Sunday, February 27, 2011


Driving around town, I am noticing everyone trimming their crepe myrtle trees. The correct time of the year to prune is during January and February. My pet peeve---the BUTCHERS that insist upon cutting their trees back WAY TOO FAR! If you see one of these trees trimmed and you note a gnarled knee like growth on the tree, it has been trimmed back too far. The correct way to trim the trees is noted above. This will help make a nice tree that has fanned out, not grown tall and spindly from no trimming, nor like a bush from trimming too far back.


Friday, February 25, 2011



Today is my favorite daughter's husband's birthday. He is really beginning to grow on me as he steps up to the plate and hits a home run at being a wonderful husband and the best Daddy. Those Jennings did a great job raising this one. The best thing about Adam though is the fact that he is slowly beginning to realize just how wonderful his favorite MIL is!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Once again---I am plagued with sleepless nights! LONG nights that seem to stretch forever. If you want time to drag---if you feel like your life is whirling by-----awaken in the still dark hours of the night. The seconds seem as days--the minutes as weeks---the hours as months and daylight as an eternity away.

I found this while searching for comfort while reading during this LONG night

"My soul yearns for you in the night;
in the morning my spirit longs for you." Isaiah 26:9

"Weeping my remain for a night,
but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5

Promise that sustain me.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I judged the Social Studies Fair today for the school where I volunteer. FIRST remember this is an "At Risk School". The fact that there were almost 1/2 of the 4th Graders that entered is SOMETHING. Of course they have to do either a Science Fair or Social Studies Fair project. We judged the Science fair before the holidays.

The projects were GREAT! The top three that we picked were--

"Environmental Effects of The Gold Rush"
"Depression in Children"
"History of Basketball"

SO impressive! The projects included a Project Board showing facts about the project, a report including bibliography, and a "craft" or art piece representing the project.

One of the most impressive crafts was a scale size "Community" including business, homes, etc. WOW! The History of basketball had a scale sized basketball court including bleachers. These children are SO wonderful!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I put off leaving Austin until almost 10 AM. Just couldn't get excited about leaving these 2 FINE boys! We had a great weekend! It always makes me sad after spending time with them to leave---THEY JUST LIVE TOO FAR AWAY!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I will be starting the LONG trek home from Austin on Monday. It has been a great weekend with the kids and grands, but I need to go home and get some rest! Both boys had basketball games over the weekend, we went fishing, and just hung around together. #2 Son & I did lots of cooking together.

I shared LOTS of my wisdom with both #1 & #2 sons, only to be laughed at and threatened. It seems they have the same stubborn streak that I do and don't listen to my direction well. What's a Mom to do????

I will end this post with just one story from # 2. He came in this AM as I was working on my Bible study for Wednesday night. It was about 10:45 and here is his quote:

"Momma Lulu, in case you wondered I usually eat about 11:00."

Me laughing, "Well we have left over chili from last night."

#2--"I'll go look in the kitchen and figure out what I want you to fix."

WELL as you might expect--he got exactly what he asked for!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


My sweet Camille blogged in the middle of the night last night and in case you don't read her blogs--go here to read it. (I am certain she was up with sweet little E)

I chuckled and then I teared up as I remembered how God has blessed me with her presence in my life. She is PURE JOY! I know she will miss her friends when she leaves Erie---she pours herself into each and every relationship she has. They will miss her too--but I strongly suspect they will always keep in touch. She just has that God given gift for loving people. You can ABSOLUTELY count on her to pray for you without even asking. I think she has a direct pipeline to God and HE is SO pleased with her. A "Woman of Wisdom"-even at such a young age. I AM sorry Erie Friends that she will be leaving you---BUT I am so delighted to have her near again!

Camille, I don't know about the rest of you---BUT your brows are looking GREAT, Honey. (Just a slight paraphrase from one of our favorite movies)

I'm counting the days until we're together again!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


There is no greater Blessing than to hear my 8 year old grand not only ask to go to church, but insist that we not be late. A GREAT BLESSING, INDEED!

I went to church tonight with the kids and grands and heard a timely and significant reminder of Satan and his lies.

The minister took his text from Revelations and Gensis-3rd chapter. He told us of the 3 lies that Satan broadcasts to trick us ALL into his Primrose Path of Lies & Deceit:

1. God is not good.

2. You need more-what He has given you is not enough.

3. You are God.

SUCH a great message and so reassuring to know that my kids and grands are hearing the truth week end and week out. Not only hearing it, but considering it important and not missing the opportunity to worship.


Friday, February 18, 2011


I met with my latest student Tuesday and again yesterday for our tutoring sessions. She wears glasses because her vision is REALLY bad. Tuesday she did not have her glasses on. When I asked her where they were, she replied they were sat on and broken. I asked is your Mother getting them fixed and she thought so.
When I went back yesterday, still no glasses and she is having behavior problems. I asked when I took her down the hall to tutor if she was having a hard day. She replied, "Yes". She said that she had a headache and was in the bed after she got home with it and did not do her homework. She was visibly down. I asked about her glasses and she told me that they could not be fixed and she would have to have a new pair.
I spoke with the school nurse on my way out and offered to pay for the glasses if that was the problem. She told me that she had the funds to pay for a new pair of glasses, but the Mother had to take her and have them fitted. It seems with the struggle to support and take care of a family full of children, she was having a difficult time taking care of that.
ONCE AGAIN---I am reminded of the obstacles that MANY face----just to get an education. MY HEART IS BROKEN!

Thursday, February 17, 2011



HUMPTY DUMPTY had A great fall

ALL the king's horses AND

ALL the king's men

COULDN'T put HUMPTY together again!

Now we have to question--
WHY in the WORLD did Humpty climb up on that wall
AND if he had to climb up there WHY didn't he hold on
AND why would you call on a bunch of men to put Him together again
WHEN we all know---that men aren't good at gluing together eggs

Thankfully---I don't rely upon a Worldly King but only my
Heavenly King to put things back together again!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I finally have my running back on somewhat of a schedule---3 days a week with a trip to the weight room the 2 days between. I have SLOWLY gotten my time back into the reasonable realm---but still need to take about 30 seconds a mile off that time. I seem to be fluctuating in the 10 1/2 minute range---just cannot break down below that. If I keep chasing the big girls--perhaps it will happen some day.

Monday's I am running with Sam at 5 AM--which means a wake up time of 4:30---GROAN!!! Wednesday--Susan has consented to meet me at 5:30. Preferring to run in the afternoons---I appreciate her willingness to be my partner.

Saturday is LONG run day----these days my LONGEST run has been 6 1/2 miles. I will keep chipping away at that. Once I get into a groove, I should be able to add a mile a week to that until I get to 10. I have NO need to run more than 10 at this point in my life.

Which brings me to my post title----HOW do you explain the unexplainable? I'm not really sure how to even begin.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


SO-you might ask what did I get for Valentines Day?

My sweet friend, Mona gave me a beautiful blooming plant--some kind of trumpet iris--I think.

My sweet sister in law, Kathy gave me a thermal glass with my initial on it.

AND---my sweet student that I tutor gave me------

It has been a LONG time since anyone gave me a box of candy & ON TOP OF THAT she gave me a "Transformer Valentine" card. SCORE!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Mr. Cade is ALWAYS full of energy--here he is chasing cousin Henry
Baby Elliot---with his own Valentine touch

Yes-I certainly do!

# 1-----He will always be special!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I just finished watching "Emma" ONCE AGAIN! It came to mind while watching, what we women want in our "Valentines". I was reminded of the time old words repeated by most when we take the "Big Step" and marry. We want to be

There is really nothing I can add to that. Age old words that really did not come into true focus as to their deep meaning until my old age. Wise Words--

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Let me say in the VERY beginning----I am in NO way making fun! I am sure this story carries a touch of sadness in it---but we have to laugh to make life bearable at times!

When I had my CPA practice, my partner left and was exploring other venues--so it was me, my loyal and trusted secretary, Dianne, & a part time accounting student in our office. Our building was located a block off the main downtown street and a couple of blocks away from a run down trailer park. The trailer park has since been sold and the university is expanding in that direction. At the time---it was a less than desirable neighbor.

This was about the same time that all of the mental health funds had been drastically cut in our state and across the nation. MANY individuals who REALLY needed to be in a hospital/managed care environment were turned out on the street. I think we have probably done a pretty good job of restoring many services currently---BUT at the time it was devastating. There were people on the street and in low income housing who really could not function in the day to day world.

Our office was set up very similar to a doctor's office. There was a sliding window in Dianne's office which she could open to greet clients and the hall door leading to the back and our offices was kept locked-WELL most of the time anyway for security reasons.

This lady started stopping in our office while walking from the trailer park to town to get cigarettes. She was obviously one of the patients that had been put out on the street. She would come in and ask to borrow money---we later found out to buy her cigarettes. Dianne was afraid of her----she was pretty delusional. I used to laugh and say----"Dianne! LOOK AT HER"!!!! We can be out the back door and running down the street before she can get herself through that window! I am PRETTY SURE We (well me anyway--every woman for himself) can out run her!"

Dianne really came unglued the day that she told her she was "The Virgin Mary". Dianne misunderstood and thought she said "Bloody Mary". I can hear her stuttering even now when she made that pronouncement.

We make some inquiries and found out the lady was going all over town asking for money. Cigarettes--drugs---not really sure---but she showed up regularly all over town.

Dianne's sister was a loan officer at one of the banks in town. The lady stopped by several times to apply for a loan. Pam was a sharp wit and a quick thinker. She turned her down several times. The day finally came when the lady told Pam that she was Jesus Christ and needed to borrow some money. Pam coolly looked at her and said, "Go back and ask your Father if he will co-sign and then we will see about the loan." The lady left and never came back.


Friday, February 11, 2011


The Goodwill Lunching Group gave each and every child at my adopted school 2 books today as a Valentine. It was WONDERFUL! If you could have seen and heard these sweet children. MINE??? DO I GET TO TAKE IT HOME!!!! Was just a small example of their comments.

I was on my feet from 8 AM until 2----but even though my back hurt---it was SO WORTH IT!

The children got to PICK OUT their books---an added treat. It was interesting to see what they like and I discovered some writers that are currently the "Hot Thing". The BIG HITS of the day were the 3 D car books for the boys and ANY Junie B. Jones book for the girls.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Once upon a time---38 years ago yesterday to be exact---a Knight in Shining Armor swept into a lady's life to rescue her. She was so relieved and thankful for his great love and protection.

Life has marched on since that day. There have been good days, there have been better days and there have been days over the top. There have also been bad days, and there have been----WELL DO NOT GO THERE. The Kingdom has grown with three royal heirs and now the next generation of Knights have arrived--4 in all. Somehow they have survived it all---though admitting they are not quite sure how they did some days.

The Knight's steed has gone from dazzling white to motley gray. The Knight's armor is dented and tarnished from falling from his steed and the dirt in the road. And the damsel in distress-----the fair maiden----she has appeared to be more of a screeching wretch on many an occasion and as the flower faded so she goes. And yet---all these years later somehow there is still a Knight and still his lady. The only problem is that the Knight is holding on to the out of control horse for dear life and the lady is dragging behind clinging to the horse's tail----wondering if the horse is ever going to slow down. Life goes on---and the Knight is still there behind the armor and the lady still has the same heart--even after all the bumps of the road--they are the same.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We have had an unusually cold and "wet" winter here in North LA. Today's forecast is for snow and ice. This has sent the hordes into panic mode. They sent the children home from school at noon----EVEN THOUGH-it was only raining. They have called off school for tomorrow already---BECAUSE the Weather Man says it is going to snow and be cold. NOW WE ALL know how correct his forecasts can be. The grocery store was "No Room Parking" in anticipation of the grocery need.

NOW LET'S SEE---it should be above freezing by Friday and in the 60's by Sunday----BUT with the 1-3 inches snow that "MIGHT" fall---we may need a couple of weeks of provisions.

Having been in Erie during the winter months a few times----I see that the "Northerners take it all in stride". They have snow plows----they have salt---they have snow tires and snow blowers. It is their winter sort of like our summer is to us---we just live with it. I will say that though they continue to drive---I'm not sure they should be. They seem to think this gives license to sliding through red lights and stop signs. It would send a shiver up the spine of a demolition derby driver. BUT they cope!

It's totally out of the norm for us and we are not prepared---so we do the best we can for the day or so of "Winter Weather". Wonder what they would do in Erie if it was hovering around 100 degrees with 90+% humidity for a week.

It's ALL what you get used to living with!

New Recipe tonight---check it out .

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Check out my recipe blog here

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For those that don't know me------and that would be all but 2 of my readers---after all if you knew me you would wonder WHY WOULD I READ HER RAMBLINGS! I seem to have gotten off my pig trail here! I LOVE to cook and try new recipes a least once a week and sometimes for every meal that week. NOW this creates a problem---SINCE----there are a two of us here now and that means LOTS of left overs. While sweet Meredith was here, she took care of the left over problem---even going to the lengths to eat the oldest first. Since she has fled to the FAR North, I have begun sending some of those left overs to BC's office for lunch and others get thrown away.

Today I sent last night's fare---Spicy Pesto Chicken Pasta.

This recipe I rated a R for RISKY! It was quite spicy to say the least---well in fairness I got a little heavy handed with the chile paste. ANYWAY-BC's assistant suggested an on-line cookbook......HUMMM! What do you think? The problem is trying to make pictures in the middle of creating the latest dish. I have a page on this blog where I could put recipes....but I could get creative and have a link to another blog where I keep my newest finds. INTERESTED?

Sunday, February 6, 2011


in the FAR AWAY land of the North of Louisiana, there was a "Gator King" and his group of friends. The Gator King had lost his fair Queen to an illness of pink while his loyal friends stood by his side.

Life continued on for the Gator King and his friends. Week after week of talks and tears and laughter as time rolled along. The Gator King was alone and often commented of walking into his castle of quiet and the loneliness that he felt without his Queen.

The King and his friends met and talked and laughed and cried. Many a feast was consumed while together---but the Queen's throne remained empty for all to see. The King stayed busy with his big and wonderful family, his friends, and even the serfs in his Kingdom to the North. There was a plan in the wind---but all in good time---all in good time.

One day a friend said, "You should meet Lady S". I quickly agreed---someone to share a royal dinner with full of beauty and laughter. The perfect solution for the lonely King. The King asked that the friends summon a meeting with the lovely Lady S. Alas though they tried, there was always a roadblock in the road to Joy.

The King then took matters in his own hands and spoke directly with The Lady. Thus began the evenings and days of laughter and fun. The King was courting the Fair Lady and the Kingdom was full of fun and mirth once again.

The day finally came that the King brought Lady S a Royal Ring. The Kingdom was full of gaiety and elation as there would once again be a Queen to sit upon the Throne. The Temple Cathedral was filled with family and friends as the "I Do's" were pronounced. A great cheer rang out and the heavenly chorus joined in the "Hallelujah Chorus". Indeed the King had a new Queen and we all were filled with joy and tears of happiness.



Friday, February 4, 2011


"Pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

I didn't go to bed until almost 11, and then I was awakened with a start as my roommate jerked out of the bed around midnight. It seems I was making some undue noise while sleeping. The sinfilled part of me would like to point out the MANY nights I have stared at the ceiling as the logs were not just sawed but chainsawed next to me. Call me defensive at this point. I am REALLY awake now---so go get my book. Read until 1:30 and then stare at the ceiling and pray until 2:30. My eyes pop open at 5, but I do manage to toss and turn until 6. Giving up--I just go shower and start another day.

NOW you might ask---what good comes from this late night wakefulness? I listened to the rain and sleet and the quiet stillness that only comes in those wee hours. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I was prompted to search the Scriptures for answers. . . . AND I was reminded to give thanks in ALL circumstances. NOT an easy thing to do at times. .....and it is humbling VERY humbling to be reminded of my "Vileness" as Tozer so adequately points out.

Who DO you talk to in the middle of the night when all is dark and still and quiet---who else would listen at that hour---Only God.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have added an additional student to my tutoring. It's definitely a God thing! I worked with this young lady one day when my student was absent. It was so evident that she was smart---but for some reason struggling-at times in school. I could not get her out of my mind or off of my heart for days after our session. I spoke with her teacher and my SIL who has some big title at school about her. We came up with a plan and so I went for my first official session with her.

The first session was quite eventful----she was absent from school. Upon further investigation it turns out that she was suspended for fighting. NOW this is a paradox. This young lady is built a lot like I am----we are not cut out to be fighters. She is painfully shy around me and I have to ask her to repeat much of what she says. I laughingly tell her I am old and deaf. She hangs her head and her eyes are down most of the time. FIGHTING? Something is going on here.

Today I went back for another first session. I told her that I was working with her because she was so smart. That I wanted to see her do really well in school and knew she could be a top student. We worked for about 30 minutes rewriting a paragraph she was assigned. In truth, I did a lot of the suggesting today--but that will change as she grows to know me better.

Her principal told me perhaps I needed to "Lay Hands On Her". I said ---I will do just that or anything else to help her realize her potential.

"Red and yellow, black and white--they are precious in His sight."

Meanwhile my other student has been moved to another group for her classes. Hopefully she will receive more assistance in the new classes. I am now tutoring her Monday after school and Tuesday during school. The teacher asked me to help her with writing a 3 paragraph composition. When I read the last one she did, she did not use complete sentences. We have started from square one--writing a sentence AND THEN start putting them together to form paragraphs. I have worked with this student for over a year now. She is ESL---so the struggle is huge since English is not spoken at home and she is the oldest of 7 siblings.

Did you EVER stop to think about he obstacles SO MANY face in getting an education? IT IS DAUNTING to say the least.

LEAP TEST is in April----WOW---so much to do and so little time!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AM I IN ERIE??????

The temps was 18 when I woke up this AM and the wind chill was in the single digit. NEEDLESS TO SAY---I felt no need to run. I am SURE "The Big Girls" all ran. NEITHER RAIN NOR SLEET NOR SNOW YADA YADA YADA. THEY MAKE ME LOOK SO SANE!

I have been without the internet for over a week. WOW! Didn't know how much I relied upon it!