Sunday, June 29, 2008


Our first full day "At the Beach". I get up and find the Yankees are still hanging around. MT is trying to get to the bottom of this-but the "Yankee Boy" does not really seem to be "Getting It". BT & BC just turn their backs on the "Yankee Girl", but she just keeps on drinking our coffee and gazing at the ocean.

Our Southern Hospitality seems to have gone over the top. A "Little Alien" and his "Alien Family" all showed up about mid-day. It seems that they have decided to take up residence also. So now we have the Yankees & the Aliens-all trying to join in the fun of our "Beach Vacation".

The Yankees paired off and began a strange Yankee Tribal Dance after eating our food for their lunch. Perhaps it is some kind of victory dance or a Yankee Custom brought to the South?

We cannot seem to keep the Yankees and Aliens out of our food. After lunch, another feeding frenzy began about mid afternoon. MT turns his back to them and ignores them, but they are undaunted and continue their gluttonous attack.

BC is convinced that if he ignores them they will just disappear. They seem unfazed by his ignoring their antics and continue to pose and preen in an effort to get our attention.

One of the aliens calls himself, "Nerd Boy" and seems fascinated with the inside of his nostril!

The day has ended and the porch is full of Natives and Aliens alike trying to digest the enormous quantity of food consumed after a rainy day limited beach going.

The Yankees took the "Little Aliens" for another walk down the beach after dinner. Somehow the Aliens ACCIDENTALLY fell into the ocean with no other dry clothes. The Alien Daddy told the Yankees they started it and they needed to clean up the mess.
OH YES-the fabulous "Folette Peach Salsa & Chip Dish". Some are commenting everyday giving them a better chance than the one timers. If you comment-YOU MUST give some indication of who you are to be considered. I am keeping a chronological list of the comments, for the random drawing of the lucky winner!


Lindsey said...

tell those yankees they are welcome at my house anytime!

Lora said...

Well, the yankees were just trying to spend some QT with their alien nephews!

Ann Miller said...

i might would think of a job for the yankees and the aliens if they keep hanging around...maybe taking out the trash or cleaning the kitchen. might as well have them earn their keep!!

Anonymous said...

Memories are made of this. Isn't that a song too. We are all making memories of some sort and you are introducing those aliens to family and what it means to belong. what a safe place! Enjoy- you only pass this way once. In your story about Christmas remember the old lady and the Christmases past were in her heart. do you know who I am? I am not able to post with my real idenity.

Anonymous said...

Can I come?

NY Yankee Fan

carrie b. said...

i'l take the yanks.

i love the yanks!

carrie b. said...

i'l take the yanks.

i love the yanks!

Deb said...

I know who anomymous is for sure! Maybe you should bend the rules and give her credit.

Aliens and Yankees....seems like all one category to me. Love the pics.....what a beautiful spot.

Chuck said...

All Yankees know this dance and they can polka, too! Multitalented we are!

Hey, I would love the chip and dip and will pay shipping. JoAnn- Deb's Mom

Hannah Lee said...

Oh how I wish I was at the beach! I love the new prize! I am officially entering the contest right now! Hope you guys have a great time!

Brooke & Freeland said...

Tell the yanks they forgot something back home & may want him.. I mean it. :)

Glad yall are having fun! I think Pow Wow is in heaven with so many other animals to play with here!