Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today is a special day-a special non-day. When you are born on February 29th-a Leap Year Baby-the three "Off Years" present a dilemma. When do you celebrate your birthday if it is not Leap Year? Growing up BC's parents celebrated on March 1st. Well technically they were probably correct. When I entered the scene, I always wanted to celebrate on the 28th-always ready to party! Today is the day-the Non-Celebration Day-so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BC!

A man of many coats and as our dear friend and counsellor told me "The Highest 'I' I have ever known" BC is quite the complex man. An influencer, a leader, a friend, a good boss, a loving Father and Grandfather, a devoted son and brother, and most important a man seeking God-there are more sides to the man than most ever realize. He has spent most of his life taking care of others and putting his own dreams on the back burner. A gifted writer, there has never been time to pursue that "Book in There"; a talented motivational speaker, the time to pursue this dream was enveloped by demands of work, and one that could have climbed that corporate ladder-demands of family kept him close to home. The love and admiration of his children and grandchildren, his family, his employees, his "Small Groups", his friends, his co-workers, his fellow Believers have been his reward for fore-going where he might like to have gone. Hopefully as he looks back today and reflects on past years, he will be reminded of all of those that love him and consider him "Dear".

I especially want "All" of you out there, who are important to "The Man", to know that he prays for you and lifts you "Before the Father" . I cannot think of One thing more important that someone could do for you than pray for you.

Today or Tomorrow-Happy Non-Birthday, BC!
Small Group Leader
Long Time Friend
Beach Bum


Hard Worker

Boss & Friend


Paul Shaffer Look Alike

Son & Brother

Snow Man

Friday, February 27, 2009


Today is the day! Finally-I get all of the stitches and staples out. The "Daughter of Frankenstein" will be NO MORE! As the sweet "Running Group" have brought our supper over EVERY night since surgery, I have gotten MANY questions.

"What are the staples and stitches for?"-They are holding my face on.

"Did they take your face off?"-Thankfully-NO-they pulled the skin back and tightened it up.

"Where did that skin go?"-I assume they cut part of it out-but DON'T really want to know. It makes no sense that they would just fold it up and staple it down.

"How far do the staples go?"-All the way behind the ear (about 1/2 inch from ear) to the bottom of the hairline in the back on both sides.

"Do you only have staples?"-There are stitches that start inside my ear and go all the way around it. I also seem to feel stitches along with staples along my hairline.

"Why can't you turn your head?"-It has something to do with pulling on the sutures.

"Why can't you bend over?"-I assume my face might fall off.

"How did they get your chin implant in?"-There is a small incision under my chin where he inserted it while also tightening up my neck. I have not seen that incision yet, but as the tape is removed today-I will.

"Does it hurt?"-No-the staples and stitches are uncomfortable. The Doctor told me to "Deal with it" when I told him that. As the swelling has gone down, there has been less discomfort. I had my last pain pill on Friday (Tuesday surgery) and have only taken Tylenol since. I believe I took a grand total of less than 10 pain pills.

"Is it worth it?"-For now-I think yes-but we will all be the judge when the healing is complete.

"Would you do it again?"-Too early to say.

Did I answer your question? If not, leave a comment or email me and I will be glad to be "Candid" and truthful. Pics without hardware are coming. As one of my buds said, "Thank goodness you aren't trying to go through airport security right now!"

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Thinking about a face lift? Wondering what will come with the territory? In an effort to give you the truth-the whole truth & nothing but the truth-BC has made pictures everyday to show the progression of healing. The surgery was a week and two days ago and the staples and stitches come out tomorrow. The pictures start with day two after returning home and go through today. It is truly a miracle how fast the human body will heal itself. God is still truly "The Great Physician" and his creation is wonderfully made!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As promised the pictures from day one & two are below. I have some that are MUCH more graphic, but in the hope of not RUNNING OFF all those with sensitive stomachs I will refrain from posting them all. If you would like to see more, let me know and I will give you a private viewing.

The first two days are pretty much a blur. The last full memory I have before walking down the hall in the hotel is being wheeled out of the surgery prep. The wonderful thing is that they do not give you a general anesthetic-only a local with amnesia causing pain drugs on the side. The surgery took six hours-WOW six unaccountable hours! I do not remember any pain-some discomfort in the middle of the night around one of my ears, but that is it. Sonja took excellent care of me anticipating what I needed before I even had time to think of it. I understand that I had part of a milk shake for supper and mostly did a lot of sleeping.

After actually getting up and bathing the next day, Sonja took me back to the doctor after lunch (24 hours) to remove the pressure dressing and drains. That day is also a blur of memories including laughing with the nurse at the doctor's office. Laughing and telling the doctor I had "Buyer's Remorse", and FINALLY getting back to "Home Sweet Home".

My Head Literally In An Ice Bucket


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well I have survived the first week! I am definitely getting stronger and have even walked to the end of the drive (about .1 mile) and back-once Sunday and twice yesterday. I am sitting up all day long-although in the chair most of the time. Still sleeping on the couch, since I can only sleep on my back and brace myself so that I will not turn. Had a good night's sleep without long interruption last night for the first time. Actually stood at the mirror this AM after showering and worked at cleaning up suture areas. There is more discomfort than pain and that is caused by all of the staples. The swelling seems to be disappearing quickly now and except for the skin color -I see Lora reappearing.

NOW for those of you that might think I have completely lost my mind-IF I EVER HAD ONE-you need to look at # 1 Daughter's blog here. IT WOULD SEEM THAT INSANITY RUNS IN THE FAMILY!

I have down-loaded the pics from day 1 & 2, but have decided that I need to consult with my editor about how much to show. Next post though-PREPARE YOURSELF FOR PICS!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am this really lovely shade of yellowish-green from my forehead to the bottom of my neck. The swelling is going down and I actually see cheek bones appearing again. The hair is pretty slick again with the exception of the area around the incisions..The incisions-well-I had 2 small incisions on the upper eyelid and below my lower eyelid. Now how to describe the other.......Start at the hairline-mid forehead-follows hairline to the side temples and then starts back over my ears-goes behind my ears all the way down to the hairline in the back. There is also an incision that starts in my ear-goes up over my ear and behind it. There is also an incision under my chin-that I have not seen-remember my chin is taped into place right now. PICS are coming when I don't have to be so careful with direction my eyes are in.

In all honesty, this has knocked me for more of a loop than I thought it would. I am determined to sit up all day today and got up and did some fizzing this AM. I feel well enough to KNOW I am sick of that couch. I am in my favorite chair by the couch trying to keep a level gaze while BC is at church. Will work on getting myself going again this week. I've got things to do - no time for this!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


BoldOk-4 days down and I am beginning to feel like myself again. BC told me I also was beginning to look like Lora again. The trip to the doctor wiped me out-BUT I AM SO THANKFUL for the miracle of narcotics! Sonja recommended taking a pain pill about 30 minutes before my doctor visit and I followed her excellent advice. Taking the stitches out of the delicate eye area was a little painful-but with the help of pain meds and Lamaze breathing (learned long ago), it was fine. The doc did have to drain the hematoma again, but it was not really painful at all this time. I did laugh since they swept me right in-after a few stares in the waiting room and asked me to leave by the back door. TOO FUNNY!

When I leave I do wrap my head and most of my face in a scarf, which might lead one to wonder if I have changed religions. NOT TO WORRY-trying to protect the innocent! I also have turned a really lovely shade of yellow. Could I have some Oriental heritage that I never knew about? WAIT perhaps I have liver damage! No-just the bruising starting to absorb as the Doc so quaintly put it-"The white blood cells are the janitorial crew for your body." I know Adam will love that quote.

Still working on getting the hair squeaky clean, but don't think that will totally happen until I get the MANY staples and stitches removed. HEY-I DO HAVE A CHIN NOW! I will be the envy of all of my family, since we are all pretty much chinless. The fact that mine is currently held in place by tape is a minor matter!

I am getting back to my old self-can't you tell?

BC has been a wonderful nurse! Has his chair right by the couch and here we sit like two old people. He did say yesterday that he hoped one of us was always able to take care of the other. GOOD POINT!

Friday, February 20, 2009


The nice doctor told me I could wash my hair today. I was VERY apprehensive about doing this and told Nurse Sonja so last night. She said just wait until Saturday and I will help you. Being raised in a family of boys and Momma who allowed no show of emotion, I decided I had to try and wash my hair today. Well it is easier said than done! Without going into graphic detail, let's just say it will take more than one washing and I gave out before it was squeaky clean. Add to that the complication of LOTS of staples and stitches-well you get the picture! Thank goodness for LOTS of gauze! I did manage to conquer the fear and stand the pain though-ONE MORE TIME in my life! I NEVER liked being called a "Sissy"!

Off to the doctor this afternoon for eyelid stitch removal. NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF FUN!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The one thing the doc forgot to tell me before I stepped off into this abyss was limited reading and television for 10 days to promote healing. OH GREAT-10 days with no activity and now this!

The past couple of days have been mostly a blur. I am happy to report that the pain is minimal. I have had 2 pain pills and several tylenol, but that is it. The pain came in the form of a headache the first night and then my chin yesterday. Although I look like Rocky Balboa after that guy beat him to a pulp, so far I have not yelled "Cut Me!" so I could see out of my eyes.

The first 24 hours I was in a compression bandage to reduce swelling-I believe the nurse called it an egg. Fortunately I was OUT of it when they pulled that girdle like buddy over my head. They actually cut if off yesterday. I had a large hematoma (sp?)on my neck that the doc had to drain, but Sonja had given me 1/2 a pain pill before going to see Dr. Brown, so not too bad.

Sonja has been the Nurse Extraordinaire. It was a God thing that I asked her and she agreed to be with me. It has been pretty gross at times and I don't think BC or anyone else would have enjoyed tending to some of it. Yesterday before leaving the hotel she met another guest in the hall looking for housekeeping. He said, "I've spilt coffee and wanted to warn them." She cracked up and said, "It looks like someone was murdered in our room, so I wouldn't worry about a little coffee."

BC is being very attentive and #2 is here for a friend's funeral so he is taking it all in. Pics will come as we are taking a pictorial log of it all, but I can't see well enough yet (swelling) to edit them.

I did laugh and tell the doctor yesterday that I was feeling a little "buyer's remorse". It will be a GREAT relief to get the sterii-strips taken off around my eyes as they drive me crazy. Tomorrow AM I can wash my hair and Sonja is coming to re-bandage. The runners are feeding us-so I am being well taken care of. More to come-need to rest my eyes

Monday, February 16, 2009


Tomorrow brings a day that has been coming for about 6 weeks. Momma told me about 20 years ago that I really should do something about my face and even offered to pay for it. Tomorrow I will be following Momma's advice. Unfortunately, she will not be here to see the results-but I know she is smiling down on me today. My Mother was a good looking woman and very self assured about her looks. I look like my Daddy's side of the family. Now that is not a bad thing, but I did not inherit her good skin and did not spend the time she did maintaining myself. For that reason, I am in need of a little tightening up.

When I went to see the area's guru in this particular area, I thought I knew just what I needed. He was very kind and assured me I did not look my 60 years, BUT I needed to have a little more done that I thought I did. The one thing he said that really did make sense is do not piece meal it. Don't be running back and forth having one procedure at a time. If you are going to do it, fix it right and you don't have to worry about it for about 10 years. He explained that when you fix one thing, then the others that might not catch your attention while glazing in the mirror, will become more evident. I suppose that all makes sense. At any rate, I will be having "The Full Meal Deal" tomorrow-bright and early.

I have really pondered whether I should blog about this. I have not handled it as a "Big Secret"-HEY if you know me, you will know by looking(HOPEFULLY!) I discussed it with #1 Daughter and she thought you might be interested-especially if I am brutally honest. So with that said-I will tell you the truth-the whole truth and nothing but the truth-including before & after pics.

No post tomorrow-but hopefully by Wednesday when I get home-I will give you the latest news and if I survived. I will still be the same person and look like the same person-hopefully just a little more - UP TIGHT!


The not so fun part of life lately is sleepless nights. Middle of the night that I awaken and lie in the bed staring at the clock. The minutes slowly slip by and I stare at the clock and wonder why I cannot just fall back asleep. Nights when thoughts cloud my conscious and the day runs through my mind non-stop. Thoughts that run in circles with no relief or conclusions. Long-dark-quiet nights of no sleep.

It seems I am not the only one that suffers with these long nights. For some reason, with age, comes sleeplessness. Somewhere-perhaps even near by-there are others gazing at late night television, reading a book, or maybe blogging about their long night of sleeplessness. There seems to be no solution-hopefully tomorrow night will be better.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Friend, Mona and I, while running this morning, were discussing our self images and what has worked in our life to form those images. Mona was telling me that no matter what stage of "little girl" she was in that her Daddy & Mother always made her feel beautiful and special. She laughed and said even as a teenager with zits and braces, she was told how beautiful she was. WHAT A BLESSING! She has a wonderful self image and appreciation for her own beauty until today because of the positive affirmation given by her parents. Little did her Daddy and Momma know how important their words would be ALWAYS in her portrayal of how she felt about the woman she would look at in the mirror everyday.
I do not have a very good self image. For that reason, I always tried to tell my daughter how beautiful she is. As beautiful as she is-inside and out-I have never seen her more beautiful than these months of carrying sweet Baby J. To borrow over-used but never mundane words, "She absolutely glows." Her Daddy told me she absolutely looked like a model in this picture that she posted of "Week 31". I have always tried to affirm Camille and Bless her with the positives that we all wish to hear. She is truly beautiful-but never more beautiful than as a Mother To Be.
Happy Valentine's Day, To My Little Sweetie-The Most Beautiful Woman In The World!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Anniversary Roses
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day-a sweet day that we are reminded of "Love" and the loved ones in our life. I have received many valentines throughout my life. I distinctly remember the first box of Valentine's Candy that I received. I was still in Elementary School and my boyfriend gave me a huge box of candy. A red box shaped like a Valentine with a silk rose on top-and full of all types of delicious candy. Steve was a sweet friend and he was taken from us shortly after graduating high school-he had MD.
Have you ever received a "Valentine" that you felt was TRULY heart felt or do you think your Valentines are attempts to appease societal demands with only "Duty" origins? Had you rather receive no Valentine or one that is sent only with a sense of duty? What about a quickly purchased card bought at the last moment with no thought-only panic to make sure the "job is done".
Tell me what you think of "The Holiday" and what your expectations are for the day. Would you prefer to hide in the closet for the day or do you relish the celebration? Valentine's Day - Love it of Forget it?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Tonight was our night to take dinner to The Boersma abode. They say a picture is worth a million words, so I will give you pictures & few words.

Helen's Faithful Companion, Jake
BC & Neighbor, Jim
Helen's Neighbor & Friend, Debbie

Son, Mark-Sitting With Dale While Helen Shopped

Helen and the experimental dessert

Helen & Dale

A Sweet Nurse & Her Patient

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This morning while running our mid week run, I noticed that my toe was hurting. Pain is something you learn to live with if you run enough. I just kept on trucking and ignored the throbbing. Besides, I had other things hurting also. The past two times we have run, my side has hurt. I have not had a side stitch in a LONG time, so I don't know what that is about. As Camille would say-anywhoos-when I got home and took my shoes off-WELL-see for yourself-
It looks worse than it is. It is sore, but does not hurt or throb or send excruciating pain through my foot. If you run, you will have some pain-it just comes with the territory! NO PAIN------NO GAIN!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A special occasion deserves a "special meal". Somewhere along the way, I have realized that I am able to prepare meals just as delicious as most restaurants. When I plan the menu and prepare the meal, then I am in control of the meal. Yesterday's Anniversary Dinner deserved a special treat-so Lamb was the entree.

I have never cooked a "Rack of Lamb" before, but have prepared lamb on many occasions. Since the weather was nice, I was able to grill, so "Grilled Rack of Lamb" was the choice. The secret to grilling is to cook to the desired temperature and not ONE degree more. Take the meat off the grill and allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes before serving. I rubbed the "Rack" with spices before grilling over a hot fire for a relatively short period of time. When the meat thermometer showed the magic number, off it came. I served it with "Smashed Potatoes, Pearl Onions, & Garlic"- butter and cheese added with the seasonings and a "Spring Mix" salad with Hendrickson's Dressing. The dressing is a recent discovery by BC and it is delicious. Ironically my step father's last name was Hendrickson-so this gave it a little "Family Touch."

For dessert, I soaked strawberries in confectionery sugar and a sweet wine for a few hours. Served ice cream with strawberry layers topped with whipped cream. It was delicious. Next time though, I plan to add a chocolate brownie or cookie layers also.

Great meal and good company-all you need to make dinner special!

The Grilled Racks

Monday, February 9, 2009


Thirty Six years ago tonight (A LONG TIME!) in Marshall, Texas(A Faraway Land), BC & I said, "I Do". Our long time and faithful friends, Barbara & Mark were our witnesses and baby-sitters for the weekend. For some strange reason that I do not even remember, we chose to get married on the night of the Bank's Stockholder's Meeting where BC & Mark worked. This meant we did not even LEAVE Ruston until probably 8 o'clock. I wonder now all these years later, if BC sat through that meeting thinking, "WHAT AM I DOING?" The blood test had been taken, the license had been purchased, and the justice of the peace was waiting, so perhaps the snowball had started down the hill and it was too late to stop it. I will never know! Anyway we were married and spent a honeymoon night in Marshall and the next in Dallas before heading home since I was still a Tech student and he had to go to work on Monday morning. It was a wonderful weekend and I still have fond memories, even though it is almost like it happened in another lifetime.

FAST FAST FAST FORWARD to February, 2009. We pass swiftly through 2 houses, 2 more babies, 3 graduations, two careers, 2 & 1/2 grand babies, losing loved ones, and caring for others. We have had many many good times and more laughs that I can recount. We have lived through trials, tribulations, celebrations, and just laughing and crying side by side now for all of these years. I am always honest when asked and tell young people that marriage is hard work. Hard work-no matter how long you have been married. Marriage is about giving more than 50% and not keeping score. Marriage is not just a state of being-marriage is an act of doing-everyday as you walk side by side.

Here we are all these years later, and I am reflecting upon why we are still married. We are not still married because I love BC. We are still married because I love God. God's teaching and God's desire for my life is the glue that has held us together for all of these years. The example of the grace lavished upon us and the undeserving love that is ours is my benchmark. The love of Jesus for his bride, The Church, is the vision that I keep my eyes on. Through the grace of God and his abundant love for us, we have managed to stay beside each other through all of these years. The desire of His heart is where I keep my heart.

So tomorrow will be another day and we will have been married 36 years and one day. My plan is to stay married until one of us is taken from the other. My desire is to continue to model my relationship with BC after the relationship that God has with us. He ALWAYS gives more, He ALWAYS loves more, He WILL ever be faithful, and He Will NEVER forsake us. I am blessed by the love of Our Father and the love of the man that He placed in my life. I TRULY AM BLESSED!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I know you all have heard of "Two Men & A Truck"-the moving company. Yesterday I observed "Five Men and A Truck & A Trailer" moving company. Friday night Pete told us that he was moving back to TN to be close to his family since he had lost his job this week. A tough week for Pete, but when you hear the details of how God worked it out in a few days for him to be back close to his boys it is wonderful. I asked did Pete have help moving and he said Steve(his old small group leader) was helping. I QUICKLY volunteered our guys to go help also. I am REALLY good at volunteering other people like that!

When we pulled up this is what greeted us-a truck and a U-Haul trailer. I immediately thought-NO WAY- is he going to get all of his "Stuff" in there. BC, James, Jim, Steve and Pete went to work and I stayed out of the way. TOO many male egos are a scary thing!

I was VERY impressed with how well they worked together AND that they got all of Pete's stuff packed in the truck and trailer. They were never cross, listened to one another, worked on solving space issues, and in general DID A GREAT JOB! No slackers-they all pitched in and did everything down to cleaning out the frig. Another example of "The Body of Christ" doing life together!

A Two Bedroom Apartment Has To Fit Into Here!
Pete & BC wrapping the television with a mattress
WHO is giving the orders?

Jim & Steve packing TIGHTLY!

They VERY patiently loaded and reloaded to get it all in.

Pete & BC finding another cubby hole to put something in.

The Guys packing the kitchen.

How many men does it take to pack one bunk bed ladder?

They let me enjoy their break with them after a job well done!

Final Step-Hooking The Trailer Up-TEAM WORK To The End!

The true miracle of the day is that I kept my mouth shut and just watched. I think I am an expert at packing and moving, so that was NO SMALL THING! It was quite enjoyable seeing the guys complete the job and WITHOUT a female telling them how to do it!
We will miss Pete who had become a Friday night regular and a new member of Small Group. We do look forward to seeing how God continues to put him -Just Where He Wants Him! It is truly a wonder to watch God work in the lives of those that He loves. GOOD BYE, PETE!