Friday, June 13, 2008


While in Erie and shopping at their WONDERFUL grocery story, Wegmans, we grilled buffalo burgers one evening. The Jennings eat buffalo on a regular basis since it is much leaner than beef. Unfortunately, we do not have such a wonderful grocery here in Ruston. I decided when in the grocery Wednesday to ask-just in case they might consider ordering buffalo. When I went up to the meat lady and asked for buffalo, she said,"The truck will come in tomorrow and there should be some on it." WOW-I had my mouth set for buffalo burgers on Saturday.

I went back today and found the same lady. I asked did the bison come in and she gave me this blank look. I then asked, "Did the buffalo come in on the truck." She quickly answered yes, but she did not know if any was left that she had told me it came in yesterday. I could not believe ALL the Ruston shoppers had swooped down and jerked the buffalo off the shelves the first day it was there. I HAD NO IDEA that people here were so health conscious! She then led me over to the sea food refrigeration unit and I was thinking what a strange place to put it. She looked down and pointed to a fish and with great delight announced, "HERE IT IS!" As she turned and walked off, I realized she thought I was talking about buffalo catfish. OH YOU HAVE GOT TO LOVE LIVING IN THE SOUTH!

We went to Arcadia tonight to celebrate Father's Day and The Conville's Anniversary with them. We had DELICIOUS catfish (Ironic Huh?). The fish was dredged in Louisiana hot sauce and then corn meal before being fried crisp in long thin fillet slices. PERFECTO!

Pappaw tried on his new shirt which his Favorite son bought for a FD gift. I think he said something like, "I'll put it in my closet with all of those other shirts that were gifts and I have never worn." Finally after some persuasion he tried it on and I believe he might have liked it.

Nannie & Pappaw have been married 66 years today. WOW! Nannie was 16 years old and Pappaw was 21 when they married. When we asked Nannie what her Mother said, she replied, "That I was too young to get married." They were married in June and in October Pappaw enlisted before he was drafted. We got to hear the story of their wedding and some of Pappaw's War Stories to wind up the evening. What a testament to the success of a marriage-66 YEARS! A wonderful legacy to their children and grandchildren.


Adrian said...

Bobby's sister, Nancy, looks sooo much like her mother. I never noticed until they were next to each other in a picture. Very impressive - I don't know if Caleb could put up with me for 66 YEARS!!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL Buffalo Catfish.....that is a RIOT. Bison burgers are quite yummy....I think the meat almost has a sue-weetness to it. You can mail order for it. I have never had the steaks though. I love a good bison burger w/mushrooms and swiss!

Anonymous said...

66 years? That is truely amazing. Funny also about the Buffalo catfish. Next time you are in Erie ask for that and see what kind of reaction you get. haha

the Jennings secede from the South said...

You need to go to a bison farm! They have one up here- we're going to get a side of bison.

Not really but we would if we had another freezer.

The Tylers said...

Thanks for sharing the quite humerous fish story!!!