Sunday, November 30, 2008


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the entire family here for the weekend and 17 for lunch Thursday. It was a wonderful day, great meal, warm visit, and all around perfect weekend and holiday. We are still enjoying leftovers-recreating the turkey and ham in ways that I love as much as Thanksgiving day. I am happy to say there was plenty of spinach madeline, with still a small amount left in the frig. Tomorrow will bring a "BIG" cleaning out of the frig and returning to normal.
All of the chickens are back in their home nests and it is time to think about Christmas. I will post more pictures over the next few days and tell more about our time together.
Do you sometimes wonder who thought it was a good idea to have Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together? A little over-whelming to say the least!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


For all my Yankee and other friends that might not have this recipe:

2 pkgs frozen chopped spinach
2 T. flour
2 T. chopped onion ( I always use more)
1/2 c. evaporated milk
1/2 c. vegetable liquor (reserved liquid from spinach when you drain)
1/2 t black pepper
3/4 t celery salt
3/4 t garlic salt
Salt to taste (I never add more than the above)
Red Pepper to taste (CAREFUL!)
1 t. Worcestershire
2 T. chopped fresh jalapeno peppers (I use a little more)
6 ou Kraft Velveeta cheese product (I use a mixture of Mexican & Pepper Jack-we like it hot-you can play with how much of what kind you use-BUT definitely need Mexican or Pepper Jack)
1. Cook spinach according to pkg directions. Drain WELL & reserve needed liquor.
2. Melt butter in saucepan over low heat. Add flour, stirring until blended and smooth, but not brown. (I use wooden spoon-you are making a basic white sauce)
3. Add onion & cook until soft, but not brown. I actually put my jalapenos in the last minute or two unlike what the recipe will call for later.
4. Add vegetable liquor and milk-SLOWLY, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. Cook until smooth & thick while continually stirring.
5. Add seasonings, Worcestershire, jalapenos (see note above), and cheeses which have been cut into small pieces. Stir until melted.
6. Combine with cooked spinach-stirring well until thoroughly mixed. May be served immediately or put into casserole and topped with seasoned breadcrumbs. I always do the latter and put into the refrigerator overnight or freeze. Letting it "sit" for a period brings out the wonderful pepper flavors.
350 degree until bubbly
I always make a double recipe-one recipe feeds six and for holiday dinners prepare 3 recipes. One recipe will go into a small casserole dish-two or more need larger dish.
NOTE-the original recipe used the rolls of Kraft jalapeno cheese that are no longer made, they still make a garlic cheese, but not the jalapeno. Thousands of Southern cooks went into deep mourning when they discontinued making it. When you used this you did not have to cut, scrape & chop the jalapenos-they were in the cheese in perfect proportion.
NOTE 2-You can also use this as a dip without the breadcrumbs.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Camille-HERE IT IS! Today started the "Food" preparations for Thanksgiving. After a marathon trip to the grocery store, I got busy working on Camille's VERY FAVORITE- Spinach Madeline. I think everyone in the world has the recipe, but if you don't let me know. IT IS DELICIOUS! I made it GOOD & SPICY (not entirely on purpose) this year. People make statements like, "I don't like spinach". FORGET THE SPINACH-you taste peppers, cheese in a white sauce and bread crumbs. This dish and Mammaw B's dressing and Camille is a HAPPY HAPPY GIRL! She has a tendency to count helpings that others have had. Something about wanting her fair share.
We will have a house full come Thursday. Our life long friends The Thompson's and Brantly's will be here from South Louisiana. You will remember we have vacationed with The Thompson's for 31 years. WOW that is a LONG TIME! #1 DIL's mother will be with us, The Senior Conville's and ALL of our crew-including "Baby Jennings In-utero".
Lots of fun and lots of food and fellowship. Visiting, laughing, playing, and eating will round out the long weekend. It will FLY by, but I am not thinking about that today-only looking forward to a great time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


"Fear not, for I have redeemed you;

I have called you by name; you are mine.

When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you;

and when you pass through the rivers,

they will not sweep over you.

When you walk through the fire,

you will not be burned;

the flames will not set you ablaze.

For I am the Lord, your God,

the Holy One of Israel, your Savior." Isiah 43

"God is a great big God, though you can't see him or hear him, He is always with you." (John Ortberg)

We are the flyers and God-He is the catcher. Our job is to wait and remain faithful while waiting for Him to catch you. The same God that stood by Paul in Acts is also standing by me.

"The one thing you can count on is that the God you call upon will show up."Frederick Buechner
"Before you were ever born, you were beloved in the mind of God. This is the deepest secret to your identity. It cannot be earned or won, only gratefully embraced." Ortberg
"The irony is we spend our lives trying to earn the love that we can only receive when we admit our poverty of spirit."Ortberg
Comforting words on this Sabbath.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This morning was spent once again raking leaves. The leaves of Fall are slowly beginning to fade away and the remaining tree skeletons are all we are left with. But as you will see below , what we are still left to behold-well pictures do not do justice to and words are not able to describe.
How I wish I could have gotten the true glory of this tree. As Babs & I turned a corner to finish our long run about a week ago, we were met with the rising sun shining through this tree. It was as if we had seen a gold vein brilliantly reflecting in the early morning sunrays. Truly glorious!

There is no description for the red of this tree. Today when we rode by this tree that I pass every day going and coming from home, I noticed the leaves have all but disappeared forming a beautiful red rug at the foot of the little tree.

When you look out the living room window, this is the sight. For those that are talented enough to play the baby grand piano, they would draw their inspiration from God's beautiful landscape as they glanced out the window.

Standing on the side deck, you soak in the reds, yellows and golds that only God can create. No artist will ever be able to recreate the beauty of the original color that lasts but for a brief moment.

Today as I raked and cleared the leaves surrounding our house and covering the decks,walks and drives, I was blessed to observe God's gentle reminder to us. That which is doomed to slowly die will once again emerge in beauty in the Spring. A real and constant reminder of God's gift of "New Life".

Friday, November 21, 2008


You see plenty of people out running at all times of the day and night and in all weather. I have observed a few things about runners over the long years of running. Included in my observations is the fact that there are a two distinctly different classes of runners.

When the weather is absolutely perfect (about 2 weeks in the Spring and 2 weeks in the Fall in Louisiana), the streets are flooded with runners. A dead give away to a novice runner is nice-clean new shoes and a perfectly matched brand new running outfit. This class of runner appears EVERY year for a very brief period of time. They are gung ho and into the appearance of being a runner. Filled with good intentions-they give the appearance of world class athletes-BUT you do know what they say about "Good Intentions"? This class is for sure "Fair-weather" runners.

The rest of us belong to a distinct group often accused of being OCD. Perhaps we are a little over the top-but no pain-no gain. While running this AM with "The Flash", we were laughing about some of our COLD runs. She remembered a day that we started on the North side of town on 167 and headed into town. The temperature was in the 20's and the ground was hard as a brick. My most distinct memory is a day that "Flash" and I ran in the sleet and how the ice pellets hurt when they hit your face. We both laughed about ice forming on all of our backs from the sweat that seeps through and then freezes when hitting the cold air. It really does not matter what the weather is-we are going to run. This morning it was 34 when we started at 5 AM (which means arising at 4:30). Two layers of gloves, two layers of shirts and a jacket, cotton in ears and a knit head band, and long pants complete the cold weather ensemble. The "Die Hards" are not into fashion-we all wear what we have worn for years and years. We are into what works-and we determined that after trial and error over the years. My shoes look new for about a week and then they match the rest of my outfit-worn. We don't worry so much about what we look like as we do what our time is. Running the last 7 miles of my 10 mile run-alone-well that is "Die-Hard". Cold north winds, sleet, snow, rain, fog, and stifling heat all come with the territory. Running through injury and with colds and coughs and muscle cramps-we tend to be like the "Energizer Bunny"-we just keep going and going.

Two distinct classes-but there is always a chance that the "Fair Weather" will morph into a "Die-hard". Over the top or dedicated-you decide, but it really doesn't matter what you think or say-we will just keep on keeping on-day after day after day. Perhaps I am a die-hard, but when I die-please bury me with my running shoes on!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have all read the historical account of "The Trail of Tears". The story of the Cherokee Indians and their march from their home to the home the United States Government had found for them. A truly sad and depressing story-if you have not seen the outdoor drama, you should google it and read this tragic account of what the original Americans endured at the hands of the "Johnny Come Latelys".

It has seemed lately that we are all walking our own personal "Trail of Tears". I have so many friends that seem to be traveling down this trail. I am at a loss, most of the time as to what to do for them-But Pray. I often tell my family and others that life is not fair, but when it strikes close to home-WELL I HAVE NO WORDS. There are times that this bankruptcy in so many aspects that I and my friends are experiencing are beyond human endurance. "Life is hard and then you die."

The scripture promises though:

"Weeping may endure for a night,But joy comes in the morning."Psalm 30:5 (NKJV)

I am clinging to this promise!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As I was listening to the songs on my songlist while reading all of your posts, I had a thought:

Have you ever had a song-a song that you claimed as special? This song always reminded you of perhaps a significant one in your life. Everytime you heard the song, that person flashed in your mind. You had warm and gentle thoughts, all revolving around that person. You learn the significant one also loves this song. Oh that made it so much more special. You are floating along on a musical cloud of happiness everytime you hear the song-knowing how special it is to both of you.

Then you make the discovery that the song reminds the significant one of another-not you. Your song has been stolen from you! Your warm and tender feelings were dashed. Someone else has taken your place in the musically induced aura of happiness.

You never hear the song again, for the remainder of your life without experiencing a twinge of pain. The wound heals, but the scar tissue left behind knots up-each and every time the lyrics and notes reach your ears. What once was haunting and lovely is now hauntingly sad.

I am always amazed at the roll that music plays in our lives and the moods and feelings it is able to evoke. We all carry a song in our heart, even when we are not musically inclined-we still carry a tune in our inner-most beings. I pray for each of you only songs and tunes of happiness and warmth as you live the melodies that life brings your way.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One of the Grand's Favorites is above. TURN OFF MUSIC before watching.

This brought back memories of my childhood. We watched "The Stooges" every afternoon after school. Older brother LOVED them. Unfortunately, he liked practicing some of The Stooges' moves on me. I did survive-but by the hardest.

Sunday, November 16, 2008



We were discussing the good old days and the great sitcoms we once watched. There were not many choices nor many channels during the early years of television. Somehow-someway they managed to fill those few precious time slots with classic comedies, great westerns, and timeless dramas. Where oh where did all of the great writing go?

I pulled up this classic "I Love Lucy" episode and laughed uncontrollably while sitting here all by myself. Watch & Laugh! They just don't make them like this anymore!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


While listening to the song playing on today's song list, I reflected on our heart's desire. We all would like to feel as if we are beautiful-really beautiful to our loved one. We all desire to be "everything they hoped for" and "everything they need". What an absolute truth of the deep desire and need of each and everyone of us-to be the object of one's desire.

I have been to a few weddings when the bride and groom danced to this beautiful song for their first dance as a married couple. I have always watched the sweet dance steps as they launched off on a lifetime together. What a beautiful way to start a marriage, knowing the person that you have pledged your life to thinks these thoughts of you. My hope for each of them is that they will always have these same feelings for each other.

What a beautiful way to live your life together. Always thinking the other is everything I need and everything I could ever hope for. What a blessing to have your partner think you are the most beautiful. What a beautiful-beautiful song and a wonderful sentiment. Real life or just a song-what do you think?

Friday, November 14, 2008


My sweet niece asked what a poppy was when she read my post from Veteran's Day. Above is a picture of a field of poppy's and here is the site with the poem that made them a lasting symbol for the heroes of our nation. If you read the poem and the narrative below it, you will get a full explanation of the meaning behind the flower. It was tradition on Veteran's Day for many many years to wear a poppy on your lapel in honor of our Veterans. As with many other wonderful traditions, we seem to be too busy or too self absorbed to remember those that insured our right to be self absorbed. There is something to be said for "The Good Old Days."

One thing you can count on, the fate of each and everyone of us is to lie in a field someday. Some sooner than others, but when that day comes-Who will remember us and why? A question for introspection as the week draws to a close.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today was one of those days that we question our intelligence. The fog was so thick and heavy that you could not see but a few feet in front of you. Even the street lights 30 feet above you either totally disappeared or had an eerie dim glow in the early morning or late night depending upon your time to rise. We did have the good sense to not run our usual route which entails 2.5 miles south on US 167 and then back 2.5 miles on the other side of the one ways of 167. It is difficult enough to spot us running in the early morning black when the air is clear without the added risk of fog as thick as pea soup. We wove our way through the neighborhoods surrounding our starting spot and with the help of our GPS made a 5 mile trek. The visibility was so poor that when those running in front made a turn just a few feet in front of us, we lost then momentarily-until they reemerged under a street light. They appeared to be ghost figures running down the road-disappearing into the mist. The makings of a great book for sure!

While stumbling around in the mist in the early morning hours, I began thinking about how this is often they way we stumble through our lives. There are times that we don't seem to know where we are going or what is in front of us and yet we continue down the road. Never thinking to stop for direction or slow and observe the signs we are passing, we just run headlong without regard of danger or peril. We aimlessly-blindly plunge through the fog never stopping to read the map which gives careful direction and certainly not acquiring the light which will show our way. How much easier the journey would be with the light shining in front of us-revealing the obstacles and dangers and marking the sure and safe path. How much simpler would the journey have been if first we had read the map and then stayed on the carefully marked trail. We all seem to be doomed to the human failing of desiring independence and refusing to accept the aid willingly offered to us. With obstinate and stubborn spirits, we kareem down the trail-hitting obstacles and running over pitfalls as we blindly continue on. How many miles will we have to stumble through before we realize how much simpler the journey would be with the help of the light and the map? My hope is your journey through the fog is brief and you willingly turn to the light and map in the early stages of travel. What a delightful journey, even in the fog, when we turn on the light and read the map! Every life will have periods of fog, but even in the fog we are offered assistance and help in navigating the path. Seek the light and read the map and then your journey will be right!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


While running in the Marine Corp Marathon, we ran through the National Memorials. It was unbelievably impressive! We also took the night tour through the Memorials and it was chilling.
World War II Memorial
Korean Conflict Memorial

Vietnam War Wall

Today is Veteran's Day. My earliest memory of Veteran's Day was selling Poppy's as a Girl Scout in front of the old Post Office in my hometown. Dressed in my uniform with my badge sash, I sat at a table and sold Poppy's to everyone that came by. It was an easy sale-such a small price to pay to honor all of those that had given their lives for our freedom.
My Daddy served in the Army during World War II in the European theater as a Master Sargent. He never spoke of the War in my presence. There were medals and battle ribbons in his top drawer of the dresser and an Army issue revolver in the drawer. Tokens of a time that he probably would have preferred to forget. Away from home and family for years, the toll on him and our country were great. All for the sake of our freedom. I am glad we speak English and not German today.
My Uncle Bruce served in the Korean Conflict while serving in the Air Force. He never spoke of that time in my presence. He came home and had a family with the bride he married before being shipped overseas. He worked for Eastman all of his career in the lab, even creating new patents for the company. He served our country with no complaint and served it well. I am glad we speak English and not some Asian dialect today.
My peers served in the Vietnam War. An unpopular war with no notoriety for serving. Most of the young men that I know that went to Vietnam do not speak of it. It was a difficult time for our country and those that were called to serve. One I went to school with had his picture in "Life" magazine, but he did not come home-well he did not come home alive. I am glad we speak English and not another language today.
The young men of my children's age have been called upon, yet again. We are fighting a war against those that wish our way of life to be destroyed. There are those that hate America and would like to take over our world or at a minimum cause death, destruction, and fear to rule the day on our streets. The ones that serve-serve well and make us proud of our next generation of heroes. I am glad we still speak English and hope we always will.
Thank you to each generation of Service men and women. Thank you for serving while facing great danger and even death. Thank you for insuring the freedom I have each and everyday. Thank you for your personal sacrifices and giving parts of your life so that we might all sleep well at night. Thank you to all of The Heroes we honor today-Veteran's Day.


See here

Veterans Day Post later today-BUT FIRST THIS BIG NEWS! We are blessed and excited to be well on the way to our own basketball team. Having two brothers-Camille and I both tend to be Big Tom Boys, so Baby will fit right in!

Monday, November 10, 2008


The cool weather brings a memory from childhood floating to the top of the memory bank. The bed I slept in as a child was Momma and Daddy's full size bed that I inherited when we moved into our new home on James Avenue. I was slightly on the side of small as a girl and the bed had enough room for four or five of me. My older brother and cousins spent the first few years of my life getting great enjoyment from scaring me at every conceivable opportunity. I learned to hide any fear I might have-never scream and never show the fear in my expression. I became a master at hiding any emotion of fear or terror from my tormentors.

When I went to bed at night and climbed in that big bed in that big room all by myself, the monsters of the night usually showed up. I have vivid memories of the fright and terror that I experienced. Momma was not sympathetic coming from a family of "Don't show your emotions" or "Just conquer your fears", so there was no relief from her room down the hall. For some strange reason, I decided that if I had my head under the cover with just the tip of my nose sticking out and if I laid perfectly still, I was safe. That was probably the reason my hair was standing on end in most of my childhood pictures.

Until this very day, when I am feeling fear or almost any other negative emotion, I lay perfectly still in almost a fetal position in the bed-not moving a muscle all night. I have learned to keep my head out from under the covers, but lying still and compact somehow makes me feel more secure.

When the temperatures begin to turn cool and the sheets are cold when I jump into the bed at night, I make a little nest or cocoon to keep warm. I don't move an inch once I get those sheets warm around me. This brings to mind the memory of long ago and being alone and afraid in that big bed in the dark of the night. I am grateful for a protector to share the bed with and it does not feel quite so big nor do I feel alone when he is there. A wonderful added bonus in the cool of the night is the heat that he generates by just being there. All I have to do is reach over and touch him with my cold hand or foot and I am immediately warmed. Warmth and protection-what a blessing! I just have to carefully slip that frigid foot or hand over there or else get a lecture on wearing my socks to bed. I hate to send shock waves with the cold, but the warmth is like a magnet in the night drawing me to the heat source. IRRESISTIBLE ON A COLD NIGHT!

The one good thing about this weather is faster runs. I took another minute off of my time for our five miles this morning. If I just shave a few more seconds, I will be running sub 10 minute miles for the entire run. NOT BAD FOR AN OLD LADY!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


The pastors at our church are preaching the way through Acts. Acts is a book full of the history of the early church and those that worked to spread The Word. Today's message was taken from the 20th & 21st chapter and centers around the end of Paul's third missionary journey. The next stage of Paul's ministry would involve trial, persecution and his ultimate death, but today we centered on how we are to lead according to The Gospel and who The Gospel leads us toward.

We are led toward community and relationships within The Community. The message indicated that deep friendships were a sign of spiritual health and maturity. The ache of longing for relationship is the one ache in our lives that is not the result of sin. Adam was lonely because he was perfect-before man's fall. God created us because of His desire to live in relationship with us. The only perfect relationship we will ever live in is our relationship with our Father. God created us to desire and need community and our lives are incomplete without those relationships.

I am grateful and blessed that God created me with a need for relationships. I am thankful for those that God has placed in my life to grow those relationships with. I hope I have the knowledge and awareness that my relationships will shadow the relationship I have with Him.
We are truly blessed to live in community and I feel so fortunate for each and every family member and friend that I am blessed to love. What would I ever do without Community? Thank you, Lord for your perfect creation modeled after the original community of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I marvel at His Perfect Plan for us all.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I had a telephone call this week from #1 catching me up to date on the Austin goings on. It seems that Grand #1 and Grand #2 made all A's on their report cards this time around. SMART-SMART BOYS! They have the good fortune to have inherited the Smart Genes from both sides of the Gene Pool. LUCKY BOYS! Hey Boys-If you love Math you might have inherited that from me and if you love to write-Poppa Bob is a wonderful writer. Now the music talent definitely comes from both your Momma and your Daddy-but if you are a good artist-WELL I DO NOT KNOW WHERE THAT CAME FROM. Ask your Momma if her side of the family have artistic leanings. I flunked coloring in the first grade and it has been all down hill since then. WAY TO GO LITTLE TEXANS!

Grand #2-Looks a LOT like his Daddy did at that age. I wonder if he has a problem keeping his pants girded tight enough like his Dad did when he was a little boy.
Grand #1 definitely looks like his Momma. When you see her pictures from childhood, it is like seeing a clone. He has promised to teach me "Guitar Hero" when I go to Austin next time. I did have to persuade him that he should teach me. Perhaps he has some doubts about my abilities. HE SHOULD!
"The Boys" will be in Vienna come Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to a great time being with our sweet grands!

Friday, November 7, 2008


"In sickness and in health." BC had dental surgery this afternoon. BIG TIME DENTAL SURGERY! The description alone makes my knees a little weak. The endiodontist wisely gave him a valium to take just before the "Procedure". By the time I had driven him to Dr. Farrar's office, he was definitely MELLOW! Perhaps we should get a permanent prescription for this little miracle drug. After a couple of hours "In the chair", they called me to come pick him up . Upon arriving to pick him up, I found him on the phone to the office discussing "The Market" with his office staff. THE MIRACLE OF MODERN DRUGS!

He has kept an ice pack on his jaw since we got home and he is now on the second round of pain meds. He seems to be entering the Land of No Pain! As I gaze across the room, he is teetering between the Land of the Living and "Twilight Land". We have spent weeks talking about this procedure and dreading the day, but now that it has come and gone-we are glad it is behind us. The road to recovery is now being walked down and the sense of dread is replaced by the sense of relief from the dread of the unknown.

When we speak those words in our marriage vows, "In sickness and in health," we do not realize how easy it is to talk the talk. Walking the walk-is another thing entirely. We have friends who have nursed their spouses through terminal illnesses, as well as friends that have nursed their spouse through the "Big C". This proves to be a true test of love and the vows we so easily spoke. When you are "In the trenches" of nursing, it is a blessing to have received grace since then we can much more easily bestow grace.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to "Nurse" sweet BC. I have prayed and continue to pray for a swift recovery for BC. It is my pleasure to Nurse my Sweetie and I know he would do the same for me.

Truly- "In sickness and in health".

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am still in the stock trading, but have pulled back on the number of stocks I am trading in an effort to stay in control. If you know me at all, you KNOW I have a need to be "In Control" at all times-if possible. I still am holding 8 stocks with some obviously having become "Long Term". I really enjoy the quick ins and outs-but that is not always possible in today's market. I will say that of these 8, I am only REALLY concerned about 2 being possible Losers.

The latest thing BC has gotten me into is the "Option Market". Think of it as I have an option to buy or sale a stock at a certain price by a certain date. Options consist of "Calls" and "Puts". All business students have studied and are familiar with puts and calls, but only when you get involved in buying and selling them do they begin to become understandable. In an effort to convince myself that I totally understand what I am doing, I will attempt to explain calls and puts to you.

If I own a stock that I bought at $50, but the price has fallen and I am searching for a way to either lower my basis (what I have in the stock) or make some additional money while holding the stock , I can sale calls. Calls have a "Strike Price" or the price that they will pay you for your stock and an execution date-the final date that the buyer of the call can buy my stock from me. The buyer of the call pays me the seller a certain figure, say $2 per share to buy my stock in a certain period of time (30, 60, 90, etc etc days) at a certain price. Lets say I sell my call for $2 and the buyer has 30 days to buy my stock at $55. If the stock does not go up to that price, the buyer of the call will let the call expire and I will be ahead $2 per share. I can then either sell another option, sell the stock, or continue to hold it. Perhaps the stock in that period of time begins to go up to the $55 strike price, the buyer then has the option to pay me the $55-NO MATTER HOW HIGH THE STOCK has gone and I will have made The $2 option price plus $5 profit off of the stock sale. Now this can go the other way. I have some Apple stock. I have sold a call option when the stock has started going up, making the option more valuable. NOW we have a further complication, say I sold the call option on Apple for $5 per share when the stock was moving up towards the "Strike Price". ALL of a sudden, the market turns down AGAIN and heads south. I now have the option of buying that option back for a lower value since the stock will not get to the "Strike Price" and once again owning the stock with no option to take it from me attached. Perhaps I could buy the call back for $1 since we were so close to the strike date and so far from strike price. I have now made a profit of $4 per share and still own the stock. I have could then turn around in a few days as the market goes back up again and sell THE SAME call option and make an additional amount ON THE SAME CALL. BEAUTIFUL!

Puts are the exact opposite side of the trade. I do not own the stock, but would like to be able to buy it at a certain price by a certain date. I sale a put with the anticipation of buying this stock at the strike price if the stock is at the strike price or lower by expiration date. It is like a payment made to me to take the stock at a set price. I remember what puts are by saying "They can put the stock to me." In other words, they can force me to buy the stock by the execution date at the price determined, IF I am still obligated for the put. The puts work in the same way as a call in that you can buy and sell them with the fluctuation of the market.

Calls and puts are riskier than buying and selling stocks. Keep in mind, if you buy the stock-you have something and if you are patient enough you can hold it FOREVER waiting for it to go up. A call and a put are for a determined period of time and if the market goes the wrong way on you, you have just lost your money and if you own a stock-you might also have to come up with the additional $'s to buy the stock. I like owning the stocks, but the calls and puts do not cost you as much and are an effective way to play the market without the huge dollar risk.

CONFUSED YET? Every time I trade a call or put, I have to really think about this-ESPECIALLY THE PUTS. With the calls, I own the stock, I know if they take the stock what my gain or loss will be, but with puts-I risk coming up with additional $'s to buy the stock.

Confucius say"Don't fool with "Puts" unless you like the company, for you may very well end up being a stockholder." I am thankful for a GREAT BROKER who does not mind saying, "You don't want to do that!" Don't hesitate to tell me, "TMI" or MORE THAN I EVER CARED TO KNOW!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Almost half our great nation woke up this morning bitterly disappointed and slightly over half heartily elated. We are facing a change and an unknown future. Yet still as I drove home from our morning run, the sun rose as it has for a LONG LONG TIME. The world is still turning and there are still seasons and Fall is still in the air. The leaves are raining and the sweet smell of the change of season is still fresh. The world indeed is still going on-even in the face of the unknown.

The Japanese Red Maple in our front yard is at the peak of its redness-just before browning and shedding those leaves.

The screen of leaves when turning in the drive has gone from vibrant green to a multiplicity of Fall colors and the ground is beginning to be covered with the evidence of the coming winter.
When turning into our drive, I am greeted by this beautiful array of pines and hardwoods-all reflecting the impact of a frost ten days ago.

The deep screen of summer's green is swiftly turning and then raining down. We will once again be exposed to the world as the harshness of winter visits for a season.

And yet still, as I turn down the lane for the drive leading to the sanctuary of home, I once again marvel at the beauty of Fall.

The glory of summer has morphed into the final show of the Fall, before the starkness of Winter sets in.

The leaves fiercely cling in one last burst of beauty, before the final wind swept flight to their return to the earth.

But for today and a few more days to come, I will enjoy the beauty of God's creation and His plan of The Seasons. The governmental authority may have changed, but God's authority will never change-for you see The Sun Will Surely Rise tomorrow and God will still reign in His Heaven. I am grateful and blessed for the Known in the midst of the World's unknown. I find great peace in realizing that Nothing that occurs is without His knowledge and all things work for the good of those that love the Lord.

It indeed is still Fall.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Once again the federal government is fooling with my mind. They mess around a lot with my head anyway, but I can always count on two times a year when the time is changed. What started as a measure to conserve energy, has hung around for quite a long time now. I do enjoy the long evenings in the summer time, BUT it takes me a good week to get my body clock adjusted to the mere one hour change.

One of the best things about the change in the Fall is that we are no longer running in the complete dark for our entire run. In the past few weeks, we never even saw twilight before finishing the mid week runs. It is difficult enough to be visible to motorist who are not looking for us, but when it is pitch black the danger raises exponentially. Today we started in the dark, but before we finished our five miles, it was not dawn, but daylight did surround us. Some of the runners begin to run in the late evenings when it finally has cooled off enough to not push you into a heat stroke. Unfortunately, this means they are running in the dark in the evenings. You just can't win!

Today's run was under "Ideal" conditions. The temperature was cool enough to make the breathing and effort easier, but it was not so cold that I was stiff. I had my best time that I have had in a LONG time. Of course, as usual, I was chasing Babs around town. Just about the time that I begin to get on her tail, she takes off again. It is the old story of the tortoise and the hare, but this turtle just cannot seem to pass that jack rabbit. It definitely keeps it interesting. BUT HEY, I ran a 9:30 mile the LAST mile, trying to keep up with her-so I AM NOT COMPLAINING!

I don't have anymore time to blog. I have to go figure out how to change all the clocks in every room of the house and multiple ones in the kitchen. I'll do that just as soon as I figure out JUST WHAT TIME IT IS!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have read with great interest all of the comments posted on the blog as well as first hand oral comments given face to face concerning "The Shack". While discussing this with BC this AM, he very profoundly told me, "It has us all discussing God and His character." If the book has no more effect than bringing to our minds God and talking over His character with others, it has served His purpose well. It is my belief that God can use anything and any circumstance to further Him and His kingdom. I read the book with the knowledge that it was fiction, but also looking for "A Word" through the author that would speak to me and my circumstance. I am always encouraged when reminded of God's great love for me and His ongoing faithful presence in my life. I am glad I read the book and take away a reminder of His greatness, His presence, and His deep love for His creation, mankind. As the author reminds us, "He is especially fond of me (you)". We are indeed special in His eyes and His grace is sufficient!
While reading the book, I was once again reminded of how we all fail each other. No matter what our intentions are, we will disappoint and hurt those that we love. I would lay down my life for my children and my grandchildren, but still I am sure I have failed them and caused them sorrow at times. Because of who we are, Fallen Man, we will follow the path of selfishness, with the resulting wound always leaving a scar on even those we hold dearest. There is only one who is faithful and will love us beyond our wildest dreams-and He is not of this world. My life is worth living and I am pure in His sight because of His sacrifice for me. My prayer is that I will learn to totally be dependent upon Him and turn from my bent for independence to Him and His glory. What ever means He uses to remind me of my great need for Him and how incomplete I am without Him, I am thankful for.
I welcome you reading the book and then discussing it with you. Which ever side of the pro/con vote you take-We will still be discussing The Father. I believe He will be well pleased.