HENRY J!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Henry seems bound and determined to take his sweet time arriving! We had a wonderful brunch with Brooke & Freeland, followed by a long nap, a long brisk walk, one of my gourmet recipes, and a tear jerker movie -------all trying to get that boy moving! ALL TO NO AVAIL!

In case you would like to see a good movie, "Marley & Me" is one to see. I really liked the book much better, but it is very entertaining. All 4 give it a thumbs up!

Tomorrow brings the doctor's appointment. We have spent a great deal of time discussing what the doctor will consider his options. Adam, Camille & I all dreamed about the delivery last night. Could it be that it is on our minds a great deal! BC is telling Camille that he is not trying to put any pressure on her, but she needs to have that baby before he has to go back to Ruston. I'M NOT SURE IF HENRY IS TOO WORRIED ABOUT WHAT POPPA BOB IS DOING.

I am beginning to think that Henry has his toes wrapped around Camille's ribs and is holding on for dear life. After all, things are pretty good right now! I am still pretty sure she is not terminally pregnant.



I have added Twitter to the side of my blog, just below the BlogHer Ads. I will be able to add blow-by-blow commentary-via cell when things get rolling. So BE SURE and check this when you come to the blog.

We are off to "Pufferbelly's" for brunch. A converted fire station-we have enjoyed this treat once before when here. We have invited Freeland & Brooke to join us-------it will be a Louisiana/Texan table. LOOK OUT ERIE---------------A BUNCH OF SLOW TALKING-BIG LAUGHING-OVERLY FRIENDLY BUNCH ON THE LOOSE!

It seems to be cooler and cloudy today with rain predicted. OK-I am rethinking staying!

Does anyone know where I can find some spumoni-an Italian grocery maybe? I LOVE spumoni!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


BC arrived and we have had a great afternoon.  I hate to tell all of my Louisiana buds, but I may stay until late September.  The weather is beautiful and the temperature is perfect.  WHAT MORE COULD I ASK?  I will be returning once the cold weather begins to creep in up here.

A steak outside on the patio for supper and Italian ice cream for dessert has ended a great day.  We had a long late afternoon walk, but Henry J. seems to be in no hurry at the moment.  So stay tuned for developments.  Church and brunch are planned for the morning since Henry J. seems content.  We will see what the morning brings!



Camille has announced she plans to take her packed bag with her Monday afternoon to her doctor's appointment. She plans to tell them I am not leaving until I have a baby. You can check me in at the hospital next door or we can just stay here! As a side note to Nurse Friend, she has tried all of your suggestions except the herbal one. She was not very comfortable with the placement of that one. She said, "I do not want aggravate anything."

The weather is absolutely beautiful up here. Just a touch of cool that I am beginning to grow accustomed to, but plenty of blue skies and sunshine. This would be a nice place to summer, say from mid April until maybe the end of September. I would want to be out of here before the snows begin though. In typical Southern fashion, I talked with another runner this AM and a landscape guy. I am sure they do not know quite what to think. It seems they think I have an accent.

We went to the Polish meat market yesterday and bought sweet Italian bulk sausage to put in a pasta dish. IT WAS WONDERFUL! I haven't been in a meat market like that in YEARS! Quite an experience and definitely a blast from the past. The butcher and I had a great discussion about Cajun sausage, polish sausage, and Italian sausage. The basic difference was the seasonings. He told me of his friend that was in Louisiana incarcerated and ate LOTS of Louisiana sausage and loved it. His friend wanted him to make him some, but he wasn't sure of how to do it. If anyone knows how you make boudain, please let me know so I can pass along the recipe.

The Nursery is finished with the cornice boards in place. Thanks to Jim and Helen for their labors in getting these ready. All we need is a Baby Now.

OH HENRY! Come out -come out-where ever you are!

Friday, April 17, 2009



I am currently cleaning house, washing clothes, making grocery lists, and cleaning windows      ---------     OR NESTING

While Camille is

SITTING IN THE BACK YARD, SUNNING AND READING A BOOK!  I really do not mind-she has never had my need to be BUSY-   BUT 


Camille appears to be on a crusade to prove me wrong that you INDEED can be terminally pregnant.  I will give her credit she seems to be on a quest to get Mr. Henry to MOVE SOUTH.  She stands in the MIDDLE of the den- in a straddle leg position and does squats.    NOW PICTURE THIS IN YOUR MIND-  40 weeks PG-  NICE size baby-right out front and here she goes up and down.  I threatened to place a basket with padding below her to catch POOR Henry when he falls out!

She has ingested enough pineapple to supply the Hawaiian population for a year!  You would think after about the 10th container of that delicious delicacy that she would realize it is not working.  On top of that-AS YOU CAN WELL IMAGINE-it's not exactly fresh up here in Erie!

The Jennings also take a 2 1/2 mile walk everyday on the rolling hills around their home.  Someone suggested jogging, but she thinks she would need a wagon to put her baby belly on to keep her balanced.

I came up here to be a big help, but when I arrived I noticed that the house was spic and span (I have a great story about spic and span-remind me to tell you someday).  When I remarked on how good everything looked, she informed me she had left the refrigerator for me to clean.  OH THANK YOU-THANK YOU!

The Jennings are really fun to cook for.  They will pretty much eat everything I place before them and you KNOW I love cooking.  I plan to go in search for a genuine "Italian Sausage" today.  Got a GREAT pasta dish to put it in-NOW WHERE IS THE ERIE SAUSAGE STORE?

IN SHORT AND IN ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR EMAILS AND CALLS-  NO BABY!  Henry seems quite content hanging out on Camille's diaphragm at the moment.  Meanwhile, Camille is slightly outraged that Adam shared with all his Med School buddies the delivery progress yesterday.  THIS FROM THE GIRL THAT POSTED THE STATE OF HER CERVIX ON THE WWW!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


My first full day in Erie and the sun in shining and the sky is blue.  I brought this with me from LA-YOU ARE VERY WELCOME, ERIE!  The only thing is that I find it pretty cool here with the breeze blowing all day long.  My two young'uns were in the back yard today with shorts and short sleeves soaking in the rays.  I find it REALLY too cold for that kind of activity, but my Southern blood is probably much thinner than theirs.  It also is pretty wet and gushy here.  Camille says the snow melt and Spring rains led to muddy roads and yards this time of the year.

We have spent the day running errands and it is the middle of the afternoon and Camille has gone for a rest.  I guess carrying around another person on your belly can get tiring!  We still have not had those mani's and pedi's, so that is on the list for tomorrow.  As niece, Ann, said, "You need to make a good impression in the delivery room."  I SERIOUSLY doubt that Camille will care if her toes and nails are painted by the time that Mr. Henry arrives. 

Our dilemma is when BC should come.  As friend, Barbara, told me, we humans so WANT to be in control, but you loose that control when it comes to birth and death.  HOW TRUE!  Since he will have a limited amount of time here, gauging the time to arrive is tricky.  He wants as much time with Henry as possible, but trying to be here for his birth makes that tricky.  We don't want him leaving and no Henry on the ground.  SO we are talking through the problem.

Camille seems to feel fine and although there are signs of Henry coming, no pains yet.  I think she is ready and willing, but Henry seems to like his home.  Camille's body will probably have to kick him out or he would stay forever.  As we were riding down the road, he got the hiccups today-TOO FUNNY!  Cannot wait to see those up close and personal.  Off to cook Chicken Creole for supper.  Maybe a little spicy food will get her going! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have signs-oh, yes-definite signs!   Henry J. knows that Momma Lulu is in town and is beginning the process of making his "Royal Appearance"!  Get the trumpets ready!  While we have some signs, I am not sure that we are on any timetable.  The question is-WHEN DOES POPPA BOB HEAD THIS WAY?????  I have promised to call him night or day, but as you all know it is not easy get to Erie.  I am watching and waiting and gauging when -just what day he should come!

Did a different route today getting to Erie.  Drove to Jackson (2 1/2 hrs) and caught plane which meant getting up at 4:15 (GROAN!).  Caught a SW flight that is a direct flight with one stop.  After the "Airport Olympics" that we have endured in the past to get here, this is a "Walk in the Park."  The kicker is that I then rented a car and drove the 90 miles from Buffalo to Erie-GROAN!  

My observations about the drive:  there is mile upon mile of vineyards in Western NY and Eastern PA.  A beautiful and scenic drive of rural country, I loveD seeing the area.  It reminds me a lot of the country around Waco, TX.  Low trees, but rural-the difference being that everything "Up North" is still not green-like at home.  Another observation-you have to pay a toll on the interstate in NY state to the PA state line-about 60+ miles of $3.  This interstate is a HORRIBLE road!  When you get to PA, the interstate is free and a MUCh better road!

At any rate, DELIGHTED TO BE HERE and looking forward to Henry J.'s arrival.  "COME ON DOWN HENRY-THE PRICE IS RIGHT!"

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Check April 13th-Contest Board for Today's Post. HOW DID I DO THAT?????

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Poor Camille, she is getting a lesson in being a parent! For a person like me who is addicted to "Control", raising children was a challenge-TO SAY THE LEAST! One of the few times, in my entire life, that I felt totally out of control was the 33 years (YES-LONG STORY) that I spent raising my brood.

We should all know we are in for trouble when we go through the challenge of getting them "On The Ground". Unless you have a planned section, YOU ARE TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL! Even with the one that I had induced, she still took her own sweet time hitting the ground.

Camille is dealing with the frustration of learning that it is not our time table-but theirs. I did tell her today when she called with a thick upset voice that her body would sooner or later "KICK MR.HENRY OUT"! I plan to remind her during those hours of labor of her being SO UPSET that she wasn't already going there. Oh Camille! We ALL have felt terminally pregnant, but if we had only known then what we know now. Hold Your Horses, Henry--------Momma Lulu will be there late tomorrow and THEN you have my permission to make your appearance at any time. BUT REMEMBER-Momma Lulu DOES NOT LIKE TO BE KEPT WAITING!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I am in flight to "Beautiful Erie"! LAND OF THE COLD TEMPERATURES!

Here are the guesses in the Henry J. blog contest. A winner will soon be announced!

12-Apr 3:04 AM Camille
13-Apr 1:47 PM Hannah
13-Apr 5:50 PM Mona
14-Apr 3:25 PM Jeff-Amanda
14-Apr 4:52 PM Jeff-Lauren
15-Apr 7:48 AM Jackie
16-Apr 7:00 AM Bethany
16-Apr 2:45 PM Ann Miller
17-Apr 12:00 AM Freakface
18-Apr 9:30 AM Suzanne
18-Apr 6:35 PM Babs
19-Apr 2:19 PM Brittany (Bethany's Sister)
19-Apr 5:30 PM Sam
20-Apr 10:30 AM Sandra
21-Apr 8:05 AM David B
21-Apr 9:00 PM Brooke A.
22-Apr 10:45 PM Jim
24-Apr 10:30 AM Debbie



I love this picture. Note their shadow behind them. This was made at one of the MANY parks that they have in Austin.
Throw it to me, I'm open, HEY! I'M OPEN!!!!!
Pappa Bob gets in a little practice with #1 on the sidelines.

All of that activity makes a boy thirsty!

Here comes Peter Cottontail, Pooping down the bunny trail!
The "Pooping Rabbits" were BIG HITS!

My running seems to be going in the wrong direction! I should be getting faster-yet last week and today-I got slower-even having to do some walking. I did get in the entire 5 miles-BUT!
I have discovered the solution to gaining my weight back. I am a HUGE peanut butter fan. Almost every weekday I eat a PB sandwich. Until about a week ago, I could not get my mouth open wide enough to bite into a sandwich. That problem has been solved and I am chowing down on my beloved PB (Extra Crunchy ONLY). I have managed to gain back almost 4 pounds of the weight that I lost. WHO KNEW!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We took the road that heads Southwest and made a quick visit to Austin. We have not put an eyeball on the Grands on the Ground since Christmas, so we were LONG overdue. The boys are growing and quickly approaching the end of another school year. Always a lot of fun and full of energy, we loved being with them. Cooking out, admiring the #1's new construction, and just being together, it was ALL great!

When you get bored, you just take a golf cart ride and maybe stop at the Lake.
A Boy and a Stick or the Water Ends All Boredom
With a Little Imagination, A Stick Becomes A Gun.

The Waves Look Cold and They WERE COLD-Didn't Slow Down Grand #2

It is always interesting to observe the difference in personalities of the boys. One is cautious and the other a risk taker. #2 has always watched #1 like a hawk and wanted to be right in the middle of what he was doing. I slowly see a turn being taken and each spending time in their individual interests. They are changing schools next year to a brand new school that is VERY close to their home.
A GREAT Weekend with our sweet grands. I especially realize how much I miss them when I have the opportunity to be with them. HOW I would love to be with them more and watch them as they grow!


Thursday, April 9, 2009


I always chuckle when everyone comes up with their own home remedy to make labor start. The things we will put yourself through to get that baby on the ground! Last night at small group, Resident OB/Surgical nurse and super friend, Sonja gave me 3 things to help Camille "Get Something Going". SORRY Camille, but I will not be sharing those until it is closer to my arrival time. For PURELY selfish reasons, I want to be there to see Mr. Henry J. make his appearance. So FOR NOW, you just stay on the couch, put your feet up, take no strange substances, and do nothing physically weird. "D Day" is coming-have no fear-YOU ARE NOT TERMINALLY PREGNANT!

I have been thinking about past Easters-all the way back as far as I can remember. One thing that sticks out about Easter Egg Hunts while a little girl was the "Prize Egg". It was sometimes "Gold" and sometimes "Royal Purple". This was LONG before plastic eggs that they hunt with today. We always decorated hard boiled eggs with dyes that were mixed with vinegar and stickers that you applied like a rub on tattoo. For some reason, invariably there would be a raw egg or one not cooked enough that would get cracked-YUCK! I also remember an occasional boiled egg getting stuck down in the grass deep in the basket. You ALWAYS found it when the lovely aroma started drifting from the closet where it was stored. Another ritual of Easter were the hats that I wore with my new Easter Frock. My Easter basket was always filled with treats on Easter morning. Shock-I don't remember anyone ever being concerned with "Sugar Overload". If you got hyper from too much sugar, Momma had a tried and true remedy. It only took one of her looks, to snap us back into line!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am pretty sure I am going to be in trouble-ONCE AGAIN! The Two On The Ground Grands have a little Easter treat coming from Momma Lulu and Poppa Bob. Their Momma doesn't really like for them to have too much sugar, so I am careful to not load them up with Peeps, Chocolate Eggs, Jelly Beans, Etc, Etc, Etc. So I artfully and skillfully wrapped up several little surprises today.
The source of my trouble will come when their Grandfather sees this little prize that I just COULD NOT RESIST! It is a wind up Bunny that poops jelly beans as it hops.


Just like a kid-I KNOW I am going to be in trouble-but the fun of seeing those two little boys giggling over this will make it all worth while! What 6 & 8 year old boy would not LOVE this?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The Chrome Cowgirl was kind enough to share her pictures from her fun weekend in Texas. You know you are in East Texas or North Louisiana when you see RED CLAY. My IMMEDIATE reaction after seeing her pictures was I hope they realize that clay stains. I have VAST experience after three children that LOVED the outdoors and having a creek in my backyard that NOTHING-takes the stain of red clay out of your clothes. I DIGRESS- they obviously had a great time and I asked to post the pics. Enjoy and fill in the blanks with you imagination!

I could not get the picture of the water tank truck sprinkling the red clay nor the hundreds of four wheelers parked to down load. Just know that I was going to slowly build you up to the following pics. HEY MR. IT GUY-YOUR BLOGSPOT HAS A PROBLEM!


If you are interested in a little "Redneck" Fun, let me know and I will hook you up with My Fun Loving Friend!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I had my last appointment, so I thought, with my surgeon this afternoon. I would pay him EVERY DAY of the week to have him make me feel good about myself as only he can do. He is SUCH a nice man! I have one small place on my upper cheek that may have to be "Fixed", but he is going to give it six months to fix itself. Here is to the body regenerating itself!

While sitting in his exam room, I hear my cell buzzing and KNOW it is Camille. Today was her appointment with the Doctor and we are all waiting for news of when Mr. Henry J. plans to make his arrival. ALAS for Camille, not this week. I did remind Camille that she is actually 13 days away for D Day. I am not sure that helped much. Her Doc did tell her that they would not let her go much beyond her due date since she has a "Good Sized Boy" in there.

Scott came one day before his "D Day", Gabe came 2 1/2 weeks after his "D Day", but I always suspected the date was wrong, and Camille was induced three days before her "D Day". If genetics play any role in all of this-then she should be just about on time. I personally would not recommend inducing, but then again-BIG babies are tough as I can well attest.

I am going to Helen's tomorrow to work on the cornices and then I am ready to go. As I sit here by probably my LAST fire of the year, I am mentally packing my bags. The days are dwindling!

I am slightly disappointed that I had no responses from Erie-ites about a seamstress or upholsterer for a cushion for Henry's window seat. It might be nice to leave it bear, but I still think it needs a cushion.

I am working on Before & After surgery pics that Debbie will put side by side for you to see the difference I will have to get BC off the couch from his early evening nap though. HOPEFULLY SOON!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

QUESTION, ERIE! Go to Camille's blog and look at Henry's Window Seat. This was friend Helen's GREAT IDEA! Thank you, Helen! The Jennings sweet neighbor made it for them after Camille inquired about someone to construct the seat. Antique wood and beautiful craftsmanship-THANKS TO PAUL! We now need to find someone in Erie to make a cushion for the window seat, since time has grown short. I will bring the material when I come North, but we need a seamstress-upholster person to do the sewing. Surely you have these people up there, just like we do down here?

The final preparations for Henry's room are almost complete. Helen is assisting me this week in covering the cornice boards that Friend, Jim so artistically crafted. He has them all ready to ship as soon as we get them covered and has given detailed instructions to us on how to attach them. THANK YOU, Jim! Henry will NEVER know how many sweet people had a hand in getting his room ready for his "Grand Arrival." OK, Henry-just a few more days and you are welcome to make your entrance into "The World".

By the way Erie, it has been 80 degrees here with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Hopefully you will get all of the snow out of your system this week since I DO NOT WANT TO SLOSH AROUND IN THE SNOW and have grown accustomed to these lovely temperatures.


It seems that one of the curses of old age is late night sleeplessnesss. I usually consider these middle of the night awakenings God's nudge to pray. Tonight at 2 when I was wide awake, I began going down my list and praying. By 3, I have completed the list and I am still wide awake. About that time bc, has his middle of the night awakening, so we get up and watch a movie. He is back asleep on the couch and I am blogging. I am not the only one my age to suffer through these periods-it seems to run rampant from 50 on. If it were only daylight, I could be out working in the yard!

I leave you with these pictures taken out in the yard of a couple of my favorite flowers.

This is a Native Azalea-Looks a lot like a honeysuckle bloom.
Pappaw Conville brought this to me quite a few years ago. More like a tree, it is now about 6 ft.
He found it growing in the wild, thus "Native Azalea".
Louisiana Iris

These plant has about 8-10 blooms on it today.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have hit the road again this week after my 6 weeks of "Rest". I must admit I enjoyed not getting up in the dark during this period. I am not a "Late Sleeper", but sleeping until 7 AM is a wonderful luxury in my book. The doctor has not given me the official "Go-Ahead", but since he SAID 6 weeks-I took him at his word. Monday is my final visit and release-so I can officially get back to my exercise obsession.

Monday's run was pathetic, but I made 4.5 miles at a SLOW pace that got slower with every mile. (The wonderful thing about these Garmin GPSes we wear is you know the truth-the whole truth-the brutal truth). I didn't have to stop and walk and just kept on plodding along-so I guess that counts for something.

Wednesday's we run a really hard and hilly five mile run. Again I made the entire run without stopping, but I was disgusted with my time. I have actually walked faster than those average 13 minute miles before!

Today we ran Wednesday's run again since Babs is working the polls tomorrow and my schedule is up in the air. I am SO HAPPY to say that I cut 7 minutes off of my total time and ran 11 1/2 minute miles today. It finally dawned on me that I would need to actually push myself and even huff and puff if my time was going to get better. Hopefully I am on the right track!

I laughed and told the Buds, Wednesday, that the good news was that what hurt Monday did not hurt Wednesday. The bad news was there was a whole new group of hurts Wednesday. No pain today-just sucking eggs trying to get enough air.


I have 2 more small things to do to complete all of the family income tax returns that I do every year. Our return is finished and filed-so HENRY J- I'M READY WHEN YOU ARE! The blog contest for his arrival time is over as of last night, so when His Royal Hiney arrives, we will know the answer. I have all the entries on an Excel Spread Sheet-so it will be a snap to find the winner. (Only SLIGHTLY OCD!)

I am in the yard today-cleaning up yesterday's storm mess. I will love every minute of being in the sunshine and warm air. Don't you just LOVE Spring????

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have made an executive decision-I AM TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF! After finally getting back to running this week and finding out just how SLOW a human being can actually move and still call it running-I AM OUT OF HERE! I have been reflecting on my six weeks off from training and exercising and come to realize I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON THE GOOD LIFE! SO-no more running, no more walking, no more weights, no more aerobics ------NO MORE ANYTHING that creates perspiration!

I plan to stay in the bed until I good and well feel like getting out of the bed. I plan to drink soft drinks and eat chips and french fries until my stomach yells, "ENOUGH!" And then when I am full of salty treats then I will get out the chocolate-no snack size bites for me-A FULL BIG CANDY BAR-maybe even a KING SIZE! Then after stuffing my face, I am going to watch movies on television and then go to the movie, and occasionally read a book-CERTAINLY NOTHING HEAVY!

I am going to the beach one week out of every month and I am not going to wear sun screen. I plan to bask in those lovely rays from 10 AM to 4 PM EVERY DAY ALL DAY. Those weeks that I am stuck back in LA, I will go to the tanning bed EVERY DAY to keep that lovely tanned leather glow.

Basically-I don't plan to do anything productive and just become a big old lazy slob! NOW THAT IS MY GRAND AMBITION-MY NEW LEAF! When I feel like it and if I feel like it I will blog and let you know what I am not doing and how much I am enjoying it. FOR NOW-I AM CHECKING OUT-ENOUGH!

April Fool!