Thursday, June 19, 2008


Our sweet friends-
Helen &
Doctor Dale
I went by the Boersma abode this afternoon for a little visit with our sweet friends Dale & Helen. Dale is dealing with the ravages of ALS with Helen, Rachel & David by his side constantly nursing him. This insidious disease has now robbed him of almost all voluntary muscle movement. He can still lip words, but is not able to purse his lips anymore and he does still have eye lid movement. That is it! For his comments on what he faces every day-day in day out go here . We were discussing while there what it would be like to not be able to move while in bed every night. I know for one-I am tossing, turning, flipping & flopping like a fish on dry ground for most of the night. I CANNOT IMAGINE!
Despite the trying circumstances, Helen and her son, David, and his wife, Rachel, have shown GREAT grace, courage, compassion and steadfast love for this dear man. I have often told Helen that you reap what you have sown. They have lived their lives with the Love of Christ reflecting from their very being. What a testament! We now wonder "Why?" Why would such a great servant and man of God have this disease. Why is he suffering and why is his family suffering? WHY WHY WHY? Helen and I agreed today that we would NEVER know the Why-well certainly not here on this Earth. I am convinced that there is a reason and that others are watching and learning and being blessed.
Whether you are shearing your hair or nursing the sick, our lives ALWAYS have "THE RIPPLE EFFECT". Our actions do not "Just" affect those that they are intended for, but the ripples spread much further. Just like throwing a rock into a still pond, the ripples spread and spread encompassing the entire pond before they are finished.
I am praying for "Mercy" for my dear friends as well as physical and emotional strength to face the days ahead. Much like JOB, God will indeed Bless them and reveal Himself to them in a Glorious and Wonderful way-In His Own Good Time!
Until then in the words of the poet: "We are resting in the bosom of Abraham."


Deb said...

I agree...I know God will use this for His glory and we may never know how this side of heaven. Miss you, Miss Baldy.

Conville1 said...

What a great tribute to two folks that I have enormous respect and admiration for. Dale and Helen have and are blessing my life daily. And I know dozens and dozens of others just like me that are being blessed. God is using H & D to help complete the rest of us. Thank you Father for their lives.