Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Our recent poll that has just closed was about how your TP hangs. As I commented on the results blog, some people are so OVER THE TOP-OCD that they actually go into another's home and change the TP when it does not suit them. Dutch, a frequent commenter, sent me the picture below where he had "FIXED" the TP in my bathroom. FREAKY! I immediately ran back into my bathroom to check the roll to MAKE SURE he had not come in the back door (WHAT BACK DOOR? I have no back door) and reversed the roll.

When I checked it was in the position I placed it when I put the roll on the holder, BUT ALAS it is almost empty. Wonder which way it will hang this time when I replace the roll? What ever way it happens to be when I slip it into place!
This brings to mind another question. Do you consider women or men more OCD? I have always thought the women were the worst, since I know all of these runners who definitely tend to be a little over the top. When you start counting your steps while running-WELLLLLLLL! Dutch brings the question to mind though that perhaps there are as many men as women, IF NOT MORE! While working as a CPA the male engineers were THE WORLD'S WORST about having it all in neat rows and literally a return ready when they brought it to me. All I needed to do was sign the form. I always wondered why they just did not do their tax return themself. I DIGRESS! WE'RE GONNA HAVE A POLL!!!!Male or Female or both about the same-WHO IS MORE OCD?

The Runners are coming over tonight for a Little FUN! I made the above "Mango Salsa" to serve with chips. IT IS HOT SPICY HOT! I LOVE IT!
It did just occur to me that with all of the "Contest Hubbub" I have not updated you on my exercising. Let's see 8 miles on Saturday HOT HOT HOT
5Miles on Monday HOT HOT HOT
2 Mile Walk on Monday HOT HOT HOT
Today I went back to aerobics. This time the instructor focused on triceps-A HOUR OF PUSH UP VARIATIONS! What is wrong with this woman? Has she not ever heard of "Variety is the spice of life?"


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I love sweet and hot/spicy together.....i made a pineapple habanero salsa one time. YUM

Ann Miller said...

hello, auntie!! i got rave reviews on your recent dinner party that included the seneys!! now, i need your peach pie recipe. i just don't get enough peaches in my diet!! i know yours is as delicious in person as it looks on the computer. i look forward to attempting to live up to you!!! love and miss!!

Deb said...

I told you over was right...