Friday, June 6, 2008


We are going to have a little fun-not just BORING what Lora is doing all of the time-a LITTLE CONTEST! The "GENUINE FOLETTE POTTERY PEACH PIE PLATE" will be the give away-shipped or delivered to your front door by YOURS TRULY(whichever is faster & cheaper). The contest and rules are at the bottom of this post-so you can either fast forward or read all of the other mundane comments first.

This is the Follette's Pottery Store that is one of Ruston's fine artisians. We actually have quite a few! If I have to ship this out, they promised to pack it JUST RIGHT so that it will not break.
I took a little road trip this morning out to the Mitcham's Peach Orchard & Peach Shed. As the crow flies, it is probably only about 3 miles or so from my house, but the trip would be well worth it if I had to crawl on my hands and knees.

When you get to "The Orchard" you find trees such as this laden with WONDERFUL peaches. Now I am not bragging-this is fact-THE BEST PEACHES IN THE SOUTH! Do you remember the pictures I posted around Easter with all of the peach trees in bloom? Well Mother Nature was kind and we had no late frost, and now we have an excellent crop. The trees are being infected with a root rot fungus that they have not found a "legal cure" for, since so many chemicals are now banned. Unless a cure is found, the trees will all be gone within a few years. THAT WILL BE A SAD SAD DAY!

This is the basket of peaches that I bought. Think about biting into the peach and the juice dripping down your arm and face as you savor each and every bite. OH HOW I WISH I could post the smell and taste of this little wonder! The best peaches are yet to come, but the early peaches are still delicious!

They have a "Peach Store" that stands by "The Shed". You can buy all kind of peach delights inside-including DELICIOUS peach ice cream from the Louisiana Tech Dairy.

This is the way you buy your peaches. You walk up to the shed which is filled with the sorting and cleaning equipment and ask the nice ladies there for your choice of purchase. As I stood there waiting, I slowly inhaled the wonderful aroma of those sweet little darlings (THE PEACHES-NOT THE LADIES).

This is "The Crew" or part of it after the day's work has been done hours ago-since it was 9 AM when I took the picture. The man second from the right is the farm owner-Joe Mitcham-PEACH GROWER EXTRAORDINARE!
If you don't live in Ruston-you need to come-JUST TO GET SOME PEACHES!
Now for the contest:
What do you think the total number of miles I RAN & WALKED in 2007 was.
Rules: Give me a number rounded to the nearest tenth.
1. You must guess on the comment section of the blog-you can't just come up to me and give me a number-since the out of town readers will not know that I didn't give you an unfair advantage or give away the number.
2. You have to give me initials or something when you guess-so I can give you the credit.
3. One (1) Uno-guess per person
4. The Closest WITHOUT going over (You know "The Price Is Right" rule.)
5. In the event of a tie-the person that guessed the correct number first will win.
6. The contest will last until Monday, June 16 at 6 PM CST.
I will notify you of the winner and give you my email to send me shipping instructions.
REMEMBER-walking & running-not including biking and I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

1,560 MILES IN 2007

Sandra said...

I know we trained for a marathon during 2007 and we walked many, many miles getting ready for our Banff hiking trip. I think it is around 1,836.58 miles in 2007. Only geeks like us would be able to even know how many miles we do in a given year!!!! You gotta love it and we do for sure.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I am going to say 1872. How far is ruston??? perhaps I need to take a peach drive.

Lora said...

Stacey-if you hit the lights right-2 1/2 hours-but probably 3. You may see Ruston peaches advertised on the side of the road if you just get out of LR a little.

Hannah Lee said...

Alrighty, let's see. 1,800 miles would by my guess! You are such an inspiration!

Ann Miller said...

okay, since sandra is part of the possie, she may have an unfair advantage...but she does not hold the title of favorite neice, so that may give me an upper hand...i disagree about you not being superwoman--you are!! my official guess===2007 in 2007

The Kiser's said...

hmmm, gonna say 1765. those peaches look real nice.

Babs said...

I really want to win the peach plate, so I am going to make a guess. I know the number of miles we usually walk and run per week, but I also have to figure in our marathon training. My guess is 1450 miles.


P.S. You know where to get hold of me to give me the prize.

Deb said...

I wouldn't have clue....maybe you should tell us how many pairs of shoes you went through and we could figure out that way.... how about 1,650.

Anonymous said...

1228.35 miles

NY Yankee Fan

Danielle said...

1,570? I have no idea...I'm just trying to thwart camille's chances! ;-)

Larry said...

I think it's around 1,865