Monday, June 23, 2008


It is not easy to roll out of the bed in the dark during our long hot summers. It gets WAY TOO HOT to run once the sun is making its way across the sky. Mondays after a weekend away are especially difficult. The alarm usually does not go off, for I am awake at least 15 minutes before I have to put my feet on the floor. Almost in a sleepwalk state, I roll out of the bed and am headed for the bathroom without conscious thought of what I am doing. I never stop to turn on a light, since I have made this trek for so long and try not to wake up BC. The bathroom door always makes a CRRREEEEAAAAAKKKKK noise as I try to close it quietly, turning the knob so it does not slam. Once in the bathroom I turn on the light away from the door in the bath nook-so as to not flood the bedroom with light. Taking care of morning business, I am slipping into running clothes left on the floor the night before. A quick brush of my teeth and I am out of the door. I ALWAYS turn on the weather-to check it out, get my water & Forerunner and head out the door. I hate turning on the front porch light, for fear it will shine in the bedroom, but Mr. Jake, has been known to be lurking by the back door, once or twice-SO I LIKE TO SEE WHERE I AM PUTTING MY FEET! Off to meet the group, I go usually without even realizing what I am doing-for I have done this SAME routine SO MANY MORNINGS! It is still dark, but I head the 3 miles into town with no traffic MOST mornings-even on US 167 which runs into town.

We slowly assemble and by the appointed time we are headed to the street. Not much is said since we are usually half asleep, but once the feet start pounding-That QUICKLY CHANGES. This morning there were only 5 of us, since some are on different training schedules. We had run about a half a mile when I looked back to the East. There was the MOST GLORIOUS DAWNING! Red rays shooting from the horizon-declaring the start of another day. THIS IS ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKES IT ALL WORTHWHILE! We have witnessed some awesome displays by Mother Nature while running-Night Skies and Morning Sunrises/ Storms rolling in/Snow & Sleet pounding on your head-I have loved each and every experience. I am always keeping an eye on the skies in order to behold the wonders. Good friends and beautiful skies make the 5 miles go by fast!

Remember you have to get up REALLY EARLY or you will miss perhaps the MOST GLORIOUS time of the day!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Pretty picture!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...


conville1 said...

Wonderful skies....Great picture...God in His glory.


Adrian said...

Beautiful picture! You are so polite to be careful and not wake BC. When I get up early to exercise, which is not too often, I am loud because I think he (Caleb) should be awake, too. I guess I am not very nice. Maybe I should work on that....nah!!

Anonymous said...

It's so much easier to just dream about it though. Hope to make it tomorrow morning.

NY Yankee Fan

kjsonntag said...

So true! I love being up in the morning, seeing the sun rise and seeing Pikes Peak for the first time that day. Good thoughts!

I checked out the Navigators website and found a reading plan for the year through the Bible AND some other GREAT resources on discipleship - thanks for the tip!!!

Deb said...

Oh well....guess that is why I have you to get the pics for me. I am very attached to my bed and my snuggly pup.