Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am ONCE AGAIN on a mission. I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday painting. As the grands affectionately call him, "Uncle Cousin Goose" lives in Nannies and Pappw's house in The Boro. Nannie & Pappaw were never ones to make ANY changes in the decor of their home--EVER! When Michael moved in, I went and with the assistance of my sweet friend, Sonja--we painted his bedroom and had it all ready for him when he got back from a mission trip. I am now helping SIL Nancy (his Mom) paint the den. The den has dark paneling (sans 1960) with varnished wood work. We have put 2 coats of primer on and cut in all the final coat of paint as well as finished the trim with the final coat. Today we are finishing up with the rolling on of that final coat---one coat for sure and perhaps two. As I told Michael (his real name)---A REAL LABOR OF LOVE!

Michael is called Goose by all his friends---can't really remember the source of that nickname. He is my nephew and the first cousin of my children. My grands call him "Uncle Cousin" in a cute respectful endearment manner. WE ALL LOVE MICHAEL. The good news is that Michael will be assuming the PE teacher job at the school where I volunteer and his Aunt Kathy is the "Resource Teacher". I will be seeing LOTS of him next year!

He did tell me that I could make a living painting if I wanted. I quickly told him no one else could afford me and only when it was a labor of love did I really want to pursue it anyway!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Perhaps one of the nicest things about an Austin vacation was watching the sunset over the lake every night. For the past 31 years, we have had beach trips---which were WONDERFUL. The Gulf of Mexico is south of Florida, SOOOOO---the sunset was not over the water. I sat on the deck of our vacation house every night and reveled in this glorious view. TRULY BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The "Horse Whisperer" has nothing on me---just call me the "Butterfly Whisperer". When we got home from church, there was a butterfly trapped in the garage, flapping around and trying to get out of the window. I walked over and stuck out my finger and he had a seat. I started out of the garage and he flew off---but I once again stuck out my finger and we were fast friends. Once we got out in the open, I wished I had my camera. BC replies he will go get it and I say there is no way he will be here when you get back. The butterfly calmly sat on my finger until he had gone in and brought the camera out and then posed for two pictures including me changing his position---he then flew off. HE KNEW WHO PLANTED ALL THOSE FLOWERS FOR HIM! Thank you, Mr. Butterfly!

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Running is a HUGE mind game! Today---I lost the battle of the wills! Saturday is the day for our weekly long run. After a day of apartment cleaning yesterday and LOTS of dust, I woke up at 4:45 with my head really stopped up. As I came to from the fog of sleep---I thought-HEY I DON"T FEEL GOOD! My body said, you are getting sick-just stay in bed. Usually I fight off these feelings and make myself go. There was no going today----I texted Larry and crawled back in the bed to sleep. I should have gotten up and gone! At 6:45 after waking up and looking at the clock several times after 5, my phone rings. I look at the clock and decide I can call them back. THEN my cell phone starts ringing----I GIVE UP! So after a short telephone conversation, I give up and get up. After I had been up for about 30 minutes ---an oh yeah taken a decongestant--I feel fine.

I should have gotten up-----my body won the battle over my mind today---but there will be another battle another day and MY MIND WILL OVERCOME!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Sisters in law, niece, nephew & I finished cleaning out the independent living apartment this AM. I drove away knowing that this chapter in their lives was now finished. Until you have been there, I don't think you realize the finality of these moments. As I drove away from Leslie Lakes, I knew I would never visit there again-after 8 years of visits. I still have items in my car to store, but for the most part eight years of accumulation and living were given away or stored today in a few short hours. Keep this in mind---YOU REALLY CANNOT TAKE IT WITH YOU!
As for how they are settling in to their new home,-----some moments good and others not so good. On a lighter note, when I went by to visit after the move--I found Pappaw leading the parade down the hall with Nannie in close pursuit. It seems that Pappaw won 2 quarters at Bingo in therapy this AM and so NOW he is on a mission. I was invited to walk along with them to Bingo but NOTHING would deter Pappaw from the clink of those quarters he anticipated winning!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


What else did we do on vacation---WHY WE ATE! It seems the two big grands graze all day long everyday. They walk in the room and announce, "I'm hungry" and then begins the feeding frenzy. We ate out once---quite the experience with the entire group--but then we cooked and cooked and cooked.

Camp David Spaghetti (recipe will come someday)
Momma Lulu's chili
Taco Salad
Chicken Wings
Ice cream
Finger Licking Good
Hot Wings Are Messy Business
Some Kind Of Soft Drink-I'm Sure

Some Are Messier Than Others


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Check out my latest update. At the top of the page you will see recipes-click on it for my latest cooking adventure.


light the grill and put your free range chicken on it---
about the time the chicken needs turning the bottom will fall out!


After our long day of getting the In-Laws moved to the NH yesterday, we ended the day with a BANG! I went to bed around 9:30 knowing I had an early run this AM. I heard the phone ring at 10:00, but BC answered it immediately in the den. I heard him leave and wondered......but dozed off thinking he was going to Wal Mart to get some supplies for his parents. At around 11:30 I woke with a start knowing he was not home and something was wrong. I got up and started praying and eventually texted him. His Dad had taken a fall--THE VERY FIRST NIGHT--and they were X-raying him at the ER. No Breaks---lots of bruises-huge knot on his head and SORE hip. Thankful! BC gets home around 12:30 and we talked it over and then head to bed. I proceeded to toss and turn until some time between 3-4 when I dozed off. Got up at 4:45 to text Larry and say NO RUN-EXHAUSTED! Finally dozed off again around 5:30 and BC starts stirring at 6:30. IT has been a LONG DAY. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight. I have been busy--NH visit-consult with nurse-call from nurse-visit to pharmacy-discussion with pharmacist--a little cooking in the mix while washing and putting away all of Pappaw's winter clothes. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today was a HARD day! We moved Nannie & Pappaw from their independent living apartment to the Nursing Home. It brought back strong-sweeping memories of Momma's move to the Nursing Home after her illness. Beginning the process of cleaning out their apartment renewed all the memories of me cleaning out Momma's apartment and distributing her worldy goods. HOW SAD! It reminded me that at the end---all of our stuff--is just junk in another's eyes. The things we have accumulated--are not really worth much in another's eyes. It was a SAD and hard day---knowing where we are headed. HEARTBREAKING to see those that we love headed down this road. I must say that it did renew in me a determination to make my time and resources count---to do what I can to make this a better world--to do all I can to testify to those in my sphere of what is important and the only "True Love" we have. HELP ME GOD TO FINISH WELL---Keep your lessons fresh and before me so that I will lay my head down at the end of the journey and know I have finished well.

Monday, June 21, 2010


What else did we do in Austin??????----Go jump in the lake-

Sunday, June 20, 2010


So what might you ask does Henry enjoy doing on vacation?????---It seems the child is QUITE NOSY! We may rename him "Nosy Henry". NEVER still if he is awake and definitely NOT a lap baby, Henry is on the move and REALLY seems to enjoy going through the cabinets--ANY cabinet---He can open things that are really quite remarkable accomplishments! We finally gave up and let him have a few cabinets to nose around in---but NO that was NEVER enough. He always wanted in the "Forbidden cabinets" too. We caught him at the end of the week ALL the way inside one of the cabinets with only his feet sticking out and they were not touching the floor. The GOOD thing is that he did find the cheese grater that I could never locate!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


They didn't think I would do it! It's like waving red in the face of a bull! The dare was to jump off the roof of the dock which was already above the water by a couple of feet. I am not too old to not enjoy a good dare and proving them all wrong. Click on the picture and look at their faces------Perhaps Momma Lulu still has it.

Great week of vacaton and time with all the kids and grands. More to come--

Friday, June 11, 2010


I consider it slightly annoying that some add lemon to the water without asking, "Do you like your water lemon flavored?" Personally I like my water----water flavored. Don't add lemon, vanilla, lime, orange----or anything else you might think of---JUST GIVE ME WATER! What is wrong with the flavor with water? If I want lemon added to my water, I also want sugar & ice-----or just give me a glass of lemonade!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


There was a comment made on the last post that if life is a marathon then hopefully we will have a slow time. Which brings me to today's subject.....

I have come to the conclusion that I am not sure I am in favor of prolonging my life as long as possible. I have had plenty of experience of watching loved ones live a LONG time and the quality of their life become POOR---or almost non-existent. Do we all want to be here as long as possible---even if we are planted in a chair or bed with virtually "No Life"? Do we deprive ourselves today in hopes of being in a Nursing Home someday ---with a family burdened with our care and most days not even knowing who we are? Does this all sound appealing to you?

NOT ME---I am thinking I will not do anything to prolong my life. After all when there is no quality of life, no joy in living------WHAT is the point. Is this what God intended? Do we not believe in His promise of Eternity and the joyful life that is promised when we are with Him? Think about it---let me know your thoughts.....Have we taken medical science to the point of keeping us here FAR beyond what was intended?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Is it really true that women are NEVER satisfied? When you get a group of us together---in fact when you get as many as 2---the topic of our size comes up. I can't remember EVER hearing ANYONE say----"I am REALLY HAPPY---DELIGHTED--I am SO SATISFIED--with my size and how I look. It's JUST wonderful!" YEAH RIGHT and the men in the white coats will be RIGHT HERE to pick you up! We are perpetually current reply is "I am SO squishy---I need to get back in the weight room." To which I invariably get groans and moans. All I can say is I have to look in the mirror when I get out of the shower. GROAN!

Perhaps all of this obsession has come from our media and the "Perfect----Airbrushed--Bodies" we are confronted with daily. NO NOT CONFRONTED BOMBARDED! It's enough to make the MOST perfect squeamish when passing a mirror.

I really don't remember my parents generation being so obsessed with their image. I can personally tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mother NEVER lifted a pinkie to exercise. OH WAIT---yes one time she went to "Foxy Lady" for about a month. They had these mechanical machines that they strapped you to and they moved your appendages for you. NOW THAT WORKS REALLY WELL!! That was Momma's idea of exercise. She seemed to pretty much just take what she had and live with it---with a little cinching up.

When I tell you that you look good----YOU LOOK GOOD---quit looking for that one little flaw and just do the best with what you have.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We put in a sprinkler system last year for the yard--and mostly my garden. GREAT help with the watering chore. I HATE to admit it, but I seem to be Sprinkler Challenged when it comes to setting the automatic timer. It's supposed to be SO easy.....but I am about to throw in the towel! For some strange reason I have the days down and the time the system is on correct, BUT the system goes off MULTIPLE times on the nights it is programmed to water. I am a HIGH MAINTENANCE sleeper.....thus EACH AND EVERY time it cuts on it wakes me up....and I don't easily go back to sleep. Thankfully it is only 3 nights a week....but ironically it is the same nights that I don't have to get up at ANOTHER interrupted night of sleep. ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH as Charlie Brown so well said!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Today has been a "Track Meet". Up at 4:45 and out the door for my early AM run. After our 5 miler in the 80 degree heat, I head to BC's office to water his flower beds. LONG story--but that has been added to my list of "To Dos". Home and a change from wet clothes to garden clothes and putting on Monday laundry. I head out and am at the "Blueberry Patch" by 7:25. I pick a gallon and a quart and RUN back home again. More laundry--putting the berries out to dry and then I head out to the deck. I am water proofing and staining the deck I washed last week. I didn't like the looks of spraying or rolling SO I am brushing every square inch of it. I get a telephone call. Back in tO dress hurriedly, put up the berries, do more laundry and head out the door. Off to Monroe to pick up BC's Mom from the hospital. Talk with discharge nurse--get Nannie in Kathy's car and OFF we go again. Back in Ruston--grocery store and an errand. Back home----bake blueberry pie---fold laundry and put more laundry on----cook supper including picking fresh herbs to season with. WHEW---sitting in chair and TAKING OFF MY RUNNING SHOES!


Sunday, June 6, 2010


Once upon a time--LONG ago---there was the traditional "Dinner on the Grounds" after Sunday Services. My sweet friend, Mona's church still eats on the grounds---I think once a year. After all they do have a nice air conditioned fellowship hall now. Their little church is about 20 minutes out in the country and they still have a small core of attenders--even in this day of "Jump in the car". We are having our own version of this at CCC today. We bring "Pot Luck" (I assume you do know what pot luck is) and the membership eat out under the large portico. I got up early to grill a tenderlion and make the accompanying dishes. This was a time for the church cooks to strut their stuff and bring out their best dishes. My favorite memory was the delicious fried chicken and the long table of cakes and pies. As an adult I learned that Mom's needed to keep an eye on their children or the table could be bear when they passed through. I guess that is the explanation of why children ate last in our parent's generation. We now have switched that and the children are at the front of the line.

It is VERY HOT & VERY HUMID in Louisiana this year. MISERABLE even for us that have spent our lives here. I am wondering how much fun it will be to eat out in the heat-----while sweating----but plan to focus on memories of childhood and "Fun on the Grounds".

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Our boys have grown a LOT since this picture was made. If I remember correctly this was in April and the water was frigid! Lake Austin is created by the damming of the Colorado River. Flowing Water=COLD! HEY it came from Colorado!

Their Dad just called and reported that at the end of this school year-yesterday # 1 had all A's for the reporting period and all A's for the year end. #2 also did really well and has been selected to be part of the "Pace Math" group next year. SMART BOYS--those two.

A Grandmother has the right to brag and it not be obnoxious!

Friday, June 4, 2010


If I could only explain to you, the one hope and source of unending love for our fallen world........This music video comes very close to describing all of the sorrow we are bombarded with daily------and yet there is an answer. Unending, over-flowing, faithful, boundless, immense LOVE that only has one source. No man, no thing, no job, no place will ever satisfy or cover our sorrow. If only I could explain it to you...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


"What are these people thinking!!!! I am the "# 1 Boy in their lives! Well I will refuse to even look at them---I'm just going to turn my back to the whole fiasco!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Henry, I understand you are going to have a NEW BABY BROTHER!!!!!!



In case you have not heard----I have the winning hand---4 of a Kind!

Little boys------okay I need to get back in the weight room. One thing I have learned with 3 Boy Grands. You need LOTS of muscle to play with them most effectively. NO--lace and frills for us---WE ARE ROUGH & TOUGH and ALL BOY!

Having been raised with 2 brothers and not a sister---I know how to play with the boys. Pretty much not afraid to try anything and not easily grossed out---I make a pretty good Boy Grandmother.

BESIDES ONCE A TOMBOY---ALWAYS A TOMBOY! I never saw a pile of dirt I didn't want to play in, I LOVE to play ball, I can out run almost ALL the boys my age, I don't mind sweating & Love to ride bikes-----


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


While some are off to a beach or a resort or to visit children and Grands, I am in Overdrive! NO COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT SECTION!!!!

Yesterday I started my annual deck cleaning. I LOVE all the many square feet of deck we have until the time comes for cleaning and re-sealing!----WORK!!!! I have more than half of the deck finished and another 1/4 ready for its second coat of deck wash. The other 1/4 I have not started on yet. After all of this has dried completely-2-3days--I will spray and paint on the new sealer. I started this project by cleaning the front rock stained cement Friday. It looked so good, that I went to the next adjacent outdoor surface the garage and cleaned it. This lead to the next surface the deck. I am a GLUTTON for PUNISHMENT!

Today I had to take a break to do some difficult family duty. Our parents getting older is tough for us all and the supervision of their care can be hard---especially when they are not compliant with your decisions. Sweet SIL was left with a difficult job today when other sweet SIL left for a mission trip. I volunteered to help with the job. We will have a LONG stressful day--but it will be more difficult for her---since these are her parents. I have told BC & his sisters that I have learned being one step removed is a great help when walking this road.

THE GOOD NEWS----WE FIND OUT TODAY WHAT THE NEWEST GRAND WILL BE! Four of a kind or working on a full house---I count it ALL as joy!

Check here late today or tomorrow and see our news-----

in the meantime Pray for me as I head into the day.