Sunday, September 30, 2007


Our two adopted college students came over Thursday for supper. It was great to catch up with what is going on in their lives and we really enjoy having young people in our home. As usual there was drama in Gracie's life. You will remember that Gracie is an international student from Kenya. She has a little different outlook on things, not being from the states, but she is slowly becoming Americanized. Currently she is having roommate problems. I heard plenty of stories just like hers when Camille was in college. It is not easy to live in a house or apartment full of girls. One of her "friends" is eating Gracie's food and will not fess up to it. She is really frustrated about this since she knows who the culprit is, but the culprit will not confess. I suggested she make some brownies and put a little ex-lax in them. I told her the one in the bathroom would be the guilty dog. She & Meriedth both cracked up with my suggestion. I thought it made perfect sense if you want to get to the bottom (no pun intended) of this.

Meriedth is Miss Responsibility. I never really realized how mature she was until she brought her suite mate over one day last week. The friend is a sweet girl, but still a girl. Meriedth on the other hand is the sole of responsibility. She has just broken up with a boy that she had begun seeing this summer. When she first came back to school, she told me she had been seeing someone and her mother did not care for him. I immediately told her to listen to her mother, that mothers have an intuition about these things. She said when she told her mother they were not seeing each other anymore, she said- "PRAISE GOD!" Mothers just know about these things.

We walked 5 this afternoon in the REALLY hot sun. We were thankful when God provided a cloud for the last half of the trek. I am icing, soaking, warming & stretching my hip-just as directed by Jeff. We will see how it reacts.

Camille called distressed because she has an injury. She changed her shoes. NEVER NEVER NEVER change type of shoes in the middle of training for anything. When you find a brand and style that work-keep getting them. I have been wearing the same type and brand for about 3 years now. IF IT AIN'T BROKE-DON'T TRY TO FIX IT! I gave her the same advice I have taken- REST- ICE- ANTI-INFLAMMATORY-STRETCHING. Hopefully this will be a short lived thing. I actually missed an entire week of training while down with the flu, but came back hacking and finished the training and the marathon. That which we can't fix-we must endure.

It has been a glorious Sabbath. Our college pastor brought our message this AM. He is really developing into a great teacher. It is so wonderful to see God mature a young man into His leader.

Another week gone in marathon training. Now let's see that means we are 2/9ths of the way through. What a odd number!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Bride & MOB- Stack of Gifts to Open

Bride & Guests

Cake Table

We had Bethany's Bridal Shower today and it was wonderful. Many great friends attended and she received many lovely gifts. A truly great day! We all had fun being together and giving the party for our dear friend Sonja's daughter. The next step will be the wedding in Lafayette and we are looking forward to that weekend at the end of October. It is always fun and many laughs when we are together socially and today was no exception.

We ran our 14 miler this AM early. All I can say is that it was long and thankfully it is over. Many more miles to cover before we get to that magical 22, which finishes up the training. Mona ran with me most of the way, but the last 4 or 5 miles, I was on my own. I think I will get an ipod to keep me entertained. They are prohibited in the marathon, but I will think about that when I get there. Neither of my two main running partners are running the whole, so I will have to come up with a plan to get me through those miles alone.

We have many of our faster buddies that may well qualify for Boston. That is such a thrill for us all to see anyone in the group do well. I am cheering them on and hoping for a good representation from Ruston come that magical day in Boston.

Tomorrow is the Sabbath. My thoughts are turning to preparing for worship. What a blessing to be allowed the freedom to worship with no fear of interference or condemnation. I AM THANKFUL!

Friday, September 28, 2007


I personally have never really had a "tooth ache". My teeth occasionally hurt when I am having sinus problems, but I have not had a specific tooth to ache. You hear that something hurts like a tooth ache-which means it is acutely painful. I don't really understand that -I can sympathize, but I can not empathize. Mr. C has had a tooth ache this week. This is a reoccurring chronic problem with a tooth that has a crown. He ended the week today at the endodontist to schedule a root canal. He has been swollen and actually took some pain pills. When he admits something is painful enough to take medication-it is really bad. Hopefully the anti-biotic is taking effect now and he is on the mend, but the root canal-hopefully will be the ultimate answer to the problem. God has blessed me with good teeth, so I don't really understand the agony of suffering through not so good teeth. It does keep me going back to the floss and electric toothbrush when I see Bobby suffering as he has this week.

I spent the morning combing the "Great Outdoors" for things to put in a flower arrangement. I had great fun and got plenty of funny looks when I would step out with those big clippers in my hands. One of the best things about my explorer is that I can haul all of these kinds of things around in the back. I have a tall full arrangement to take to the shower tomorrow. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get it to the church.

I have taken yesterday and today off from all physical activity in an effort to give my hip a rest. We will see tomorrow how well it does after getting up earlier than usual to "trick" it. Getting old is not bad-it is just your body falling apart that is the pits.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I must be a glutton for punishment. I went back to Jeff today for another session of pain and torture. Don't get me wrong, the man is very kind, quiet spoken, and concerned. That does not mean that he will not inflict serious pain-ALL FOR YOUR GOOD. My hip has been the worst it has been the past two weeks, so we started the day discussing that. The first part of the session was not too bad. I have become used to the pressure on the knots and his technique of "realigning" your muscles. THEN-THE HIP WORK STARTED! Take any open wound that you have ever had and then it became red and infected. Then take something and scrape that wound out. That is kind of what this felt like. HE DEFINITELY FOUND THE SPOT! It is in the joint itself. He said it could still be the muscle that is over that joint, but it could be arthritis. He told me that I should probably go to a doctor since I have been fighting this for 3 or more years. I don't really have a doctor since I am never sick and something tells me the female doctor I go to once a year probably does not know a lot about this. I also do not want to hear, "YOU SHOULD QUIT RUNNING." It totally seems unfair that I need a doctor's script to get one of the new arthritis drugs out there. Perhaps I can dig around in the cabinets and find something BC took with one of his orthopedic injuries. I will continue trying his other suggestions, including tricking the hip into thinking it is warmed up before running. I have heard of a trick knee before, but never a trick hip!

We had a wonderful small group last night. It is so encouraging to be with this great group of fellow believers. What a wonderful gift God has given us.

Our adopted college students are coming over for supper tonight. We have seen lots of Meriedth this year, but Gracie only once. Gracie always has drama in her life, so I look forward to hearing those tales. It is a small dose of what it used to be like with Camille around, only no dancing through the room at random times. I miss that spontaneity. WHAT A GIRL!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The beginnings of fall at the Conville Estates in Downtown Vienna.

I ran over to West Monroe (OK-FOR ALL OF YOU LEGALISTS OUT THERE-DROVE TO) and went to the Farmer's Market this morning. WHAT A VARIETY OF PUMPKINS & GOURDS! I had so much fun looking at each and every stack of every conceivable color, size and shape. The fellow on the left in the above picture was my personal guide. He knew each and every name of everything there and told me the story of why they had been named that. I LOVED IT! He was a sweet guy, who seemed to love showing me and telling me all of the stories. This is not something you do when you are in a hurry, but savor each and every moment of the treat! I came home with a back end load of all kinds. I will so enjoy displaying all and telling this tale.

Go, just to look, IT IS SO WORTH THE TRIP!
Sandra, Sonja & I ran our 6 miles this AM and then Mrs. Sandra & I walked another 5. This is the last 6 mile run in the middle of the week. We start the march up next week with a 7 miler. Before it is all over, we will be at a mid-week run of 10. BOY OH BOY-HOT & HUMID!
I am off to greet the kids at church and then home for a quick bite, before Small Group. Looking forward to a lively discussion about Mr. Z!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


sun damaged skin

In an effort to not be "startlingly white", I use the new creams that have a bronzer in them from time to time. I have been negligent the past couple of weeks of this, since I ran out of my favorite cream, but today I changed that. You have to be very careful putting this stuff on. My sons pointed out on vacation that my application process needed some work. Try as I might, I end up with dark deposits around my joints-knees, ankles, wrists. They then look like "Rusty Joints". VERY CHARMING! Some of the runners still go to the tanning bed and are bronze year-round. After skin cancer and many biopsies, including 3 in June, I try to stay out of the sun and wear sun-screen when out in it. The dermatologist may be building a new wing on her home, financed by my visits, every six months. I am sure the damage has been done, since I had multiple blisters as a child, but I am trying to be "good" now.
Camille has her Waco wedding post up on her web site. It is almost as good as being there! She had a wonderful group of friends in college-just another gift God gave her while at Baylor. Mr. Adam was clean shaved the last time we saw him in June. The MAN CAN GROW SOME FACIAL HAIR! I wish the hair on my head grew as fast and as thick-OH WELL!

I seem to be losing a little weight again. I know it is a direct reflection of all of the increased exercising, but normally I gain weight when training for a marathon. Perhaps I have not hit that plateau when the pounds start adding on. I have increased my carbs in an effort to make up for the increased mileage. When I looked at my calendar for last week, I had run 24 miles, but also walked 26 miles. For those of you that are not mathematically inclined- 50 MILES. A lot of miles on these legs. No wonder my hip hurts!

Sandra and I walked 5 this AM. She had actually already run 5 before we started. IT WAS SO HOT & HUMID! Put this day down in your book, she actually wanted to stop for water. I TOLD YOU IT WAS HOT! I lifted after that. I am trying to have my upper body ready for all of the repetitive motion when swinging my arms while running. We did walk just in time as it has rained since then almost continuously. I think I see the sun peeping through, so maybe we will have a short reprieve.

Monday, September 24, 2007


The runners are giving a shower this weekend for one of our daughters. We always have a good time doing these parties together and have pretty much wined, dined, or showered each and every child when they married. My job this time is the flower arrangements. I have a GREAT time doing this since I consider it a personal challenge to find flowers, greenery, etc. growing in the wild or in some one's yard. I have strolled through many of the road side ditches in Lincoln Parish in the quest for these goodies. The arranging part is easy-I went to the Melody Taunton School of cramming it into the vase. I have spotted a few really neat things while running, but am not sure whose yards they are in. It usually is proper protocol to ask before cutting. I have had some really funny looks when requesting some of the things I use. This time of the year I love to use golden rod which is growing in abundance. It does require getting into some snaky looking areas to cut it and then you have to strip the greenery. If I don't have allergies before I start, they are guaranteed before I finish. It never ceases to amaze me how God provides such beautiful tools, all year round, to use in arrangements. I am looking forward to putting together just the right combination of them for the party Saturday.

Larry & I ran alone this morning. It seems some people hear a few drops of rain and immediately turn over and go back to sleep (I have been guilty). Think about going in your bathroom and turning on the shower, full steam ahead, and keeping it good and closed up so that the room becomes a cloud of mist. Then drag you treadmill in there and turn up the incline. That is what today's run felt like. Larry did take pity on me and keep me insight until we headed back to the track. IT WAS NOT FUN! The 5 mile walk after the 5 mile run was equally difficult. The high heat and humidity makes for Louisiana torture on these mornings. If you see Mother Nature, please remind her that - IT IS FALL!
This is what the street looks like this time of the year when it is raining. Oil slick with wet leaves on it. SLIPPING & SLIDING DOWN THE ROAD!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Your Name"

This is one of the glorious songs we sang this morning during worship. Listen to the words-WHAT A BLESSING! We are currently studying Luke. We study the scriptures during the week before Sunday's sermon, listen to the sermon, and discuss the sermon and scripture at Wednesday small group. What a wonderful way to explore, understand and apply the scripture. We are so fortunate to be in such a wonderful group of believers and to also have friends placed in our life that are an extended family of believers. What a blessing to know that God is watching over us and placing believers in our lives to "be there for us."

Today is the first day of Fall, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. It is HOT and humid. We walked this afternoon while it was 93 degrees on one of the downtown thermometers. I was in a sweat for over an hour after coming home.

Went the 13 miles of yesterday's long run and realized that I am half way there. At about this time, every time in training, I am thinking there is no way I can double this mileage. Somehow, so far, I have managed to do that, but only time will tell. The "Big Girls" and Larry were through with their run in 2:03. I drug in 30 minutes later. This marathon has a 6 hour time limit and I am getting concerned about that. As long as you know that you have unlimited time, it does not seem so daunting. To go through 18 weeks of training, actually go to the marathon and run the miles and miss the time limit is A VERY DISCOURAGING thought. Sandra told me to take my time and multiply it by 2.2 and this would give me an idea of what my time would be. According to my calculations-IT WILL BE VERY CLOSE. What to do? OH WELL I WILL THINK ABOUT THAT TOMORROW!

We ate dinner with my brother and sister-in-law last night. They were telling us about taking their granddaughter who is 3 to a high school football game Friday night. They said Audrey had a wonderful time. She did tell Laurie that her baby sister, Abbie (Few months old) did not want to go to the ballgame. When asked how she knew that, she said Abbie told her. They said she really enjoyed the candy, popcorn & sprite. The crickets and bugs around the lights were fascinating to her, but they are not sure if she understood anything about the ballgame. She was most concerned when the team ran out on the field and they told her-"Here come the Tigers." She wanted to make sure "the Tigers" were not going to get her. DON'T YOU LOVE CHILDREN!

The good news about training is we are now 1/6th of the way through. If you say it fast, it does not sound too bad!

Friday, September 21, 2007


I received my annual social security account statement which set me to once again thinking-plotting-& planning when I plan to begin drawing my social security. I am actually not quite old enough to begin receiving that check-BUT it is never too early to think these things over. As the statement explains to you, you have the option to begin drawing early, at 62, or anytime up until the full retirement age, which for me is 66. The difference in the time you begin your social security journey is that the amount is considerable less at 62 than at full retirement age. You have to consider the 4 years you will draw the lesser amount and the preceived earning capacity of the money during that period of time and the income tax cost of drawing during that time. IT CAN BECOME COMPLICATED! It is all a lottery game or a game of chance. If you do not start drawing at 62 and die before you are 66-YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK. And guess what-Uncle Sam reaps the benefit. Your spouse can draw the greater of his social security or yours, as you surviving spouse, but not both. I am busy trying to figure out how to BEAT THE SYSTEM. I will have to live until I am 79 1/2, if I wait until my 66th birthday to begin drawing to be ahead of Uncle Sam's game. Then every month I live after 79 1/2, I am getting to him! There is a lot of longevity in the females in my family, but what if someone runs over me-or a shark eats me-or a snake bites me at the park-you get my drift???? If I wait to draw when I am 66, I am going to alert all of my children and Mr. C that in the event of an illness-etc.-they are to hook me up to ALL of the machines that can keep me alive. If mushrooms start growing out of my ears and navel, they are to keep me alive until 79 1/2 + 1 month. I NEED TO GET THE BEST OF UNCLE SAM!

OK- one more time---HURRAH FOR FRIDAY! It is truly a delight-this one day of the week- to know that I do not have to get out of the bed-nor do I have to do anything physical. Now I am usually up around 7 or before anyway-BUT-I didn't have to do that.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


There are definite signs in the air that fall is approaching-maybe not rapidly-but in the normal Louisiana creeping around the corner-just when you have given up hope manner! The Weatherman announced today that Sunday is the first official day of Fall, but I have been noticing the signs approaching for a couple of weeks. Today when I walked out at 5:15 to go for my walk-there was this surprising nip in the air. My car thermometer showed 58 degrees out in the country before getting to town, but it was in the low 60's in town. SO LOVELY-after days of sweltering mornings-even at that time of the morning. The amazing thing is the 90 degrees it can get before the day is over.
The acorns are beginning to rain down on the roof. It makes a little thump, really barely noticeable, but it can become a chorus of thumps on a windy day. The drive, walk, and decks are littered with acorns and pine cones. Many of the pine cones are only the remaining spine-after the squirrels have eaten the rest of it. The squirrels are busy fueling up and storing away for the days to come. They really do not have to do that at our house in Vienna, since they eat the bird feed I put out in GREAT quantities. I can not seem to find a variety that they don't relish!
There are some trees beginning to turn. The sweet gums are always the first to turn and then a slow progression of types turn every conceivable fall color-orange-golden-yellow-red-----. You will look up and notice the end of one limb that has turned one day and before you know it there is a blaze of color. The wonderful thing about the leaves out in the country is that I just rearrange them, moving them further out in the woods to reclaim the space right by our house.
All of these wonderful colors are framed by the most beautiful blue sky that today does not have one cloud in it. The blue of the sky changes with the seasons-but fall's blue is something to behold!
AH FALL! I hear it coming and I anxiously await its crescendo!
Walked 5 this AM with Sandra. We have lost our troops by the end of the week. Larry did not even bother to ask what we were doing today. It does get more and more difficult to get up in the dark as the week goes on.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today is Mrs. Sandra's birthday. She is in the picture on the left back. We gathered those in town and not working and enjoyed lunch to celebrate. I will not tell you how old she is, just suffice to say she is in the 60-65 age group at all of the races. The sad thing for the rest of us is that the "Old Lady" of the group can outrun all of the other ladies-some MUCH younger. In an effort to be nice on this special day, I will not give her a hard time today (MUCH).

One of the regular readers requested a picture of "The Toe"-

The red is not polish-but a blood blister that was under the nail. The red under the nail is the blister that is still healing. Band aid on toe next to it is from NEW blister that was rubbed today by the bandage on the bad toe while running. The black on the big toe is the blackened toe showing through. It is time to stop wearing sandals and to go to the closed toe models!
While out on the road this morning, we discussed the Omega 3 supplements (Fish Oil). Someone failed to tell me that you need to be careful that the bottle says NO AFTER TASTE. Well great-I have 250 fishy tasting capsules that I will suffer through. I CANNOT MAKE MYSELF WASTE THAT MONEY. I will take the entire bottle and know that I did-for at least a couple of hours after each and every pill. You take 3 a day, so hopefully after almost 3 months they will be gone. Sandra told me she takes 4-but remember she is blond (OOPS!).
We ran our 6 this AM and then walked 5 more. Larry ran 6-9 minute miles-YOU GO LARRY! FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, no one sees us from 5:30-6:30 when we are running, BUT THEY ALL SPOT US when we are walking. I may get a sign to wear -human billboard size- that says-
WHY WHY WHY do I care what ANYONE thinks?????

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Mr. Toenail came off last night. It actually is not painful and happens very easily since the nail had popped lose from the nailbed when the blister formed. It is still raw and red, but I think it has turned the corner and is on the mend. If a cat has nine lives, how many toenails do you think each of my toes has? Hopefully an unlimited number!

I went to Wally World yesterday to restock on vitamins, minerals, etc, etc. One sack and $55 later, I have a counterful of supplements. Sandra had talked me into taking Omega 3, which is a fancy name for fish oil. There was a time that I actually tried taking liquid fish oil. There are no words to describe that wonderful experience. When you throw the liquid into the back of your mouth (Hoping not to taste it) it S L O W L Y slides down your throat. Remember-it is an oil. You then get the wonderful sensation of tasting the fish oil for the next 8 hours or so-MOST UNPLEASANT. I am a master at throwing things down my throat and never flinching-but THIS was OVER THE TOP. I went through a stage of taking Barley Green which tastes like your lawn clippings in water and got to where I liked it-NOW THAT IS SICK! I COULD NOT GO THE FISH OIL-I DON'T CARE HOW SMART IT MAKES ME OR HOW LONG I WILL LIVE. A short life as a dummy is better than taking that stuff. Sandra PROMISED that I would not taste the fish oil capsules nor get to re-enjoy it after the initial plunge. The woman must have a cast-iron stomach, because for the next 3 hours after lunch, I enjoyed the taste of fishy-not just mild fish-like talipa, but OLD FISH. I am hoping I will get used to it, since I bought the mega bottle. I KNEW BETTER-always start with the small bottle to see if you can handle it, but my tightness got the best of me.
The way he looks is how it tastes!

While reading my paper today, I saw in the classifieds a "Fainting Couch" for sale. Now did these people go out and buy a couch to faint on? Who in the world ever came up with that name? I actually had a chaise lounge in my room when growing up, but "A FAINTING COUCH". I am certain Scarlett or Miss Melanie MUST have had one of these!
Walked 5 with Mrs. Speedy and Babs this AM and then lifted weights. If you go early enough there are not too many CUTE AND YOUNG Coeds in the Lambright-which is a good thing!

Monday, September 17, 2007


I do love Jimmy Buffett and his melodies! Monday did indeed come bright and early. Maybe I should say just early since it is pitch dark when we get out there and run. The daylight is appearing about the time we finish up and before we walk. We went back and ran our oldie but goodie-The Tech Track Route. HARD ROUTE. When I told Sandra that this was a difficult route, she said, "You only have that bad hill at the library." AH CONTRARIE! You have the first long hill-two blocks into the run, then another about a mile into the run, then the library hill, and then a short climb when you make the turn to head back, the long two block climb by the library, and the final steep climb to get back to the track. We need to get that woman checked for depth perception. The way I tell it is a hill is the deepened gasping for breathe. Sandra needs to put into her living will that she wants to donate her lungs-in the awful event- that someone runs over her someday on her multiple mile treks. THEY WOULD MAKE SOMEONE PROUD who has had diminished lung capacity.

Babs was back from Grandmothering last week and worked me hard. If I am off for a week, then I have to walk and drag behind everyone else. NOT BABS! She pushed me every step of the way and then walked the 5 miles after our run without one complaint. WHAT A WOMAN!
Busy week in downtown Vienna-but I am not complaining. HOW DID I EVER HAVE TIME TO WORK????

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blessed Sabbath

What a wonderful Sabbath! God has richly blessed us by commanding us to pause rest, reflect & worship. What a glorious day.

We saw a brief video this morning that my friend, Cynthia had on her blog in August. Go to You Tube and type in Psalm 23. This precious little girl is one of the listings. Click on her video and watch. As Cynthia said, "Out of the mouths of babes." This was so apropos since we were hearing about the scripture in Luke which speaks of Jesus and the children. Go to Luke's 18th chapter and start at the 15th verse and then watch this VERY SHORT video. Brother Dicky did a masterful job of expounding on this.

We had supper with the Boersma's and Cardwell's and Allison Peatross last night and then played "Balderdash". Now this game takes a master at the art of bull. I am not sure what that says about Sonja, since she won handily. You would have thought Mr. C would have taken us all-since he is SO experienced at expanding his tall tales. Wonderful and fun evening with precious friends.

We walked at the park this afternoon-but only Mrs. Sandra and me. The temperature is creeping back up again-which is disappointing, but SO Louisiana. Another week gone in our marathon training. Now let's see that means we are 1/9 of the way finished. Now doesn't that sound MUCH better than last week's 1/18th. Still not sure the "Old Hip" can take the pounding, but " we will see." That was one of my favorite answers to all of the,"Mom can I?" questions. That usually meant no, and they soon figured that out. The JOYS OF MOTHERHOOD.

Did I tell you that when I greet and open doors for the kids on Wednesday night I made a surprising discovery? It seems about 90% of today's families drive mini-vans. Some are really smart vans that the sliding door can be opened and shut by the driver. I am not sure how I managed to raise three children and never have a mini-van. What is even more surprising is that I actually had a two door car during part of those years. NOW THAT WAS FUN-getting the kids and all of their stuff in and out of the back seat with a two door car. Think of me being doubled over the steering wheel in the front seat while kids crawled out of the back. It made for a never ending fun ride of motherhood during those long years of hauling kids around. I miss those days-SOMETIMES!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day Of The Dog

This mornings long run started with 11 of us running down 167 at 5:30. Where are all of these people going in their cars at that time of the morning? We have a mile route we run through a neighborhood at the very beginning of our run before commencing on down the road. As usual all of the "Big Girls" have darted out to a fast start and are about 2-3 blocks in front of the slugs dragging up the rear. As we were coming up the hill to turn unto 167 S, we hear this blood curdling scream from the big girls. It turns out that one of the houses along the route have a dog that has gotten out of the fence. Miss Ivory is TERRIFIED of all dogs, but those big ones that come after us are particularly scary. If you have never seen Ivory, she is probably at least 5'10" and has 5' of that statute in legs. They said she proceeded to climb Sam, Lisa's finance, to get away from the dog. Sam came to the rescue and chased the dog off. He did such a good job of intimidating him that he did not come out and chase "the slugs" when we ran by. I wonder what the neighbors thought when they heard that scream at that time of the morning?

The rest of the run was pretty normal-long-but doable until we get to the last less than a mile. When you run up the hill at Chautaqua you can go left or right. Our normal route is left and this is a tough finish, but doable. Miss Stephanie had the BRILLIANT idea that we should try right today. After I had run (by myself by this time) .35 mile, I encounter not one, but two very large German Shepperds that seem to be guarding their territory with great vigilance. I turn around and go back and finish the way we normally go. In case you have not figured this out, I have gone an extra .7 mile. 12.7 miles-BUT WHO IS COUNTING! That extra-unexpected mileage-even though it sounds minimal does not make me a happy camper. By the time I got back to the bank, I told Stephanie that I would choke her, if I had the strength. We walked another mile to stretch those tired legs out.

I came home and worked in the yard with BC and blew off the church sidewalks and drives after that. I HAD HAD ENOUGH!

Fun times tonight! I am cooking burgers & beans to take over to Dr. Dale & Mrs. Helen's lovely home. Looking forward to fellowship with our sweet friends.

Friday, September 14, 2007


In an effort to not repeat myself, I WILL NOT, tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE FRIDAYS. Awake, but not out of the bed, by seven seldom occurs. I LOVED IT! In my PJ's cleaning house and not dressed until ten-I LOVE IT. Piddling around in Monroe-I LOVE IT! NO EXERCISE-MY BODY LOVES IT!

I read in the paper today that cars may have to begin carrying a warning of the weight limit. It seems that Corvettes are not made for 2-200 pounders nor are mini-vans made for 6-200 pounders. They are intended more for an average weighing 170 pounds, or they become dangerous and more difficult to control. I remember one time when Bobby and I took a van load of teenagers and all of their luggage on a youth mission trip. The van did not handle well-NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY. I guess from now on when you get in a vehicle, you need to ask what the load limit is and then ask the weight of each passenger. That should go over REALLY well with all of your friends.

Camille's best friend, Mary Lou, has flown into Erie for the weekend. This was Adam's birthday present to Camille-flying Mary Lou in. She is so excited! The weather is supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow, so ML may have a shock after suffering through New Orleans in the recent months. I KNOW they will have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully Adam & Powers will survive two women in the house.

Tomorrow is long run day. We have changed our route a little bit to keep down the griping from the troops. Do you know how difficult it can be coming up with a safe, not terribly hilly, and not monotonous route which is 10 and more miles. It doesn't get too bad coming up with them until we hit the 15 miler, but from there to 22 is a chore. My friend, Mona, says don't tell me where we are going, just surprise me. I like that approach, but most of these people are WAY out in front of me-so I have to tell them. OH WELL-if you don't like it come up with your own route!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I went back to the massage therapist today for Part Deux of "Pain You Have Never Known". Today's session consisted of the "sports massage". We started by warming my muscles up in the areas that he was going to work on. That actually started out alright AND THEN he began the let see how hard I can push this knot in your muscle section. Think of a bad bruise you have had that had a knot in the center of it. Think what it would feel like if you took your thumb and pushed into that knot as hard as you could. OK-that is the picture. After warming the muscle and working out all of the knots-THE STRETCHING began. Ok-lie on your stomach and put the sole of your foot by your ear-FEEL THOSE HAMSTRINGS? Now drop your leg off the side of the table and let me see how far I can get your lower leg to contort in both directions while holding the upper leg steady. Flop over on your back and see if you can touch your nose with your kneecap-WHILE LYING FLAT. Just a few examples of the fun-which went on for an hour.

The worst part was THE REALLY DEEP TISSUE massage part. Imagine that your leg has mine shafts full of muscle in it. The area around the hip (REMEMBER THIS IS WHAT TOOK ME TO MR. JEFF) has three tiers of shafts. The problem seems to be in the very lowest shaft and before you can work out that problem you have to work on the two shafts above it which also are strung as tight as a fully extended bungee cord with a 300 pound man hanging on it. Hopefully no one was outside the room while I was, at times quite loudly, moaning and groaning. THIS HURTS-BIG TIME! I had to reach down to the bottom of my gut and pull out all of my "I'M Going To Be Brave" cards. One time, I actually did yell, "Calf Rope", which Jeff found quite amusing. The man needs to enter the "Strongest Thumb, Palm and Forearm Contest"!

The weird thing is that after the torture is over-well it actually is better. I am going back next week, trying to work out all of the knots and loosen everything up and then when that happens-hopefully- be on a maintenance routine.

We had small group last night with a lesson on persistence prayer. What a blessing each and everyone of those people are to me. It sends chills up and down me to realize that this is how the New Testament church began-in a house with believers gathered to worship and fellowship. HOW COOL!

I got up and walked 5 with Sandra this AM. For some strange reason, Larry does not show on Thursday's. Could it be that he is sick of getting up after a few mornings in a row? Senor Humborto came blowing ashore and brought with him the heat and humidity. Our one day of 66 to run in was great-but short lived. We are back to Louisiana weather, which makes for miserable running. Camille called this AM to tell us that it was in the 40's in Erie, I am going to remember that this winter-PAY BACK IS COMING!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Every car I have ever had has the gear called O/D. I have to get the book out and read it to figure out what it is for and still never use it. I believe it sets the motor of the car at a setting that uses less fuel at a greater speed-or some such. The place to put my car in O/D is different with every car that I get. Sometimes there is a button you push and sometimes it is on the gear shift-I never remember it is there and thus never use it.

Mrs Sandra now-KNOWS where her O/D is. She kicks it in with little or no effort and when the after-burners ignites, she is off to the races. This AM we increased our run to 6 miles. After we had gone all but a couple of miles of it, she turns the corner on Alabama and the surge starts. Off she goes with apparently no problem. I am struggling just to keep up and gasping with each and every step-but obviously she has not been expending much energy until this point. WHAT CAN I SAY!

I did keep up until about mile 4 when they started easing up on me. I kept within a block or less of Susan & Jennifer, but Sandra was at least 1/2 mile out front. I had not seen Larry since we started the run. He must have eaten his Wheaties this morning. Babs & Mona-WHERE ARE YOU?????

It was cooler by about 10 degrees. That helps so much! I was not totally soaked with sweat when we finished, although I did my share of sweating. After finishing the 6 mile run, Larry, Sandra & I walked 5. That would be a total of my long run for last week. JUST CALL ME Sandra, Jr.

I have a new blister on the other foot on my lower heel. It is about the size of a quarter and pretty puffy. COMPLAIN- WHINE- MOAN! Ok-I'll probably live!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reflections of Sorrow

As I am sure everyone is aware, today marks the sixth anniversary of the invasion of America. Perhaps in your eyes it was not an invasion, but it certainly, at a minimum, was a terrorist attack. While reflecting upon this day and where I was six years ago, I am overcome with sadness for my children and grandchildren. I was reared during a relatively peaceful time in America. There was Viet Nam, but that was not on our shores. While I certainly knew many of my peers that served in the armed forces during that time, I had no one in my family directly involved. For the most part, even with the Cold War, I felt safe and secure and enjoyed those years. While there certainly were traumatic events occurring in my personal life, there was no feeling of danger in the world surrounding me. I feel that my children and grandchildren do not have that sense of peace and security that I was blessed with. This makes me very sad for them, but confident that God is in charge and will watch over them. I do not watch the news all day long, as I did during those days, in 2001. It seems too depressing and too dire. I make an effort to stay upbeat with the positive and not expose myself to the negative on an on-going and never ending basis. My heart is saddened today when I think of so many that lost loved ones, but I am holding on to the truth that God is ever faithful and will sustain us all. I know He has a plan for us and He will be ever present-even in times of trouble.
I was awake long before the alarm went off this morning, listening to the rain. What a wonderful sound. I finally got up to look at the weather channel. When I saw that the rain was passing through, I decided to not slosh through the water and have wet shoes & socks. I began my walk after seven, but you can't fool Mother Nature. She must have known my plan, for about 2 + miles into the walk, it began raining. The further I walked the harder it rained. Needless to say, I was soaked anyway. On a positive note, the rain makes the effort so much easier. It is cooler and the wetness helps to keep you cool. I did not really begin a full out sweat until I got into my car. I did not make it to the weight room-temporary loss of my ID. I will have to make that up tomorrow, after the 6 mile run and then a walk with Mrs. Sandra. Sounds like a HARD day! Oh well, I will think about that tomorrow. My friend, Mona is running her mid-week runs on a treadmill. JUST SHOOT ME-if I have to go there. She has my admiration for enduring that torture!

Monday, September 10, 2007


We are having construction done on the US highway in front of our neighborhood. This construction has actually been going on for now three years. As I was sitting waiting for the single lane to open so that I could go to town, I reflected on the man holding the sign that says SLOW or STOP. This could be one of my dream jobs. It doesn't take a lot of effort, yet YOU ARE IN CHARGE. I could look important, earn a good paycheck, and really not have to work real hard. I am so sorry if I have offended any road construction engineers out there in cyberspace. Let's face it, you get to wear the walkie-talkie and talk into it while you and your counterpart on the other end of the one lane decide when it is time for you to move forward. I would imagine the conversation goes something like this:

#1-It sure is hot out here. Let's make these yokels in the air conditioned cars pay. We'll just stop both lanes of traffic.

# 2- Yeah-that's great. We're in charge here and they can just guess when we will let them through.

# 1-Do you have any plans after work?

#2-Naw-just grab a liquid refreshment and wait for the old lady to cook my supper.

# 1-I'm getting tired of looking at this old hag in the explorer-I'm going to let some of these yokels through. When I see a good looking chick-she's stopping at the front of the line and I'm star gazing for a while.

I could really do this job and without all of this trivial conversation. I would have everyone going through at 60 and the next side ready in two shakes. The only problem might be the irate motorist with the 2 ton vehicle that decides he doesn't like my timing. UM!!!!!

For many years, my dream job was collecting quarters at the toll booth going to the beach in Florida. I could really do that! Another job being in charge, but no hard days, a decent check, and OH YEAH THE BEACH!

If I could start my career life over, I might try one of these two jobs-but if they didn't work out-I could always go to another fall back that I always wanted to do-be a brain surgeon.

I ran 5 this AM with Susan & Larry. OUT OF MY LEAGUE! I didn't see Larry again after about mile 2. He ran in the Race for the Cure Saturday and had a GREAT time. That just goes to show what you can do if you will lose about 40 pounds. I don't think I will try that one! We walked almost 4 after that with Mrs. Sandra. THAT WOMAN IS SOMETHING ELSE. That will be another day's topic.

For those concerned about my toe, don't worry, it only hurts when I take a step.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I was totally amazed yesterday when 10 of us showed up to run at 5:30 on a Saturday morning. I have been reflecting how God has placed these remarkable women in my life and how blessed I am by their friendship. We laugh, we cry, and just generally fellowship together. There is much cumulative wisdom among us and there seems to be not too many dull moments. What started out as an effort to workout together has turned into wonderful friendships. I can only imagine what someone driving by at that time of the morning thought when they saw this parade of women running down the road. Probably thought we were nuts, and so we are.

When I think of friendships, I am always amazed how God has brought so many wonderful believers into our lives. BC and I have a very long term relationship with the Thompson's. We have grown from infant Christians to what we are today together. We have raised our children together and spent more vacations and Thanksgivings together than I would have ever believed. We have a wonderful small group that has grown into some of our dearest friends. Who would have ever believed when we started in The Cardwell's living room that we would have grown into what we are today. Friends that you can rely on to pray for you, share you joys and sorrows, and grow with you in a search for spiritual maturity . We are so blessed and so grateful for each and every relationship that God has placed in our lives. The best part is realizing that God is not through with growing us together and looking forward to all of the tomorrows we have united in our common purpose to glorify Him.

I am praying unceasingly for each of you, Dear Friends!

On a much lighter note, first week of marathon training is over. Let's see that means I am 1/18th of the way through. If you say it fast, it is not too bad. I have run 21 miles, including the 11 mile long run and walked 21/5miles in addition to lifting twice. FUN FUN FUN! My toes are suffering a little as you will note.

The big toe does not hurt at all, but the second toe has a blister under the toenail is is pretty sensitive. Not the first time this has happened, and probably will not be the last. Sonja suggested I might need to get "walking" shoes. I don't think I will tell Mr. C that I need to buy another pair of shoes, since my closet in currently over-running with running shoes.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Boys, Don't Make Me Come Down There!

I had two phone conversations with son #1 & son #2 today. Son # 2 is moving to Austin to be where Son # 1 and his family live (loves those nephews). #1 calls me today to tell me that when he drove into Baton Rouge this week to help #2 move this weekend, there was only 4 boxes of books packed and everything else was in a mess. He was not very happy with # 2 and reported to me of the lack of push by #2 to get this job done. He told me he had called # 2 everyday for the 2 prior weeks and told him to have EVERYTHING packed up when he came in and they could just load it up. Well as you can imagine-HE WAS NOT HAPPY with Little Brother.

I then called # 2 to ask, "Do I need to come down there and pack you up." The same question I asked two weeks ago. He proceeded to tell me that # 1 showed up at his apartment Wednesday to spend the night and got up the next morning yelling at him and telling him he was going to call Mom since he had not done anything to get ready. I once again asked, "Do I need to come." He then told me that he was packed and ready and would be cleaning the apartment tonight and pulling out tomorrow.

Somewhere more in the middle are the facts, but # 2 has a REAL TENDANCY to procrastinate. When I was helping my mother move after my step father died, I went over to find her listening to records. I asked, "Momma what are you doing, you are supposed to be packing." She then told me that she was listening to each record to decide whether to keep it or not. Sounds like # 2 may have inherited his Mammaw's habits. I am not sure if he read all of those books prior to packing to make a decision, but I suspect he at least read the forwards.

Shades of growing up days! I will have to say that "Little Sister" received plenty of help packing and unpacking from Mom. What is with the I am going to call Mom Deal-I must be the "Big Bad Wolf". BC is never a treat-it's always I am going to tell Mom.
Today was Friday. As I have said in the past- I LOVE FRIDAYS. The old body gets a rest day before long run day tomorrow. Dread this humidity already! I spent half the day hydrating and the other half in the bathroom.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Started the day with a POWER walk with "The Iron Woman" Mrs. Sandra. We were cruising, but still only finished our 5 miler in l 09. This is a difficult route, but thought we were going faster than that. I am sure I was holding her back. Went to the weight room following that little warm up and lifted a few of my favorite weights.

Then the fun really began! Went for a "deep tissue" massage by a masseuse that specializes in athletes. Now when you think massage-you probably think-

Oh yes, the wonderful relaxation massage. Soft music, soft lights, gentle long stroking rubs. FORGET THAT! This was more like a medieval torture chamber. The object was to rub until you found a knot and then you take you thumb and press down as hard as you can. If you don't get the knot out doing that, then you resort to putting all of your weight into it with your entire forearm pushing into the knot. It seems I am pretty TIGHT. Many knots and MANY sore pressure points. After and hour and a half of finding these sore tight muscles and going through this torture, I SURRENDERED! He then told me that next week (OH YEAH-SUCH BAD SHAPE I'VE GOT TO TO BACK) we would do the true sports massage, which he said was really painful. OK-I've been doing my Lamaze breathing techniques through this entire ordeal and next week the REAL pain comes?????

At the very end of the massage, he goes to my feet and tells me this is the most important part for runners. He then proceeds to find EACH AND EVERY knot in the sole of my foot and do the press thingy. This may sound relaxing and really great to you, but I challenge you to find the knots in the bottom of your feet (we all have them) and then using your thumb apply as much pressure as you can. NOW WASN'T THAT FUN???

We never even got to why my hip is hurting and sore, but he did tell me he has a good idea why and he will know for sure after next week's torture, oh I mean sport's massage.

When he kept talking about athletes and what these techniques do for them, I needed to tell him, "I'm just a wannabe." After I got up from the massage table, I noticed my rear was sore. I am sure it was from the death grip I got on that table each and every time he bore down. My kids and husband told me a long time ago that I was too uptight. It turns out they were right.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Now this morning was a LOT OF FUN! Babs had a doctor's appointment, so I am on my own with "The Wolf Pack". The first part of the run was not TOO bad-I actually kept up the first half. Then things start to get out of hand. To begin with these people do not stop and drink water. My personal philosphy is if there is a hydrant handy-YOU STOP! Oh No-they must be camels! By the time I finished I still had a couple within sight, but Sandra and Larry were LONG GONE. After that 5 miler, we walked another 3.5. I am trying to get the legs to be able to walk fast, if I have to at the end of the marathon. I have been coming up with the additional miles to add to our route as we begin to inch our way up to that magical 22-where we stop and hope for the best on the next 4. One HUGE consideration is Houston will be flat. You would think hills are horrible, but they give you a chance to rest when you are going down them. You just put it into G L I D E- and coast your way down. Flat routes require the same muscles to be used OVER AND OVER-NOT A GOOD THING. We will probably plan to go to Monroe a few times to run on the flat surface over there and get a little used to that.

I am off to the church to greet all of the sweet kiddos as they come to M&M's, which is our answer to Wednesday Prayer Meeting. All this requires is opening the door, high fives & hugs. I THINK I CAN HANDLE IT!

Tonight is our first meeting of our "Small Group" for the year. I am really looking forward to that. LOVE THOSE PEOPLE and love serving and growing with them. Mr. C has a "Georgia is so dry" joke I KNOW HE CANNOT WAIT TO TELL. GOOD TIMES!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"I saw you walking"

There seems to be some conspiracy going on. You can run for MILES & MILES and never stop, but THE MOMENT you stop and walk-even for a few feet-here comes a parade of cars filled with every person you have ever know. This leads to the above comment the next time you see them. After a while you get tired of defending yourself and wonder why you need to defend yourself, but you still feel the need to explain you had only walked 6 steps in a ten mile run. They just look at you-like-yeah, sure. This could prove to be some theory of unlikely probability or something like that. I should apply for a grant from the federal government and do a study!

I spoke with Camille this afternoon to get a report on her trip to Chicago this weekend to be a bridesmaid in a Baylor friend's wedding. I know I am TOTALLY BIASED, but Camille was the prettiest and sweetest bride I have ever seen. Look at this picture-AREN'T THEY GOOD LOOKING! What a blessing to have your favorite daughter married to a Godly man who treats her like a queen! All weddings are beautiful and all brides are lovely-but I will never forget the sweet tenderness of my precious daughter's wedding.
Unfortunately Camille became sick while in Chicago. She did have the good grace to wait until the reception to throw up. I know you have seen those videos where someone in the wedding party throws up in front of the entire church. Camille has a long history of not tolerating ill-health well. My personal motto when feeling under the weather is take two ibuprofen and push through it. Camille prefers the whining and moaning approach. She loves to push those sympathy buttons, because NO ONE has EVER felt as bad as she does. YOU GOTTA LOVE HER!
We walked 5 this AM in the pea soup that some call fog. If I had been in a closet sized room, it would have been called a sauna. Went to lift weights following the walk and that ended the working out for the day. I have spent the remainder of the day in a "Super Fizz". I could be the "Queen of Fizz". I should have know someday I would be a fizzer when I was getting pinched and spanked for squirming when a was a little girl.

Monday, September 3, 2007


That famous old saying-"Birds of a Feather-Flock Together". The above picture is a perfect example of how we runners seem to flock whenever in a room together. While in Austin, at Cade's birthday party, one of the mother's was a runner and ALSO a CPA. We immediately convened a meeting of the OCD Club International. After much discussion about training, injuries, races, etc. etc., I learned she had also run several marathons. Well to be perfectly truthful one of the first things in your conversation with a fellow runner is the distance inquiry. She had run in marathons in California, Boise Idaho, and 2 Austin's. We had a lively discussion including trading injury tips and training miseries. For some strange reason, runners seem to congregate and love to trade "war stories". Quite an enjoyable discussion.

Austin, Texas has to be the exercise Mecca. You would not believe the runners and cyclist. Scott & Caroline live off of 620 which is a loop around northwest Austin. It is a nice wide highway-or should I say racetrack-with a large shoulder for cyclist and runners. THEY ARE LEGION! All sizes, shapes and genders are out on the road at all hours of the day. I actually did not see too many out at night, but that is very understandable considering how dangerous the road is. The cyclist tend to be in flocks with brightly colored jerseys, not unlike a flock of birds streaming past. WHAT A SIGHT! This area is on Lake Travis and is in BIG TIME Hillcountry, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE. No wonder you have so many exercisers. The scenery is truly inspiring!

Today began Marathon Training! It was hot and humid, which was a disappointment after being promised cooler weather. Oh well-it will come! We ran the 5 mile loop from Tech and I paid for missing the past week. I did make it until the last hill, where I had to walk the last 1/3 the way. We then walked 3 miles on the hilly route around the stadium complex. OK-GREAT- I have finished 1/7th of 1/18th or the marathon training. Let's see that is 1/126th. NOW THAT IS A DAUNTING NUMBER!

Our sweet, adopt a college students, are back from their summer break. AH GRACIE AND MERIEDTH. They lead to many good stories which I will blog about during the school year. We try to feed them once a week and they come and wash their clothes occasionally. Gracie is from Kenya and Meriedth from Shreveport. They have very different personalities and are lots of fun to be around. Gracie is an engineering student and Meriedth is in journalism and graphic design so they are busy young ladies. Look forward to "The Adventures of Gracie & Meriedth" for there is never a dull moment!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Do It Again & It's My Turn, Poppa Bob

Arrival At Inflatable City

Pizza & Cake For The Gang

Dad, Mom & Birthday Boy Playing

HONEY, I'M HOME! And I am glad to be home! Long trip-but delightful weekend. We birthdayed at this place that is FULL of inflatables. All had a great time and were sweating before the morning was over. Pizza and birthday cake rounded out the festivities. WILD AND WOOLY-boys. I think BC is probably sore from them crawling all over him and playing with him all weekend. The both are growing and when you don't see them except every 3 months are so-they really look bigger. Both boys have started school and seemed to be pretty happy with the first week. They are full of life and ALL BOY! They may be the death of their mother!

It was a U of TX home ballgame so we were in a "Sea of Orange". These people take their football SERIOUS! It maybe is not quite as crazy as Baton Rouge on home game weekends, but they are definitely big time into it.

One of the highlights of our weekend was riding through 60 miles of fields blooming in white. This was as pretty as the bluebonnets were at Easter. I am looking for the flower, but it may be a bull nettle. It looked like fields of snow for a distance. QUITE A SIGHT!

This does not do it justice, but gives you a good idea.
Tomorrow will be back in the real world. Anytime I have a week off from running-the next week I pay BIG TIME! This is also the first week of marathon training. Well I'll think about that tomorrow!