Saturday, June 7, 2008


BLOGGING CONTEST- The above "GENUINE FOLLETE POTTERY-RUSTON PEACH PIE PLATE is the prize! ALL you have to do is guess the number of miles I ran & walked in 2007. See yesterday's post for the rules and give me your entry!

What do you do on a Saturday in a lazy Southern small town? My day began with a 5:30 AM run with the temperature 78 degrees and the humidity at 110%-REALLY! The die hard faithfuls were there to meet me and off we went in the early twilight. The first 4 miles + were not much fun and then we ran by a large garage sale. NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! We stopped and shopped and browsed for 10-15 minutes. YES INDEED THIS IS MY IDEA OF RUNNING! I found a treasure and had them stick it back for my later pick up and off we went again.

Next stop at mile 5+ was for much needed water! We then started back toward our starting point and found "The Farmer's Market". It still 6:30, but we stopped again and perused the goodies! The "GENERAL IN CHARGE" quickly told us there would be no sales until 7:30. That did not stop us from "Window or Tent Shopping".

After the agony of a 7+ mile run was over, I headed back to the garage sale and Farmer's Market. The above picture is just a couple of the tents that were pitched with their delectable goods.

If you could read the sign on the tent to the left, you would see Yak's Peach & Vegetables. A good old Southern name-YAK. What Mother would think Yak was a cute name that she would love to see her beloved baby called by all her life?

I not only bought a big sack of home grown, vine picked veggies, but also the above sack of herbs. The herbs were large enough that I can begin to use the leaves immediately and I will transplant them early tomorrow in a large pot. We will enjoy "Fresh Herbs" the rest of the summer and fall when cooking. YUMMY!

My "Find of the Day" was the above rolling wagon of fun at the garage sale. I plan to have it on hand on the next time my great nieces & nephew come by for their entertainment pleasure.
I came home to a little yard work, a visit with "The In-Laws", a lunch of left overs and pretty soon a well deserved hour nap. After all I had been up since 4:45 AM.
A quiet evening with my favorite boy friend and that should wind up another Saturday in Ruston!


Adrian said...

Oh my goodness - that is the BEST garage sale find I have ever seen!! I am sure my girls would love to play with it! Good job!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Grrreat garage sale find!!!

Grrreat herbs also...I did the same thing.....mine are out of control now. I think I could get a leg up on my basil and climb up like jack and the beanstalk...never expected them to do so well.

Deb said...

What a find!!! I love that cart!!! I have never seen one of those. Also, we forgot AGAIN about the farmers market...but then if we are leaving we don't want to buy too many things to plant...but I would have liked some corn on the cob and some maters.