Thursday, August 30, 2012


#3 , #4  & #4 1/2---along with  4 1/2's Carrier Pigeon all came for a visit to Lulu's house.  After ALL my talking about my new toy finds--they had to come try them out.  We all had a GREAT TIME!  

 Boys will be boys----our answer to the British Double Decker Bus---climb on top of the car while brother rides below you.  We made MANY a trip up and down the drive in this little buddy---THAT I FOUND IN A TRASH PILE!  $2 AT THE CAR WASH AND LOADS OF FUN!

 "HEY, PEOPLE---can someone give me a pull???"
My Ruston Market find---look at his face----He LOVED IT!

And then the fun was over as they left town late Tuesday to avoid the storm. LOVE having my house full!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


For all my friends and readers in the FAR North-----Ruston is in North Louisiana---300 miles from the Gulf Coast.  How does Isaac impact us you might wonder---

The greatest threat---  Tornadoes--

Reality---Power Outages----That might not sound like much BUT it's 90 + degrees and the humidity is 100%---and NO POWER means   NO Air Conditioner and MISERY!

Most of us will be fortunate and not sustain damage from tornadoes or falling trees on our houses---BUT if we loose power---WE ALL will be in misery until they get us up and going again.  The WORSE news than that BAD news---most of the repair resources have headed South----that leaves limited crews to work on getting us going again.  I break out in a sweat thinking about it!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I went to the movie yesterday and saw "The Odd Life of Timothy Green".  WONDERFUL movie!  If you are a realist--do NOT go---if you can take some fantasy and listen to the message behind it----it's a winner.

It's what life is all about---"Giving of ourselves".  Putting behind us the expectations of others---and relishing in the pure joy of serving those around us---even when we might look like the butt of the joke to others.  Don't take yourself too seriously---LISTEN when you are talked to and hear what is being said.  Do NOT get caught in the trap of setting unrealistic goals---and living for the edification of others--be who you are.

I am learning these lessons--even now----trying to figure out just who I AM and not be the person others might want me to be.  Happiness---well happiness is short-sighted-----JOY now joy which comes from serving others---It is the REAL DEAL!  It may not be glamorous---it may not be filled with worldly success--but it is  heart filling and soul sustaining.

GREAT FLICK---listen and think about the lesson that is being taught.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We are fortunate to have a site on Facebook called Ruston Merchant---you can sell or buy a WIDE variety of things on this site.  I have even found a couple of treasures---kids toys for a GREAT deal & just yesterday a trifle bowl that I had JUST decided I REALLY needed!  

Today---they have a SPECIAL DEAL for all of you out there that might THINK you already have everything you could possibly ever need---BET YOU DON'T HAVE THESE (well most of you anyway!)

Belly rings!! $10 in Ruston

All I have to say is OBVIOUSLY your belly is MUCH more attractive than mine, after 3 children, if you buy AND wear these------by the way WHERE do you buy these new anyway?

Monday, August 20, 2012


It has been a LONG day since 5 AM this morning---working, visiting shut in, banking, post office---just an ordinary day


I had a conversation that kept me laughing---I mean mouth thrown open---belly laughing
Here is one excerpt to let you know how funny some people in my life can be:

Me-"Bless their heart-It sounds like they (no gender revealed) need to make friends---get out establish relationships"

Them--"Have you EVER talked to them?"

Sunday, August 19, 2012


While on a long weekend beach trip recently, sweet friend, Margarita and I cooked for "The Girls".  We had so much fun cooking together, that we decided we would start our own little Reality bit and cook together every 3-4 weeks.  Last night was our first jump into the "Saute Pan".  When it's your turn to host--you pick the menu---SO I picked Italian.  Here are the results of our labors:

Appetizer: Asaigo Puffs

 Main Course: Manicotti Stuffed with Italian Sausage, cheese & fresh sauteed spinach
covered with layers of white sauce & fresh spaghetti sauce
Anti-pasta Salad

Garlic Bread 

 Italian Pinot Grigio

Tiramisu with Homemade Lady Fingers

LOADS of fun cooking together--and then--

                                                           Good Food & Good Company

Interested in being a "Guinea Pig"----all is required is that you LOVE good food and pat
the cooks on the back at the end of the evening!

Photos by G-Clix

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I have a confession to make----it does my heart good to turn over and look at that alarm clock at 4:45---and realize---IT'S RAINING!!!  OH--the shear thrill---the elation---to know   I can TURN OVER AND GO BACK TO SLEEP----no guilt trip---no tossing and turning covered in the heavy weight of shame.  Just
blissful--heavenly sleep--during those hours that we ALL know we sleep the best!  There was a time in my
life that I felt the need to rise and run---no matter WHAT the weather---rain/shine/swelter/or snow----I was up and at it.  THANKFULLY---I GOT OVER THAT!!!  

How many times have I run when it was so cold that the sweat froze on the back of my shirt---THAT IS COLD!  How many times has it been so cold that my hands were numb until I got home in the hot shower to thaw out.  BUT---I will say I am not complaining---I will take the cold over the heat ANY DAY!

In case you are NOT an early morning exerciser---let me explain the conditions to you---for some reason--while it is still dark---the humidity is often held down CLOSE to the ground by the cloud cover---OR WHATEVER .  It is TRULY like running in a sauna.  In case you have never run in a sauna---the air is so heavy with moisture--that you have a difficult time pulling in enough to keep going---GASPING would be a lack luster way to describe the gut wrenching-toenail pulling-hyper-ventilating struggle to get enough of that wet air into your lungs so it can go to your heart---.  It is just NO FUN!

WHY WHY WHY am I driven to keep running---so I won't jump off the cliff--or go over the edge---to keep those happy endorphins flowing----in short---it keeps me sane!  Coming from a LONG LINE of depressed people---I discovered a LONG time ago---running would lift the cloud---make it all OKAY...SO FOREST----I RUN!

After ALL these years of pounding the pavement---I do more walking now---only running 3 days a week and walking in between---NOW still putting in 5 miles + each time we go out--and longer on the weekend-just trying to keep at it till I finally keel over hopefully in a full run someday.  BUT on those days that I roll over and hear that rain---it's like VACATION---SNOW DAY---HOLIDAY---all wrapped into one.  I LOVE IT!

Where am I headed with this----this AM I get a text from "The Flash"--rain is coming this way are you going--I text "Short BUT Strong" and she says--I'm up---I watch the weather---SO SO FUNNY GOD---the rain is all over Shreveport an hour west---but the closer it gets to us---it just disappears.  SO we get up--we run--we walk---we make about 7 miles.   NOW IT'S NOT JUST RAINING BUT POURING-

ARE YOU UP THERE SNICKERING GOD????---Something tells me You are!

Friday, August 17, 2012


I don't really believe in "Magic"---I am a skeptic at heart-of anything that appears it is magical----WITH THE EXCEPTION---OF MUSIC...

what else has the power to transport you through time and space---beam
you into the presence of another---create a free fall of emotion---bring a tear, raise a hand, move your feet, bow your head

All kinds---all genres---all beats---all sounds----There is indeed POWER---MAGICAL POWER in music--

A Life Long---Magical Hold On My Soul----Has the Magical Power of Music...
A song in my head---a beat in my feet---a tune in my heart---My Forever Love-


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It's official-----GRAND # 5 is                 A BOY

Camille has declared herself       THE QUEEN

SO That must make me-----


NO need to bow----a simple curtsy will suffice! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I've been in my new home for a year at the end of this week.  MY HOW TIME HAS FLOWN---and NOT FLOWN!  I was looking around today and realized I really have not done anything to the inside of the house since moving last year.  My friends came and helped me paint the part of the house that I would be "living in" and then one of the church younger small groups moved all my furniture after I moved each and every box by myself.  And then I just stopped--there are things that I said I would do---they have not gotten done--it's like I am on hold---holding for what I'm not sure!  

On the BRIGHT side--I have worked in the yard and improved it.  MAYBE---Just MAYBE---I'll get to work again----it will all come together with time.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I am reading Lost which is a story of a solo trek of the PCT.  INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT--is an understatement.  ALONE--grueling physical trek---wilderness---hiking from Mexico to Canada.  There is WAY too much personal drama in the book for my taste---HEY I've got my own personal drama, but the sections of the book that focus on the trek---are intriguing.  Dirty beyond description----in the company of bears and mountain lions and rattlesnakes----and yet---for some bizarre reason---I started thinking---

"Could I do this?"

What's wrong with me----I should be thinking---"I'm too old to do this"---"I don't like to be that dirty"--"Bears will eat you--snakes will bite you---"Dehydrated Food-  YUCK!"

But there is still a part of me that goes---WOW--what an adventure that would be!  NEVER said I wasn't slightly crazy!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


After the Facebook Dictator changed my format to the new "Timeline"---(I just thought I lived in a democracy!).  I began playing around with it.  Well that had this "map" thing---I thought---"Hey let's see if I can put all the places I've been!"  Turns out---they post that you are "ON THE SPOT" at that particular moment.  After a blur of about 20 map punches--I get a message from #1 Son  

"You've had a busy morning!"

SO people---you don't even have to leave the comfort of your recliner---just go to your facebook page and click away---you can tour the world in one short morning---AND never even have to pack a bag or go through security.  HOW COOL IS THAT!

Friday, August 10, 2012


My sweet brothers---and there I am in the middle----as always!  If you comment about who is the oldest-----you will be blocked from the blog!  Robbie---the oldest---LOVES to meet a stranger when we are together and ask them "Who do you think is older?"  He is SO FUNNY!

Noel--the baby---ALWAYS was Momma's Baby---but I understand now since Camille will ALWAYS be my baby and helps to clarify why my Daddy's Mother and his siblings always called him "Baby".  It's a "Family Thing"----I finally understand!

It's not always easy being in the middle--but I would not trade them for anything!  They are sweet and supportive and they are---well they are My Brothers!  Robbie told me one time that I was "The Shepherd" of the family.  I looked at him and responded 'I don't remember applying for that job!"  It just happens----it's a birth order--gender thing.  I want us to be a family---I deeply love them and their families and would do anything for them.

We have had our share of family drama---illnesses---deaths---marriages---babies---LIFE!  So BLESSED to be on the "James Team" together!  Life is still hard---lots going on --Noel's wife is very ill----but what would it be if we didn't have each other?  We understand each other and know "Where we came from"---helps to explain who we are!

On a more serious note---I HATE to be the one to report that a CERTAIN Federal Judge could NEVER resist hitting me EVERY TIME he walked by me until he left for college!  Now HIS SIDE of the story is that I would just yell "MOMMA---he hit me!"  with NO reason--just to see him get in trouble.  Perhaps I MIGHT have done that once or twice---but I am CERTAIN he was sitting there planning his next punch--so I just beat him to the punch!  I am happy to say the physical abuse ended once we went to college---but his childish WHOOPS--I meant childlike humor remains in tact!

LOVE my brothers!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


LOTS of miles in a very short period recently!  Left Friday-2 weeks ago and drove "The Girls" to the beach-----NOT that I am a control freak or anything like that--but I insisted on driving.  NOW for all those that think girls are Sissy-s---ONE of our crew drove her Harley down there and back. GREAT TIME and I would tell you all that happened, but have taken a vow of secrecy-so I would have to kill you all.  No stories---NO pics---you'll just have to come with us next time if you want to know!

Saturday night I get a text that #1's appendix had ruptured and he is in the hospital.  I was ready to fly out---but for some strange reason they insisted I stay put.  It MIGHT be that my propensity to question doctors has gotten out---HEY  I've watched LOTS of medical reality shows!

Tuesday, I drive us back---you need to understand about being with a van load of women---we never saw a bathroom or place to eat---that didn't deserve our scrutiny!  It took a LONG time to get there and back.  When alone---I am a pedal to the metal--stop only for national emergencies---but you go with the flow when with a group.

Wednesday I get up early--go to work---leave immediately after work and drive to Austin---I needed to put my EYEBALLS on #1.  Actually stayed put Thursday---but Friday AM took #1 & #2 Grands on a road trip to see #3 & #4 in Fort Worth.  Saw "The Cousins" and out of Momma's hair for a couple of days while Dad is slowly recovering.  Drive to Weatherford Saturday for a day trip to "The Jennings Spa & Resort".  Drove the boys back to Austin Sunday and after an hour of recuperation--drove home to R.

My sweet friend, Marion is a LONG haul truck driver---she will be calling me to go to work once she reads this---NOW---I just need to come up with a "Handle" for my CB!

Monday, August 6, 2012


I've talked about how ALL the fast girls have pony tails----WELL    # 1 Daughter told me about an article she had read concerning the Olympics and the Fashion Statement that many of the athletes were making.  You KNOW---to be a REALLY GOOD gymnast---you need those clips to hold your hair back and a little glitter---well a LOT of glitter---on your hair---on your face---on your eyelids----JUST PUT ON THE GLITZ.  Hopefully they avoid all security check points while wearing the hair armor----

The equestrians---have the bowler helmet---long fitted coat--jodhpurs---knee high boots.  The dapper horse person would never be seen without them.

Camille pointed out that a couple of the beach volleyball girls were accused of looking like "Laundry Day at the Dorm".  You have to see it to believe it!

ANYWAY---in my quest to be a FAST GIRL---I watched the girls' races last night---SO I could go for two tone hair-----with loose waves---Lots of makeup-- and a need to constantly pull those tresses back away from my face.  SO maybe I don't need a ponytail after all just blonde/brunette hair--and the ability to high kick with my rear in the air as I place my feet on the starter's blocks!