Sunday, June 1, 2008


I cooked Camille & Adam their last Mom prepared meal tonight. I used the "Food Critic's" recipe- Orechiette with Sausage, Beans, Spinach, Walnuts and Cream Cheese which we all loved. Easy to prepare, but unfortunately we do not have all of the ingredients at home. Wegman's Grocery in Erie is something else. I would like to come when I was not always on a mission and spend about half a day just pursuing the aisles. We added a salad with Italian greens and Raspberry vinaigrette and a bagette. It was delicious.
Today was spent pulling together loose ends. I fertilized all of the plants that I planted and the above picture shows how the petunias have already started opening up. A good deal of time went into cleaning those last few windows down stairs to complete the Spring cleaning of the downstairs.

As a finishing touch, I redid Camille's door wreath with Spring flowers. The one thing about taking a picture is that you see what you do not like about it. I will be going out to fix just that after this post is finished.

This is a picture of the clean windows and new wreath on the front door. I am leaving very satisfied with what I finished. There were a few things I would have liked to have gotten around to, but alas, there is always next time. I could leave Camille and Adam a list, but I have a good idea where that list would be filed as soon as I stepped on that plane.
The weather has been wonderful and I do regret that I did not run at all while here. Too much to do and too little time and only so much energy to go around. The week has flown by! I don't realize how much I miss my kids until I get to spend some time with them and then it hits me. I will go back to Ruston and get busy and that will help, but for a few days there will be a HUGE hole in my life.

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Melanie said...

Can you come to my house? I want that last supper meal. It looks sooo yummy.