Saturday, July 30, 2011


We had our July Small Group social last night and it occurred to me while sitting in a circle with my sweet friends that this would be the last time we meet in my Vienna home. I looked around the room and thought of all the stories behind each and every face. We were missing 3 of our members--but for the most part the group was in tact and sharing life.

There were many games we all played as children in circles-holding hands. As long as you were holding hands, your back was always subject to attack, but when you were inside the circle with all the others holding hands around you---you were safe. It was fun to be part of the circle and it was fun to be inside the circle---the one place you did not want to be was alone -outside of the circle.

Our Small Group operates in a like manner. We all form a circle and occasionally a member needs more protection and we all join hands and surround that member to protect them. Small groups are a wonderful blessing. The place that you can put it all out and still not feel judged. We live life side by side with our hands held tight---keeping the circle together and forming a union of one. I can't imagine living my life outside of that precious circle.



Friday, July 29, 2011


I am buying a house contingent upon me selling this house. This house is being sold contingent upon the buyer selling their house. Life is just full of contingencies. The first business law I studied began with contract law and all of the contingencies that contracts can be filled with.

I began thinking about this and was reminded of the book that Sheila loaned me and I just finished (I PROMISE to return it). A GREAT book, UNBROKEN, is the story of a World War II Bomber who was ditched in the Pacific Ocean-spent weeks on a raft surrounded by sharks in the Pacific-spent an eternity as a Japanese prisoner of war in horrible conditions only to survive and make it back to the states. Then his life was permanently marked by the unbelievable conditions he had lived in and took a downward spiral that you found difficult to believe.

BUT the book is about redemption---except you don't get to the redemption until almost the end of the book. He went to a Billy Graham crusade--and remembered his promise to God and the contingent clause of "If you save me"--- We all are prone to making promises and all with contingent clauses----If you do this---THEN I will. After his conversion, God used him in a mighty way for the remainder of his life and ALL for God's glory.

Yesterday as I was having my quiet time--I was reminded that Heaven is FULL of wonderful treasure. God is just waiting for us to turn to Him and then He will open the door for the flood to rain down. The treasure is not material possessions or human relationships--the treasure is the fruits of the spirit--joy-peace-love---
A treasure beyond compare. If we could just learn to depend upon His perfect plan----allow Him to be our provider---then the treasure will be heaped upon us and our cup will be filled and over flowing----AND we don't have to make any promises---just have faith and seek Him.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


No NOT REALLY! There are no bats in my attic. I have started cleaning out the attic in anticipation of a moving garage sale in one week. WHO PUT ALL THAT JUNK UP THERE???? There are enough Christmas decorations to decorate the entire town of Ruston. I must have gone loco every year right after Thanksgiving when I started decorating.

AND THEN---there still seems to be "STUFF" of my children's up there. NOW they have all BEEN grown and BEEN gone. WHAT AM I THE STORAGE UNIT????? I have divided things as I have cleaned out into piles

Stuff to move
Stuff for garage sale
? Stuff


Smaller House = Less Storage Space

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well my house is sold ---with one little contingency---but I don't think that will be any problem. I stuck to my guns and dug my feet in, and drew a line in the sand----etc etc etc--over $6300. It was the principle. I was SO proud of my bartering ability. After family advice to just take the lower offer, I would not back down---with my breath held. I struck a deal and now a family with 3 little boys will be in this house that I love and make it a home again--full of noise and laughter and screams and fun.

I made an offer on a house--the very same day----I met my match. The owner stuck to her guns, dug her feet in and drew a line in the sand and would not back down--all over $5000. God is humbling me and teaching me and reminding me---it is not by my might but it is all about Him. He is my Provider. I did rationalize it to help me feel better--that is $500 a year for 10 years. I KNOW I throw away that much money on some obscure - not needed items every year. Now if I can just figure out what those items are!


The old axiom, "It's like riding a bicycle" proved to be true yesterday when I went back to work after a number of years. In very short order, I found myself right back in the grove. It's just like putting a giant puzzle together---you work on one piece at a time-sometimes you have to leave a piece and work on another---but sooner or later the puzzle is all put together one piece at a time.


Monday, July 25, 2011


After a 10 year retirement (?)--well from the world of commerce at any rate--I will begin work today. It's a little intimidating, but also very exciting. I continue to be amazed how God has opened door after door.

You do realize that when you reach a certain age---you automatically become a "Consultant"? Well that's just what I will be doing consulting in the accounting world. You know accounting is like riding a bicycle---you don't forget how. Just like with a bicycle there may be some new bells and whistles to make your ride easier, but the basics are the same--you get on and you peddle. So it is with accounting--the premise is still the same-but there may be some new bells and whistles to help you come up with the bottom line, but you just get on and peddle.

I will be doing some forensic accounting---LOVE IT. Basically that's solving a puzzle---and I have always loved puzzles. So today---I pull on that "CPA Suit" and go to work----It seems my life has once again made a circle and I am back where I started. Embrace the new and find joy in all that is placed before you. "Proverbs by Lora".

Friday, July 22, 2011


I recently found a couple of turtles walking around the yard. Their homes on their backs they had lost their way and were, as only turtles can, slowly taking one step after another searching for the trail home.---The first one was trapped in the garage. For the life of him, he could not determine how to get back on his trail in the woods. He had his face to the wall and was plowing forward--only not getting anywhere. The other one was out in the open--and he too was lost---but he was not at a dead end--he had turned and though he was still lost and searching for his trail to the woods--he was making progress because he kept taking the next step.

So it is with we human beings. We have the shell of a building around us that we call home, but the home is not the building---the home is where we are and the building is merely the shell on our backs. We can chose to put our face to the wall and not turn right or left and never find the way back home or we can chose to make that turn and search for the path that is placed before us. Sometimes the path is rocky, long, and lonely--a steep climb back out of the valley, but if we continue to put one foot in front of the other, we will eventually find the sunlight at the top of the mountain.

This beautiful shell I have lived in for 27 years is a house. What made it a home was the family that lived within the walls and the loved ones that floated in and out of the doors. It will be extremely difficult to walk out of that front door for the last time. I take great comfort in the knowledge that a young family with children will once again fill it up. That is how it should be-this house was made for a family and should be filled with the laughter of children and their moms and dads. The house will be glad to be filled once again.

I will move to a new shell and begin to build a new nest and it will be fine. It will take some time, but I will slowly but surely begin to build a home once again. As I dig in the dirt, hang pictures, and laugh with family and friends--it too shall be a home.

So for today, I am full of mixed emotions about this move. Who would not be--we grow accustomed to our shells--they are familiar and full of memories-both good and bad. That's what made them our homes, but the memories are in my heart-not in the shell and they will ever stay with me. I chose to be just like that turtle that was lost-only I will not put my face to the wall--I will turn and keep moving forward-knowing I will once again find my home.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I put the house on the market last Friday and yesterday had a good offer. The negotiation is not quite over, but I am pretty sure it will be a done deal. I am REELING with the thought of moving after 27 years in the same home. We raised our children here---this is the only house my grands have ever known---I have loved the critters and hated the critters---I have dug in the dirt--blown the leaves---walked every foot of almost 5 acres for a LONG time. When you walk in the door, there is the familiar smell of thousands of fires that have burned and as I walk through the house there is the familiar echo of babies/children's/teens/and finally adults that have filled the rooms with love and laughter for a long time. I have driven down a dark drive many a morning heading out for a run-only to return in the glory of the morning dawn beaming through the trees. I have looked out my kitchen window through the trees at the familiar sunset more times than I can remember. I am reeling---

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am in the process of selling my house. I have two wonderful realtors who are also members of my church. These two ladies are great! When they came over and we talked about what needs to be done when we the house is shown, they told me that they will be looking in closets, but not cabinets or drawers. SO NATURALLY, I have all of the closets in tip top shape---BUT whatever you do PLEASE DON'T OPEN THE DRAWERS!

It's like someone is discovering the deep-dark inner secret of who you really are if they look in your drawers. You know that part of you that you have spent a lifetime hiding from others. I really not as neat as you think I am---my things don't all match---there are holes in some socks--- you know in general MY LIFE IS A MESS!


Monday, July 18, 2011


MORE ADVENTURES OF LIVING IN THE WOODS! I am ready to throw up my hands and just pour green cement instead of having plants and a garden! The doggone deer have eaten my hosteas TO THE GROUND!---as if that is not enough they now are walking into the lower garden and eating ALL the leaves off the potato vines, pulling up select plants & eating the others completely up!

I KNOW what you are thinking---but NO I actually like BAMBI and have no intentions of shooting a deer---BUT I am not happy with plants that I got on my hands and knees to plant that have been totally eaten up.

Pappaw Conville told me that I just needed to get some human hair that has not been washed and spread it all around. WHO might cut hair that they don't wash first? He told me it needs to have the "stink of humans" on it. THAT'S DISGUSTING!

Anyway--I am thinking about planting stink weed---down side of that I get to enjoy the STINK too!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


All my grands are having a BUSY summer! You know we just finished Camp Conville and the very next week, #1 & #2 are off to the beach. When I was discussing with #1 all that he has been doing this summer, he told me "Momma Lulu, I really have had a jam packed summer, and I just need a little down time." HUMM--did he think that up-all by himself?

Meanwhile # 3 & #4 are really busy too--

#4 is pictured below counting the number of sheets on the toilet paper roll to make sure they are advertising correct. He is very concerned about the truth in advertising--

Meanwhile #3 is learning very important truths-
in case you can't read his craft he made in church today-
"Jesus Blesses Henry"

Thursday, July 14, 2011


If you watch too many old movies, you get the idea that we Southern Belles are just a needy bunch who are sitting around waiting for someone to take care of us. "Oh Fiddle Dee--I just don't know what to do---Pass the Smelling Salts" Well perhaps we do occasionally like to play that silly-dimwit and have all the knights in shining armor running in to protect us---HELLO OUT THERE---Good looking strong Knights----Shining White Horse----swooping in to catch us before we fall-----WHAT'S SO STUPID ABOUT THAT!

Unfortunately in my life today---there is a short supply of strong knights and I have not spotted a white horse in YEARS---so it's up to me to pull up my big girl pants and be strong

Case in point-----Selling my house---

I spent 2 hours with 2 Realtors yesterday---LOVELY women---love them both---part of the body of believers that I attend. SO sweet-----very complimentary of the house---just charming---


I ended up telling one of them that before I sold this house for one figure that she suggested- they would find it falling down around my dried up corpse---perhaps a little strong but I made my point. Still negotiating--we will see

Remember I just bought a car for $500 below what the dealer paid for it----I CAN BE ONE TOUGH COOKIE!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dear Lorie,

The others that read this blog-will be puzzled by this letter-but you always have to follow the comments as well as the blog to get the entire story. You would never read a sentence with the first few words and the last few--there might be important nuances in the middle that completely change the meaning. So it is with a blog--I am replying to two comments and this is the means I have to do that-so read on or go back and look at the comments and understand all--or just go to the next blog you read.

I'm afraid you have found me in a desert time in life. I take back my comment--I am a Saint--but only because of Jesus. He has put a robe of righteousness on my shoulders and He has presented me as fit to the Father. I am a Saint in a mortal body with human weaknesses. I do spend time every day in the Word and God is faithfully revealing over and over His truths.

Recently he pointed me to read through Ezekiel and I thought why in the world at this point in life would He want that. I then read through the section on our responsibility for the sinner and the conviction of guilt if we do not call them to repentance. I gasped--that was the entire reason and the timing was perfect.

I spend time in Psalms everyday and over and over-I am amazed at the timelessness of the words. I read the books as God directs and I am amazed at the applicability of the wisdom. My journal is full of prayers, cries to God, pleading, and recognition that His will is best. Over and over God has revealed not only in His word, but in day to day living just what I needed to know at that perfect time.

The most important thing I have learned during this difficult season is it is not about me----it is all about Him. I am the reflection of God and His Glory here on this Earth. My actions and reactions are being viewed and observed by those He has placed around me. My life is a living testament to His grace, love and provision. I am endeavoring to remember that others are influenced by how I respond and live even through trials.

I am sorry you did not go up and introduce yourself to Camille. She is pure joy and one of God's greatest gifts to me. Such a heart for God----He has to be well pleased! To know her is to love her and we are all blessed to be a part of her life.

Yes, I know Camille misses Erie and your lovely summers and her sweet and precious friends. It is miserably hot here-especially this summer. Fortunately in Texas they do not have the humidity that we contend with in Louisiana AND HURRAH for Air Conditioning!

If you would like to continue our conversation privately, email me at I always welcome wisdom from another Believer.

Still working on Sainthood-


Monday, July 11, 2011


I had the sweetest comment from my post yesterday from someone in Erie. They concluded by saying what Godly women Camille and I were. NOT GUILTY! All have sinned and fallen short---ME included! If I told you that I had prayed for God to SMOTE the head of my enemies-would you be shocked? If I told you that I prayed just yesterday for another to feel the constant thorn of God's wrath, would you be surprised? If I told you that I have thoughts of vengeance, would you be surprised?

I am no angel, but I confess my sinful thoughts and ask for divine intervention into my righteous anger. I ask God to convict me of my sin and give me the grace to forgive and leave the vengeance to Him.

I AM NO SAINT---just a redeemed sinner and I am seeking His will in my life!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I finally had to leave Texas and all my sweet children and grandchildren. It was TOUGH pulling out of that drive in Austin---especially after Gabe had pulled me into a tight squeeze next to Scott's truck. Stopped on my way out for gas and a quick car wash and then down the road I go. I like my quiet time for reflecting upon life, but too much alone time can also pull you down and make the trip seem like an eternity. Helen had given me a book on CD "King's Cross". It is excellent and requires deep thought and chewing it over time. I have almost finished it. That and turning up the radio and singing along helped break up the trip.

Once I got to Waco, I had to fight the steering wheel to turn toward Ruston and not keep headed North to Fort Worth. It does come a time to let your kids live their lives and return to the reality of mine.

With THAT SAID---it was a WONDERFUL week and I am blessed to have such wonderful kids and grandkids. We ALL had a GREAT time!

Friday, July 8, 2011


We were all too tired and had too much sun for another swimming outing today. We went to Bee Cave and ate at the Italian Market-delicious for lunch and then another movie. We saw "Zookeeper" this afternoon. DO NOT BOTHER! The kids said it was OK--but I say-NO WAY!

We came home and Sylbie (other grandmother) had grilled burgers for dinner. Then the nightly ritual of going to the lake for a dip. Many of the neighbors gather in the late evening for a refreshing dip and visit at the boat pier. I pleasant way to watch the sun go down and greet the late evening cool off. I got many other ideas from some of the neighbors of things we still need to do----I'll put it on my list for the next time.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today was one of the BEST days ever of Conville Camp. We went to Krause Springs in Spicewood, TX. IT WAS A GREAT DAY! We swam (I floated in a tube) in a natural spring feed pool all day--with refreshing water of 70 degrees. It was SO MUCH FUN! We had a picnic at noon and then went back to the pool. The boys & I loved it and thank Uncle Gabe for taking us.
I forgot my camera---BAH HUMBUG! -but you can go here to see what we saw!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Great Day at Camp Conville

Movie- Mr. Potter's Penguins
Lunch-Which wich?

Lulu's Jambalaya for supper

Dip in the Lake

It doesn't get any better!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Day 4 of Texas Conville Camp was spent a LOT on the road, but we did manage to have a couple of fun stops. After leaving Fort Worth this AM, we stopped in Waco to tour the Dr. Pepper Museum and show the boys Baylor where Uncle Adam & Aunt Camille went to college. We then came to Austin to home base. The boys had a late afternoon swim in Lake Austin and Sylbie's Wonderful spaghetti. I leave you with pics from day 2 & 3 at the wonderful Jennings Abode. THE YEAR'S BEST HOSTS!

Twenty Pounds on the Front

Twenty Pounds on the Back

Who Could Resist "Picka up Lulu, Picka up"?

Monday, July 4, 2011



We have had 2 FULL and FUN packed days with the Jennings crew. Pictures are coming when I am not too exhausted to down load.

We went to church with the Jennings yesterday and went out for lunch after. The eateries around TCU are great!

The big cousins then went with Uncle Adam to Weatherford to Memaw & Dude's house. (Adam's sweet parents). After nap, the women and 2 little cousins followed. We have spent two days, swimming, eating, playing pool, eating, playing, eating, and competing at WII Band Hero. The big boys & the little boys had a GREAT time--as well as all of the adults. The Senior Jennings are wonderful hosts-making us all feel at home.

The 2 big boys and I had a pallet party last night-all 3 sharing 2 air mattresses. The funny of the night came somewhere between 2 and 5 when I had to wake #1 because his rear had wedged a huge split between the 2 mattresses and let's just say---I was suspended in thin air!

We are back in Fort Worth tonight ----#3 spent 2 hours jumping on the air mattresses before he finally collapsed. Little # 4 is just a sweet little cuddle bear-who is now VERY mobile---since I was here a month ago--he has grown bigger and is not just crawling but cruising and pulling up on things as well as putting himself into a sitting position. They grow up WAY too fast!

We're off traveling tomorrow---but this has been a GREAT 4th!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


We started Camp Conville today and for a change-we are all in Texas for the week. YAAAHOOO!

I apologize for the photos-I did not take my camera-and used my I phone. I will do better I promise.

To begin our week, we met in Fort Worth and all four cousins are together. IT IS WONDERFUL! The little Jennings cousins LOVE the BIG Conville cousins-and vice versa! We all had lunch together and then toured the Fort Worth Science Museum. It is a TREAT! It was full of "things to do" and great exhibits. Fun for young and old alike!






It's 4:30 AM and I have been up since 4 AM. In all fairness, I never got off the couch from about 3PM on---AND I MEAN I AM SITTING HERE SNOOZING AND DOZING. I just can't seem to get going. LETHARGIC! For 2 days now! THIS IS NOT ME! I have LOTS I need to be doing------SO

I read the possible side effects of the HAPPY :) PILLS! HUMMMM--drowsiness/sleepiness/lethargic (:!

So since I am a self proclaimed self healer----I am backing off those suckers SLOWLY---I DO have enough sense to not quit cold turkey. I went on them slowly---I was up to full strength and after the first day of full strength--I am not able to function. So I'll back off them slowly. I will wait and see how I am functioning after total weaning----but sleeping all the time is NOT what I call functioning!

ON ANOTHER NOTE-----the deer walked into my garden which is a 2 foot drop from the yard and on stone---and totally stripped the potato vine of leaves in one of my pots. I GIVE UP---JUST EAT IT ALL AND I WILL PUT PLASTIC FLOWERS OUT INSTEAD! LOVELY--it will look like a country cemetery!

Friday, July 1, 2011


As to the car shopping story---

I made my rounds and finally came upon a young man in Shreveport that I thought I could deal with. He gave me a cash price (no trade) for the car I was looking at. There was a rebate---but he told me they would keep the rebate. The price was actually a good price to begin with--but I walked out and told him I would think about it.

That night I texted him and said, "I will pay your price, but I keep the rebate". He told me he would check with his manager the next AM and let me know. Fine. In a couple of hours, he texts me back and said he called the manager at home and I could get the car for that deal. Relieved!

The next morning he calls me first thing--his boss had been a little fuzzy (cocktail hour?) on which car I was looking at and he could not sell it to me for that price, BUT they would sell it at their invoice and they keep the rebate. OK--they need to make a living and I said I'll come get it.

Sweet Friend, Mona, drives me to Shreveport to pick it up. The young man says I have good news---20 minutes ago they released another $500 rebate and you get the benefit. SO I bought the car for $500 below dealer's cost.

I then start thinking about selling my car. I mention that to my friends Sheila and Sonja while running and that I am nervous about test riding with people I don't know. They talk it over and decide that I should park it at Sonja's (Main Hwy) and her husband will do the riding with them. I take it over mid morning yesterday. At 5 PM friend Sandra calls and says, "I think Don (husband) wants your car and we are on our way to look at it.

LONG story short----I have a new vehicle for a GREAT price and I have sold my vehicle in 3 days time. As I relayed this story to Barbara, I told her that I had been sitting on the couch thinking "I CAN'T DO ALL OF THIS!" and BOOM all of this happens. She reminded me that God wants us on the couch-defeated so we will KNOW that HE is indeed our provision---