Thursday, December 31, 2009


I just reread last year's New Year's Eve Post, "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly". It was a trip down Memory Lane. I am reflecting as I write on the past year and a worthy title for this blog. Perhaps it will come to me as I write.

Looking at last year's post, I reflected upon Dr. Dale's leaving. After MONTHS, of watching the insidious illness take its toll, Dale slipped peacefully into the hands of the Father. A true man of God, we all miss him and I often think with a smile of his dry wit and insatiable desire to get me stirred up. He made me think! His memory lives on with us all.

God reminds of us his goodness with "New Beginnings" such as the birth of our sweet Henry. It has been a delight to watch him come into the world and grow into a crawling-LOUD babbling Little Man. His Mom and Dad have taken to parenting like Bees to Honey. It has been pure joy to watch.

The two oldest Grands have grown up A LOT in this year-especially the oldest. He is a sweet and tender young man that has learned how to pull at his Momma Lulu's heart. #2 is ALL BOY----but I see the changes coming as he also follows in his brother's footsteps in the path of growing up. They are joy---pure joy!

It has been a year of unexpected and painful revelations----it has been a year of reoccurring illness-----it has been a year of a life full of turmoil-doubts-struggles, but then ONCE AGAIN God has provided his strength. I have grown in Him and He is still wooing me. The growth comes with life's pain---but the growth is SO worth any pain.

I have been reminded of who He is and what He desires for me-----it is all Joy. He is my faithful Lover and I am His bride. How beautiful.

He has provided the Blessing of wonderful children and grandchildren, friends that would walk through fire with me, strength to sustain me, solace to comfort me, and as I look out the window and see a HUGE beautiful hawk 30 feet from me--a reminder of a beautiful world to live in.

I am thankful for how He has chosen to use me this year and blessed by an occasional glimpse of the blessing He has poured out through me. I pray for Him to continue to nudge me---maybe even hit me over the head when necessary---just use me. My prayer is for Him to change me---and to remind me of my part in that act of change.

Life is still not easy----but He is ever present and loves me FAR BEYOND REASON! Another year closing and fewer years spread before me than those behind me---I am joyful for the Blessing of His Faithful and Sustaining Love.


JOYFUL NEW YEAR---In all things and in all circumstances, I will count it all joy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


While traveling to Austin for Christmas, we stopped for lunch. While waiting in the line at one of the World's favorite fast food spots, the young man waiting on me was given a difficult time by his supervisor. He said, "Lord Jesus" with such conviction and emotion that I KNEW he was no stranger to beseeching God for MERCY! I have been reminded in the last couple of days of the need all of us experience for the Mercy that only can come from Him. As He extends His Grace to me, may I extend a fraction of that grace to those I encounter.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We may not be with Mr. Henry this Christmas, BUT we do have this new picture of his piano recital.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christmas has always been a magical time of the year for me. From my earliest memory my Daddy made Christmas wonderful. There have been times that I have found Christmas over-whelming---and times that I even fought off being blue---but even with that it has always been my favorite time of the year.

For many and various reasons, I have not had the "Magical Feeling" this year. There are no decorations---not even a tree. I just could not get it all going this year. It is almost like it is not really Christmas. I did get out and push through gifts for the close family---but that has been it. I have almost chosen to skip Christmas altogether---except for the Grands---I might have done just that.

Today God revealed to me that the "Wonder and Magic" are not in the tinsel and presents----but in the very thing we are celebrating--The Birth Of Our Saviour. It is a wonder and beyond my ability to comprehend why He chose to come down to Earth---HOW He could love us that much-------That Love Beyond Reason! So as I drove along the interstate, I took the time to thank Him for the Reason for the Season. Perhaps it was a good thing to put all the Human part of Christmas aside for a season and STOP and reflect on the "Wonder of It All".

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have noticed and commented MANY times that ALL of the fast girls have ponytails! Friend Sheila, took care of that and bought me my very own pony tail. I wore it to lunch today and everyone was SO envious. I will be known as the "Silver Streak" from now on. One of the runners was slightly dis-respectful and said she thought I looked like Willie Nelson and promtly named me Willete----I think I prefer "The Streak"!

My Running Buds took me to lunch today to celebrate my birthday. They always come through! There was not much celebration on the actual day since the kids and grands are all out of town. I did get sweet telephone calls from the entire crew that day! Today though----was great! The group has a wonderful way of making you feel special! We laughed and ate---two of my favorite activities! Thanks to all the "Running Buds!"

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I am usually not very vocal about political drama-BUT this Healthcare bill that is being forced upon us is THE PITS! Mark my words----this will be a disaster of HUGE proportions! We are going to be in a even BIGGER healthcare mess than exists now.

Look at the US PostOffice. Now that works well-doesn't it!!! Who in their good mind would think the federal government would do a better job of running anything than free enterprise.

What really ticks me is that I have spent most of my life taking good care of myself--keeping my weight down, eating healthy, and exercising. Do I get ANY break for this----NO! Now that I am entering those years where I will probably need to use my insurance or eventually medicare, they are train-wrecking the entire system.

I plan to keep a list of those that vote for the bill and remind them now---and later when their system fails to work and especially when their next election comes up.

When do we all say---enough-----and vocalize---no scream----STOP???

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The link I posted does not work for others so try this:

event-White Rock Half Marathon
Bib # 12624


Today is my Birthday! As my gift to ALL 2 of you that read this blog, I am breaking my long standing practice and sharing a photo-OF ME! I recieved the proofs from the White Rock Half and got a good laugh at myself. As usual my mouth is hanging open, becuase I cannot get enough air otherwise. I know Sandra will crack up when she sees me turning off that GPS while crossing the finish line. We ALL give her such a hard time because NO MATTER WHAT she turns that watch off if she stops! You will note that as I posted---it was like running in a parade. I can't remember exactly where the cameras were, but I think around mile 6 or so.

So click here and DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH!!

As I stop and reflect--briefly--BUSY DAY!---I am once again thankful for all the Blessings that God has showered upon me. Wonderful children---the TOP OF THE LINE Grands----great and faithful friends---a lovely home and beautiful woods to live in---food on our table and shoes on our feet---good health--sweet extended families----a husband that God loves deeply---AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST---the ability to still run at 61. I am most thankful that He has chosen to draw me to Him and given me a hunger for Him. He has used circumstances in my life and mentors He put in my path---to create a hunger and desire to know Him intimately. I am thankful!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Do Birds Have Christmas?

On a chilly Christmas morn, as I looked out the window

at a crystal coat of frost on the Mulberry tree,

I saw a sudden movement, like a darting shadow,

that quickly transformed, into a happy Chickadee.

A thought crossed my mind, as I watched this little friend.

Could I learn the truth, from a fine-feathered brother?

If the Chickadee could talk, my ear he would bend.

Do you birds have Christmas, or is this day just another?

I watched, and listened, for action and sound

.Suddenly, a Brown Creeper, diving with speed

halted its plunge, a foot from the ground

,to peck at some old suet covered with seed.

More tiny friends appeared, to my delight.

The tree filled with blacks, reds and yellows

as Goldfinch and Cardinals arrived in a flight

.Do birds have Christmas? Tell me, little fellows.

Some Juncos flew in, these darts of slate.

They were hopping and jumping like children at recess,

feeding on seeds with the ground as their plate

.Do they know of Christmas? I can only guess.

I pushed close to the window with my forehead,

as nuthatches and woodpeckers joined in the throng.

All colors of feathers, white, black, yellow and red.

Each different, but the same, all getting along


I sneaked open the window, and heard them all sing,

At last to my mind came all the right words.

It was as clear as their chorus, a choir on the wing.

Birds don’t have Christmas, Christmas has birds!

By Mick Zerr, Christmas morning, 2005

Monday, December 14, 2009


The reason that they have you sign up weeks to months in advance for these marathons and half-marathons is that if you commit that far in advance----it seems like a REALLY GOOD IDEA! Oh these race director are SLY FOXES----sign up now registration is limited! ; registration will close 4 weeks before event (Minimum); 99% full registration-last chance. So--you put you name on the dotted line and for a MEASLY $75-$200 they will LET you run 13.1-26.2 miles! MY AREN'T THEY NICE!

Many of our group decided WEEKS ago that we would run the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon this year. You know go over as a group----stay in the hotel in adjoining rooms----eat together--see Dallas Christmas lights together---eat together----run together----eat together. WELL it didn't exactly work out like that! We did have a small group of 5---but that's OK---we did all of the above anyway.

You do have to understand--when it comes to race day there is no running together---it is every woman for themselves. I must say though when you run with 20,000 other close and intimate friends, it becomes more like running in a parade. At anytime that you could see for 1/4 to 1/2 a mile in front of you---it was a wave of people moving down the road. QUITE A SIGHT!

The race itself was a bit of a disappointment. Not much crowd support along the route, some dis-organization, and not the run you were promised. It seems someone in Texas might not be capable of telling the truth---we were promised a FLAT course. In case you did not realize it-there ARE hills in Dallas---LONG SLOW CLIMBING hills- which we DO NOT LIKE! Lots of concrete ====sore knees. I plan to tell the Dallasites they could take lessons from the Houstonians.

A good time-----my time was exactly where I wanted it and the others also had a good race---so a fast---but fun 2 days!

Friday, December 11, 2009


There are three things that I have done well and good in my life-----and that is bring 3 wonderful and sweet children into this world. Today is Gabe's Birthday and I am reminded of the blessing that he has been for me.

Gabe and I share the distinction of being "Middle Children". That is not an easy role to fill. There were times that I felt like all 3 kids were-"Only Children" since they are so far apart in age----but there is still birth order dynamics.

Of my 3, Gabe probably has the tenderest heart. As most of us middle children do, he is quick to volunteer to "Rush in for a rescue". Are you sick, are you down, do you need help----he will come to your aid. A loving Uncle that the grands adore. He is a playmate and yet a firm hand when needed. He has spent countless hours throwing kids in the water, swimming in the lake, throwing balls, and jumping on trampolines with all of his special nephews. He can even get a little silly with Henry, just to get a smile.

By this time 33 years ago today, Gabe was not very happy with his entrance into the world, his Dad had gone home to get some sleep and I was wondering how to quiet a screaming baby. A day not unlike today----cold and wintery--and yet one of the days that changed my life forever. A real Momma's baby for 2-3 years, he was on my hip or my constant shadow until I finally pushed him off and out the door to be with his Daddy. Once he learned the delights of maledom---I think I lost him except for brief moments.

We've made a full circle and discovered new things that we both love in his adult years. It is a delight to be in the kitchen and cook together-----although he does seem to forget just WHO IS IN CHARGE when we are there together. We both love to hike and he is the one child that doesn't mind looking at my pictures and hearing my adventures.

Gabe never meets a stranger and knew everyone within the neighborhood in a short period of time. Scott commented that he had lived there a few years and still did not know all the neighbors, but somehow Gabe had learned all their names. He has the gift of striking up a conversation and inviting you into his circle with ease. A lot like his Daddy, he sometimes uses all of his emotional meeting and greeting energy away from home and comes home drained and silent.

Gabe is a wonderful son and a blessing to me. I am thankful everyday for the gift that God chose to give me--33 years ago today.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Gabe!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There are those that do not believe that God still speaks to us, but I think the problem is "Knowing How to Listen".

I awoke at 3 AM with a thought in my mind of the boundaries that are placed around some. If we don't learn at first, after crossing that boundary, we quickly get the hint. Don't go past this line. Here is the line and you are not allowed past it. I immediately began a prayer of praise that there was NO BOUNDARY between God and me because of Jesus. I praised God and thanked Him for this knowledge and assurance of His love far beyond reason.

This AM I received an email from a dear friend and mentor that said, "Psalm 16-Praying. " No other message.

During my "Listening Time" a few minutes ago, I began by reading Psalm 16----

"Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup,
you have made my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
SURELY I have a delightful inheritance.

I will praise the Lord , who counsels me;
even at night my heart instructs me.

I have set the Lord always before me,
Because he is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken."

Yes, I am listening and He is speaking! There is no boundary to keep me from God and he will instruct me even at night.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Friend, Sonja, gave me a new book to read (I have about 6 going now), "Hearing God" by Peter Lord. The first chapter is about "Listening" for God. I was encouraged by the lessons that I read and even began some of the steps suggested. Then later in the day, I definitly heard a message from God. While out "volunteering", a sweet friend shared with me an update on her life. I was reminded that God also uses other Believers to speak to us---if only we are listening. I was touched by waht she said and reminded of the blessings God has lavished upon me. I am totally undeserving of any Blessing and yet He has lavished upon me sweet children and grands, a husband that provides for our needs, wonderful friends, a beautiful world to live in, and Godly mentors in my life. Sometimes He needs to remind me to get my eyes off my navel and on Him. I just need to "Open My Ears" and "Know That He is God"!

Monday, December 7, 2009


A family of squirrels have made the life-altering mistake of nesting in our attic. Once we hear them rumbling around in the crawl space, I am on a mission. If you think a mouse in the attic can sound like an elephant, you can JUST IMAGINE what a family of squirrels sounds like---A VIRTUAL WILD WEST STAMPEDE! I will give them this credit, while the mice seem to be nocturnal---the squirrels sleep at night. It is not until the early morning hours, that I begin to hear them. Since I get up VERY early at least 3 mornings a week----they were discovered as they crawled down the drain pipe.
I am on a mission to catch and release FAR away from here. I am kind---I don't shoot them like most would and I do release all of them in the same "neighborhood" of trees. I won't tell you where I am releasing, but if you happen to notice a population explosion of the "Little Rodents" WELLLLLLL!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


For some reason, I began reflecting today on the love of a Daddy for his daughter. It really is a special kind of love. I was remembering how special my Daddy always made me feel and how I craved his attention. He was my "Knight in Shining Armor" for those early years. He called me, Miss WeeWoah, the name I gave myself when I could not pronounce my name. There was always a special place in his lap or in his hug for me and I adored him. A girl needs her Daddy-----but sadly he left far too early.

I often reminded BC of how important he was in his daughter's life. I told him that as long as she felt secure in his love and he made her feel special, she would not feel the need to search for another man, until the time was right. He did a wonderful job of being her "Knight in Shining Armor" . When the time came for her to "Leave and Cleave", she did an excellent job of selecting another "Knight". I choose to think that those early lessons in how a man treats a woman with respect, honor, and love helped her make a great choice.

My finite human mind can only begin to understand the love My Heavenly Father has for me, but thinking about this special love between a Father and Daughter is the beginning of understanding. Most damsels desire a "Knight in Shining Armor", but are often disappointed. The real Knight in our lives and the One that promises deep, satisfying, faithful, and steadfast love is God. As much as my =Daddy loved me, protected me, cared for me & loved knowing all about me, it does not begin to compare to God's love and care. What a Blessing!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Days like today, all I want to say is I QUIT!!!!!! Some days are not good running days! I have a theory formed after much reading. Once your bio-rhythms get off-IT IS NOT A GOOD DAY! Basically you have two rhythms internally---the physical rhythm and the emotional rhythm. It is a VERY good day when both of them are up. The days when both are down are THE PITS!

Today's run was 15 miles and it was 26 degrees when we started at 5:30. Being slow is a CURSE---I run by myself a LOT. Friend Sam turned around and joined me about mile three and ran with me for the next 3+ miles. Steph & Mandy then ran for another 1 1/2 mile, but THEN I WAS ON MY OWN! The last 3 miles, I did lots of walking and had NOTHING left. IT WAS A MISERABLE DAY! I QUIT!!!

Then Friend Sonja, who is also training but out of town, texted me and asked how it went. When I told her I didn't think I could do it, she texted back and was very encouraging. Thank goodness for my encouraging friends. Those that don't run---don't care and don't ask . I guess I understand--asking about what is going on with someone else is not always at the top of our list. I am blessed with good running friends though that do ask and do care AND most important keep encouraging me!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


For the FIRST time in my ENTIRE life, I just cannot get it going to decorate for Christmas. In years past, I have usually gone OVER THE TOP! This year I have not EVEN gotten out ONE BOX of decorations. I don't have the desire, the want to or even the compulsion to conform.

Perhaps it is the fact that no one will be home for Christmas and I don't have any parties planned here. No-that has never stopped me in the past. We have had other Christmases with no kids or grands coming home. Perhaps it is the fact that BC-once again said, "Hire someone to decorate". For some strange reason, I always take this as an indication that my efforts are not up to par. I am not sure what the reason-but unless some miracle of attitude transformation occurs-there will be NO decorations here this year.

If you happen to LOVE decorating, and take pity on me----COME ON OVER-I could use a LOT of HELP!

I did go and volunteer today with my ESL student at one of the local elementary schools. She is PRECIOUS and SO wanting to do well. Now if I had her sweet little face to look at every day---there would be a tree up-just for her!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We all get SO wrapped up in the holidays at this time of the year, but yesterday I was reminded that not all do. SIL Carol pictured above has had a re-occurrence of cancer this year. She is once again going through chemo.

My sweet niece, Elisha, called a couple of nights ago and asked would I take Carol to Shreveport for her day after chemo shot yesterday. I was delighted that she called and asked. Twenty four hours after Carol receives her chemo, she goes back for a shot to raise her blood counts quicker. This shot causes extreme aches and pains since it sends your bone marrow into over-drive. So after a day of IV chemo which assaults the cancer cells and also has MANY side effects including extreme nausea, you go back for this fun shot.

If you have never been to a cancer center, it is quite the experience. Basically they have these recliners all around in a circle where they administer your IV. The nurses station is right there so they can monitor many patients at the same time. There are also private rooms, if you prefer or if you are having problems, but the majority of the patients are in one large room.

As I looked around the room at all the patients and their support person, I was reminded that for many the Holiday excitement takes a distant second to some crisis in their lives. The Nurses are unfailingly cheerful, upbeat and supportive, but we all know what is going on there. It is a fight to insure seeing the next Christmas. It is very serious business.

So I came away reminded of how much I admire those that are waging this battle and especially at this time of the year. It makes running around and shopping and decorating and being totally stressed seem a little bit ridiculous. Anyway I am thankful that God placed this opportunity in my path to remind me of my priorities and continue to draw me closer. So as you run around in sheer panic, stop and take a moment-remember what is important and those in our lives that are important. So what if the tree is not up, so what if the presents are not bought much less wrapped, so what if all the plans are not made-----there are MUCH MORE important things in our lives. Take a moment and reflect on your Blessings and then smell the roses-FOR THEY ARE PLANTED ALL AROUND YOU---If you only stop and gaze upon their beauty and deeply inhale their scent!