Monday, June 30, 2008


The Aliens & Yankees seem to like hanging around! First thing this morning-there they are again!

We decided maybe if we buried them-they would take the hint and disappear. We took the "Alien Children" and put them down in the sand and covered them up. They do not seem to be disturbed and actually looked like they enjoyed the experience.

The sphinxes all sit in a row on the beach. Mediation? Yoga? Zoned Out? I am not really sure-but they all seem in deep thought.

Next, we put all of the Yankees and Aliens in boats and launched them in the ocean, thinking perhaps the tide would take them to Cuba. The waves kept washing them back on our beach. HUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off the beach and back in our kitchen, the feeding frenzy began at noon again! You would not believe the quantity of food these people can eat!

Full stomachs-at least temporarily-the Yankee and Alien Children take a 22 second nap.

The Yankees seems to be doing another strange Yankee tribal dance. I cannot figure out what all these dances are about and the Yankee woman seems to think this is really funny!

After an afternoon of rain, the Alien Children and the old bald woman decorated Christmas cookies. Christmas in July-HOW WONDERFUL!

We decided to put the Yankees to work and they cooked our dinner for us. Both of them are frying taco meat. It takes "Two to Tango" or "Flamingo Dance".

The Senior Vacationers seem to be solving the world problems or at a minimum discussing what they are going to eat next.

Yankee Girl and Alien Children ended their day with Sparklers. We are beginning to get used to these people being around. No rain is expected tomorrow and hopefully a full day at the beach.
Do I know you-let me count the ways that I know you
I know the street with trees that you live on
I know the paint and thread that surround you
I know those that love you and that seek you
I know the words of wisdom that you speak
I know the unique design of your swimsuits
I know that your form is reformed
I know you are next to perfect
But Most of All-Dear Friend-

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Our first full day "At the Beach". I get up and find the Yankees are still hanging around. MT is trying to get to the bottom of this-but the "Yankee Boy" does not really seem to be "Getting It". BT & BC just turn their backs on the "Yankee Girl", but she just keeps on drinking our coffee and gazing at the ocean.

Our Southern Hospitality seems to have gone over the top. A "Little Alien" and his "Alien Family" all showed up about mid-day. It seems that they have decided to take up residence also. So now we have the Yankees & the Aliens-all trying to join in the fun of our "Beach Vacation".

The Yankees paired off and began a strange Yankee Tribal Dance after eating our food for their lunch. Perhaps it is some kind of victory dance or a Yankee Custom brought to the South?

We cannot seem to keep the Yankees and Aliens out of our food. After lunch, another feeding frenzy began about mid afternoon. MT turns his back to them and ignores them, but they are undaunted and continue their gluttonous attack.

BC is convinced that if he ignores them they will just disappear. They seem unfazed by his ignoring their antics and continue to pose and preen in an effort to get our attention.

One of the aliens calls himself, "Nerd Boy" and seems fascinated with the inside of his nostril!

The day has ended and the porch is full of Natives and Aliens alike trying to digest the enormous quantity of food consumed after a rainy day limited beach going.

The Yankees took the "Little Aliens" for another walk down the beach after dinner. Somehow the Aliens ACCIDENTALLY fell into the ocean with no other dry clothes. The Alien Daddy told the Yankees they started it and they needed to clean up the mess.
OH YES-the fabulous "Folette Peach Salsa & Chip Dish". Some are commenting everyday giving them a better chance than the one timers. If you comment-YOU MUST give some indication of who you are to be considered. I am keeping a chronological list of the comments, for the random drawing of the lucky winner!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


There was a sweet story told today about a rose planted on the beach last year while visiting the wonderful seashore. Today upon return to the same beach, the man picked the rose left to grow for his sweetheart and presented it to her on her first day back at the beach. Nice story, but I think it was a load of BALONEY!

While meandering down the seashore, we spotted the above sign. In case you cannot read it, "Beware of Alligators" " Do not feed Alligators-$500 Fine"

NO DUH! Ok-if you survive throwing food to the hungry alligators-then they will charge you $500 in addition to your hospital bill. NOT VERY HOSPITABLE!

While roaming our way through Pensacola, we spotted these two lost looking Yankees exiting the airport. Ever the generous and kind Southerners we graciously offered them a ride. UNFORTUNATELY, we can not seem to lose them!

Here they are, the freeloaders now sitting in our beach chairs, in front of our beach house, sipping our drinks & soaking in our sun. We don't quite know what to do about them!

We decided to challenge them to a game of Bocce. The cheaters warmed up their skills before taking us on.

Let the games begin! They squeaked out a win after falling behind in the initial game. OUT PLAYED BY 2 OLD WOMEN!

Once again, our "Knights in Shining Armor" came to our rescue. The young upstarts were given a lesson, but alas they still are hanging around!

Behind our backs, you will notice the sun is setting and there seems to be a general drop in the energy level. Perhaps a fast paced and competitive game of Bocce was too much after all!

The day has faded and so has the rose. MANY MORE DAYS TO COME OF FUN AT THE BEACH!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

DA DAH ---DA DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In honor of the "Louisiana Peach Festival"------the prize for this contest is a GENUINE FOLLETTE POTTERY- Peach Chip & Dip Set!!!!!!!! Picture your homemade Peach Salsa in the middle with corn tortilla chips of different colors sprinkled around it. Beautiful presentation and YUMMY! Everyone will be just as impressed with your Dish after the food is all gone as they are with your delicious Salsa!

Much easier to win this time. No guessing-All you have to do is make comments.

1. You may make one (1) COMMENT every day or 24 hours.
2. You must indicate on your comment someway for me to know who you are, so when I announce the winner-I know who won -DUH!
3. Does not matter what you say on your comment-you can merely put your name or moniker
4. The Contest ends of the 4th of July (Happy Birthday America) at noon -CST-No entries after that time will be considered.
5. If you enter more than once in a day-your first entry only will be considered.

Here is how it is going to go-you make a comment-at the end of the contest-I will number the comments in the order they are posted to the blog-Starting with the first one today and counting EACH & EVERY ONE until the 4th at NOON. Based upon the number of comments, I will plug the total number 0-? into a random number generator found on the internet. I have already tested it and it does work. The random number will be the LUCKY WINNER! So everyone has an equal chance and the more entries (no more than 1 per day), the greater your chance at winning. After the winner has been announced, I will give you my email to send me shipping or delivering directions.



Thursday, June 26, 2008


Summer invariably brings occasional late afternoon showers. After a full day of Gulf breezes drawing moisture into our clouds and the sun heating heating the atmosphere, all of a sudden you will see on the Southern horizon a dark gray cloud. The wind blows, the lightning cracks, and the thunder rumbles announcing the arrival of a Louisiana thunderstorm.

Getting rain during one of these showers is a roll of the dice. In may be pouring down rain in town, 3 miles South and dry as a bone here. Tuesday we had the blowing and rumbling and cracking but alas, we had 14 drops of rain to fall. Yesterday, the heavens were filled with the fury of a well gathered storm and we had 6 inches of rain in about 2 hours. Today the heavens are rumbling all around me and the wind is blowing the trees to and fro, but No Rain!

Rain is a good thing-A VERY GOOD THING-in Louisiana in the summer. It waters the sun baked ground and plants and always cools things off-at least temporarily. We will take temporary-much better than never!

Tomorrow begins the annual Louisiana Peach Festival in Ruston. Go here for all the fun details. We are leaving tomorrow on our annual trek to the beach for the Thompson/Conville Family Vacation. We will miss all the fun, but if you are in Ruston-eat some peach ice cream for me!

We walked this AM after Sandra & Babs swam. I cannot find my water wings-so I did not get into the pool.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Friend Helen commented last week how much she loved "Fresh Blueberries". There is not much that we can do to help with Dale, but picking blueberries-WELL WE CAN DO THAT! I asked Sonja-"Blueberry Picker Extraordinare" if she would help me pick Helen a gallon. As always, she was quick to volunteer. WELL I did not know what I was getting myself into-AS USUAL! It seems that this group of women that I run with take their Blueberry Picking VERY SERIOUS! Here I am thinking you can just skip through the patch and reach over and berries will fly into your bucket-NO SUCH LUCK!

The berries are VERY PICKED OVER by this time of the season. Sonja QUICKLY explains that I need to get down and up under the bushes to find the remaining
Good Berries". OK-GREAT-I just ran 5 miles and now she wants me to squat down with legs that feel like taut rubber bands are running through them! The next thing I hear is that the berries need to be a certain size and I need to taste them and make sure they are sweet. OK-I DO NOT LIKE BLUEBERRIES! Ever obedient-----I start tasting the berries as I go to new bushes. Let me fill you in-THEY TASTE VERY BLUEBERRIE! If they are not ripe, they are bitter/tart. Helen should know this was the biggest sacrifice, but I dutifully tasted away!

Sonja picked Lisa up after our run and she went "Picking" with us. Here she is after proclaiming she had discovered "The Mother Lode." Big floppy hat and LOTS OF SUNSCREEN-Chemo makes your skin super sensitive to the sun.

The only thing Sandra is MORE SERIOUS ABOUT than running is picking fruit. Note that her gallon bucket is full and she is still tasting away. The pursed lips are a definite give away to a mouth full of berries. We never heard a peep from her until her bucket was full and THEN she came to taste the berries we were pulling.

FEEL VERY SORRY FOR THE BUSH! You will note 3-THREE Pickers attacking the same bush! I am sure the vultures picked it clean before they finished.
Helen when Sonja told you that "She picked all the good ones"-well truth be known-SHE PROBABLY DID.
I picked up the '"PRIZE" for the new contest coming Friday today. Is it unethical for me to enter my own contest-HUMMMMMMM! Needless to say-I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prize!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last week was "OLDER" brother, Robbie's birthday and this week is "Younger" brother Noel's. Sandwiched between them was Daddy's birthday. A life cut much too short by the ravages of lung cancer. Before the days of true awareness of what it was doing, both my parents smoked. My Daddy smoked Camels & Piousness (Not for the faint of heart) like they were going out of style. If I remember correctly up to 3 packs a day. At the young age of 45, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died within 2 months. There was not much they could do for you in those days and the illness was a hideous way to leave this earth. Slow suffocation is a long and drawn out process that will make the strongest beg for mercy.

Daddy had his human faults as we all do, but he was ever the charmer when in good health. He and Momma suffered through many very difficult years with his addiction to alcohol. This left Momma with a permanent and unforgiving memory of all the trials and tribulations during these years. Some things in life are too painful to write about and although I would like to be able to put on a page what those years were like, I find myself unable to go there. I chose to remember the Daddy that I loved and adored instead. The "Good Years" far out weigh those bad ones in my mind's eye.

One HARD & FAST RULE I always told BC is that "Little Girls" need a strong Daddy. If their Daddy is unwilling or unable to meet that expectation, then they will go looking somewhere else for that "Father Figure". BC was an excellent Father and I believe "His Little Girl" adores him to this day. She has another strong male influence in her life now, but that is at it should be.

I believe Daddy would have been 91 if he were still with us on Thursday. He now has been gone as many years as he was here. I still love him and remember with warmth his warm hugs and steadfast love. In many ways I married a man with a very similar personality, but thankfully without the addictive personality. As always, I AM BLESSED!
You will note that the poll is over- HURRAH! I see the women are by far proclaimed as the most OCD. It is my personal belief that this is a genetic trait. I come from a family full of OCD. I know Momma, Robbie & I all have those traits. I am not sure about Noel. All of the runners seem to be OCD, but after all it does come with the territory. I run around with this group, so I will look "Normal". Compared to some of them-I AM REALLY QUITE SANE!
This morning we walked 4 to 5 miles and then went to Aerobics. We did a "Step Class". After more than 20 years since my last Step Class, I was delighted to learn that it is just like riding a bike-once you learn it is easy-no matter how long in between.
You will notice that "BlogHerAds" has advertisement on my blog now. If you hit on these ads, I will get an income stream from that. If I indeed, do get any income from this, I plan to donate ALL of it to some VERY WORTH causes.

Monday, June 23, 2008


It is not easy to roll out of the bed in the dark during our long hot summers. It gets WAY TOO HOT to run once the sun is making its way across the sky. Mondays after a weekend away are especially difficult. The alarm usually does not go off, for I am awake at least 15 minutes before I have to put my feet on the floor. Almost in a sleepwalk state, I roll out of the bed and am headed for the bathroom without conscious thought of what I am doing. I never stop to turn on a light, since I have made this trek for so long and try not to wake up BC. The bathroom door always makes a CRRREEEEAAAAAKKKKK noise as I try to close it quietly, turning the knob so it does not slam. Once in the bathroom I turn on the light away from the door in the bath nook-so as to not flood the bedroom with light. Taking care of morning business, I am slipping into running clothes left on the floor the night before. A quick brush of my teeth and I am out of the door. I ALWAYS turn on the weather-to check it out, get my water & Forerunner and head out the door. I hate turning on the front porch light, for fear it will shine in the bedroom, but Mr. Jake, has been known to be lurking by the back door, once or twice-SO I LIKE TO SEE WHERE I AM PUTTING MY FEET! Off to meet the group, I go usually without even realizing what I am doing-for I have done this SAME routine SO MANY MORNINGS! It is still dark, but I head the 3 miles into town with no traffic MOST mornings-even on US 167 which runs into town.

We slowly assemble and by the appointed time we are headed to the street. Not much is said since we are usually half asleep, but once the feet start pounding-That QUICKLY CHANGES. This morning there were only 5 of us, since some are on different training schedules. We had run about a half a mile when I looked back to the East. There was the MOST GLORIOUS DAWNING! Red rays shooting from the horizon-declaring the start of another day. THIS IS ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKES IT ALL WORTHWHILE! We have witnessed some awesome displays by Mother Nature while running-Night Skies and Morning Sunrises/ Storms rolling in/Snow & Sleet pounding on your head-I have loved each and every experience. I am always keeping an eye on the skies in order to behold the wonders. Good friends and beautiful skies make the 5 miles go by fast!

Remember you have to get up REALLY EARLY or you will miss perhaps the MOST GLORIOUS time of the day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Somewhere along the line, The Conville's started the tradition of "The Birthday Weekend". Perhaps it started since BC has a leap year birthday and who knew when to celebrate, except every 4th year. Whatever began the cycle, we now celebrate for an entire weekend-not JUST your birthday.

#1 Grand and Birthday boy seems intent on getting away from Momma Lulu and opening the pile of family gifts in front of us. He was "Ready to Partie!" when we walked in the door.
The "Hit" of the presents was the "Real Man Sized Guitar & Amp". Dad tries it out here while Caleb looks on whistfully. Somehow this kind of thing happens at Christmas & Birthdays-the Dads want to "Show" the kids how to play with the new toys. Scott & Gabe were drummers while growing up and living at home and Camille was a pianoist. I am TRULY thankful that I will not be the one listening to all of the practice sesssions everyday!

#1 DIL and #1 DIL's Mom are deep in discussion about how to operate some sophisticated piece of technology. Thank goodness they don't even bother to ask me! We cannot even get our silly DVD player to work. Anything that requires 3 remotes is over the top in my book!

Big Sugar & Little Henry (pronounced Henri) ((OK THIS DOG IS FROM A TRAILER IN HICO & they call him Henri!)) seem to be enjoying the fun. Henri gets himself into trouble with Sugar since Sugar forgets that he is about 100 times bigger than Henri.

First Birthday Cake blowout. The boys decorated the cake themselves. Their Mom promised me that they did not lick the knife used for the icing while doing the icing. HUMMM! Should I trust that they didn't do that while her back was turned?

The next day started "Phase 2" of the birthday. They had this truck that is full of video games come for entertainment purposes. They pull right up to your house and the fun begins. Here we are sitting like ducks in a row playing away.

The outside of the truck has "Guitar hero". You play along with the song simulating the chords by hitting the right buttons. It takes 'Great" dexterity. Needless to say-I did not even attempt it.

The party moves into the trampoline. They like to see if they can knock each other off their feet. Great Fun!

Cake #2 after dogs/chips & fruit (an attempt at being nutritionally correct). Note little brother seems to be all puffed up like HE is going to blow out the candles. That would have begun World War III!

After a few hours of partying with neighbors, classmates, & friends, we decide to head to the lake for a little boating.

Perhaps SOMEONE should tell them they are not in the water?

Here come the boys to pick up the girls at the pier. The little boys like to sit on the front of the boat.

After a fun ride and "COLD" swim for the boys, it is time to head back to the launch. #1 tried to talk his Old Mom into skiing. I explained when the water was the temperature of my bath, I would be glad to try it again.

As we head in, the fog started settling on the lake as you can see in front of Poppa Bob & Cade. It also cooled off a lot-thus wet boys were cold boys!

After 2 full days of partying, #1 is ready for a little down time and a hammock ride. You cannot see the string in his hands that he rocks himself with. As little work as possible, after a BIG TIME!

Late night pizza and the girls and grands are off to bed. I understand the "Big Boys" had a midnight snack cooked up by #2. The next morning, Henri & #2 seem to be having a tough time getting going.
A great weekend and our oldest grand is now 8. Just like your kids-THEY ARE GROWING UP TOO FAST!