Sunday, May 31, 2009


Happy Birthday, Camille!  What a blessing to be with Camille on her birthday!  As I take a moment to reflect back on the past 26 years, I think of how much we ALL love Camille!  She is an absolute Ray of Sunshine in my day.  As she walks around and sings a song-sometimes a "Real" song and some "Unique Camille" compositions about almost everything in her life, I smile.  She is laughing and lauding it over Adam that today she gets to boss him around and make all the choices.  She has stopped what she was doing and fed Henry whenever he makes the demand.  Her needs are simple and demands minimal.  For her birthday, she asked to take a walk, sit in the sunshine and take a long shower before dinner out with her hubby.  No "Big Trips or Huge Pricey Gifts"-she enjoys the simple pleasures.

Why do we all love Camille so much--because she loves us all so well.  Uncomplicated and down to earth as they come-you get what you see with her.  She is interested in our lives and relishes a good talk while making you feel like such an important part of her life.  Truth be known-we are all important to her and she does care about our lives-Deeply.

One of my greatest accomplishments has been birthing this child and then participating in rearing her to adulthood.  She is a Rare Jewel.  One of the few people that I know who is totally at peace with just who she is and relishes every moment of the day.  If only we all could be so satisfied with the blessing that God has showered upon us.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Camille-  we are all lucky to have you in our lives-but Henry-----OH, HENRY---how very lucky he is to have you as his Mommie!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

HENRY SAYS ----HEY!!!!!!!!!!!

BC arrived the middle of the afternoon yesterday.  It has been an almost NON-STOP Henry holding since then.    We offered to take Henry after the 9 PM or so feeding and feed him a bottle for the next feeding and then put him down once he was out.  We NOW understand some of what The Jennings have been telling us.

When they went to bed, Henry was WIDE AWAKE!  At eleven, after passing him back and forth a few times, I finally left him with BC.  I think he got on the couch with him and they both took a short nap.  The next feeding didn't occur until oneish.  BC fed him-after a little frustration on his and Henry's part over a nipple with no hole in it- and we got him down in pretty short fashion-OR SO I THOUGHT!  I heard him crying not long after and went in to find Mom and Dad awake with a gassy baby.  I started the rocking in the nursery and the next thing I know here comes Poppa Bob to the rescue.  He takes Henry downstairs and I do not hear another peep.

At 5:30 this AM, I realize I have not heard any action and become concerned.  I run downstairs to discover BC on the couch with Henry asleep on his chest.  HOW MANY a baby has slept in this position??????  I go back to bed and pretty soon I hear Camille making a mad dash downstairs-----SOMETHING about an over-supply of milk!

Currently Henry & BC are back on the couch for a morning nap.  I am pretty sure BC needs it and Henry seems to be enjoying.  Pics to come once I get home and down-load.

NOTE to the runners-----didn't run this AM-----IT WAS A LITTLE COOL and I didn't have cool weather running clothes----WELL DRAT!

Friday, May 29, 2009



I made the "Round the World" trip to Erie with little incident yesterday.  You get what you pay for and when you buy a cheap ticket-you should expect a little inconvenience.  THAT'S OK-I'M HERE!

I was greeted by clouds and misty rain which seems to be hanging on this morning.  Could this be where the name "Dreary Erie" comes from?  I see from the local weather channel (MTV for Senior Citizens) the clouds should be lifting around noon and the sun reappearing.

It was all I could do at the airport to not snatch Henry out of the car seat.  I did practice restraint and wait until we got home since the car seat has lots of clasps and straps.  I found the "Little Family" all doing well and settling into parenting.  

As I write the "Little Momma" is sleeping for a while as I watch Mr. Henry sleep after a little Momma Lulu time.  Adam has dashed out the door for his first fly fishing trip in a LONG TIME.  I noticed when I got here that he had his kayak on top of the truck, which was full of fishing gear and a proverbial banquet on the table to take with him.  I told Camille I was a little suspicious of just HOW LONG he planned to be gone with that much food.

Henry?-------Well Henry is growing BIG TIME.  He has more little creases and a very solid feeling body.  He seems to be very serious and pensive most of the time although a coo does accidentally escape occasionally.  I know I am his grandmother-BUT -he really is a cute baby.

Poppa Bob is on his way for a slightly shorter stay, but we will take what we can get from the busy man.  I know when he hits the door today, my holding time will be severely limited.  That is alright-I will still be here when he hits the skies again.

For now I am looking at the yard and thinking of all the things I would like to do-but I PLAN TO KEEP MY PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.  Henry comes first!  The weeds can wait!

So all you Erieites if you run into a slow talking with a slight (you be the judge?) drawl-be kind and give me a greeting.  Be careful though about starting a conversation----unless you want to here all about my 3 grands!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


There is a small voice in my head! This little voice says things like, "You know you're tired, just sleep in this morning." "You can't keep up with those girls, so don't even try." "You can make up the run later today" (AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!) "Start exercising tomorrow, one more day will not hurt" "GO AHEAD EAT THOSE CHEETOS!" "What's one little piece of chocolate". As we used to hear on a sitcom of long ago, "THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!"

I fight a constant battle with myself to stay on track with my exercise program. Beginning in the middle of February and continuing until now, I have had a string of excuses-some legit-some WELL IFFY at the best. So here I am, sitting in the "Internet Confessional" asking for forgiveness and vowing to start anew!


On my way to Erie. Birthday for the Little Momma and OH YEAH I get to see Henry--I GUESS Adam might be there too. Looking forward to a long weekend with The Jennings in the Heart of Yankee Land! LOOK OUT ERIE-HERE I COME! Just like a "Bad Penny" I keep showing up!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday was friend Wesley's graduation from Ruston High School. It was a wonderful celebration of accomplishment for a young man that we all love so well! It was quite the party and "The Place To Be" as evidenced by the throngs attending to congratulate Wesley on his "Big Day". I am certain that Doctor was looking down from Heaven with that familiar grin on his face and thinking how proud he is of Wesley. Here are a few pics from the evening and I apologize that I have not "Doctored" the pics yet.

Looks like Helen has BC's ear! What could be so important?

Graduate's Dad on the right.

Somewhere at the party was Wes'es Mother, but she managed to hide from the camera. It was a "Party Extraordinaire!".

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


SOMEONE let the dogs in once I got in the shower and when I came out THERE THEY WERE piled up in the bed with BC!
Big Sug casually crosses his legs and "Chills".
Henry LOVES his Daddy-but POOR Big Sug-he feels left out!

# 1 Cook and #2 Son working in the outdoor kitchen.

#1 Grand & #2 Grand stuffing their faces!

Somehow we ALWAYS end up in a "Tickle Fest-Wrestling Match"!

Visits go by WAY TOO FAST and saying goodbye is ALWAYS bittersweet!

Monday, May 25, 2009


We returned LATE last night from a weekend visit with Grand #1 & Grand #2. While there, we were treated to this video of #2 surfing the wake behind an inboard boat on Lake Austin. # 1 lives on the lake and he and #2 and the Grands go down to jump in the lake at least once everyday. WHO KNEW that #2 was such a talented surfer? It probably goes back to the days of skateboarding for HOURS on end and even having his own half pike in our side yard. It REALLY seems like yesterday in some ways!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Occasionally God gives us a "little glimpse" of how He is using us and I am always AMAZED!

Thursday night, BC was on his way home from work and saw a man painting stripes on a parking lot . He made the block on a whim and went back to ask the man about painting the stripes on his parking lot for the office. The man and his wife owned their little business and agreed to come and paint BC's lot-----and maybe even the next day.

Meanwhile BC comes home and I am parked on the couch trying to rest and recover and get another big spurt of energy for the thousands of projects I have going. The Mudbug Race in Shreveport was that night, but after some discussion with Buddy, Sonja, I cancelled my trip and stayed home.

BC has scheduled dinner with James and I insisted that he go and beg off tagging along. He leaves and I start vegging out. In a couple of hours, the telephone rings and I HATE TO ADMIT THIS to the whole wide world of the internet, but I DON'T ALWAYS ANSWER THE TELEPHONE----especially when I am dragging! For some reason, I decide I should see what this particular caller needs. IN REALITY, I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN SHREVEPORT AND SHOULD HAVE MISSED THE CALL! THE PLOT THIICKENS!!!!On the other end of the line is one of BC's office neighbors. He tells me that the man that is painting the parking lot stripes (RIGHT NOW) needs to talk to BC. THIS GUY HAS GONE BACK TO WORK AFTER HOURS AT SEVEN P.M.---WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT. I tell him I will run him down. I try to call BC, but NO ANSWER (WE ARE BOTH BAD ABOUT TURNING OFF THOSE CELL PHONES), BUT I know James'es cell number and he does answer.

BC goes by the office and the man has finished and done a great job and BC says I will get you a check. The man says, "Do you have any part of it in cash? I have some bills to pay and I need the paint to finish the other job and they will not pay me for two weeks." IT JUST SO HAPPENED that he did have enough cash on him to buy the needed paint.

BC told the painter, "This is God in action," The man replied, "I knew it when I saw you."

The REALLY COOL thing about this story, I was headed to Shreveport and was going even if I was exhausted, because they needed my car for the big group. When I spoke with Sonja and explained how tired I was, she immediately affirmed that I should stay and rest and worked out another big car for the group.

When BC and I compared notes and discovered how God had used us both, WE WERE SO BLESSED. It's the little things and small occasions in our lives that God can do some of his greatest work and then allows us a small glimpse of how he has used us.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I have been meeting with "Gardener Extraordinaire", Susan Tuten for the past week. Her business is Sweet Olive Gardens and I must say she is a proverbial FOUNTAIN OF INFORMATION. I thought I knew quite a bit about gardening, but it is always great to have a fresh perspective and new ideas.

One of Susan's suggestions was to paint all of my garden furniture black so that it would "disappear". WHO KNEW! I had stone colored furniture since it sits on top of the stone thinking that would make it disappear. After a full day of spray painting-she is correct. It all looks great.

We have a big project scheduled beginning this weekend. In essence we are transforming the front beds into a "feast for the eyes". Moving existing plants and replacing with plants and flowers that will provide year round color is the plan. A new bed at the front of the house, more stone paths, and a BIG change to the front patio are all in the mix.

I have spent this past week adding to and pulling together the beds on the west side of the house. Visiting the Shade Nursery, planting the new plants, moving garden furniture, painting the same furniture, moving and repairing a fountain. In short Susan's wonderful ideas may well work me to my grave! BUT OH WILL IT BE WORTH IT!

Pictures will come when we finish-but NOW YOU KNOW WHY I HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Are you wrapped up in your own navel and the fuzz that might be there?
One of my prayers lately has been that God would help me get my eyes off of my navel. As I was writing this morning, I thought about the "Fuzz" or "Lint" that might accumulate in our navels. I use this only as an analogy-I don't really have "Navel Fuzz" --------well WAIT my eyes are not as good as they once were and I really haven't spent a lot of time "Fuzz Hunting"----oh well IF I DON'T SEE IT---IT MUST NOT BE THERE!
I get so wrapped up with "My Life" and "My Pain" and "My" "My" "My" that I don't look up. I continue to look down and pick at the "Fuzz" that has accumulated in my life instead of looking up and out at the world. I have always thought "Man's Biggest Sin" was the temptation to make himself a "False Idol". We are tempted moment by moment to focus on ourselves, our wishes, and our world and loose sight of "The Glory" that is all around us.
So----as I shower this AM----I plan to "Wash Away" the Navel Fuzz in my life and FORGET IT! Once I have gone to "the shower" and "washed away " the fuzz -it is GONE HALLELUJAH and once it is gone I chose to "Forget It". "The Shower" washed away the fuzz and it is no more-----it has been removed "As Far As The East Is From The West". I will forget it and Look Up with my eyes to The Heavens from whence the shower comes!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


"The Runners" don't usually enter any 5 K's, after all these races are ONLY 3.1 miles. We all prefer LONG GRUELING tests of endurance-----you know at least a good half-marathon (13.1) which looks like a walk in the park after you've done a marathon. We do enter ONE and ONLY ONE 5K every year. The Mudbug 5K in Shreveport.
This race puts the "UGH" back into running! Only 3.1 miles, BUT it is run in the late afternoon which in North LA can mean temperatures as high as the 90's. Top that off by running in the FULL LATE EVENING SUN on a CONCRETE ROAD. We are all "A brick short of a load", but for some reason this is our annual nod to the 5K.
Perhaps the reason has something to do with "Eating Out" afterwards in "The Big City". Most 5K's are held in the morning-so you might get a piece of breakfast pizza or a piece of fruit afterwards, but at 9 AM you really have not worked up your FULL appetite.
NOT THE CASE at 8 PM. Even though you may be REALLY queasy after the dehydrating and exhausting 5K, we are always up for a meal. Tonight's fare----Italian. We always manage to go to a different place every year and we all have a great time! No Mudbugs for us-too much work and too little sugar for a dime. PLEASE BRING ME A LARGE PLATTER OF PASTA!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009




Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Once again the television networks have us all "Hooked" at the end of the season with their "Season Finale" for all of the weekly night time "Soap Operas". The air has been thick with the buzz from all those that weekly sit before their Boob Tube and watch the latest offering from the Big Networks. I have heard a blow by blow description of several of the "Reality-Contest" shows from friends. The faithful have sat transfixed as the "Big Climax" is shown for many of the sit-coms. You would think none of us had anything better to do!

Last night we went to Helen's to watch Fox Network's "24" year end two hour extravaganza. Apparently we had NOTHING better to do. The only redeeming grace is the recording feature that allows you to fast forward through the commercials. Debbie told me that "24" always has a clear ending and will not leave you hanging. SHE WAS WRONG! Just like with the first cliff hanger that I ever saw "Who Shot JR", we were left with plenty of questions about the future.

The first time I ever got hooked on a sit-com was the first year of "Dallas". When left hanging after JR's shooting, I was NOT HAPPY. I watched "Dallas" next year for the first episode to see if he died and who was the lucky shooter and then TURNED IT OFF! You would think I would learn!

Over the years I have had a few other sit-coms with "Soap" like characteristics, but usually grow bored and tired of them and stop watching. BC likes "24", so I began watching it in the middle of the season this year. It didn't take long (just like a soap) to catch on to the story and I have sporadically watched it this year. WE ARE ALL SUCH SUCKERS! They are going to leave you hanging so you will tune in next season.

The wonderful thing about "The Good Old Days" was the sit-coms had weekly episodes that were self contained and not on-going serial stories. Each could be watched independent of the others and enjoyed. I can flip over and watch a "Andy Griffith" or "I Love Lucy" and enjoy it without wondering who is who and what happened the last episode. They seem to have lost this concept in today's weekly offerings.

For this reason, I don't really have too many shows that I watch on television. I stay on the stock channel all day if I am inside and at night BC watches LOTS of news or a good movie. A couple of weeks ago in Worship our Pastor mentioned what colossal amounts of time we waste watching television. I have to agree and was pleased to note while in Erie that The Jennings do not have their television on 24/7. SMART PEOPLE!

So in a "Nutshell" if you want to know if Jack Bower lives after his daughter does the DANGEROUS stem cell transplant or if the "Evil Forces" that are plotting to overthrow the US government succeed, or if the President ends up a lonely women-YOU MUST TUNE IN AGAIN NEXT YEAR AT THE END OF SEPTEMBER AFTER ENDURING 5 MONTHS OF RERUNS! WE ARE SUCH SUCKERS!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


As promised, after careful review (eating) we have determined that my latest "Food Blog" find is a winner. I grilled the pork shoulder roast instead of roasting as the blog writer instructed and it was delicious. I ALWAYS use a meat thermometer to determine when to take my meat off the grill. The REAL HIT was the "Strawberry BBQ Sauce". I HAVE NO WORDS! It was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and the perfect accompaniment with the pork. The blog is "Big Black Dog" and you can click on the site to find it from here.

BC's co-workers will have left-overs tomorrow. I have minced the pork and will send the BBQ sauce with buns for lunch time sandwiches.

I am off to prepare ice cream with warm chocolate sauce drizzle and fresh strawberries. I WILL NEED MY STRENGTH FOR OUR EARLY MORNING RUN!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have often written about our friends "The Boersma's" and you all know we lost Dr. Dale this Spring after a LONG battle with ALS. In case you do not realize it yet, as Momma told Robbie during her final illness, "Dying is hard work" and certainly not for the faint of heart. Helen was Dale's faithful and loving nurse during the many months before his leaving. The day finally arrived that God long ago appointed and Dale took his leave to be with God in Heaven. A WELL deserved rest!

Not long after Dale's leaving, Helen told me, "Life will never be normal again." I agreed, but also told her, "You now have to make a 'New' normal." She has attacked the process of creating her new life with her usual energy and determination. I have been amazed and blessed to watch her progress.

Our mutual good friends, The Andersons, live just down the street from the Boersma abode. I asked Debbie where Helen was Wednesday when she did not come to small group. She replied, "I don't know-she's never home and the only thing I see of her are her taillights as they take off down the street." Helen is staying busy-going-doing-being with her huge host of friends and family.

One of the issues for Helen has been being alone in her house now-even with close neighbors. We talked about this and possible solutions. Yesterday we met with the Brinks Security man and a security system is being installed. We both agreed she will feel much safer with the system she has chosen. Suffice it to say, DO NOT GO TO HER HOUSE unannounced! With lots of bells and whistles in her system, you will not be able to enter her house in ANY manner without LOUD bells, sirens, and police escort ensuing.

She is being a "Good Grandmother" to her youngest grandchildren and has a grown granddaughter coming for most of the summer. I think in the future she will entertain doing medical mission trips with her doctor friends. Her nursing background will make her the perfect fit!

In a nutshell, Helen is not sitting and suffering. She certainly has her moments, but that is to be expected. Those moments do not last long and she is quickly busy with her many projects or with her many friends. Dale would be extremely proud of the "Love of His Life" as she tackles the process of "New Normal". She is a sweet blessing in my life and I am so thankful God "Threw Us Together". Here's to life as we co-mingle the past with the present to create the future.

Friday, May 15, 2009


On the FAR left is our "Blog Contest" winner for the closest to Henry J's birth time without going over. (SO SORRY BROOKE!) We had PLENTY of discussions about the rules of the contest and I have gone back and reviewed them. The rules read: The closest to the time of Henry's arrival without being beyond (a time after his arrival) it. David's (aka Dutch) guess was :
8:05 AM
David B

The day also happens to be David's birthday -so there you go! He CLAIMS that he had no undue influence upon the time of the c section- BUT YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WITH DAVID! At any rate, DAVID YOU ARE THE WINNER! So I plan to send you a gift card to Amazon as stated in the original contest announcement. WAY TO GO, BIG BOY!

Today was my first run with "Buddy Mona" in a LONG LONG TIME! Pictured above on the right when we were decorating for her daughter Amy's wedding last summer. Amy is now expecting identical twin girls this summer. WOW what a few months can bring! The babies have a syndrome called (something like) Twin to Twin Transfer. Basically because the girls are identical and in the same sac they are sharing their food source. One twin begins to take more of the nutrients and the other suffers. We have been praying for these precious babies as their Momma is confined to bed rest while a careful watch is being kept on them. I am happy to report that "The Leachee" now weighs more than "The Leach" and they are doing great. Mona is SO excited about her first not one but two grandbabies!

I DIGRESS AGAIN! Where I was headed when I started this rambling is to tell you a LITTLE about one of Dubach's Finest! A PROUD graduate of Dubach High School, Mona is related to about half the parish since her maiden name was Colvin. ; (The Colvins are an entire post in theirselves) She was one of the originals (Ibelieve they call that Charter Members) of the Runners. THE WOMAN CAN TALK WITH THE BEST OF THEM! We ALL laugh and tell her if she was just be quiet while running she would be twice as fast. We can be huffing and puffing while running up the steppest hill and Mona will still be prattling away at one of her MANY stories. She is "Our Own Entertainment" and ESPECIALLY on the LONG LONG runs it is a delight to have her distraction along side you. You just have to be VERY careful when mentioning any names-she is more than likely related to them or related by marriage at a minimum. I HAVE MISSED MISS MONA AND HER CHATTER WHILE BEING OFF! It was GREAT to be "Home Again" this AM even if the run was the PITS. In case you didn't know it was 72 degrees and the humidity was 90 % at 5:20 AM-----GROAN!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today is Nannie's birthday. When I asked her Sunday how old she would be today, she replied, "83". She then told me she didn't know how that had happened. We were laughing about how these birthdays seem to just slip up on you. We don't really feel much older, but when we hear the number that goes with the day-"WELL GASP! THAT SOUNDS SOOOOOO OLD!" We will be going over to celebrate with cake and ice cream late this afternoon. You know we are all headed to the place that Nannie and Pappaw are now-Supper at 4:30---bed by 6:30. That leaves a SMALL window for partying!

As I vowed while in PA, I am getting serious about my working out again! Monday it was storming-so I had to put off my plans for a day---but I believe I am making up for lost time now. Tuesday, we met for our Monday run-5 miles. I was determined to run at least 3 and ended up running the entire 5 miles. Pretty happy with the distance-but will not discuss the time! I had pains in both legs and wondered WHAT WAS I THINKING! We then walked about another mile to loosen up those tight muscles.

Larry & I decided to run our normal Wednesday run the next day -------NOT THAT I AM OCD or anything! Wednesday runs are HARD and very hilly. With the first step I KNEW I WAS IN TROUBLE! I finished, but had to walk two of the biggest hills and my time WAS WORSE than Mondays. NOW WHY DID I THINK IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO RUN TWO DAYS IN A ROW---WHEN I NEVER DO THAT! Add to that equation the weeks upon weeks that I have been off since the middle of February. WHAT WAS I THINKING?????

This morning we walked a few miles and then lifted weights. I have not been in the weight room since January 08. This is a recipe for disaster. I am thinking about Saturday I will need a winch to pry my butt out of the bed or out of the chair. I AM DETERMINED to get going again and back in shape. Time off is never a GOOD IDEA, but I may have pushed the limit and NOW --- Well Now I Am PAYING THE PRICE!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In honor of their third anniversary, I am sharing a few of my favorite pictures of # 1 Daughter & #1 SIL. I have NEVER known anyone so well suited for each other as these two are. Three years and now a family of three-how appropro. I will not comment, but leave you to wonder or ask-

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My talented friend and "Running Buddy", Larry came to see us Saturday. He called and said, "I have something for you." When he came by, he presented me with the above "Pencil Drawing" of Henry J. I WAS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY! When I first saw it, it was so the perfect likeness that I thought he had taken a picture and made a black and white out of it. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL! All those miles together-plenty of sweat, lots of laughs and a few tears have molded Larry into "One of The Girls". We have given him quite the education in the "Feminine Mystique". He is a single guy-but we may have scared him away from ever marrying since he has had many an ear full of us girls!

I told Larry I was sure that Camille would be jealous and want my "Henry". TOO BAD-she will have to wait until I die--IT'S MINE!

I have offered to be Larry's agent, so if any of you blog readers out there are interested in a "Genuine Pencil Drawing" by Larry of your loved one, let me know. LET'S MAKE A DEAL!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well back in good old LA. ALL I heard from the "Running Buds" while in Cheery Erie was how HOT and HUMID and MISERABLE they all were. So----even though it took a couple of days to catch up with me----I take full credit for the cooler and wet weather in LA now. From the look of my yard and flowers, I think there must have been plenty of rain while I was gone, but this nice cooler weather blew in with me from the FAR NORTH!

I had a nice weekend resting and recuperating since BC had not only cleaned house, but also had the yard and all surfaces nice, neat and orderly. We then had time to visit with each other, friends, and family during the weekend. Since I am afflicted with OCD, if things are not as they should be when I come home from any trip-even a day trip-I go into overdrive getting it all in order and lined up again. I am thankful for a sweet and thoughtful hubby-who even though he has been really sick-saw that all this was done.

We have spoken with Camille everyday and they seem to be surviving just fine without Momma Lulu. That is just as it should be! They seemed to have worked out a system even before I left. I have noticed from Camille's blog that they seem to not be eating from the "Meal Plan" that I left them with. I LEAVE AND THEY IMMEDIATELY BEGIN DOING IT THEIR WAY!

Ruston seems to be pretty close to the same although some construction projects have been finished and some new ones begun while away. BC keeps reminding me of how long I was gone. The really strange thing is I feel like in many ways it was a really short time and that all was on hold while in Erie. The world never stands still and life goes on-with or without us, but in our mind it all stopped. I am always surprised when I discover that everyone just kept going forward with their lives and time did not stand still.

I am cooking one of the recipes I discovered on line while in Erie. It calls for sweet Italian sausage. While we all thought it was delicious in Erie, where they are famous for their Italian sausage. Something tells me the "Jimmy Dean" EYE-TALIAN bulk sausage may not QUITE BE THE SAME! DUH-REALLY!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day and a dozen red roses to each of you!
For the newest of Mothers

To the Mother of My First Two Grands
To All Those "Active Duty" Mothers In My Life

While I certainly always stop and think of my own Mother on this day, I really think those Mothers that are "in the trenches" are to be most honored this day. The Bible has many words of wisdom about Mothers and their virtues and I treasure and cherish those sacred instructions, but today I will give you a couple of my own "Golden Rules" of Motherhood and hope you take them to heart.
Take the time to stop and listen. It doesn't matter if your house is always spic
and span, the laundry all done, are everything in perfect order at home and at work--it does matter that you listen to what your children have to say. We always ate our meals at the table together with no distractions. It was a great time of sharing except for those few times when words were thrown and emotions ran high-but even then we grew together.
Take the time to play together. Play a game, throw a ball, ride a bike-just spend the time together.
Read together and talk about what you are reading. Read the comics, read a book, read a newspaper article, read anything-just read together.
Tell your children about your life and your thoughts. They will grow from your experiences and gleam from your wisdom when you honestly speak of your own life.
Pray with them. Don't just take them to church-talk about your personal relationship with Our Lord and discuss your faith openly with them. Teach them that God is not just a "Sunday Thing".
LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH! You are going to remember those laughs for a life time. Have fun and don't always take life so seriously, just share a laugh together.
I didn't always do such a good job of following my own rules while in the trenches. Your "Long-sight" gets blinded by your "Short-sight" far too often. I trust my own children knew my intent and hope they know how very much I love them.
So to all you Mother's that are deep in the middle of Motherhood, stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the day for YOU are most revered and loved by us all.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I leave town and the balanced meals fly out the door at The Jennings-DID YOU READ WHAT THEY HAD FOR SUPPER LAST NIGHT????

It's not like I didn't leave them prepared. In my normal OCD Style, we made meal plans for a week and I bought the groceries before I left. I guess they showed me!

What did I do while in Erie besides clean house, cook meals, do the laundry, and the shopping? Let me give you a few examples:

Cleaned the windows
Cleaned out the two mudrooms from their winter debris
Contacted the tree man and had a dead tree taken out
Cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and drawers
Had shelves made for the mudroom cabinet and turned it into a pantry
Talked with a contractor about insulated windows
Cleaned out the Fall & Winter limbs and leaves from the back yard and took an entire truck load to the recycle center
Weeded the front flower beds
Planted annuals in the front and back yards
Fertilized the grass
Transplanted "Forget me nots" in the backyard
Sprayed Round Up on the brick walk and patio
Painted the bathroom


I only had a couple of things on my list that I did not get finished. I told Adam I would send him a list.


Thursday, May 7, 2009


The day has finally arrived and my bag is packed for I am off to Louisiana tomorrow.  There is a part of me that would like to permanently unpack and settle in, but that is not the way things should be.  It is time for The Little Jennings Family to live life as 3 and oh yes, Powers.  

I leave knowing that they are going to be fine and not just fine but wonderful.  I have already witnessed them in action.  Henry came into the world with an aura of love glowing around him that is a blessing beyond measure.  He is the "Apple of their Eye" and the center of their universe.  This is how it should be for now and they intuitively knew that.  

Camille told me that this had been a bigger adjustment than she imagined.  We all understand what she is saying, but she has never looked back but embraced the difference.  She and Adam are a wonder to behold when they interact with Henry J and it does my heart good to watch them with him.

They are surrounded by a community of friends and Erie-ites that have welcomed them into their lives with warmth.  From next door neighbors, to small groups, to friends from work, to fellow students, and to readers of their blog I have been amazed at the out-pouring of good wishes and kind words.  Being so far, it helps to know they have many to call upon in times of need or loneliness.

I have once again watched their love for one another and their concern for each other.  It is a rare and beautiful thing.  The care and love they share and their times together have molded them into one.   They have done a grand job of leaving and cleaving.

The most important reason I am able to leave is that I know they are in the hands of God.  I know he is the center of their lives and their marriage.  His love shines through and reflects from their love.  That love spills over onto Henry as he is prayed for and blessed every day by both of them.

It will not be easy to board that plane tomorrow, but it is as it should be.  I leave them in the perfect protection of God and in the warm hands of Erie.  

Until we meet again---