Monday, June 9, 2008


This morning after our 5 mile "FUN RUN" in what Sandra claimed was "Cool Weather",(oh yes-it was ONLY 72) friends Sandra, Tracy & Sonja take off like their rears were on fire. As Babs, Larry & I, made a half mile trek to cool off, I began to wonder-"JUST WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL"? Why are they acting like gold or diamonds are buried in the field North of Vienna? The beginning of "Blueberry Picking Season" began last week. These girls plus a couple of more of the runners ingest ENORMOUS quantities of blueberries this time of the year. ALL I hear about is how many berries they picked, how long it took, how DELICIOUS they were and on and on. I am not much of a blueberry connoisseur, but I did have my trusty camera in the car-so I went to investigate just what ALL THE FUSS was about.

Just 5 short miles North of my house is "Mom & Pop's Blueberry Patch". You pick for $8 per gallon or they pick for $19 per gallon. Understandably since they consume HUGE QUANTITIES of the berry, the girls pick their own. The above picture is an example of the bush and how laden with the fruit they all were.

I heard them a long time before I saw them since the bushes were so tall. When I said, "Hey, turn around," this was the smiles I got. The cats that swallowed the canaries or the runners that found the blueberries look.

Sandra thought she was being SO SNEAKY! She is alone on this side of the row and picking all of the best ones with no competition. Note the bucket is strapped on over your shoulders so that you have free hands to pull away.

Caught Tracy "Eating The Profits" which she quickly defended. It seems while you are picking you can eat away-the only NO-NO is throwing the berries.

Sonja just would not hear that I did not like blueberries. Here she is telling me, "You have to try JUST ONE." Being the ever obliging, Lora, I did. I must admit if you like blueberry flavor these are probably the best. Plump & Juicy-ANOTHER Ruston Treasure!
I am on my way home and the girls have not missed a beat or berry. All three seem to be neck deep in the bushes-LITERALLY!

As I emerged from the row after row of blueberries, I found Mom & Pop had emerged from their trailer with coffee in hand. I suppose you have to stay close to the gate to protect this valuable crop. They were quite nice and inquired if Sandra was already in the patch. It seems they are VERY familiar with this little group of runners.

When I got home, I was greeted by this sight on our drive. Mr. Turtle is having a breakfast of squashed frog. I did not know that turtles were carnivores and before the morning was over frog and turtle had disappeared. As my S-I-L Laurie says, "If you watch Mother Nature long enough, it always turns ugly."

Reminder-if you have not voted on this week's contest with a WONDERFUL PRIZE of a genuine "Folette Pottery Peach Pie Plate", you need to go to the comment section and make your guess. The rules are on the post for Friday and you need to give me your initials, nickname, or some distinguishing signature.


Hannah Lee said...

I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation about the peach plate! I want it. If I don't win, I am going to have to go buy one, is that possible?

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oh, Adam'd be in heaven with all those blueberries!

Adrian said...

Dad LOVES blueberries. Maybe Audrey and I can go pick some for him for Father's Day/birthday. I cannot think of a more difficult task- buying him presents is sooo hard!

The turtle and frog picture was a little bit graphic - not what I expected to see!!

Lora said...

Adrian, If possible, you need to go early in the morning. They told me that the blueberries get picked over as the day goes on. We were out there just after 6:30 & it appeared they had an honor system going when they were not there. Audrey would LOVE the trip to the "Blueberry Patch"!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

BLUEBERRIES ARE MY FAVORITE FRUIT of ALL TIME!!!!!!!!! I wonder if there is someplace here to pick them??? If not, I just may be willing to drive 3 hours to do it.

I love turtles also...they are my favorite animal/mammal.....squashed frog looks like quite a feast. My dad used to hunt frogs w/a shotgun at Drake would fry up some frogs legs....I didn't partake.

conville1 said...

Too much work. Blueberry flavoring would work. However, If someone would pick them, I will gladly eat them. They are very tasty and did anyone say "peaches"? How good are they right now....The best in the world! God bless the Mitchams....

B-HO said...

Hey Ms Lora it was so fun to see you ladies in class this guess for the # of miles is 1,950---final answer

Brooke & Freeland said...

Im not a big fan of blueberries either! Freeland however loves them so I get them just for him.

Do you track your miles? My dad does the very same thing! He has tracked them since he was I think 28 or so?? (he's a CPA/Accountant guy so its just in his nature I guess) Its insane to see all the miles over the years! I think its a great idea!

Deb said...

Last year we took picked (therapy) and picked and took to PA a lg.cooler full, but we are not sure we can this year with a smaller trunk plus the fuzz and her carrier and gear. We will do Some picking tho.