Wednesday, June 29, 2011


There are those days in life when I just ask myself WHY----and then I remember a large part of the reason why

AND the other a large other part is in Austin. They ALL make me happy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I bought a car---and I mean a car--not a SUV. After MANY years of driving Explorers--I am back to the world of cars now. It just seemed to make sense--wonderful gas mileage---Great expectations for life of car---better insurance---it just made sense. I have crossed the bridge to responsible!

How do you purchase a vehicle. You do your research--on line. You visit various car dealers. You walk in with a huge folder filled with paper and proposals and print outs. You talk the talk--you walk the walk---You throw out that you audited automobile dealership books for years---you wait for their deal---that they say is so great

you counter deal

they take it


One thing will not change---it's still a white car! I have driven only white vehicles for a LONG time----and I will still be in a white vehicle!

Monday, June 27, 2011


One of our running group & our sweet friend, Sheila Bordelon is running for tax assessor. Let's just say---she's the most qualified and will do the best job--without further political advertisement. I can't imagine WHY YOU WOULD NOT VOTE FOR HER!

ANY WAY----for the Peach Parade-we decided the perfect float would be a surrey bike---

You know she will work HARD for you!

Friends, Susan & Babs helped with the power and I personally think we were quite the hit of the parade AND I got a great workout pedaling!

We all seem to be giving advice and Sheila appears to care about what we are saying-

a TRUE politician!

Made it up Alabama hill and the fun began!

Unfortunately this was our view for most of the parade
"The Elephant's Rear"

At some point in a very SLOW progression--we decided ENOUGH--even with the Sheriff behind us---We broke out of line and pedaled around the other floats----


After all what would they do--send the parade police to get us???


Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am shopping for a newer car. With lots of trips back and forth to see the grands in Texas, for lots of reasons-it is time to car shop. Now let me begin by saying--I AM NO DUMMY and will not be had. I know everyone needs to make a living-but they don't have to make their entire week's living off of me. I get the feeling because I am female--well anyway.

I do my research. I have a nice Ford Explorer that I have taken excellent care of. Even the car salesman said it is as clean as a new one. Anyway--I went in knowing what trade in value should be---I did my research. He offered me wholesale which is $1800 less. I told him thank you and left.

There are other car dealers within easy driving distance and perhaps they would like my business more than he does.

MEANWHILE------if you are looking for a good 2nd car- car for you teen or college bound kid--I have an '06 Ford Explorer XLT---leather/6 player CD unit/3rd row of seats/power everything & MY FAVORITE FEATURE keyless entry for sale---email me!


I went to the doctor Friday-so my friends would quit nagging me. I scored the trifecta in doctors--

Nice Looking

If you have to go to the doctor, this is an added bonus!

It seems I am suffering from severe stress---DUH! In my usual manner, I marched in and gave my diagnosis--but he concurred. He assured me if I could run 5 miles, there was nothing wrong with my heart. I wonder if anyone ever told James Fixx that? -LOL! I digress. We live in a world of drugs to fix anything---so he gave me drugs.

I currently take no drugs-and plan for this to be a short term deal-but for now I will follow the doctor's orders. Well except for some minor changes that I decided upon in the way I take them.

One of the pills is a "Happy Pill". It seems they take around 3 weeks to work. If you see me in about three weeks and I am clinging to the chandelier when you walk in, suggest I cut back on the dosage-please!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am walking through a desert time in my life, but I have been so amazed at the Oasis that God continues to spring up as I walk this path. It doesn't stop the necessity of the trek through the desert-but it does give me the strength for the journey. Today, Friend Barbara sent this song. I have heard it once before--but her timing is perfect. Enjoy & be Blessed

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CALL 911~~~!!!!!!!

Stress can do STRANGE things to your body! I have heard of others experiencing this, but prided myself that I had never gone there----well until today! I was driving home from Austin and you do know it is a LONG drive, and thinking WAY TOO MUCH! I started feeling chest pains that escalated into the feeling as if someone was sitting on my chest. I became--well REAL concerned. I had these visions of being on the side of the road-wrapped around some tree-after dying at the wheel.

THANK THE GOOD LORD for friends like Nurse Sonja. I called her and she talked me through it. By the time I had called her, I had stopped at a C store (seemed the smart thing to do) and she told me the meds to try. LONG story short---I am alive! Wouldn't wish that pain on anyone---can't imagine what a REAL heart attack must feel like! I should have known if I ran 5 miles this AM, my heart was fine!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


#1 Grand who is 11 would shave his head if his Momma would let him
#2 Grand wants his to grow down to his rear

Splain this, Lucy!

Fun day---mall shopping (YUCK for malls), lunch, tickle, swimming in lake, tickle, visiting, tickle, homemade pizzas, tickle--LOVE THESE BOYS!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Balm for my broken heart---my sweet #1 & #2 Grands! #1's 11th birthday was today-WOW has 11 years flown by. I was SO excited the day he was born and he has been joy ever since!

Silly-but handsome

So what does an 11 year old get for his birthday

Some Funny Cards
Gifts wrapped in Hannah Montana paper

A billfold with a photo of his Dad with his ex-con haircut

A huge vat of Corn Puff Balls

AND a Horse Head Mask

ALL must haves for ANY 11 year old!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am thinking about my Daddy today and missing him. He died 48 years ago in February, just after my 14th birthday. He was only 45 years old. I am saddened thinking about all that he has missed since he left us. I think I will turn my thoughts to how much I loved him and how sweet he was. A World War II European Theater veteran, he did a lot of living until he became sick. He and Momma lost their first born at birth-Robert Ray James, Jr. during war time. He was loved by many and had a personality very similar to Camille's. Everyone loves them and wants to be around them. There was never enough to go around and I didn't like sharing him. He was the driving force behind many of the childhood projects my brothers and I participated in. You didn't tell him no if he wanted you to do something-you just did it. His last years were filled with hardship and then a terrible illness. Momma never recovered from those years and would never talk about it. She let the bad times overshadow the many wonderful years. That is my lesson for today---I will chose to remember the good years and not focus on the bad. Loved my Daddy & miss him tremendously. I could really use one of his hugs-especially today.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


My sweet niece asked about my food blog. I am not in a good place right now emotionally-but am well aware of God will be my provision. It takes a lot of energy to keep the daily food blog going and you need someone to cook for. Since sweet Meredith graduated and moved to Princeton, there is no one to appreciate my culinary experiments. I do hear your request though and have put the blog back up here. You can also click on it on the right side of the screen under my list of other blogs. The recipes are categorized and you just click on the category and scroll until you see what your looking for.

Sweet niece asked for the blueberry pie recipe---quite by coincidence- I prepared one yesterday with the fresh blueberries that I picked at Pop's 2 weeks ago. Once you pick your berries---put them on a towel in a single layer and let them dry--DO NOT WASH--then you just freeze or place in Tupperware--they will keep a LONG time in the frig this way.

I took my pie to friends Patty & Jeff's house last night. She prepared a wonderful fish with a toasted pecan/sauteed pepper sauce. I will see if I can get her recipe and post it for you. Perhaps upon occasion-I will post some wonderful recipe such as this. BUT FOR NOW---posting this blog is about all I can do.

AS ALWAYS Thanks for Reading & Letting me know & Signing Up as a Follower!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I had a very important question asked today. At first, I responded I need to pray about it and think about it before giving you an answer.


I was reminded of a series of events that answered the question

1. I was prompted by God to read and study Ezekiel recently. I have been plodding through it and have even journal ed questioning God as to what I was to gleam from it. I then got to the passages about us being held accountable for our brothers and sisters placed in our path and we will be held accountable for them if we do not warn them of the consequences of their sin.

2. I then received an email today that spent a great deal of time exploring the fear of accountability when we are not repentant and a reminder that we are not guaranteed even one more minute.

3. I had a conversation with a friend who reminded me that it was not about me-but it was about eternal consequences.

It is so amazing to see God working in my life and answering questions-even before they are asked with re enforcement. Life is not easy-but He is faithful to provide just what we need and just when we need it. AWESOME!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


My little band of volunteers and I went to Reading Camp again today. We had three assignments and I took the "Left Over" since I seriously owe these people for their willingness when I put out the call.

My assignment was "Bubbles". I AM DEAD DOG SERIOUS---bubbles are REALLY MESSY! These children are Grades 1-3 (upcoming year). Interestingly the younger children did the best job. Each child had a cup of bubbles & a straw. They blew bubbles and put them on their arms. We talked about what is inside the bubble and why your arm has to be wet for the bubble to "Make". We made bubble caterpillars-bubbles in bubbles-big bubbles and bigger bubbles.

The next part of the activity involved dipping yarn which was threaded through 2 straws into a tub of bubbles. We made bubble windows. The children were shown how a wet finger placed through the window would not pop it. They blew HUGE bubbles from the window. They loved it BUT


I should not have to use soap on my hands any time in the near future--!!!! Oh and you do know that soap residue makes thing slippy don't you???

Next week-no more nice girl--I'm doing the power point!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We have ticks to contend with in Louisiana along with other regions of the country. If you walk around in the thick pine and leaf thatch in the dense woods around this house, you might get a tick-in the warm weather-that would be most of the year! I normally spray myself with Deep Woods Off or Cutters before strolling out in the yard to work. For some strange reason---I was only going to be out a short time, I didn't yesterday.

When I came in and showered I found a tick--all the way up around my underarm---they love dark - sweaty---fat & juicy - tender parts of your body. He was a small one--but he had latched on and was enjoying a feast.

I carefully removed him---and thought "WHAT IF I GET ROCKY MOUNTAIN TICK DISEASE"---wait-this isn't the Rockies--I'm Good! I then thought---"OH NO---the dreaded Lyme's Disease" again--although possible extremely rare in the South--more likely on the East Coast. SO I'M GOOD!

Except for the late night----I am sure something is crawling on me phenomenon---I'm Great!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Do you remember in elementary school all the little games we played about "Liking Someone"? I suppose this was a learning activity for becoming adults someday and the adult games we would play with each other. "I like-_____-but she doesn't like me" " I don't like _____ because _____".

I have really tried to be VERY adult and like all that are put in my path. Somehow I have figured out that I am pretty weird in my own right and if I accept others as they are-perhaps they will tolerate me as well.

ALL THIS TO SAY---if you read my blog---all 2 or 3 of you---PLEASE say you like me by becoming a "Follower" . You don't have to reveal anything about yourself-or put a picture or anything. Just sign up as a follower. All you have to do is click on Followers and it tells you how to do the rest. You do not have to have a blog-use you email address as your user--it's really simple.

I getting pretty paranoid over here thinking you don't like me---


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Our message this morning was from Mark 14th chapter- 43-72. Those familiar verses about Peter's denial of Christ. Bruther Len chose to remind us of Jesus's intercession for Peter which is noted in Luke 22:31-32 when Jesus tells Peter at the Last Supper that He is praying for him.

I have many friends and family that have been praying for me, but today I was reminded that the "BIG GUN" is interceding for me-Praying for me to the Father. He further proved this with Romans 8:33-34 and I John 1:9-2:2. I am often comforted and encouraged that others are praying for me. God is nudging you to pray, but Jesus is also praying. WOW!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've been to the landfill 4 times in 2 days. I've developed a special relationship with the weigher man. You have to stop on his scale on the way in and on the way out-SO that means we have crossed paths 8 times in two days. That's more than I see almost anyone in a two day stretch these days!

I cleaned out ALL 30 + of the HUGE azaleas in the bed shown above over the past 2 days. This required those 4 trips to the landfill to get rid of the evidence. Each time I stopped for the weigher man, he gave me this cute little wave. He stuck his pointer finger up in the air and kind of shook it toward heaven. I THINK HE MIGHT LIKE ME! NOW don't tell me that he waves like that to every one that comes through with a load of debris! I am pretty sure I am one of a VERY few women who bring multiple loads of stuff to unload. He is used to dirty-sweaty-stinky old men passing by AND THEN a BELLE OF THE SOUTH crosses the threshold of his domain. He MUCH prefers a dirty-sweaty-stinky Southern Belle anytime---thus the sweet little finger wave!

After FINALLY finishing clipping all the azaleas down, I came in and collapsed into a heap on the floor to await my passing from heat stroke. I'll bet my obituary is the only one you will ever see that reads:

Following a heat stroke after multiple trips to the landfill, Lora left this Earth for her just rewards in the Heavenly Garden.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The War is NOT OVER!

Someone inquired-via facebook-if the azalea had been defeated. I have called in outside consultation from a couple of experts. We have huddled-put our heads together-and come up with the same conclusion. IT'S GOING TO TAKE A



I am in the process of cutting all the azaleas down to the ground and then we're going to bring in the big guns to take them out! Now unfortunately after working several hours in the hot/humid LA weather-I only got about 5 of them cut down. Of course I had to go to the landfill twice--branches hanging out of the back of the truck-holding up traffic--the landfill is a story for another day. You may remember-I am the

Queen of the Landfill

I may have lost the first battle-but the strategy is being planned AND the war is NOT over!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I went to Summer Reading Camp today as a volunteer to help with special activities. WHAT A HOOT! They needed volunteers to put in 4 different stations that the groups of 20 or so students rotated through. Debbie W. & I had the Bella Whale station. Basically we were teaching the students how the whales eat, but in my usual manner I did a LOT of embellishing.

After giving a demonstration of straining parsley suspended in water through various tools, to show how the whales eat-we then went outside for a little individual experimentation. We took small cups and put a little water & sprinkles which represented the shrimp inside them. The object was to put a big mouthful in your mouth, close your teeth (the strainer), and spit out the water. All that should be left is the sprinkles (food). These are first, second & maybe third graders--many of whom are missing multiple front teeth. IT WAS A HOOT! After the first group, I learned that I had to demonstrate the technique. I was really QUITE GOOD at it -THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

One of the teachers, Pam G., asked what my precious daughter, Camille would think of her mother's manners. I quickly told her she will be SO JEALOUS that she did not get to participate in the spitting! YEAH FOR SPITTING AT SUMMER CAMP!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just in case you wondered---Old Azalea roots go all the way to China!

I can't sit still for long at all-so this morning I started yet another new project. I have an island bed of azaleas in the middle of my circular drive that has been there for 25 + years. Plants are like humans-they have a life expectancy and some of these azaleas are WAY PAST old age. I had decided in the Spring that once they had bloomed that I was going to take this bed out and think about something different for the spot. That was in the Spring before the drought and the hard ground and the hot weather.

I had not gotten around to starting this project until today--I wanted to wait until it was REALLY hot before beginning. SO this morning early, I first cut back the first HUGE azalea that I was planning on slipping from its earthly bed. Then I tried tying a rope around the branches sticking from the ground and the other end to the back of the "Yard Truck". I then gave it a gentle tug---and the rope went "TWANG"--it broke.

Well not to be outdone by a mere bush--I started digging around it and discovered it puts out long feelers of roots which over the years are about the size of my wrist. I began cutting those roots and kept on digging. By this time I have a moat dug around the plant and just know it will come up. Once again I tie the rope around the plant and to a do dad hanging under the truck that holds in the spare tire. Once again the rope broke and this time-the do dad bent.

I go BACK with the shovel and try to pry the bush loose and discover there are MANY roots and they ALL are big as my wrist and the ones directly under the bush are sunk all the way to China.
By this time I am using my hands to dig out from under the bush to find the roots-and then cut them. Did I mention that the sweat is pouring off me and I am filling the moat up as I work? After a hour and a half of digging, prying, pulling---the bush has won---FOR TODAY!

I am looking for a chain and trying to figure out where to hook it on the truck---THAT SUCKER IS COMING OUT OF THERE!

Then I have only about 30-40 more to go to have my cleared bed.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I distinctly remember my mother telling me, "BE STILL" as a child. Raised in a home where children were seen and not heard---being still until this day drives me up the wall! I have spent the afternoon though "Being Still"--well except for a couple of "escapes". After my early morning run, I worked in the yard until late morning-when it was unbearably hot. I came in and friend, Mona came over during her lunch break. I then ACTUALLY took a nap. Almost everything I have done since then-well except for a couple of things-has been done sitting. I have not left the AC all afternoon... I am trying to indeed "Be Still" and rest.

SOMETHING TELLS ME THIS IS COMING TO A SWIFT END----I have projects whirling through my head, yard work to do, small group supper, ... Hopefully I will not get into TOO BIG of a TIZZY-but I don't like to BE STILL!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I have had a huge and profound change in my life. With change comes questions about the directions to take. Never take for granted the direction that you think your life will go---life is full of twists and turns and surprise-even shocks.

The Bible study we started at the end of the year is from Peter Lord's book Hearing God. It addresses being quiet and still and listening for God. At this point in my life--I need to learn just that, but I am having a difficult time doing this. The human side of me wants to jump in and take steps---steps that might be wrong. I need to read The Word, pray, be still & listen for God. He has a perfect plan and direction for me. I need to learn patience and listening--it's just difficult to do.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


If you've had children's toys around, there is the DISTINCT possibility that you've experienced the phenomenon of the toy that doesn't want to turn off. We had a Micky Mouse play computer that would suddenly go off at random times and make his annoying noises and sing in his shrill voice his little song. The two youngest boys have a monkey that will put ALL those other unpredictable toys to shame.

This CUTE? toy was really a great idea---he has a parachute---you throw him in the air---he squeals this high pitched monkey squeal when he hits the floor. AWWWW--SO CUTE---EXCEPT---he has a mind of his own and goes off at unpredictable times.

While helping pack up in Erie, I slept downstairs on the couch while everyone else is upstairs in bedrooms with thick doors and noise machines running. The EVIL--NO GOOD---POSSESSED--monkey would go off at random times during the night. This was bearable---UNTIL--the night that he had been placed in the mudroom off the front door- RIGHT BY THE DEN! Every thirty minutes ALL night---he squeals and I jump. I am CERTAIN the neighbors could hear him since they keep their windows open and he is in an uninsulated room. Around 3 AM, I finally get up--go get the PEST and take him to the BACK mudroom and the recycle bend-at the back of the house.

He proceeds to protest by going off every 15 minutes the remainder of the night-but my hearing is seriously muffled anyway---POOR NEIGHBORS---I am SURE they wondered why the squealing moved locations but picked up intensity in the middle of the night.


Saturday, June 4, 2011


My sweet friend, Barbara, gave me some really great advice not too long ago and I am adopting it as my mantra for now. At this point in my life, I am focusing only on doing the "Next Right Thing".

At this time, the next right thing is to leave the Jennings here in Fort Worth with a house all set up and ready to live in and give them time to settle in and develop their new routines. I think it has been quite a shock to return to the South and the REALLY HOT weather, but they will adapt.

We were SO Blessed to have Adam's parents a mere 30 miles away in Weatherford. We stayed with them in their lovely home and they did a huge chunk of babysitting while we were unpacking. They made me feel so at home and I am very thankful that they will be here to help with the babies!

SO FOR NOW---I am headed back to Ruston tomorrow--and will pray about and look for "The Next Right Thing" that I should do.