Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am staying true to my resolution and staying the course to better fitness! Today I thought I was meeting the girls for a walk, but NO ONE SHOWED! In truthfulness, I had been sent an email last night at 10:30 BUT you ALL know where I am at 10:30 MOST NIGHTS! At any rate, under my old regime-this would have been a PERFECT reason to go home and DO NOTHING!

I SURPRISED even myself and began my walk alone. The next thing I knew I had walked five miles. Since I was parked right by the gym, this seemed a great opportunity to go in and have a weight-room session. I first stopped in the Aerobics Room to make sure I didn't want to participate in that fun, but opted for the weights instead.

FORTY minutes later, I had finished my first GOOD weight work out in a LONG TIME. Now I used pretty light weights and certainly didn't do all I intend to eventually do-BUT I DID do that first workout that eventually leads to that second and on and on. Until you go the first time-YOU WILL NOT see any results. All to say-------my goal is tight and taut in a few months time-

Found this picture on the net-NOT SURE IF THIS IS WHAT I DESIRE-but just couldn't resist posting!

Monday, June 29, 2009


I would not want to sound PANICKY---BUT I AM PRETTY SURE THE SKY IS FALLING! There was a LOUD BANG followed by another CRASHING BLAM! I then heard a sound in the trees outside-the definite sound of falling and ripping through the leaves. I looked out and GASP part of the sky has fallen onto the deck and in the surrounding woods. For some strange reasons all of the trees and plants look HAPPY over this turn of events. I don't understand it-When the sky is falling all around you-HOW COULD YOU BE HAPPY?

WAIT-maybe it's that stuff I remember from LONG LONG AGO. I believe they call it RAIN or Precipitation or something like that. It's been SO LONG I've forgotten!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today's topic, Boys & Girls, is avoiding "Rusty Joints". AND NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING YOU MIGHT SMOKE! One of the problems with all the information that we have today is that we now KNOW to avoid contact with the sun. UNFORTUNATELY, the media and society would still have us all believe that the BROWN GLOW it gives you is beautiful and desirable.

The cosmetic industry has a solution-SELF TANNER. The wonderful glow of a tan without prolonged exposure to the sun. RIGHT! The bottles and tubes often fail to warn you of the side effects if not properly applied-brown streaks and rusty joints.

When the temps are SO HOT that only shorts can be tolerated, we are all faced with the HORROR of white pasty legs hanging beneath those short hems. A GLARING - SHOCKING reflection of the months they have been hidden under jeans and long pants.

Once again we gravitate to the Self Tanner and begin the annual quest for the Healthy Glow. Here is a list of what I have learned over the years from said applications:

RUB RUB RUB it in! A lazy slathering can lead to long streaks of brown beside equally long streaks of white! CHARMING if you like the Zebra Look!

Avoid too much cream in the joint areas such as knees, ankles, and elbows. As stated above NO ONE wants a rusty joint!

Use NONE on palms or feet soles-LET'S JUST SAY A LITTLE CAN GO A LONG WAY. For some reason it seems to REALLY absorb in these areas.

Careful of the color you pick. Too dark too quick can be disastrous!

Apply EVERY DAY- you just keep putting on another coat of paint to smooth out the paint job.


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Temperature 99 degrees at 6:22 feels like 104 degrees.

The next 7 days call for HOT! And only a 20% chance of showers AT THE MOST!

Our run started this AM at 5:30 with the temperature at 78 degrees and the humidity 90+ %. WHOA- HOT!

Our hot and humid weather has started REALLY early this year in North LA! Usually it is late July and August before we are suffering from severe drought and SUPER hot temperatures.

Let me give you a brief description of the consequences of these hot temps-your sweat starts at the top of your head and you feel the rivers of perspiration running down your back all the way down the back of your legs and into your shoes. Before our run is over, you begin to hear the squish in your shoes from all the sweat. The salt that is left on your skin from all the sweating leads to chaffing in all the places where your clothes are tight and there is friction.

You step outside your door and the oppressive heat slaps you in the face and takes your breath away. As soon as you open the door the beads of sweat form on your forehead and upper lip. There is NO ESCAPE!

I am certain all the "Global Warming" cheerleaders are THRILLED with the weather we are enduring. They think it proves them right. I personally am a believer in Weather Cycles. I remember as a young girl enduring hot summers not unlike these. What is your theory-Global Warming or Weather Cycles or something else?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Louisiana Peach Festival

The time has once again rolled around for the annual Louisiana Peach Festival. As long as I can remember, there has been a Peach Festival. My earliest memory is of Farmerville girls coming over and winning the coveted Miss Peach Queen Contest. I am certain some of the Ruston girls-way back then-were not too happy with these girls making the 20 mile trip and stealing their crown.
My next conscious memory of the Festival comes as a young adult with a small child. I must say my best memories involve taking my children to various events. The Festival has transformed over the years and finally morphed into a 3 day annual event which also coincides with the ripening of the peach crop.
The peach crop has dwindled over the last few years with the onset of a fungus that is slowly killing all of the trees. DIRE and disastrous news for our area. It seems that when long long ago oak trees were downed to make way for the orchards that root systems were often left in the ground. These root systems have now created some sort of fungus that attacks the tree roots and is slowly killing the fruit bearing trees. SAD SAD NEWS!
I asked BC last night if he was interested in attending any part of the Festival. I was given a HASTY, "No Thanks". We have attended and participated in many of the events in the past, but usually no longer participate. The big crowds and this year the EXTREME heat make it an ordeal and a test of your patience. The organizers have done such a grand job of putting this annual gala on that it now draws hordes of people with the ensuing traffic, parking, and various other problems.
I will be in town EARLY tomorrow for our weekly long run, but long gone before the hordes descend. BC and I usually drive through town just at dusk to survey the damage, but we will be holed up in Vienna tomorrow. If you enjoy festivals with the arts and crafts and all the great activities, this is one of the best offered in Louisiana. Come on down and have a "Peach" of a time!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I just finished reading a blog that absolutely threw me for a loop. It seems the blog writer was informed that having over 4000 messages in her inbox was over the limit. FOUR THOUSAND!

This gave me pause to think-PERHAPS-I am just a little OCD! You see I delete all possible emails IMMEDIATELY upon reading them. Currently I have around 50 emails in my inbox-BUT they are plane reservations, internet order confirmations, pictures I have not transferred, etc. I also keep my Spam and Trash empty.

Now here is the "True Confession"-I clean it all up EVERY TIME I log into my email. I thought this was normal. Why would you want to keep all those emails? Why would you want all that clutter when trying to find a REALLY important email that you need?

I must admit-this is very similar to the manner in which I keep everything. Keeping my life de-cluttered is just second nature and I don't even give it a passing thought. I just "DO IT".

SICK or SANE - What say ye?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I never cease to be amazed when we visit in Austin at # 1's latest projects and improvements. The latest include a new gate into the back yard and a new front gate and arbor. Enjoy the pictures of his beautiful changes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Babs & Sandra
Friend, Babs, heard the words that all runners dread today, "You should severely limit your running." Sonja, Sandra & I rode along with her for her visit to a Sports Orthopedic Specialist. Babs has been suffering with knee pain and has not run since April. She went for a second opinion today and we rode along (well we did go to eat). The doctor confirmed what the first Sports Doc had told her. She has arthritis in her knee which has destroyed a great deal of the cartilage. This means running only on flat, soft surfaces and for short distances only. When Sonja, Sandra, and Babs walked out of the exam room, I knew from the look on their faces it was not good news. We always want someone to give us a quick fix and to tell us there is no problem with our running. Today was not the day for that news. I must say, of the three, Babs seemed to be handling the news the best. She is determined to continue to work out including swimming which she is very good at. She told her hubby on the way home that the doctor thought she needed a very good road bike since she could continue to bike. She also can participate in almost every other activity-just no high impact-pounding.

We are all very fortunate to still be running-especially those of us that are reaching those higher double digits. The doctor's words could come to any of us, but NONE of us want to hear them. I am especially sad since Babs has run by my side for a long time now. I like Babs'es attitude and know we will continue to enjoy exercising together-just not so many miles anymore-maybe that is not such a bad thing!

Monday, June 22, 2009


#1 Grand was 9 years old Saturday. MY HOW TIME HAS FLOWN! The parties seem to be getting bigger and better with every passing year. This year the theme was "REPTILE PARTY"! NOW WHO EVER CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA????

Every Party Starts With A Little Jump Around
Just How Many Bodies Will One Trampoline Hold?
A Party Is Not A Party Without Someone Getting Hit In The Head While Trying To Break The Pinata

The "Reptile Man"
He would not allow us to hold the varmints-SHUCKS!

After an hour of viewing all sort of snakes, turtles, toads, lizards, etc. the Birthday Boy got the special treat of getting to hold a snake and have a Lizard Crown placed on his head.

He seemed to get a little panicky when the lizard went for a walk!

One of the gifts was one of those electronic gadgets with a bunch of letters for a name.
I don't have a clue!

Wonder what he is thinking? Perhaps dreaming of a tropical island with quiet breezes blowing and lying in a hammock and rocking in the wind. TOO BAD! Your the Dad of a 9 year old!

Certainly one of the most unique parties I have ever been to, but between the Gator Farm and the Snake Man-I've quite had my fill of The World of Reptiles!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Actual Picture of Gators Coming After Their Supper
The Adventures of Conville Dundee
It was a beauty. A big momma gator covered in duckweed. A real man-eater to be sure. She had never met Conville Dundee and she would remember their meeting. With the stealth only a financial counselor who has been through the last six months could muster, ole’ Conville Dundee swaggered into the enclosure that held 20+ BIG gators. Upon hearing his entry, their eyes all turned toward him. More than 40 beady eyes began to follow Conville Dundee as he strode down the steep embankment to the water. He was jovial as they approached the water’s edge. Five gators from 8 to 10 feet long with just their noses out on the dry land. Conville Dundee was not shaken, in fact, he was almost defiant. He walked back and forth while his grands watched in awe from just outside the fence. LC handed the camera over so that Dundee could pose for a photo within mere feet of the hungry group. The grands were impressed! After all, here was their grandpa Dundee before them almost taunting the man-eaters. What incredible bravery. Helen spoke in a near panicked stern tone, “Ya’ll get away from there.” She paced and commanded to her own, “No, you may not go in there.” Conville Dundee began to strut looking like a small Musollini.Apparently it was this action that just struck Big Momma wrong. She is obviously not a fan of the former dictator. Italian Alligator purses and shoes probably didn’t help either.Big Momma raised up and Conville Dundee demonstrated his incredible balance and nimbleness! He shucked, slipped, regained his balance, jived, staggered again and then leaped to safety. The collection of people held their collective breath until they could see Dundee safely out of harms way and then erupted with laughter. As he came near us we could feel the warmth of his glowing red scalp. There was some concern about a snap heard during his deft escape. As we discussed the brush with death, it was postured that the snap was not from any bones but was most likely the sound of an orifice on Dundee snapping tightly closed. If you see Conville Dundee, Momma Gator was about a 10 footer and probably not the 25 footer he may claim.


Torn from the jaws of death.

Many tales are spun from the safety of the writer's keyboard or the photographers lens, however, very few are called to actually stare down danger and live to speak truth. Often we've heard of these timid, safety consumed sorts, who have never faced fear, and yet have endless stories of feats larger than life. But I digress, except to say the jaws of death does not refer to verbal assertions.

"The pond was angry that day my friend", as I remember the virtual boiling cauldron of imminent threat. The half dozen or more, twenty five foot monsters, strutted confidently from their sanctuary onto the narrow beachhead. The beach strewn with remainders of past feasts, these prehistorical giants eased past bones and feathers and beaks as they charged their greatly underestimated prey. With his head signaling his defiance with the only color available, flaming red, the willing gladiator, readied himself for the jaws of death, to the amazement of all of the onlookers, who were captivated from the distant, high, and safe hill.

I laughed in the face of danger has I leaped from snapping snout to snapping snout each containing rows of razor sharp, bone crunching teeth, and made my way gallantly into the awaiting crowd of awestruck onlookers. Without regard for personal safety, I could only concentrate on the the young, the elderly, and small and less brave of our number. So I began the fearless task of riding those "big boys" back into the swamp they came from, rendering them helpless and removing them from being a danger to civilized man ever again. The collective gasp, we have heard so much about, was in reality, the mutual and utter amazement in the face of such certain death. No doubt each in their own way, sought to revel in, or perhaps diminish, such heroics.

I then leave the reader to query their own depth of fear and bravery and victory as they relive this tale of grandness and courage.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The day started out calm enough. A little breakfast-a slow start to a Summer day-and then we headed to Friend Helen's. After Helen helped us with a special project, the boys jumped in her pool for their daily swim.
Jake seemed to be nesting in the middle of the Monkey Grass.
We had a pretty quiet afternoon-saving our strength for the trip to Mr. James'es "Gator Farm". He had told us lots about the farm-BUT I still was shocked!

It appears they are lined up for inspection!

Note the shirt on MJ-Gators. Well she certainly got her fill of "The Gators" while her Granny stood behind the fence screaming for her to get away from those Gators!

Mr. James is spinning a TALL Gator tale while threatening to throw the boys over the fence.

My two BRILLIANT Grands trying to climb the fence and get into the Gator Pond.

The Boerma Clan, Mr. James , BC & Grands.

This is the second pond and here they all come.

Two of the big boys are coming up on the pond bank to see us.

Note the makings of a purse on the big ones neck-just behind that long snout.

After a hot day at the "Gator Farm", Mr. James treated us to an Icee at the Dubach Chamber meeting hall.

This day was a highlight of the Camp! I cannot wait to hear their version when they tell the adventure to their parents! One more FULL day!


We seem to have settled into the BORING CAMP routine yesterday. I got out the sidewalk chalk and the razor scooters, but the hit of the morning was moving "Furniture" into the tree house. It SO reminded me of Camille as a little girl. The oldest seemed to be suffering from a little "Homesickness". We then went to the Movie AGAIN- and saw "Imagine That". A cute but slightly predictable movie. I thought the boys seemed a little bored during it. We then went to the video game room. # 1 likes to drive the cars fast and crash lots and # 2 likes to shoot the gun. Home for a brief period and then to the pool. They seemed a little bored even swimming today. Home for "Dogs" and chili and then MORE target practice. We were all in the bed by 9 PM.

It is interesting to watch the difference in their personalities and their interaction together. Some of it is very predictable such as little brother warting, warting warting, and then WHAM big brother clobbers him. They are REALLY different though in their basic personalities. # 1 is cautious and careful-a little fearful. # 2 doesn't seem to realize there is danger in anything and will jump off the cliff if you don't watch him. I did denote a little fear in both over the wasps. If you live in the woods, you have wasps. They both are terrified. Maybe they don't have wasps in Texas?

At any rate we are up early again today. # 1 wakes # 2 up when he is ready to get going. I really think # 2 would like to sleep for a while longer, but # 1 WILL NOT HEAR OF IT! I am wondering does this go on at home? We have some different plans today, so MAYBE the boredom will be lifted.

Monday, June 15, 2009


We had another busy day at Camp Conville that I now have renamed Camp Redneck! The first picture shows Caleb playing with a pair of scissors -OOPS!

We went to Wally World FIRST thing this AM. What Redneck Camp would be complete without a visit to the WORLD FAMOUS Wally World! We came home and the boys chilled as shown above while I cooked Momma Lulu's Famous Chili that the boys LOVE! I know it is warm for chili, BUT when you have a personal request-WELL WHO CAN REFUSE?

We then went to the movie and saw "Up". Great movie and it could be an entire post of its own telling you the deep and profound meaning behind this wonderful flick. The boys liked the movie, but I am not sure they really understood the deep meaning behind it. We then went for Icees and came home for a little down time. Off to the pool again for a long swim. Home for chili and then:-----------------

A little target practice with Poppa Bob and the BB gun. Every self respecting Redneck needs to "Take Target Practice"!

When Poppa Bob asked the boys what important thing they had learned after their gun lesson, Caleb answered, "Never put poison in your brother's soup." TOO FUNNY!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Day 2 of Camp Conville dawned early and went late. The boys enjoyed a Poppa Bob pancake breakfast with fresh blueberries from Pop's Farm. We then went to church where they attended the "Learning Center" while we went to "Big Church". We then toured ANOTHER of Ruston's fast food establishments for lunch. (WELL BALANCED DIETS WHILE HERE!). Following returning home we discovered one of life's simple pleasures--Picking up pinecones-taking them up in the tree house and then throwing them far back down toward the creek. I did not bother to tell them that they were saving me lots of bending by doing this-BUT THEY LOVED IT!

We then went to another of Ruston's many pools for a LONG swim and fun time. Home for supper and NO protests when it was bedtime. The only hint of homesickness came when we video chatted with their Mom and Dad. I think being REALLY tired could have led to that. Another big day planned for tomorrow-well actually we are kind of open with several options. Time is flying by!


Yesterday began the annual "Camp Conville". The day started with a drive to Tyler to meet "The Campers". I definitely got the short end of the stick since Tyler is only 2 1/2 hours away from Ruston on a 6 1/2 hour trip. That is 6 1/2 hours of driving-IF you don't stop and just keep on trucking. The "Boys" seem to like to tour "The Facilities", so that always entails a few stops. THANK GOODNESS for portable DVD players! I was greeted in Tyler with, "Where's Poppa Bob." THANKS A LOT! They do LOVE their Poppa Bob.

We headed to Ruston-pronto-haste. The rest of the afternoon included lunch of Ruston's own WINGS-SPICY! A little decompression time and then a swim in the "Boersma Pool". Friend Helen is so generous with her pool and her time. Poppa Bob went and fetched us all "Johnny's Pizza" and we ate pool side. By the time we got home and got settled, things became pretty quiet. Poppa Bob went and tucked the boys in and watched a little tele with them and OFF to dream land. We did not hear a peep until 6:30 this AM and both of us were awake by then.

Plans for Day Two of Camp Conville-Poppa Bob is the "Pancake Chef" as I write- Church - and then WHO KNOWS. We will see how the day unfolds!

I forgot to mention that the tail end of the virus I managed to come day with entailed completely loosing my voice yesterday. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO YELL ORDERS WITH NO VOICE?

Friday, June 12, 2009


#1 Son & # 1 DIL gave us a camera for Christmas for our computer. Our last trip to Austin, Caroline gave me a lesson on how to use it and loaded my computer with the software. With all the "New Baby Business", I had not actually used it UNTIL last night. IT IS SO COOL! I got on line and called them up last night and they responded. We got to see # 1 & # 2 Grands and #1 Son & DIL. Had a brief chat-BUT most important got to "Eyeball" them. I have always said there is just something about putting your eyes on your children and grandchildren that is reassuring. It is wonderful to talk with them, but it is not the same as putting your eyes on them.

That brings me to this-WHY do we feel the need to clown around if we know there is a camera on us? Both boys AND their Dad were making silly faces while we were trying to have a conversation. Hopefully the "Novelty" will wear off and we can have a chat without a silly face inches away from the camera ( I do LOVE those silly boys!).

With that said, I am excited about our new toy and am on a mission to send a camera to #1 daughter. We can then have "Group Chats". HOW COOL IS THAT! Of course we will have to coordinate it all around Mr. Henry's BUSY schedule.
Can't wait to get them up and going and on line as a "Family."

Thursday, June 11, 2009


#1 daughter called this AM to tell me there is some confusion about what is wrong with me. After # 1 SIL read my last post, he thought I had typhoid. She and I got a good laugh from that. BC had a virus that really knocked him for a loop while I was in Erie-the first time. He is still hacking from that virus. I woke up Tuesday AM feeling bad, but went walking with the girls anyway. I started running a low grade fever later in the day and have had all the same symptoms that he did since then. Strange that it would take all this time for me to finally come down with the malady, but that is exactly what happened. I suppose you have to speak "Conville" to know exactly what I am talking about. Camille said she knew immediately that I was saying that I had caught what her Dad had suffered from. At any rate, I feel better-except for coughing all night and being so congested that I woke MYSELF up snoring (CHARMING!), I am on the heal.

This brings to mind that all families have "Their Own Language". It takes years and years to develop and most do not understand the meaning or source without the history. Inside jokes, shared lives, and long hours of conversations lead to a "Private Language". Think about it as you and your family talk-we all develop our own speech patterns within our family groups. There are idioms that we each separately brought to our marriage from our past and there is a lifetime of shared living that develops others. I am always amazed when BC and I are thinking the same thoughts at the same moment and how we can finish each other's sentences and anticipate the others reactions. With years of raising a family and living life, we have developed our own set of idioms. I will give #1 SIL a break-after all he has only had 3 years to learn "The Language".

Meanwhile-#1 & #2 Grands are coming to spend a week in beautiful downtown Vienna next week. FUN AND GAMES! I need to get all my projects finished up and everything "Lined Out" for the week to come. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BE UNDER THE WEATHER!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I seem to have caught "Typhoid Mary's" malady. Have seen a better day, but remember my motto for life--

This too shall pass-
Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Monday, June 8, 2009


After spending the past 36 years being the sprinkler system-well me and the hose, the "Master Gardener" has convinced me that we need a sprinkler system. The "Man" is here today to put the new system in. First Susan took all of the plants out where my "Flower Garden" will now be. The pictures below are the "Before" putting in the sprinkling system.

The two beds in front of the house will be flower gardens.

The Big Question-the two Maple Trees
Asparagus Fern in Chiminea Was Susan's Idea

The West Side Where I Added More Hosteas And Ferns
Susan Transplanted Nandina Among The Fern

My Little Antique Angel Fountain Surrounded By Fern

I have the vision of what it is all going to look like and I am waiting with bated breath for the results. I have always felt like our home was a sanctuary, but this should make it even more inviting. Pictures to come of the progress.