Saturday, May 31, 2008


We had a great day touring within 30 minutes of Erie. We went to Panama Rocks as noted on the stocks that Adam found himself in. I am not sure what his offense was, but the punishment seems to be harsh.
This is part of the exposed roots of the trees on the trail that we hiked at Panama Rocks. The rocks were left when a glacier deposited them and then retreated. It was a beautiful and scenic walk. There was ice down in one of the crevices, but the trails actually look sub-tropical with wildflowers and ferns.

This is one of the deep crevices with Adam and Camille going for a little exploring. There were numerous crevices just like this throughout the trail.

Please note that my smart daughter forgot her walking shoes and had flip flops on for the hike.

Camille is such a strong girl. She carried Adam to the car after the hike, but he had carried her across the water along the trail.
We left Panama and drove to Chautauqua (sp?) and saw the Chautauqua Institute and Chautauqua Lake. The Chautauqua Institute is a beautiful resort area which opens its season in a couple of weeks. It gave us an idea of what the New Yorkers and East Coasters enjoy for vacation. It might be a bit much for us Southerners since we just go to the beach and veg out for a week. Two weeks of lectures, art and culture would probably put me into overload mode.

We then drove to Bemus Point and ate at "The Italian Fisherman". It was really great! Never had an Italian Nacho before, but they were quite tasty. This little village was another example of vacationing in the East. We found it very quaint and beautiful. The restaurant was right on the lake and they have entertainment on the weekends on a floating dock in front of the restaurant. Camille & Adam will definitely be going back!

This is one of the hotels in Bemus Point that we found very historic and a reminder of times past. The 30 minute drive was through rural PA and NY and included rolling hills and lush greenery. I never realized how rural parts of Ohio, PA, & NY were until The Jennings moved here. Surprisingly, it reminds me greatly of home.
The birthday girl has had a great day. We came home and I made Ghiradelli Brownies which we served hot with ice cream and shaved Ghiradelli Chocolate topped with whipped cream. I would have posted a picture but it disappeared before I could find a camera.
BC if off to LA tomorrow and Camille has to work. She said they call it mandatory volunteering at LECOM graduation ceremonies. Mandatory volunteering seems to be somewhat an oxymoron.
What a blessing Camille has been in our lives. She loves well and we all love her well also. What's not to love?

Friday, May 30, 2008


Twenty Five years ago tonight we were enjoying a family Memorial Day celebration. A little volley ball and a cookout with all of the Jameses. A lot of fun, but I was pretty miserable with a belly full of baby. Tomorrow would be the day that Camille would come into the world, via induced labor. You see my doctor was on his way out of town and delivery was imminent, so he was going to make sure I had her before he left on his trip. Back in those days, we did not know what sex the baby would be before they were born. So we were off to the hospital bright and early with Aunt Barbara coming to stay with the boys. Scott was 15 and Gabe was 6 so I had pretty much made up my mind another little boy would be added to the family. After a full day of labor what a wonderful surprise Camille was. I still remember saying, "I can't believe it's a girl!" She has been a blessing and a wonderful daughter each and everyday since then. We are so grateful that God chose to bless us with this sweet daughter and cherish and love her dearly.

Today was the pre-birthday celebration. Some of The Conville's enjoy their birthday for not just one day, but a series of days. Tonight we had a Mexican dinner at Camille's request. It seems the Mexican food in Erie is disappointing, so Mom would prepare a little Mexican feast to begin the weekend long celebration.

This was delicious and tasted much better than it looked. Queso Enchiladas with a meat sauce on top. Spicy but great! The real Tex-Mex deal.

Mexican rice just before it was ready to serve. Full of peppers, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and spices. It also was spicy but great! We all LOVE hot!

For dessert, ice cream layered with home made carmel, heath bar brickle, and whip cream. SINFUL!
Camille seems to be enjoying her dessert. She licked the glass clean!

Mr. Powers sat under the table glancing up and asking, "What about me?"

Full stomachs and contented, The Jennings enjoy a little down time on Friday night after a hard work week.
More birthday fun planned for tomorrow. Still enjoying the cool weather as we all went for a late afternoon walk and enjoyed the beautiful blooming flora.

A long trip and a hard week makes for a tired Bobby. A little nap after dinner should make for a swift recovery.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last night Adam & Powers seemed to be tuckered out. I don't understand why. We just did a little yard work from early morning to late evening. You have to understand that in Erie it is daylight before 5AM and it is dusk until around 9 or after. This makes for a long day to work in the old yard. PERHAPS I pushed them a little hard?
Today I started my day with Spring cleaning the kitchen and dining room and yes, I do windows. This is the view of the new project through the dining room window after the window cleaning. Quite a nice view, Huh?

These are the hydrangea and inpatience that we planted at the edge of the ivy bed in the back yard. We even gave the little birdies a little food while we were out there.

Camille had actually planted these marigolds last week before I came. I put a few inpatience between the beds and we mulched all of the beds. The hosteas here are unbelievable. We have beautiful hosteas at home, but here they are phenomenal!

The table and chairs behind the arbor were moved there today after Adam gave those bushes a serious haircut. More of Camille's handiwork in the bed by their patio.

After a long day at work for Camille and Adam's long day at labor in the yard, time to chill and look at the internet. Note Camille is wrapped up in a blanket-the evening is cool.
I see the end in sight in the yard! We have a few loose ends to tie up, but they should not take long. I plan to continue my spring cleaning tomorrow and Bobby will help Adam put shelves and hooks in his yard shed and get it organized.
The weather in Erie was once again delightful, but it is really difficult to believe it is summer when you are running around with a jacket on.
Bobby will arrive late tonight and we will celebrate Camille's birthday-ALL WEEKEND!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Mr. Adam & I went BACK to the nursery and purchased this beautiful "Mountain Laurel" bush which will grow into a BIG bush and hide the unsightly hill behind our project. The lady told us we could keep it trimmed back so that it is not taking over the world. Friend, Debbie, suggested we get a "Lilac" bush, but they get VERY big-even the dwarf so we decided to pass since they also need lots of sunshine and we don't have a spot to put it. GOOD THOUGHT, Debbie-we just couldn't pull it off.
Adam finished the screen-which turned out nice. You will note the BIG time cutback of the undergrowth. We will add a couple more plants to the side and maybe a birdbath and this project will be finished.

The front bed has a double line of petunias added which will bloom a varigated red and white. The color will be nice in front of the house and we did finish the mulch in this bed.

White mini blooming annuals which have a sweet smell and will bloom troughout the summer. This is the bed by the road and we have finished mulching it also and planted another bush in the top right corner.

The bed under the lamppost was filled with begonias which tolerate sunshine.

My super serious daughter and her scholarly husband with the dog offering them his bone to play with. They are SO MATURE!
Adam & I finished cleaning out the front beds and finished all of the planting along with the mulching. We are ready to go to the back yard tomorrow.
We have had several ideas of fun things to do Saturday, thanks to a couple of Erieites. We are discussing our plans and looking forward to BC arriving late tomorrow night. Camille has to work everyday, but Adam & I have kept VERY BUSY!
Note to my "Running Buds" back in Ruston : it has been so cool all day that I have had my jacket on. We took a walk this afternoon and I did go with a short sleeve, but you can't stop or you will get cool. Hope you are enjoying your weather there also!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Momma flies to Erie in May and what does she find. A yard that is blooming and has become overgrown. The main project of the week is above. This is the side yard which is SERIOUSLY overgrown. It was raining early this morning as the front came through so when we stepped out the ground was wet and the wind was cold.
This is another view of the side yard so you can see how thick the vegetation had become. This is just before Adam & I began some serious work.

A trip to Lowe's, a lot of thinning out and weed eating (BY ADAM-remember I don't know how to weed eat) and we get the tools out. The posts are set in sacrete and as you will note-LEVEL & PLUM. I picked up these words from countless hours of HG TV & # 1 son-Scott-the carpenter.

The front bed after a serious round of weeding & thinning. It appears to be ready for some mulch- no pine straw in Erie. The blooming plant is a rhondodendron-1st cousin to our Southern azalea.

This is the same bed opposite side. The bed to the right was so thick that you could not tell which tree and plant was which. We did some MASSIVE thinning.

The front bed all ready for mulch after a round of weeding. The plant to the Check Spellingright is another rhododendron.
One of the quandaries of living in the city is trash disposal. At home, I have the trusty "yard truck" that gets filled and taken to the dump. If you live in the city of Ruston, they come by and pick up all your yard trash-curbside. No bagging-just pile it up. Here is seems if you don't have these mysterious green bags to put your yard stuff in, they will not pick it up-unless it is in your garbage can. The green bags are a mystery since we have NO IDEA where you find the same bags.
3 trips to Lowe's Wal Mart & the Nursery-we are making headway-but still have a lot to do. The Jennings are wonderful hosts and Adam is my ideal yard boy-he does whatever I ask.
We are saving Saturday for play, but are not sure what to do that we have not seen yet. Any ideas from Erieites are welcome.
NOTE TO RUSTON RUNNING BUDS-It was so cold today I needed a jacket. I hated to tell you that, but felt the need to share!

Monday, May 26, 2008


What is a family reunion? Sweet little Jack with a reminder of what he has eaten on his face & shirt
Cousins laughing, catching up & comparing stories

Mothers with sweet babies on their hips

Poppa & Honey with 2 sweet pianist

The next generation trying out the long forgotten "Tree House"

Sweet Innocence

A cousin's "Sweetie" trying to figure out what he has gotten himself into

Two generations sharing a moment of play

The youngest family member and her sweet Mother

Cousins-propping and philosophising

Older Cousins entertaining the younger cousins

A Cousin's Duet

Finally after a long hot play time-dunking your head into the ice bucket

A Wet- Tired, but happy cousin

Ice Cream & Chocolate Syrup on the Deck
What a wonderful & sweet time with family! We were talking this afternoon that there is no other social system quite like your family. We had a great time and were only missing two cousins & a spouse. Quite a turnout for the "First Annual Family Reunion". I was slightly chastised since there were no "Reunion Tee shirts". I will remember to put someone ELSE in charge of that next year. We kept things really simple and concentrated on just enjoying each other. The children entertained themselves in high fashion. The crowning end to the day was when they all started filling water bottles with ice water from ice bucket and pouring it on each other. The simplest of things are always the best of things. A great success and looking forward to next year already.
Thank you God for the blessing of family!
Off to Erie- HEY ERIE- here I come!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Sweet Madeline & Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob, Madeline, Audrey & Andrew in Background

Miss Emma


Brother Robbie, Laurie & Emma

Steve & Ann

Abby, Mom Adrian & Silly Dad Caleb

Birthday Girl & Cake with Grandmother, Lynne
Today was the beginning of a fun weekend with the celebration of Madeline's first birthday. A lovely party with all the trimmings and CUTE great nieces & nephew.
The Austin crew arrived late afternoon and it has been a lot of action since. The evening ended with a "Sock War". You have to be here to believe it. The simplest of things are entertaining to kids.
The new gas cooktop got its initial trail. We prepared a shrimp pasta in a cream tomato sauce, salad & garlic bread. SIMPLE-BUT DELICIOUS! Always wonderful to have family home!