Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I just LOVE to find something new to love. You know you just CANNOT get enough of them---when you first make that discovery.

My current love----STICKY NOTES FOR THE COMPUTER-----you know when 3M first came out with these darlings---I LOVED THEM and NOW I have them all over my computer --they are great! Bad thing about the sticky notes on the computer---you miss the satisfaction of HEARING them being torn off and then wadding them up and throwing them into the trash.

Now---someone needs to come up with a way to have different sizes and colors for the computer as well---that would make me even happier!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Does your facebook have advertisements on the sidebar for "Thinning Hair"---"The Age of Your Body"---"Dentist Alert for 50+"---"Wrinkle Cures"---"Chronic Pain"---"Joint Relief"---"Match Making"????? I COULD BE INSULTED!!! They had better watch it! It's not good to make Ouiser MAD!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Dear Santa,

I have really been a good girl this year and can truthfully say have avoided even the hint of naughtiness---and the good news is I only have a very short list of only 2 things I would like for Christmas--

1. BIG UGLY WARTS to grow on the nose of certain Witches.

2. An ENDLESS supply of nose and ear hair growing from OLD men who act like fools.

I'm not sure if THAT will make me happy as I once was asked---but I am willing to try it on for size---just in case.

SO Dear Santa, I will go back to being a good girl again---and try to do always what is right, but it would be nice if you gave me these 2 small things.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I loved Momma --but what most of you that knew her don't know was that she could be quite a snob at times. She was very proud of having the lineage to be a DAR member and even prouder of being a Daughter of the Texas Revolution BUT she was the proudest of being a descendant of the Mayflower. YES that is correct I am a direct descendant of the Pilgrims. She was a member of the Pilgrim Doty Society which was all the descendants of this pilgrim. After all these years---there are quite a few of us.

When reading her material--I made the following discoveries---which I gave her a hard time about till she left us:

1. Pilgrim Doty was the first man put in stocks in the New World.

2. He came over as an indentured servant---because he lacked the funds to pay his fare.

3. When he finally married, his wife had the first pre-nup in the New World.

NO WONDER---we are who we are--

A little naughty
Basically Middle Class

BUT still we did come over on the Mayflower!

Friday, November 25, 2011


To understand this post (I know I often write crypted posts--SORRY) skip down and read the post about Christmas magic. After I posted it---I had a comment:

Should I or should I not apply for the position as Christmas Elf? That is the question. Decision made! I'll apply. Why, you may ask, would someone apply for such an arduous task. Simple my dear lady, I have come to know and fallen in love with my grandson, my first grandchild, and the magic of unbridled joy that Christmas brings to their entire being has smitten me. I too want to again revel in the happiness that the season of the holy birth brings even if to a child it is represented by Ole Saint Nick. So, if the position is still open, count on me to run hidden extension cords, hang wreaths without nails, "squint" the arrangement of lights on the shrubbery,and position the angel atop the tree even if a ladder isn't handy. I'll arrive quietly with a proper introduction. Until then dear damsel, I will while away the moments shining my armor and girding my steed.
November 22, 2011 8:05 PM

NOW for my response since you all all up to speed---

I am really concerned about you and think you may need to seek professional help. You seem to be suffering from "Character Confusion". I think perhaps you slid back in time and read some of my older posts---especially when I was on a quest to find "Prince Charming" and in an effort to fill all the rolls---you became confused.

I am pretty sure that elves wear felt costumes---with shiny buttons. They also tend to favor pointy shoes with bells on the toes and a pointy hat that matches their outfit---also made from felt. Also elves appear magically and leave behind some wonderful surprise---such as my house being decorated without the need for adult supervision.

The Knight in Shining Armor to the contrary favors shining armor which is certainly not soft, but will work well when slaying dragons. He indeed is always saving the damsel in distress---but I am pretty sure he has a staff to shine the armor for him and the stable hand always girds the steed.

I am not unappreciative of your volunteering for this daunting task--but ---have dealt with confused characters in the past. I strongly suggest you think it over before you climb the tower or sprinkle your magic----it may be a sign of need for LONG hours of therapy to get involved in the Chronicles of Ouiser.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Click on this and make it larger--then read the sign.

Some are not able to read---sign says:


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There is nothing to say but---this is just hard---gut wrenching---heart breaking hard!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For those of you that have missed the fun (I actually love what I do) of being self employed---it is NEVER easy to get out of town. You work twice as hard to leave and when you get back ---this huge pile is waiting for you again. I currently have 3 projects going and worked on all 3 today. There's only one of me ---but somehow I managed to spread me out.

I leave early tomorrow

"All my kids and grands live in Texas"

my favorite country song and oft repeated theme! My sweet children can't seem to get it together which means I get to make a fast tour of most of the state to see them all. I am NOT complaining though. The parents of my grands always welcome me and I anticipate some wrestling and rolling in the floor with my 4 favorite men in the world. I will have an entire set of new bruises when I come home.

I have begun decorating for Christmas & I am planning a "Christmas/Birthday Party" for myself. The past 3 birthdays have been disappointing---but I plan to enjoy this one. SO IF you would like a piece of birthday cake--the kind I like most and would like to see the new house---message me on facebook or comment on the blog and I will send you the details. NO gifts--except for a child's book for a child that probably doesn't have many or maybe even any.

OK---it's 10:15. I still have not packed and have a early morning run----time to get busy! OH YEAH---I ran 5 miles Monday WHOOP WHOOP! Only 21.2 more to go before the next marathon!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I am going to try to explain a God thing that happened today---BUT I have a professional -ethical obligation to be careful and not breech confidentatlity--but it is important that you hear this---God is teaching ME!!!

I had the opportunity to plead mercy and grace from someone that I don't really know--that did wrong---that deserves punishment---but I felt compelled to plead for mercy and grace for that person tonight. Why did I do that---I looked at the person and I saw flaw---desperation--wrong doing---but I also saw potential---yet fraility-- a lost soul--trying to fix the mess they were in---and absolute hopelessness. I looked and was so sympathic---so wanting to try and help.

I pled grace and mercy for someone that owes me nothing---that has no way to ever repay me--does not really know me---yet I saw her and wanted to save her. HUMMM--what does this remind you of?

Sunday, November 20, 2011


OK--I LOVE my running buddies---but really I have grown VERY weary of seeing all of their rears when we run. I have all their gaits memorized---know their body shapes from the back -better than my own rear view. I either need to get a new group to run with or need to work harder so I can run faster. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!

Yesterday -long run day of the week---I announce I have the lofty goal (these days anyway) of running 4 miles. THEY LAUGH!!! OK-so they are off to run 10 miles----GROAN! They take off like their rears are on fire and the pond is a mile away. Good grief---after a mile---I am beginning to loose sight of them.

NOW most of the world would be impressed with anyone that can run 4 miles-at my age especially---but this crew is just slightly---NO HIGHLY intimidating!

SO I am looking for OLD---SLOW runners to run with. ANY TAKERS!!! I need to feel better about myself! I could be your next mission project----HELP AN OLD GIRL OUT HERE---come run---but only slow---Make me look good!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


After watching HOURS of Hallmark Christmas movies--I have come to believe if you ask it will be granted---SO indulge me in a moment of child like faith

Dear Santa Elves--

Christmas has always been such a magical time for me and I have ALWAYS believed. As you remember, after Daddy died---Momma lost the magic and Christmas and any celebration in her eyes--disappeared. Yet---I persisted and insisted in decorating and holding on to the magic. You remember----I would put up the tree---decorate the house---even as a girl--trying to hold onto the childlike desire for happiness and good cheer.

I became a "Grown Up", and had a family of my own. I TRIED TRIED TRIED to make it magical for the children I had been blessed with. I decorated, I baked, I made candy-I shopped for the perfect gifts. I Believed---it could be magical for them as well. I loved each and every Christmas---and have MANY wonderful memories of every Christmas ----it was all joy.

When the grands started coming along---I loved being with them at Christmas and sharing the time with my friends here at home. I enjoyed Christmas---still decorated--but with maturity had time for other seasonal celebrations and they were joyful as well.

The last 3 Christmases have been sad and missing the magic. I was wrapped up in my desperate attempts to keep what had been---but that is gone now. I am trying to recapture the joy and magic that Christmas has always been. So Elves, I have put up a tree that I will light up after I return from my tour of Texas next week. All I am asking is that you come and magically decorate the outside of my house. The door---some lights---anything---I would just like for you to sprinkle a little Christmas joy on me this year.

Christmas is magical----the best gift that was ever given came that first Christmas. I believe--I really do---help me spread the belief.

Your Faithful Christmas Lover

Friday, November 18, 2011


Dear Lessie,

I hate to break this to you, but I don't think things are going to work out. With all the ups and downs in our life, I must tell you that I have been using you as a ploy to get what I thought I really wanted.

I went into our deal with duplicitous intentions of luring the enemy back into my camp. What was I thinking---the enemy is the enemy---and is only out to gain free laundry, cleaning and cooking services. I guess I will never learn---and the bad thing is I have lured you into my evil scheme.

Oh--Lessie---I feel bad, I should have NEVER listened to the Barber from Seville. He is of the enemy and is only using me for his on personal entertainment. When he laughed tonight as he saw us together---OH how I knew--the terrible road I had gone down with the enemy leading the way.

Forgive me, dear Lessie---forgive me---I am so confused.

Your Loving Leslette

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am currently consulting with 2 different churches-----one very conservative--contemporary--on the cutting edge-------the other----long history----slightly liberal--by today's standards---High church--old school--long tradition!

One has a board of elders comprised of men only---no committees--lead by the vision of the congregation elected elders with pastoral staff part of the elder board.

One led by the governing council-which includes many women---committees--all elected and approved by the congregation as are all financial matters.

One connected in a long line of heirarchy to a HUGE denomination with well defined lines of authority.

One totally independent with no up line (well of course except for God) accountability.

WAIT a minute---I'm on over-load---Wonderful people --all of them---I just have a difficult time keeping them straight---who is called what and who is in charge--and where does the buck stop?

I'm going to bed!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


GOOD NEWS-I found my missing butt---I guess from all my long sleeping sessions and sitting at a desk all day everyday---it got pushed out of position. I found it hanging out on the sides of my waist when looking in the mirror this morning.

I believe they call those "Love Handles"----Now if I could just find someone to hold onto those handles!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Just one more thing you need to know about---if you ask me anything long enough in advance--I will think it sounds like a great idea and agree---MOST OF THE TIME---I will go through with it.

Friend, Babs, is off to NYC for a trip with her daughter. I have never been to NYC, but would love to go. OH and this time of the year--the Christmas lights---the romance of it all!

I am acutely aware of how out of shape I have gotten while wallowing in the pig sty called "self pity". I need to get motivated and back on track and have tried several things but always fall off the wagon.

SO today---when once again trying to get out on the road again---Sandra mentioned signing up for the NY marathon for next year. "SURE-sounds great"

WAIT A MINUTE---WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! This will require training during the hot summer months---I am grossly out of shape---I have gone back to work---when will I have time for all of that training! BASICALLY WHAT WAS I THINKING!

The GOOD news this is a lottery marathon--so you first have to get pulled to be able to run. I have started praying now---GOD--I didn't know what I was doing---I am crazy---You promised to take care of Fools!

OH well---I did run 3 whole miles this AM at a sort of decent pace---ONLY 23.2 MORE MILES TO GO!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I know I said that I was through posting for a while---I just need to get this off my chest--or rear--whichever seems apropos---I don't care what they say---one size DOES NOT FILL ALL!

After a LONG time of not wearing panty hose--I found myself in a pair of heels today that well they just require hose. SO I have to dig through every basket I have in my closet before I finally found them in the bottom of my running shorts basket (What WAS I thinking). I pull those sweet babies on---put on those heels and head to work. Either I have totally last my butt-or these things are not made to stay up. I spend the remainder of the day--trying to keep the waist band above my thighs--MISERY! By the end of the day--decorum had flown out the window and no matter WHO happened to be there-they got to see me grab those babies through my dress and tug them up. WHAT GENIUS thinks one size could possibly fit all?

Friday, November 11, 2011


I will not be posting any new blogs for a while. I have decided it is time to take a break and try to get my life back on track. I need to quit wallowing in self pity and try to go on with life. Perhaps posting some of the things that I have been going through and feeling are not aiding moving forward. SO until I can come back and write about the funny antics I manage to pull and the bright side of life---I will be 'Blogger Absentee"

It is as I was told Wednesday night---I need to focus on the many blessings in my life and stop dwelling on the other. SO I going to try to learn to do that-

In the meantime read all the blogs I have on the sidebar---they are all great writers and you will love reading them also. Thanks for reading along-


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


You do realize there is some EVIL Techo-out there in the highly technical world of computers who thought---HEY I KNOW let's come up with this thing called "Word Verification" and I KNOW we'll start out making it just a little blurry and run together---but the more they do it---the harder we'll make it. HEY--it will be a GREAT LAUGH to see what they think this word is--Can you just imagine the things they will type---AND THE FRUSTRATION! After a couple of tries when they don't get it right--we'll kick them out and make them start all over---THIS WILL BE GREAT FUN! Frustrating the Technically Challenged!

Monday, November 7, 2011


I walked away from work tonight asking myself this very question. Why am I working at almost 63 years of age---instead of doing all those things I so dearly love---volunteering/cooking/gardening/reading/exercising/traveling on and on---I have LOTS of things that I love to do---but there is no time-or I am too exhausted to really pursue them anymore. I am working again.

I never dreamed that I would be where I am today. It never occurred to me that circumstances would require this---but I am where I am. I suppose what brought on this questioning time was the fact that my current job is almost over---I will be retained to check with the company for 1/2 a day per week---but the day in day out is almost over. So I am beginning to look around and make inquiries again.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a president from a local bank.

When discussing with him coming by to talk this over with him, he asked did I mind if the 4 other commerical loan officers sat in on the meeting. "That would be great". So I will be in the room with 5 bankers--trying to sell my services. NOW that is daunting!

I am thankful that I LOVE what I am doing and that God has opened doors for me. It could be worse--I could be where I am and have no skills---but I do have skills, wisdom and maturity. I just need to get that second wind to be able to do it all again---perhaps it is like endurance running---it will come with practice and time.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


There is a NEW--better and improved drug out on the market for your indigestion/runny nose/ in grown toenail. It will CURE any of these ailments!

Please be aware though that even when it cures these minor everyday occurences--it might also cause these side effects--

Heart Failure
Tired Leg Syndrome
Chronic Back Ache/Leg Ache/Stomach Ache/Head Ache
Fallen Arches
Toe nail fungus
Psychotic Tendancies
Athletes Foot
Jock Itch (Men Only)
and sometimes unpredictable suicide

BUT your runny nose, indigestion and achy toenail will be cured!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I am sick and tired of all these decisions I am having to make!!! Ok---so I am mowing my own yard----and I do not want to hear how easy that most be with only 1/3 of an acre----I am using an old fashioned---you propel it yourself lawnmower. NOW ---I like to be independent--I have a nice young man that will come mow my yard and edge for me---BUT he uses a BIG-HEAVY mower---which I don't like the way it makes my yard look---SO I MOW!

Today I decided that I would go shopping for a self-propelled mower---WHOOPEEE---it provides the energy! So I pull into the Honda store---NOW I should have KNOWN I was in for trouble when I looked around and EVERY vehicle in the parking lot was either carrying a 4 wheeler in the back or camouflagued-----DEAD GIVE AWAY I AM OUT OF MY ELEMENT!

So LONG time friend and owner John greets me at the door---after he tells me all about his wife's health issues and thoroughly depresses me about our bodies all falling apart as we get older and you are NEVER going to get over this--He hands me off to a nice young sales--NO health complaints--THANKFULLY

I tell him what I am looking for and then the converstion begins---most of the basics I get since I DO have a mower--but then he starts in with the self-propelled requires an additional lever---but you don't have to use it---and you can bag or you can mulch instead--WAIT I thought when you mowed over something it WAS mulch---it's just leave it or bag it. SO then he give me the price---I pick my jaw up off the floor ---but then think well that's basically 8 mowings by someone else.

THEN I remember I like things neat and edged. I ask him about an edger----I glassed over when he got to the point of telling me about the 10 ft of string you wind into the do-ma-hicky that holds it and how EASY that is & OH YES---it is easy start. YEAH RIGHT NONE of this stuff is easy start.

So now I'm home and I'm in resting after mowing 1/2 the yard with my old stand by---time to get back out there.---and I'll think about a new mower/edger tomorrow-SCARLETT!

Friday, November 4, 2011


One of the most difficult parts of being alone--is the weekend. My life is such a whirl of busy and activity and work during the week--that I usually fall into bed at night--almost too exhausted to think about it. On Friday night though---I come home----and don't have to think about tomorrow's work---or try to prepare for it---It is too late and I am too exhausted to begin weekend chores--the house is quiet--there is NEVER anything on television. It is a difficult time.

I was thinking this over tonight and I know MANY people are alone out there---they have worked all this out and I have to figure out how to do that also. Right now---I don't know how and I miss someone listening to me talk about my week and hearing about their week.

If I could just sense you listening---perhaps just writing about it would be enough---but I don't think it is the same.

My latest contract is winding down and I will be looking for the next one probably next week. This contract has turned into return visits of 1/2 a day a week---now if I could just find 9-10 more just like that. I will say I have LOVED working--it is stimulating and I am being stretched out of my comfort zone. That is a great thing. God has blessed me so far with opportunity and fellow Believers who have used my services. We will see what He has in store next for me next. He is teaching me that He is faithfully sustaining me--even in the most arid of deserts.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I hate to whine and complain---but when you have grown accustomed to certain things---you think you are entitled----THUS the welfare system---SORRY--wrong track!

For the first year in 40 years----I have not had a vacation. I have had some wonderful times with my children and grandchildren---but no VACATE-ion----Just nose to the grindstone. SO I have not had the chance to de-stress-un-wind-lay-back---HAVE A BREAK!

My running buddies went to Canada this year to hike---I didn't go

My running buddies are going to Italy next summer---I am not going

Perhaps I should buy a tent and go camping at LPP.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I've had a little boo-boo removed. Thank goodness I have a cute young doctor to help get me through the pain. I have a cyst on my ring finger on my right hand. THANK GOODNESS IT'S NOT ON MY TRIGGER FINGER! How do they take care of this? The first step is trying to drain the cyst---now doesn't that sound like fun! Unfortunately the cyst is on the part of my finger that I rest on while writing and I write a LOT at work. SO--the cyst was becoming a problem-- Dr puts a syringe filled with med in one side of the cyst and the other side he puts an unfilled syringe that he uses to suction off the fluid filled cyst. WHAT FUN!

He explained that this is not usually successful as he put a splint on to protect the finger--the next step is surgery----Don't think so! Can't work with that!

I've had a growth on my left ring finger too---the growth turned into a real problem---becoming an inflamed---reddened---wart like growth---that would go and come--go and come for years...I finally had to have it cut off---Now all that's left is a huge scar that causes great pain from time to time. Thank goodness I am predominately right handed---I can still function, work, and keep on going. It's just that the left hand ---the partner to the right---needed for so many functions in life---well it's become useless. HOW SAD!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am feeling like you do after you prep for a colonoscopy---sorry I don't know a better description. It's that feeling like someone has sucked every ounce of your being out and then for extra measure gave it a wring out the other way. Perhaps it is the weaning off the happy pills--and finally having to really deal with where I am. I don't know--why---I just know what I feel---and that is not good at the moment.

Ok-Mike Jones--you told me to tell how I feel--be honest---so I am being honest---and more than likely everyone is sick and tired of hearing about it---I am tired of crying and tired of looking at my navel--it's not a very attractive navel----sick & tired of being sick & tired.

HELLO GOD----I'm hurting down here! WHY WHY WHY---that's all I need to know.

Dear Thelma,

I'll buy the convertible with my IRA----I'll fill it up with gas---I'll buy a GPS that finds the nearest cliff---When can you come?


Don't take that seriously--my sick attempt at levity!