Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today is sweet Camille's birthday.  I have spent my day reflecting upon the day that she was born---how happy we all were and how surprised that we actually had a girl.  NO ultra-sounds---ALL surprise!  Bittersweet are the memories at times---but I am working on staying focused on The Blessing of her birth and the tremendous joy she has been and is now.  She is a wonderful---Godly woman---devoted to her Lord---her husband and her family---as it should be.

Today also brought reminders of the MANY that are suffering---in physical pain---sick---very sick.  I am burdened by so many---and my prayers are filled with petitions for the return of health.  Cancer is an insidious disease---

I have prayed unceasingly for God to ease my pain---some of that ease has come by his reminder to me of all those that I love and care for that are suffering from illness--infirmity---age related problems.  That is just the tip of the iceberg---I haven't even mentioned those that are in pain/torment/distress from circumstances in their lives.  SO I am Blessed By My Daughter and My Sweet family----I am Burdened by MANY--that I will not violate their privacy by naming.  My loss and sorrow--somehow fades in comparison---we live in a fallen world--but God gives us glimpses of the joy that will be our constant companion--some day!  As for now---Life is filled with Blessings and Burdens.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We Southerners are trained to be courteous at ALL COST!  NEVER hurt some one's feelings---always turn a positive spin on any comment you make to another.  "Do you like my dress?"  'Why yes, it is really unusual---stands out in the crowd.' (Translation-there's not another dress here as ugly as yours)   "Your hair looks great---I would have never thought of that style myself." (Translation---WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!) "Why your baby---looks just like his granddaddy!" (Translation---he looks like an old man)  We just can't seem to either avoid a comment---or just not make a comment!

I am struggling with "Truth Telling" to those that God is putting in my path.  Here is one truth I discussed with a friend this morning----Do NOT complain about your spouse!  You have a spouse---they are with you---they have not left you!  If things are not good---then tell me what you are doing to make them better.  If you don't have anything in common---what are you doing to find something that you do have in common?  You certainly have your children--in most cases---grandchildren--in some cases.  There was SOMETHING there that attracted you---so that you wanted to marry this person---CORRECT?  

NO relationship is "Easy Street"---because we are ALL placing ourselves on the throne and NOT giving self-lessly.  What was the Christian movie about marriage---"Fireproof" or something like that.  Have you tried--even for a few days to put the other always first--no matter the response?  What are YOU doing to make your marriage better?

Here is my "Truth" for today----IT IS DIFFICULT TO BE ALONE!  We are created---read Genesis---to be in a relationship---starting with our spouse--then our children---and on and on.  As a friend told me this weekend--without another---we are not-balanced.  THAT IS TRUTH!

So I am working on telling my sweet friends and loved ones--truth---even when it may be painful and not what they want to hear.  We all---ME INCLUDED---need truth!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Today is Memorial Day---and I honor and pray for those MANY Men & Women who are bravely defending our country and what we think is our God given right to live in freedom.  NO---read your Old Testament---there is NO promise for freedom.  We live in freedom because of the sacrifice of SO many now and in the past.

My Grandmother Gillespie told me before she left us--that Daddy's letters during World War II were filled with details of the shell attacks in the European Theater.  He described to her the sound of the shells as they closed in on their targets---and I am sure the fear that most have swept over you as you waited for the BOOM.  If you heard the boom---you had been spared--if you did not hear the boom----

I have thought of Daddy on and off all day and how this must have impacted who he was for the remainder of his life.  We call it PTSD today----they called it Shell Shock at its worst in those days.  I wonder what impact that had on Daddy and the choices he made for the reminder of his short life.  Did he drink to drown out those memories?  Was his depression caused by all he witnessed?  I will never know---but this I do know---I am proud of Daddy for serving and defending our great country.  His service in the European Theater during World War II are a source of great pride for me.  I still have a couple of the letters he send Momma during this time and their sweet love story warms my heart.

THANK YOU Veterans---I am glad I still speak English---and live in a land full of choices.  I hope to honor you by always speaking highly of you---with words filled with pride--for your faithful defense of the freedom we all enjoy.

We remember your Fallen Comrades Today---and you as well for your love for our country and courageous defense of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Our sermon this AM was on "family"--the first in the summer series on family.  We started in the beginning---creation---and discovered what God intended.

We all worked on our own family tree---starting at the top with our mother and father---us in the center-with our spouse along side--our children below.  As I worked on my family tree---adding children's spouses---grandchildren---a sudden wave of emotion washed over me.  Wade then talked about how, as we wrote those names down---a word would flash through our mind---a one word description of that relationship.  For some those are good words of joy and happiness--security---for others pain---sadness.

God created us from the very beginning to function in the family unit---he created us to need and want those relationships----and then sometimes because of the "Broken World" and "Man's Fall"---what God intended for our fulfillment----and His Glory---we turn into something---ugly---broken---painful.

Wade concluded by reminding us that what man messes up---God will use to Bless us and to Glorify Himself--

Draw your family tree---and see the words that come to mind---

Thursday, May 24, 2012


My sweet Aunt Molly sent me this picture of the solar eclipse taken in West Texas.  ONLY in the flat lands of Texas could you truly see the glory of this marvel.  I would give credit--but she only said the name of the father of the picture maker--and in an effort to protect their privacy--

This caused me pause to ponder-----The Sun is representative of God---we could never dare to look upon His Glory and Splendor----but the Moon--is representative of Jesus----Who stands between us and the Ever Burning Power of His Father--so that we will not be consumed by His Glorious Image---but instead can catch a glimpse of Who He Is---


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


At times--you just have to look around you to understand where you are emotionally--

About 3-4 weeks ago, I ripped out a bed of azaleas--one of my least favorite flowers--except for the 3 weeks out of the year that they bloom---and replaced it with all new flowers and a fountain.  I call it my
"Blue Bed"----all shades of blue.  Blue can be sad---but blue can be serene---I'll let you judge.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have not danced in a LONG time!  Well except for an occasional "Dance Before The Lord"---IN PRIVATE!  ANYWAY---I have been working on washing my house----you know the Jomax/bleach---spray it off routine!
Stepped in a fireant pile!----DANCED A JIG!  THE LOUISIANA HIGH STEP!

These bites are on the same foot of the toenail that I got a blister under, while running, and is now in the process of coming off.


Saturday, May 19, 2012


When knocking around the house, I wear knit Capri work out pants.  I LOVE them--so comfy---no ironing---hide a multitude of sins!  I left the one pair I had in Fort Worth on my last visit----SO--I when shopping in Wally World recently---I hurriedly picked up a pair.

What I DID not realize until I got home was that I was shopping in the Junior section.  The cute Capri's with the white roll down top---though still seemed perfect---UNTIL while putting them on---I noticed across the back on the white-they have the word


If you see me out with these pants on---and no shirt covering up the offending word---JUST CALL THE MEN IN THE WHITE JACKETS-  I have LOST IT!  NOW---if I find Capri's that have




I'm probably still sane!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I found this really cute kitchen on "Ruston Merchant" yesterday.  The sweet couple I purchased it from were kind enough to deliver it since I have a small car.  The boys will love it!  It also came with a container of food and kitchen essentials.

SO---as I talked with Henry this morning, after his Mom asked "Do you want to talk to Lulu?"  DUH!
First thing out of his mouth, "Lulu, do you have ice cream sandwiches?"  Yes---I am known to spoil my grandchildren.  "Yes, I do Henry and guess what I got for you to play with today---a kitchen!  If you and Brother come to see Lulu you can play with the new kitchen and we can eat ice cream sandwiches!"


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am truly convinced we ALL have the need to be loved.  I reread a love letter this morning and wanted to share just parts of it with you:

"I have called you by name, you are mine.  When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.  You are precious to me.  You are honored and I love you.  Do not be afraid, for I am with you.  No one can snatch you out of my hand."

Such sweet---loving words--faithful love---endless love---we ALL desire and need this love.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I went to "The Plains" this weekend to visit with our oldest friends---the friends that were the witnesses when we married---vacationed with us for 30 years---lived life to the fullest with us.  #2 went also and #1 was in Baton Rouge working.  SO I had my two boys with me for Mother's Day---the first time in a VERY long time.  It was a wonderful weekend!

We went to "Mike Anderson's" Saturday night to eat---OH GOODNESS----seafood par excellence!  I had oysters on the half shell----char-grilled oyster-----fried oysters---oysters ----WELL You Get it!  Bubba hasn't got ANYTHING on me!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


11 years ago today---on a Mother's Day morning---Momma left us.  6 years ago today on a beautiful Saturday night with a full moon over the Brazos River at Moon River Ranch, Camille and Adam were married.  It  redeemed the day.

Life is about redemption---it is up to us to allow the redemption to occur.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012


Well---out of the blue---quite unexpected---I have a HOT date tonight with a REALLY GOOD LOOKING GUY!  He's SO CUTE! & I will have his full attention tonight!  NOW--those blue eyes and blond hair---WELL tonight they are ALL mine---I will have his undivided attention!  He's even promised to stay over for the night----DO NOT FLIP OUT---

It's #2---an EARLY Mother's Day gift---I won't bother to tell you that I was not the main reason to come---but HEY  I WILL TAKE IT!  

Sunday, May 6, 2012


My cross training efforts on the bicycle have been---An Adventure---or better yet a challenge!

For those that have the good sense to stay off a bike----let me explain to you my problem.  In an effort to get ALL your muscles working---they have clips on bicycles----It's not like the good old days when you had a pedal and you pushed that pedal down and got to have a breather while that foot was pushed up as the other foot pushed down.  OH NO---to enable you to get that maximum push--you need maximum effort---SO they have these clippy things for pedals---and on your shoe---well they have this vise that clips into that clippy thing.  It PERMANENTLY connects your foot to the bicycle---AS IN YOU CAN NOT GET YOUR FOOT OFF THE PEDAL!  NOW---in fairness---no one in the group that I ride with seems to have any problem---BUT ME!  The reasoning behind this is not only do you push down, but you pull up when biking---more energy---FASTER!

I can't seem to get my shoe clip off the pedal clip----so picture this-----I am trying to stop---I DO have the good sense to be slowing,   but as the bike gets slower---the balance gets harder---and THEN the moment comes when with no sustainable forward motion---the bike begins a tilt to the side---I'M CLIPPED IN------PUTTING MY HAND OUT IS ALL THAT I CAN DO TO BREAK THE FALL!

So last week on our tour of the Natchez Trace, I am coming up to the rest stop at the half way point---I realize--my foot is NOT coming out---I am slowing and spot a truck parked on the side of the road---great--I will just ease up to it--put my hand out when I get beside it and balance until I can get off.  The knot that is STILL on my elbow from the ensuing fall is still quite tender.

Then there is NO other way back but on the bike---so I saddle up again---and CLIP IN----Made it all the way back to town---but in an effort to be smart as soon as I smell the first glimmer of city traffic---I manage to get one of my feet out of the clip---(The other has NEVER come out without HUGE effort).  I bike ALL through town with that one foot out---run several stop signs and red lights---always slowing and looking for traffic--but keeping going.  I get to the finish line--think OK---I've got one foot out---I can stop.   Turns out the foot is numb and OVER I go again.  I am just a natural born KLUTZ.  

So basically---I LOVE BIKING---but I need to stay on FOREVER once I saddle up.  Clipping in is closely akin to strapping your hand on the harness that is around the bucking bull.  Well at least the bike does not continue to try to gore me!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


I was reminded this morning during our early morning run of the life lesson I have learned on building endurance.  It was HOT & HUMID this morning when we began at 5:15--after a 4:45 wake up.  It was NOT fun---it was gut wrenching ---painful---miserable---HARD!  The sweat ran down my entire body and puddled as I went.  I WAS SLOW---BUT I kept putting one foot in front of the other----after 7 miles---I began running the one added mile this week----I had to sing the song over and over in my mind----"DO NOT STOP---DO NOT STOP".  It became a battle of will---endurance over pain---just keep putting the next foot forward---running for the goal!

So it is with our lives---put the next foot forward--do the next right thing---keep moving
toward the goal---Psalm 121---"My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.  He will not let you stumble;"

We are charged with building endurance as we run the race--

Friday, May 4, 2012


The Scriptures promise us "Jewels in our Crowns".  I personally believe that Eternity began the moment I accepted Christ as my Savior.  I also believe I have already been given jewels for my crown.  Here are four of those jewels above.  #1 was born 44 years ago today at 4:52  in the afternoon on Kentucky Derby Day. OBVIOUSLY it was a "Hallmark Day" in my life.

I am filled with pride and Blessed beyond measure that God chose to give me such a wonderful gift and now look what that "Gift" has also given me.  I can truthfully say --

"A Gift that has kept on giving."


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sorry for sideways pic---NEW program is driving me crazy!

ANYWAY----if you ever wonder why ANYONE would get up at 4:45 and run----sometimes
God leaves a little treat by the roadside in a throw away pile for you.  $2.50 at the car wash---a little
WD-40 and my boys will LOVE this!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I'm having second thoughts---and third and fourth about the NYC marathon.  Praying for God's direction---but it is an EXPENSIVE trip---no one else is going---although my group has offered to help me train---it will be VERY HOT.  Trying to be smart about saving money and not foolishly spending.

It IS an opportunity of a lifetime---very difficult to get in to----would give me something to focus on---BUT I just don't know.

Trusting God will make it abundantly clear what His perfect plan is for me.