Monday, June 30, 2008


The Aliens & Yankees seem to like hanging around! First thing this morning-there they are again!

We decided maybe if we buried them-they would take the hint and disappear. We took the "Alien Children" and put them down in the sand and covered them up. They do not seem to be disturbed and actually looked like they enjoyed the experience.

The sphinxes all sit in a row on the beach. Mediation? Yoga? Zoned Out? I am not really sure-but they all seem in deep thought.

Next, we put all of the Yankees and Aliens in boats and launched them in the ocean, thinking perhaps the tide would take them to Cuba. The waves kept washing them back on our beach. HUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off the beach and back in our kitchen, the feeding frenzy began at noon again! You would not believe the quantity of food these people can eat!

Full stomachs-at least temporarily-the Yankee and Alien Children take a 22 second nap.

The Yankees seems to be doing another strange Yankee tribal dance. I cannot figure out what all these dances are about and the Yankee woman seems to think this is really funny!

After an afternoon of rain, the Alien Children and the old bald woman decorated Christmas cookies. Christmas in July-HOW WONDERFUL!

We decided to put the Yankees to work and they cooked our dinner for us. Both of them are frying taco meat. It takes "Two to Tango" or "Flamingo Dance".

The Senior Vacationers seem to be solving the world problems or at a minimum discussing what they are going to eat next.

Yankee Girl and Alien Children ended their day with Sparklers. We are beginning to get used to these people being around. No rain is expected tomorrow and hopefully a full day at the beach.
Do I know you-let me count the ways that I know you
I know the street with trees that you live on
I know the paint and thread that surround you
I know those that love you and that seek you
I know the words of wisdom that you speak
I know the unique design of your swimsuits
I know that your form is reformed
I know you are next to perfect
But Most of All-Dear Friend-


Anonymous said...

If I'm elected govenor of this place we will have no more small porches -only big ones with swings and rockers. One in every house and there will be beautiful beaches in front of each porch. People will walk by and say Howdy- those on the rockers will say howdy back and say come on up and sit a spell. Of course those on the porch are from the south and the passerbyers are from Penn. I have found that those Penn. people are only different in the way they tawlk. they say frig and hamburg and stuff like that. we can help them with that. Love the pics and the dance that you all are doing. Love to dance. Hello to the folks there and I want to be there too.

Deb said...

I am from PA and always say Hamburger...and I say tahlk...but I am from the country not Pittsburg or Philly.

Hope MT and BC are praying about the upcoming election in that photo....

Deb said...

Jim said he says Hamburg...but he is a freak. He says keep a hat on out there on the beach ...he is worried you will get burned.

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep a hat on since you have no hair to protect your ears. Speaking from experience--my ears are crispy.

NY Yankee Fan

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Again, such flattering pictures. Perhaps I will retaliate

Jessica Stephenson said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast!

carrie b. said...

aw cam...stop complaining.

you're adorable.

besides, i have WAY MORE unflattering pictures of you.

carrie b. said...

aw cam...stop complaining.

you're adorable.

besides, i have WAY MORE unflattering pictures of you.

Lindsey said...

yeah cam, i've got pledging pics when your hair was fried. remember that time?

looks like the family vaca is a blast!! love to you all!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

What happened to Cam's Mu Mu????