Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yesterday was Momma's birthday---there's just something about those "Special Days" in our lives---I always remember---who will remember when I am gone?

Talked with my sweet baby brother today---when I got off the phone I realized one of the things I miss most now that I am alone---is someone to bounce my thoughts off of.  Trying to make wise decisions---exploring alternatives---I'll get there---but it was always helpful to have another set of ears with an objective opinion and possibly other ideas.  

He asked me why I had not been blogging---I run out of words at times---this is one of those times.

Friday, July 20, 2012


I spent a LOT of my formative years hearing the words:  


The list was LONG!  My mother was so determined to make a lady out of me!  Somewhere around the 11-12 year old age I spent a year driving an hour to a nearby town to attend
"Charm School".  WHAT you don't know what Charm School is!   You learned VERY important lessons in life---how to sit--how to stand--how to walk--how to eat---how to introduce others--ON AN ON AND ON.   WHO KNEW YOU NEEDED LESSONS FOR WHAT SEEMED TO BE A NORMAL PART OF LIVING!  

NOW---what was sad is that--I had two brothers---no girls to play with---and a father who liked for me to raise sheep/cows and ride a horse.  As a concession to Momma---I did ride English--NOT Western.  That seemed a little strange---wasn't she SO proud of her Texas roots---but that didn't mean I could be a little cowgirl---oh NO---had to be The Lady!

I must say it was VERY difficult to maintain the appearance of a lady---while shoveling poop out of the animal pins.  SO---I CAN act like a lady today---Thank You, Momma---but there will always be that Tomboy skirting around the edges and making a regular appearance!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Before launching into today's post---I need to clarify the last post about the Brouhaha---some things are best left unsaid---and this story is one of those.  Sorry to leave you hanging---BUT on the bright side I just LOVE words like Brouhaha and Kerfuffle---they describe themselves and you don't even have to look the definitions up.  So the next time there is a kerfuffle that leads to a brouhaha---I will restrain from posting to not cause any question.  Surely you understand what I mean?

Momma had certain rules---and those rules were to be obeyed-without question.  A stickler for cleanliness----we bathed EVERY night and she inspected you after that bath.  She always said---"Clean out your ears"----I don't know about you--but I don't spend a great deal of
time looking into other people's ears-----well unless they seem to have a lot of hair growing out of them.  I always find it amazing the places hair grows prolifically---that's another day's post.  I read a book recently called "Bearded Lady"---SO FUNNY!  I DIGRESS!

SO---what was the big deal about washing out your ears with Momma?  When my children came along---I learned never put anything larger than your elbow in their ears.  Momma never saw a Q-tip that was not meant to be rammed down your ear.  AND those washcloths that she would wrap around the point of her finger !  SO I am happy to report I had the cleanest  ears in my class---I guess---I don't really know since I never looked in anyone Else's ears.  WHAT WAS THE BIG DEAL---I don't know---she is gone---but it was a BIG DEAL!  I probably have permanent damage or wax deficiency brought on by excessive cleaning.  God would not have put that wax in there if it wasn't good for us!  But Momma golden rule was
"A clean body means a clean ear" or something like that!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


There are some words in the English language that just absolutely describe their meaning by just saying them:

BROUHAHA------Melluva hess  (Lora's def)

Today---in fact yesterday and today I was involved in a Brouhaha----I was probably the cause of the mess-

"No Good Turn Goes Unpunished"----such a true statement at times!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I've been reading about friends that are having anniversaries after years of marriage and I've seen pictures this very day of friends out enjoying each others company after years of marriage.  My heart was warmed when I read of their happiness.

Years of being together brings something you cannot get from any other place---familiarity--which is NOT a bad thing.  Knowing what the other is thinking---knowing what they like---knowing before they say it what is about to come out of their mouth---knowing their likes and dislikes---that is all good.  And then the comfort of having lived life with another for a long time and walked the same road together----Good-Bad--and just Life---but always with someone to share that journey with you.  

At the end of the day----it is a blessing to have someone by your side to speak of all that there has been ---and they know and understand what you speak of.  It's not always easy to live with another---but it's very difficult to be alone.  So enjoy the blessing while you are together ---it is a gift from God -Himself.  "It is not good for man to be alone".

Saturday, July 14, 2012


ALL the fast girls---have ponytails!!!  I have been watching---and it's true--they pass by with that cute little mane of hair-swishing-swishing back and forth---with their tight little rears keeping time like the pendulum on a clock---back & forth---swing swing.  They pass me by and leave me in the dust.

SO----I'm letting my hair grow out----I'm going to join the ranks of the "Fast Girls"!  It's the key----just grow those tresses----buy a package of elastic bands----


I'll join the ranks of the FAST GIRLS!

Today I am happy to report---I got my hair into a low pony tail----with the tail hanging down approximately 1/2 ".  UNFORTUNATELY---it's NOT long enough to swish/swish--

SO---I guess to be one of those pert--sassy--fast girls----it has to be longer----

SIGH---I also suffer from follicle deficiency---so don't think I will EVER have the horsey thick mane that swishes in the same cadence as those hips on most of those fast girls---

AND I did NOT notice being ANY faster today----


WAIT you thought I meant something other than RUNNING?????

SHAME ON YOU!   NEVER Occurred to me!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Since # 1 daughter, hubby & #3 & #4 grands flew to the beach this year----I had to pick them up in my car.  (Don't really understand why they didn't want to drive the 13 hours and be stuck in Mobile traffic for over an hour)  ANYWAY---- this saga begins with me having to get my car seat out of the attic----re:Fireman to the rescue.  It was approximately 500 degrees (PIZZA OVEN) when I climbed those stairs and wrestled that not so light buddy down.

Then I had to put that car seat and another borrowed one in my car.  In case you wondered---not to fear---the entire car may be destroyed but those seats will not move an inch once you have hooked all those hooks and closed all those belts.  That only took a little over an hour---in my garage in the 100 degree heat!  WHAT FUN!

SO---I get to the beach a day before the Jennings crew and go pick them up early on Sunday.  I drive a small car---I knew when I bought it I was going to miss all those SUVs I've driven over the years---but it seemed the practical thing to do at the time.  Once you put the two cars seats in the back there is approximately 12" for someone to sit between them.   GUESS who got that privilege!  The SIL---a man---HAD to be in control and drive---the daughter--now expecting Grand #5 couldn't be asked to squeeze in---SO.  If you turn sideways-after crawling over a car seat to get in and hold your breath while squeezing in the widest part of your body ---it's sort of like pulling on those too tight jeans---you couldn't wear on your best day.  ANYWAY---I made it and 45 minutes later---they got the jack out of the trunk and pried me out.

When Grand # 5 comes---someone is going to have to be strapped to the roof!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I am currently reading an Ireland inspired book.  I learned something new---and wanted to share it with you.  The origin of the Mac, Mc, and O prefixes for names:

Irish last names reflect the long history of the island of Ireland, from the days of the Celtic High Kings through successive invaders to modern times.
Maureen O'Hara

Born Maureen FitzSimons in Dublin, the young actress
adopted the name O'Hara, an ancient Irish
last name historically found in Sligo and Antrim.

In the same article, I found that other names were derived from the occupation of the father-

The word for a blacksmith in Irish was gabhann and the occupation had long ago found its way into a common Irish last name as Mac Gabhann. A large indigenous group of Mac Gabhanns was based in Co Cavan; whether by choice or threat, their name was translated to Smith and stayed that way. Outside of Co Cavan, however, many Mac Gabhanns didn't adopt the translation. They anglicised the spelling, instead, becoming Mac/McGowans.

These names were both Irish and Scottish in origin.

SO---I guess with my Scottish/Irish roots---I should be glad the my surname is not--

Mc James-Beancounter

They did not become hereditary, however, until the 11th century. Up to this time, and for much of the Celtic era, surnames (for want of a better term) lasted just one or two generations.
The prefix 'mac', meaning 'son of', was used. So Kieran mac Fiachra was Kieran the son of Fiachra, and his son might be Darragh mac Kieran ie Darragh the son of Kieran.
Alternatively, the prefix 'O' (or the older form 'Ua') was used to mean 'grandson of' or 'descended from'. So Kieran O'Conor was the grandson or descendent of Conor. While Oisín O'Laoghaire was a descendent of Laoghaire.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have been thinking today about how you change your thought orientation after 40 years of being oriented a certain way.  After a long discussion about why---certain thoughts continue to reoccur----questioning thoughts---doubting thoughts---thoughts that do nothing but dredge up pain, insecurities and reinforce a negative self-image---there is no answer but time.  Perhaps time does heal all wounds---and perhaps a change in venue ------staying busy with life affirming projects----caring for those less fortunate----working harder---perhaps that is the answer.  Time will tell----God is faithful!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I might let you stumble---

    I might let you fall-----

          But I am always there watching---

                To lend a hand and help pick you up!

Monday, July 9, 2012


There are times that life is filled with waves----

We are filled with fear when looking at what is coming---and it seems we will be washed away or thrown to the bottom of the sea.  

THEN---we call for help and someone MUCH stronger reaches down and lifts us up and holds us in His arms.   Protecting us---carrying us --eventually helping us to face the wave and even enjoy the ride-----


Saturday, July 7, 2012


One of the men in my life & I had a little pillow talk one of the nights he slept with me--

"I love you, Henry."

"I love you too, Lulu.           Does that make you happy?"

"Yes--from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.   Can I put my hand on your arm?"

"I'll hold your hand, Lulu."


Thursday, July 5, 2012


Truly it's the simple things in life-

Summer Birthday Parties With The Boys Making The Shark Cake

Reading Books

Lulu's Spaghetti

Blowing Bubbles

Shooting Water Guns

Watching the Fireworks

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Day Two--the pictures say it all----WONDERFUL---only down side---SOME OF US---are up most of the night howling at the almost full moon!  

Monday, July 2, 2012


After NO vacation for 2 years---and NO beach for 3 years----I AM AT THE BEACH!!  My sweet friends, The Thompson's invited me and my family to their beach vacation.  Only #1 daughter and her family were able to come---but we have a BIG CREW that will be with us this week---a house full!

Here are the first day's pictures----I promise there are more with us than Adam and #3 & #4---BUT for some reason---these are the pictures that were taken.

It is Balm to my Soul to be here!