Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I was telling sweet Camille that Babs & I had spent part of the day in Monroe scouring around for material to make table toppers for friend Mona's daughter's wedding. She said, "Mom, you should blog about that. We are all interested in weddings." Sorry to disappoint, but there is not much visual at this point. It is all in my head. NOW THAT IS A SCARY THOUGHT-reading my mind! Amy is getting married on the 10th, so we are in the last minute pulling the materials together to decorate next week. They are marrying in her childhood church which is about 20 minutes down "White Lightning Road" from my house. The reception is about 15-20 minutes then South of there at the bank where her Dad works. They have a lovely community room, but this means that you need separate decor for each location, since it is too far to transfer. The wheels have been turning and Babs & I brain-stormed some more today. When we get it all done-I will post pictures, but for right now-I couldn't begin to put my thoughts into words!
The doors have been left open a lot at our house in the last week with workers floating in and out-in and out-in and out. This has allowed a few flies to get inside. When popping one with a magazine yesterday, I was carried back to my youth and the indispensable "Fly Swatter"! Every home had a fly swatter back in the good old days. I don't believe I have seen one in 30 years. Since we all live in the air conditioned comfort today, there are no open windows and no screen doors letting in the flies. So I guess there is no need for a fly swatter. At our house, when growing up, we had a fly swatter, but it was kept hanging in the broom closet. Momma would have died if it had been out for anyone to see. NASTY THINGS- those fly swatters. They had fly guts on them! In some homes, the fly swatter did double duty. It served as a "Kid Swatter" when the "Little Darlings" got out of line. Since you had it right by your hand, to kill the pesky flies that got in-it was a convenient "Weapon of Choice" for Momma's when pesky children needing a little discipline. There was no one to report the child abuse to in those days and I am sure a pop on the rear with a fly gut spattered swatter would certainly be considered abuse in today's society. The first swatter I remember was made out of fine mesh wire and the last one was plastic. The wire one would have probably inflicted more pain than the plastic, but you got the message when that swat was applied liberally to your rear end. I never thought the corporal punishment that I was dealt was abuse, and as far as I can tell, I think I am pretty well adjusted-certainly as well as most. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL with corporal punishment? It always got my attention, and I thought long and hard before crossing the line that led to a spanking. I am glad my kids are grown and I don't have to listen to all of the "so called experts" of today.

Mel, Larry & I ran this AM. We gained Susan at about mile 1 1/2-long story short-she couldn't find where we started. We lost Mel after mile 2 and Susan at mile 3. Larry & I finished our 5. The weather has been perfect! Shorts & short sleeve, cool when you start but in a sweat by the time you finish. THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER! It is almost light now when we hit the road at 6 and complete day light when we finish!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have never really had sleep problems until the last few years and then not on a continuous basis, but just occassionally. I live with Mr. Dysfunctional Sleeper! I have spent years giving lectures about "Bad Sleeping Habits" and what he was doing wrong. The man has always loved to come in and take a nap right after work and supper. He then proceeds to either stay up half the night or go to bed at the regular time and then get up in the wee hours and watch television. BC's sleeping habits are not what I am writing about today, though, it is mine.

First mistake last night was "sweet tea" and lots of it for supper. Then I missed my "sleep cues" (Modern Day Baby Talk) and stayed up too late-BUT I LIKE TO STAY UP LATE. I wasn't sleepy and I had things I wanted to do-all the usual teenager complaints. FINALLY I manage to get to bed and toss and turn off to sleep around 11:30. I am in the deep coma that you enter those early hours of sleep when I am jarred awake by this strange music. I can't figure out where it is coming from and why it is so loud. "Bobby, do you hear that?" Well somehow until I nudged him and asked he had slept through the juke box going off sometime after midnight. After a 10 minute discussion, it turns out he has gone to bed with his i phone in his pocket and it has gone off. We have this really strange thing going on with our cells. You can call and leave a voice mail and we might not get it until hours and sometimes days later. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? Anyway we finally figure out what is happening and he gets the phone off. By then he is wide awake and moves to the den and the television. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to get up-I AM GOING BACK TO SLEEP! I toss and turn again for at least an hour and finally drift back off to sleep. At 2:17 I am awake again. You see I wake up almost every night around 2 AM. For what reason, I have no idea, but sometimes I pray and others I look at the clock, calculate how much longer I can sleep and then go back to sleep. This morning it took a while to go back to sleep. I then wake up every hour on the hour and think how much sleep I am missing and how tired I will be today. Finally around 5 AM, I am wide awake, since this is my time to normally get up and run-but today I am not doing that. I toss and turn until 6:30 when I need to get up for the granite men. GOOD GRIEF, CHARLIE BROWN!!!! Now I don't go through this every night, but when I do ,I walk around in a daze the next day. I have friends that this is a reoccurring almost every night ordeal. I am grateful that I don't go through that!

The carpenter was here at 7 to tell me when he is coming back and what is in store. Mr. Hammons, the cabinet maker, put in my shelf unit in my new flower arranging/hobby closet late yesterday. The granite men have just arrived to finish their job. I will call the electrician as soon as they leave to get the stove wired and then a call to the plumber. I am sick and tired of my house being a HUGE mess-but it will all be worth it!
I need to go find the toothpicks, since I am sure I will need to prop my eyes open sometime during this LONG day!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Granite Pattern-Bamboo

Waiting for it to set.
Island on Casters
I am "Loaded for Bear" when this morning came around. First thing this morning, I have the granite man on my speed dial and ready to lecture. When I call, and they find out who I am, they immediately start Ma'am, we are loading up to come to your house. We are on our way. The guy who made all the promises never showed up for me to fuss at, but I liked the 3 "YOUNG" men who came to install. I LOVE IT! Better yet BC is impressed with my design capabilities. It's a good thing since he is paying for it. Now I am back to the scheduling of various other subs, since this was holding everyone else up. I CAN NOT WAIT TO BE COOKING AGAIN, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF BAD EAT OUT!
Larry, Mel & I ran our 5 this AM. We had a glimpse of "Real Spring" weather with temperatures in the 40's this morning. I am enjoying it since we have already had a glance of our long hot summer to come. Mel was trying to get volunteers to run with her tomorrow. I reminded her of my age-again. Old joints need a day of low impact.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


One of my blogging buds posted about gummy bears and chocolate covered gummy bears. Gummy bears appeared on the scene about the time Son #2 was a little boy. I remember a local gift store carrying them first and they were the "Hot Item". For some strange reason, I not only did not like them, but could not even stand the smell of them. I digress-the purpose of this post is not the "Johnny Come Lately" candies, but those that I remember from my childhood.

My Mother was not a fan of candy or sweets, so we never had cookies, candy or any junk food in the house. We usually kept some fruit and almost always had ice cream, but the sugary junk food was a "No No". So needless to say, I LOVED CANDY! During the good old days, we had coke and candy machines at school. They were placed in the gym lobby close to the building for high school & junior high. You were given free rein and as long as you had money-you were in luck. Most of the time, I had no money! About the time that I was in the 5th grade, a new elementary school was built which was across the street from a little neighborhood corner store. Believe it or not, at the time we were allowed to cross the street during recess and buy candy from them. I did not very often have the money to do so, but still remember the treat of the occasional trip to the "Candy Mecca"! My Uncle & Aunt owned a mercantile store two doors down from the local movie theater. I remember many a trip there and spending long minutes perusing the candy counter and all of the sugary delights it contained. Lack of tender often created a huge problem for me, but I still poured over the potential choices.

The above picture is of "Candy Cigarettes". CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! This was just about the time that they were figuring out how bad cigs were for you, but I do remember the "Sinful Candy". Now Momma & Daddy smoked until Daddy died from lung cancer at which time Momma quit. Even though they smoked, Momma would have had a fit if I had bought candy cigarettes and dared to act like I was smoking. LADIES did not smoke in public! Now it was perfectly alright for them to PUFF away behind the closed doors of their home, but out in public-A BIG NO NO! A child to pretend smoke with candy cigs would have been a disgrace! I am off the track again!

I LOVED CANDY-probably because it was pretty much forbidden at home. Candy orange slices, baby ruths, butterfingers, milky ways, peanut patties, on and on. One of the things I remember so well is the jar that was on the grocery counter with cookies in it. You would go in and ask for a cookie or two and they would open the jar and take out a cookie or two, put it in a tissue and sell it to you. In today's world, MOST unsanitary!

A trip to the Saturday afternoon matinee would entail an ENTIRE quarter being placed in my hand. This was enough money to get into the double feature afternoon of movies, but in addition I had enough change to buy a fountain coke, popcorn and a couple of penny candies. YOU COULD ACTUALLY BUY Penny-One Cent Candy back then. You came out of the 1 o'clock matinee 3 or 4 hours later flying high on sugar with squinted-light deprived eyes in a state of Hollywood induced Dream Land. LIFE WAS GOOD!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Camille blogged about plastic surgery and the seeming propensity for the quest for youth that so many have today. This led to some deep thinking about why so many women are now willing to undergo a general anesthetic and weeks of recovery time in this vain search. Many blame the printed and filmed media as the culprit in the futile game of perfection seeking. After much thought, I have decided while we are given this image of perfection by Hollywood and the world of fashion, they are not the only culprits. As for me, I don't necessarily want to look like I am 20 or 30 or like the starlets and models I see day after day parading around in a aura of beauty, proportion, and symmetry. I work hard at staying fit and am still able to run long miles and exercise with even the young girls. I would like to look like the way I feel-which is basically great. I have boundless energy and still feel like I did 20 or 30 years ago. This leads to me wanting to look like I did 20 years ago. My head knows this is no realistic and the ravages of time are not kind to our bodies, but the desire for looks to match athletic ability and energy are difficult to squelch. My one saving grace from "going under the knife" is that I cannot fathom taking that much time off from the activities that I love. I simply don't have time for "down time". I have miles to run and friends to enjoy!

We had a group of 7 running our long run this AM. Mr. Larry showed up again after 2 weeks of recuperating from his broken rib. He made about 5 miles with some pain, but did well considering the pain you endure when breathing with a broken rib. Mrs. Sandra is having another bout of nausea and is scheduled for more tests next week. We miss her and Babs greatly and will be glad when we are all back at it. The group stuck with me until mile 5 and then they turned back. I then finished the last 5 miles alone. NO FUN! The weather was actually really cool and a cool gusty wind was blowing. It almost felt like Spring instead of the Summer we have endured this past week.

Bobby and I went by the Funeral Home tonight for visitation for a friend's husband. He was only 55 years old, but was diagnosed with cancer last July. Treatment did not work and his fight was a short one. A sad wife was standing alone to greet those that came. We have no guarantees in this life. Contrast that with Bobby's Dad that we visited this AM, who at 87 is still working half a day. "He knows the number of hairs on our head and the numbers of days we are appointed." I take great solace in the fact that there are no surprises in His eyes.

Friday, April 25, 2008

COME MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

FEEL VERY SORRY FOR THE GRANITE MAN! After a full day of sitting here and waiting for the granite to be installed, he did not show! Now I have to call all of the subs that were scheduled for Monday and tell them there has been a delay. If you tell me that you are coming, then at least call if you see that you will not make it! I AM NOT HAPPY! Poor John, he will get one of Lora's lectures about responsible business practices and dependability. FEEL VERY SORRY FOR THE GRANITE MAN!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I feel it my duty to set all of you young women-pre-child-bearing-straight about one thing-POST BABY-your stomach will NEVER look the same again! Girls it is just a fact of life and the more babies you have-well the stomach just suffers more. If you have never had a baby before, you need to stand before the mirror and then turn and look at your profile. THIS GIRLS IS THE BEST IT IS EVER GOING TO BE!!!!! Between Gravity & Mother Nature, our stomachs take a pounding! I have done probably millions of crunches, etc. over my lifetime. For the period of time that I am diligently working on it, my stomach will look half way presentable again. While training for the marathon and running 50 miles a week and lifting weights a couple of times a week and walking many more miles a week, I actually thought I had my gut in pretty respectable shape. Here I am 3 months post marathon, NOW MIND YOU STILL RUNNING, and my gut looks like the well stretched out, poochy, old leather sling bag that you have had for the past 25 years. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT! When I look down, instead of tight and taut abs, I see this roll of gut fat hanging over my belt-DISGUSTING! Your muscles are never the same after that first baby and each successive baby after that just adds insult to injury. Children are wonderful and one of the greatest blessings in life is your family, BUT DO NO GO THERE with unrealistic expectations of having that young teenage figure EVER AGAIN!

On that note, I ran 5 miles this AM with Mel and then immediately walked 5 miles with Sandra. Sort of like "Tag Team" wrestling. They definitely had me down for the count after that! Time to get busy and get back in respectable shape again. If I don't I will be walking down to the beach in July with a flowing moo-moo.

The molding is all up-the carpenter is gone. The doors still have to be put in, the granite, the butler's pantry, the electrician, the plumber, and the painter. Except for those few things-I am almost finished!

I have about a dozen balls in the air right now and not sure if I am going or coming-BUT THIS TOO WILL PASS!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator
Dual Fuel/Double Oven Range

Slate Floor Which Now Flows Throughout Den-Kitchen-Foyer-DR

Today's quote of the day, "It's just money!", comes from our trusty carpenter, Phillip. Easy for him to say when he is not writing the checks! I have decided when you give appliances multiple worded descriptive names you can charge more for them. It is supposed to really impress you. Now I don't just have a stove-I have a dual fuel/double oven range. You get the drift don't you??? The floor is now complete and walkable. The cabinet craftsman came today and talked with me about the butler's pantry, so that is now in the works. When they slipped that refrigerator into the cabinet it was like watching a fat lady pull on her girdle-A TIGHT SQUEEZE THAT TAKES SOME SQUIRMING! It will have to be rolled back out for the plumber to hook it up, so that should be fun. The only thing harder than slipping that girdle on is slipping back out of it again!
I visited with The Boersma's this afternoon. Things seem to be about the same, except Dale is experiencing some swelling in his arms. He now has very little movement in his fingers, so top of the prayer list is that computer to come in. Inability to communicate leads to great frustration for everyone!
No exercise today-sitting around waiting for people to show up leads to difficulty in scheduling. One thing I have learned over the years is if I don't get it done first thing in the AM-the odds are -it will not get done! TOMORROW and Tomorrow!


I had a couple of inquiries about the new header for my blog. Surfing around the blogging world, I read about a couple trying to raise money for a mission trip this summer on one of Camille's friend's blog. I went and looked at her site and thought-"I get double handfuls of requests for help funding mission trips every year at this time, but no one ever offers to do anything in return." I liked Natalie's spunk and energy and method of raising her funds-so check out her blog:

For a small investment, you can not only update your blog look-BUT HUGE DOUBLE RETURN-further the work of the "Kingdom".

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ALIVE & KICKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The rumors of my early demise have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain. OK-I'm FINE and going 90 to nothing-a little embarrassed from all of the excitement, but REALLY, I am fine. As previously discussed, I like to be in control and having a doctor calling the shots-is not in my scope of being in control. I am still a flabbergasted at Sunday, but I am in high gear-as usual-working on the kitchen project! Thanks for your concern. I do have a new best friend that I will have right by my side-my epi pen. I am counting on the fact that this will never reoccur, but better safe than sorry.

I just finished cleaning the kitchen floor -thoroughly-in anticipation of the final sealing tomorrow. The kitchen molding was finished today and looks great. The stove and new frig were delivered and are ready to slip into their slots. The granite man has called (after my 3rd inquiry) and they will be here Friday. The painter came by yesterday and he will be here next week. OK-yesterday was 2 weeks since the demolition-so we are not in our remodeled kitchen in 2 weeks-but I am not unhappy with the progress. I bought our new dishwasher (QUIET MODEL) today and it will be delivered Thursday. Hopefully I will be able to get the plumber and electrician back in next week and be back in business then. I don't need paint on the walls to cook-so I will be happy with just a functioning kitchen again.

Mel & I ran 5 miles this AM. It was hot & humid LA weather, which always slows us down, but still kept an 11 minute pace-even with all that has transpired this week. I was satisfied with that!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Sunday Early AM and I am up and getting ready to go greet before early church. Nothing unusual-just making lists in my head of all the things I plan to do the rest of the day, using the curling iron, just getting ready as I do everyday. My eye begins to really itch-I've had this happen before. It is some allergic reaction to something in my environment. Since I have been here 4 or 5 times in the last year or so, I get out the allergy drops for my eye and take a Clartin-to nip it in the bud. I begin to get stopped up, but just keep on trucking-in very short order my feet begin to itch like crazy. I am rubbing my anit itch cream on them and wondering what in the world is going on. I walk to the other end of the house and begin coughing and then in a few minutes realize that my throat is beginning to swell. WHAT IN THE WORLD! I take a benedryl-hoping to stop what ever is going on. When I realize I am mouth breathing like I am out for my fastest run, I go tell Bob that I need to go get a shot. On the way to town, we discuss should we go to urgent care or to the ER. For some reason we decide ER would be best. I actually think I am beginning to get better and start second guessing whether I am over-reacting! Maybe I should just go home and wait and see if the anit-histamines take over. Well we are on the way, so we just go on to the hospital. I go in and they immediately usher me back to triage. The triage nurse takes me on back to an examination room and the doctor is back there pronto. I HAVE NEVER BEEN to an emergency room and seen such fast action! Usually it's sit around and wait to sit around and wait more. He looks in my throat and says HMMMMM!!!!!!. The next thing I know the nurse has a double handful of syringes and is putting in an IV. Well I think, this will take care of it. They give me an epi shot, a benedryl shot and a steriod shot-what more could I need. They wait a little while and he comes back in the room with the nurse and he looks at my throat again. He says you throat is so swollen that we could not put an airway in if you needed it. The meds will make the swelling go down, but we need to watch you and make sure you do not rebound after the meds wear off. I am thinking, I will sit in ER for a while and then go home-NO he is thinking I will be admitted. Bobby goes out of the room and the nurse corners him and tells him that I will be in ICU since my airway needs to be monitored and that is the only place they can do that. WHAT DO YOU MEAN ICU???????? I stayed in ICU for about 10 hours while they continue to give me antihistimines and monitor my stats. The nurse did say I was the only one in the unit gripping and wanting out and that he would love to have more patients as healthy. They finally put me in a room upstairs where I was forced to stay the night. In my mind, the entire time, I am thinking I JUST NEED TO GO HOME! This morning FINALLY they let me go! My insides are shaking I am so wired from all of the meds, but there are no other after effects. HOW WIERD IS THIS???? I do now have an epi pen to keep with me, just in case. This may never occur again, but you never know. The bad thing is that we have NO idea what is causing it.

On the home front, the contracter is here putting up the molding! HURRAY! The floor people will come back Wednesday and seal the floor. The appliances will be here tomorrow. It is coming together slowly but surely!

Missed my morning run-will make that up tomorrow. Life goes on Friends-life goes on!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Table of Goodies
Floral Arrangements By Lora's Fantasy Florals

Don't You Love This Tulip!-Bride's color-HOT PINK!
More pics coming from Sheila-she knows what she is doing with a camera!

We showered our friend Mona's daughter Amy this morning. We have quite a few missing in action, but we had a great time. Amy will be a beautiful bride and seems to be quite excited about "The Big Day". We were all on our good behavior and spared Amy any "Wedding Tales" from all of the old hands. The entertainment of the event came from Brandi-one of the bridesmaids. She told us that she could outdo "27 Bridesmaids Dresses" any day of the week, claiming to have been in at least 40 weddings. She said she thought enough was enough and her friends should ask her to do something like sit by the bride's book or some other task not requiring another expensive -worn only once-dress. She has a point. She did tell the bride that she would have been hurt had she not been asked to be in her wedding-a quick save after a bold statement. She also told us a tale of an "OUTLANDISH Wedding" that she had been to as the photographer's assistant. THE LENGTHS PEOPLE GO TO! Suffice it to say that part of the tale involved all of the guests wearing fairy wings. WHHHHOOOOOAAAAA!-OVERBOARD! Lisa came to the party and was a big help. OK-think about it-she had surgery Monday! WHAT A WOMAN!

We ran our long run before the party this AM. I cut out after 6.5 miles since I had a busy day coming! Ran with some that I have not seen in a while and greatly enjoyed that!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Perhaps we are snake bit or falling like flies! Sandra went to the doctor today and they now think she may have a concussion from the wreck she was in 5 weeks ago. She has been ordered back to bed and is off the exercise routine for a while. Larry called this afternoon and the fall he took on last Saturday's run is causing great distress. He is going to the doctor Monday if he is not better to see if the rib is broken. I may need to find a luckier group to run with or perhaps a group that is younger and not prone to bodies falling apart as we all seem to be.

Tomorrow is Amy's (Mona's Daughter) bridal shower. The seven hostesses are down to 2, but Susan & I have it pretty much together. We will all have a great time laughing with the bride to be and sharing married life stories and laughs. We "Old Women" love to give the brides to be a glimpse of the fun of being married.

The mortar is in the floor and the washer & dryer have been put back in the laundry room, so clothes are clean again. They will make one more trip back for a final floor cleaning. The Granite Man actually showed up and took measurements. He did tell me that he would call and give me an installation date this afternoon-THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN!

Our weekly long run is tomorrow. The numbers seem to be really down-hope someone shows up to run with!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


There is a very good reason that our appliances, heaters, cars, stoves, etc etc etc have vents-too keep them from over-heating and blowing up. I went by to see sweet friends, The Boersma's this afternoon. Dr. Dale is totally confined to his bed and unable to do anything for himself. This leads to long hours of nursing care for Helen, Rachel, & David. If you are lying in that bed, 24/7, it stands to reason that napping would naturally occur. It seems that Dale occasionally naps so much during the day that he is up for most of the night. This in turn leads to Helen getting no rest. Vicious circle! Last night was just such a night. I understand how this happens for BC loves to nap on the weekends and sometimes in the late evening after he has come home from a long day. This tends to lead him down the path of sleepless nights also. This does not create a problem for me-even though I am a very light sleeper, since he is able to get up and go to the den in the other end of the house. MOST of the time he is very careful to be quiet so he does not wake me. Helen & Dale do not have this luxury. Helen spent the day today keeping Dale awake so he will sleep tonight. She was not a happy camper! I suggested she go outside and have a good scream. She said she had threatened to get down on the floor and throw a fit. There is nothing wrong with an occasional fit-I have found some comfort and certainly comic relief by going out the door and just letting out a good scream. I also can enjoy a good door slam or a stomping of the feet. I am just venting the frustration I am feeling and usually I end up laughing at myself which provides a change of emotion and a therapeutic laugh. So Friends, my prescription to you when your days are long and frustrations overpowering, throw you a good fit! It will do wonders for you!

The floor people are right on schedule with the grouting coming tomorrow. Now if only the granite man will show! I LOVE THE FLOOR! I can see it coming together-slowly but surely!

Went by for a visit with Babs and she is getting better since she was complaining about being hungry. She told them to not even bother to bring that broth because she was not eating it and that she was sick of those Popsicles. YEP she's on the mend- griping and complaining-always a good sign!

Sandra and I walked 5 miles this AM. When I spoke with her late this afternoon, she is once again nauseated and throwing up. If it weren't for her age, I would guess pregnancy. GOOD GRIEF!

Reports are out that Lisa was seen at Wal Mart yesterday with her husband 2 days after a mastectomy! WHAT A WOMAN!!!!!

Contrary to popular we are not dropping like flies-YOU JUST CAN'T KEEP A GOOD WOMAN DOWN!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I CONFESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will come as no revelation to my family, but I tend to be "just a little" bit obsessive about cleanliness of my home. This leads to frantic out of control feelings when groups of work people are traipsing in and out of our house. Ok-maybe its a little bit OVERBOARD to clean up after them everyday when they leave------------but I feel so much better when the top layer that they have strewn through the house is cleaned up! How many people do you know that blow off all the outside decks every day? I really am so much better than I when I was younger--but inbred OCD genes are difficult to overcome!

The slate is down and tomorrow it is cleaned and sealed and then Friday AM grouted. Hopefully they will be out of here then. I had a talk with the granite man and he promised to be here Friday early. He needs to be careful-I tend to spread the word when displeased! My new appliances are in Dallas and I requested they bring them next week-for obvious reasons. The goal of getting back into my kitchen in two weeks will not be met, but now the question is just when. I will show you pictures when we have a finished floor project.

Ran our 5 miles this AM. Sandra actually was able to join us after being off for 5 weeks. For the first time in probably 10 years, I actually was in front of her. If I was off for five weeks, there would be no way I could go out for 5 miles the first time out. Give her a week and I will be eating her dust and in two weeks I won't be able to even see the distant cloud of that dust. OH WELL! Mel came and joined us-a true natural runner. I know she thought molasses would run down the road faster.

I keep hearing that they may pass a bill that "Sagging" is illegal. I have an idea or two for punishment. What makes someone think that we want to see their underwear? When I worked at the hurricane shelter, I was totally amazed at all the young men wanting huge size clothes. What is that about? HUGE GENERATION GAP on this one.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Appliance Garages will go between the 2 cabinets

Good work day again-but A BIG SLOW DOWN is definitely looming! The cabinet men came and finished this part of the job including putting on the hardware that I picked up early this AM. Camille asked what the cabinets were made of-they are wood with a pewter glaze. The telephone man came and repaired the line-so we are fully "Hooked Up" again. They began putting in the floor. A really good day!
When you start working with all of these subs, you learn lots of info about the other subs. It seems the granite people are notorious for dragging their feet. The sales pitch about being out here and measuring the day the cabinets were put in and being sure I was back in my kitchen in short order is beginning to look like just that-A SALES PITCH! I called yesterday and again today to say, you need to come measure. Once the floor people get in there, we will not be able to walk on the floor for a while. They missed that window-now you cannot walk on the floor to get those measurements. Once I get the floor people out of here, I will GO TO SEE the granite man-"Eyeball to Eyeball". It seems Mr. Painter is also BUSY BUSY and promising everyone he will be there tomorrow. The carpenter-well we will see when he shows up.
Happy with all that has been done so far, but a little apprehensive about the ultimate-"All Coming Together". I will be satisfied to just get back in there and be able to cook and wash dishes. Looks like next week-probably late week, at the earliest. Monday will be 2 weeks, so we will be going days (at a minimum) over that.
I went by the hospital to see Friend, Babs, today. She was flying high on the "Joy Juice Pump". Certainly not experiencing any pain at this point. She was sitting up in a chair with tubes hanging everywhere and seemed to enjoy the visit. I got a good chuckle out of her when she told me about pushing the button for the pain pump boost. They took out over a foot of her intestine. GOOD GRIEF, CHARLIE BROWN!
Miss Sandra called today and is feeling better. She is meeting me tomorrow early for our run. Thank goodness, I once again have a partner. I was beginning to feel like a "Slug".

Monday, April 14, 2008

WHAT A DAY !!!!!!




I may need to go to bed soon. It has been quite a day! EVERY worker that I ever spoke with about working on this remodel showed up today. THEY HAVE SUCKED THE LIFE OUT OF ME! The carpenter came and demolished the utility closet and replaced the sheet rock behind the sink/dishwasher. Now that was a big mess! The two cabinet installers came and put in the above cabinets. They will come back tomorrow and finish their part up, except for the appliance garages which will be added after the granite goes down. The floor people came to look and discuss when they were coming tomorrow. The plumber came to put in the gas line and while he was here he cut the cable line and the telephone line. I SPENT THE ENTIRE DAY CUT OFF FROM THE WORLD! I called the cable company and then my cell phone went dead. Bobby has lost my indoor charger so I had to take it to the car. After I got charged, I call the telephone company. The cable people tell me that they would be here some time today and just wait for them. They showed up at 6:30. and have me back connected with the world.
I have to be in Monroe at 8 tomorrow to pick up the cabinet hardware. They will finish up the cabinets, the granite people are coming to measure and the floor people are coming. So far-so good!
I am happy to report that Lisa and Babs both did well in their surgery. They were in recovery and headed back to their hospital rooms when I got an update. An Answer to Prayer! Babs just needs recovery time . Lisa will find out in the coming days what is ahead for her in treatment options.
Somehow-some way I need to figure out a time to fit in my workouts!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have LOTS of friends that are experiencing VERY DIFFICULT times in their lives. Grave illnesses and GREAT personal life crisises seem to be all around me. My prayer list is FULL to the brim! I was discussing this with one of my small group friends at church this morning, and we decided part of this was a consequence of the season of life we are passing through. Part of it is also the result of the fallen world we live in. It makes you long for Heaven at times as we become overwhelmed with the trouble of this world. I am praying for my Dear Friends and trusting the "Eternal Truth" "That all things work for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose." I am committed to supporting those that God has placed in my life and grateful for the blessing of their friendship.

As Pappaw Conville recently told us, "I know where I am going when I die, but I am not in any hurry to get there." So for now, I will endeavor to minister to those that God places in my path. As the wonderful saying goes, "Pray for me as I pray for you."

Saturday, April 12, 2008


CPA Gift Boxes
Golfer's Box
Bobby told me last night that he needed CPA gift boxes for the end of tax season which is Tuesday. His "Trusty Assistant, Ruth" normally does this for him and always does a great job,but she is out with back surgery. I thought, "Well this is something I can do to help Bob"; so this morning I told him I had an idea. We would use a banker's box (which is a box for tax records) full of items to use in leisure time. Golf items, coffee, magazines, sunscreen, relax lotion, movie coupons, etc. etc. I thought they turned out pretty cute. Bobby said, "They're cute, but you know Ruth has a real talent in this area." OH RUTH-COME BACK TO WORK! I obviously am not "Ruth"! Ruth has worked with Bobby since she was 18 and she is able to anticipate what he needs before he has to ask. I don't think I will be asked to fill her capable shoes again, unless necessary.
We ran 10 miles this AM. It was a perfect morning for a run. We lost Mona after mile 3 and Ivory at mile 5. Larry took pity and slowed his pace WAY down to run with me. He "Kissed the Sidewalk" just before the old postoffice. He may have broken a rib. He took quite a fall and I saw it happening, but it was so fast, I could not help. He fell on one of Ruston's "FINE sidewalks" on a spot that I actually have fallen before. The danger of running is the falls we all occassionally take. I was just happy to finish the 10 miles, and now I wonder who I will run with Monday if Larry is unable. HUMMMMMM, I WILL THINK ABOUT THAT TOMORROW!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

PASS THE BEANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wire to Hook The Stove Up Direct With
Gas Pipe

Pass the Beano, I have pipes for my gas!!!! After sitting here and waiting until 1:30 for the plumber to arrive, I finally gave up and left to pick up the sink. Mr. Junior Plumber then comes while I am out and has the line in the house and running under the deck, before I get home. He made me a "Happy Camper" Of the 4 goals for today, I got 2 finished-Batting 500 is NOT BAD-NOT BAD AT ALL-just ask any baseball fan.
The sink is in the back of my car, since it will take two of us to get it out. The gas line is ready for the cabinet installation. Now the line is not run around the edge of the house from the regulator, but the HARD part is done.
The cabinet hardware is a "No Show". I have a sneaky suspicion that it could be at the supplier, but he seems to be HIGHLY disorganized. I have always said that I could start a business organizing people and their businesses for them. The sad fact is that those that are not organized, usually don't really want to be organized! You could go in and get them straightened out and a week later, they would be right back where they started from.
The carpenter has not shown up to demolish the utility closet. He will get ANOTHER call this weekend!
Spent part of the afternoon organizing tomorrow's long run. Bobby thinks my top priority most of the time is planning the next run. We are WAY SHORT on runners! Babs & Lisa will be having surgery Monday-so they will be out tomorrow and for the next many weeks. With Babs out for 6 weeks, I could become a "Total Slug" by the time she is recovered! Superwoman Sandra, went back to the doctor since she is still hurting from her wreck four weeks ago. She had 5 broken ribs-not the 2 that the emergency room Doc said. I ran into her this afternoon and she is living on pain meds and definitely out for at least 2 more weeks. If you can't take a deep breathe, you are out of luck trying to run. Did see Buddy Ivory last night at Dessert Fest and she will be running with us. She has been doing some short and slow runs and not had any pain so far.
Monday is Cabinet Day. HOORAY!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today has been a better day on the contracting front! I had a meeting this AM with the "Plumbing Man Boss Himself". Tim is a really nice guy-but also a really busy guy. He came out and we made a decision about the manner in which we will run the gas to the kitchen. Hopefully they will be out tomorrow (if it doesn't rain) to do just that.

The electrician came back and we are ready to go on the pre-electrical part. I talked with the cabinet installer and we made some decisions about how to correct the pocket door dilemma. In short, the kitchen planner did not realize there was a pocket door between my kitchen & dining room, since I keep it open most of the time. This was a problem since we moved the location of the stove and the door was now interfering with the lines for the stove. LONG story short-I figured out a way around it and they all seem to think it will work.

I went back -IN PERSON- no telephone call, to the plumbing store to see why the sink that the man told me a week and a half ago would be here in two days was not in. When he started looking and said it should be here according to our records, I nicely told him I would wait while he made some calls to see where it was. NOW it will be here tomorrow.

As I write I have a call in to the Hardware store to see why the cabinet hardware is not here. As soon as I finish this post, I will be on the phone with my carpenter to see why he has not torn out the old utility closet.

Call me "A NAG", but I am always nice about my nagging!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008




The first two days of the remodel went so well-I should have known the bottom would fall out.
The electrician came and began moving lines for me-with a couple of snags-but still doable. He did not finish when he came Monday and I have not seen him since. SSSSIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
The floor came out without a problem, except they ran over Bobby's new flower bed border and broke it when leaving. HE WAS NOT HAPPY WHEN HE SAW THAT!
Today after our 5 mile run, I immediately left to come home and meet the plumber who was supposed to put in the gas line. He finally called around 9 and said he would be there in a few minutes. He showed up just before noon. This was not the plumber who owns the company, but one of his plumber employees. This meant that I had to once again discuss the alternatives of how to get the gas into the kitchen. He left after taking the water lines back to the wall per the cabinet installer's request. He would be back.
He never showed up again, although I sat around waiting for him. There seems to be no consensus of how to get the line into the kitchen. His boss was out of pocket and this young guy wouldn't take the responsibility of making a decision. HUMMMMMM!!!!! I JUST WANT A GAS LINE-I DON'T CARE WHICH WAY YOU GET IT INTO THE KITCHEN JUST GET IT THERE.
OK-I am a little frustrated and beginning to doubt a two week turn. We will see!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I was posting a comment on Camille's blog and it jogged my memory of an "Oldie but Goodie" Camille story.

When Camille was a young girl, she loved animals-all animals. She would adopt and care for any of the neighborhood dogs, but they all would eventually go to their homes. We were without a dog for a brief period of time about this time.

One day when I was at work Camille called me. My secretary announced (as always), "Miss Camille is on the phone, Lora". Well you never knew what revelation or question would be on the other end, but I answered with the usual expectations. "Mom, there's the cutest dog out in the front yard. He is so friendly." Me-"CAMILLE, whatever you do-DO NOT FEED THAT DOG! He will not go home if you feed him." "Gosh, Mom, I didn't know that I have already fed him." Well just great. One thing I didn't need was another dog to feed, shuttle to the vet, etc. etc. I went home determined to ignore the dog and tell Camille she could not keep that dog.

The next few days the calls continue about "the dog". I tell Camille to search around and ask neighbors if they know whose dog it it, but with no luck.

One day, I few days later-after discovering the dog was a female, Camille once again calls me at work. "Mom, Lucky (she has named the dog by then) is out in the front yard and all of her friends have come to see her! WHAT OH NO-the dog is in heat! I go home that day and take Lucky to the vet to have this problem tended to. A hefty vet bill later, I announce, "OK-she's our dog now." Thus Lucky Girl proved to indeed be a very fortunate dog when she roamed up to the Conville household.

She was a great pet and as always, I ended up doing most of the tending to. After she attacked one of the neighborhood "lapdogs" the second time and we had to pay the second big vet bill, we knew she had to find a new home or end up killing every little dog in the neighborhood. Lucky Girl has a wonderful home not far from friend Mona. Mona gives me updates and Lucky has once again ended up in "Doggie Heaven on Earth". I am sure I could go by and visit her anytime, but cannot bring myself to do that. Every time I see some cute dog and think I need another dog-I slap myself. I'm enjoying the freedom from the responsibility and ability to pick up and go whenever I want.

Camille has always had a soft heart when it came to animals, the same soft heart that loves all of us so dearly!









Went across town to sit with my sweet friends The Boersma's last night and got home late so I did not get around to blogging. Here is the beginning of the kitchen redo. I made the before pictures after I had cleaned everything out of the kitchen which I wish I had done before---but you get the idea and lots of you had already seen what was there. Keep in mind that this is a 40 year old house-so somethings you cannot change. I think it is going to be great once I finish-but we will see. # 1 son-Scott, who is a carpenter himself-laughed when I told him I thought 2 weeks without a kitchen. He also raised those eyebrows when Bobby told him I was contracting all of this out myself & doing all of the coordinating & planning. Well now I have a mission to prove his Mom is not a complete dolt and can get this done.
Yesterday was stripping out the cabinets, removing the sink-by plumber first-and starting the wiring. Today is taking up the old floor and today or tomorrow the painter is coming to redo the ceiling. BUSY BUSY with Lora the contractor in charge!
We ran 5 miles yesterday. If I get much slower, I will be crawling. I just cannot seem to get it going since the crud which I still have a lingering cough from. Missed yoga this AM, but hopefully will get in some exercise before the day is over.

Sunday, April 6, 2008










MOM & # 1 SON


We had a great weekend in Austin. Spent Friday using Scott's new outdoor kitchen that he built and cooking wonderful tenderloin. Saturday was devoted to yard work. With Momma Lulu as "Straw Boss", we all pitched in and reclaimed the yard from the winter and got it ready for Caroline's office party next weekend. Quote of the weekend- Cabe asked his Poppa Bob, "Why is Momma Lulu tearing up our garden?" I know it most have appeared that way to him, but when we finally finished around 5 Saturday evening, we all agreed it was well worth the effort. They are ready to plant a few annuals and put some straw or bark in their beds and they are good to go for the summer.
The family had purchased a golf cart and that is they way you get around the neighborhood. Had a great time viewing the lake houses, going to the lake, and riding the boys around in it. The field behind their house is full of wildflowers which stop just before you get to the lake. A PERFECT SETTING! You are right there in Austin, but feel like you might be on one of our local remote lakes. The BEST of both worlds.
Had a great time, but always nice to get home to Ruston! Demolition starts tomorrow on the kitchen. Will show pics as we progress! I am really excited about my new kitchen. Wonder how long this two week process will really take????