Saturday, June 14, 2008


Once upon a time, a LONG time ago, there was a beautiful young boy with long curls of blond. He was such a beautiful baby that his Father was told how cute his little girl was. That very day, the Father insisted that the Beautiful Son have those long golden curls cut and he be given a haircut fitting a young lad. His Mother was in dismay, but gave in to the demand and the haircut wheels started turning. Friend Bobby was called upon to cut the hair of the young lad since he had SO much experience. You see Bobby's Father was a barber, so this made him feel like an expert-even if it was once removed. The hair was cut, the curls were gone, and the Mother survived. The beautiful baby had begun his journey of growing into a man with that very haircut.

MANY years later this same beautiful baby had a young son of his own with long curls of brown. The day had come for the son to have his first haircut and who would give that haircut but the expert of old, Bobby.

John Gordon spent some time exploring the toys offered at The Conville's home knowing that the time was coming for his hair to be styled. Some brilliant child psychologist had determined after all those years that telling children they were getting a haircut was traumatic to the psyche. So John Gordon would not be getting the haircut that his Poppa did all those years ago, but instead would be having his hair styled. The procedure was the same and the result would be a mirror, but somehow the name had changed.

A short visit to "The Tree House" and a little outside diversion before a hamburger lunch all leading up to the "Barber's Chair" and the hum of the clippers.

Granddaddy Dude, Uncle Bobby & Mom were all nervously plotting just how much of those curls would be clipped. Mom needs reassurance that clippers do not mean a crew cut or a buzz. She is not quite ready for her "Baby" to look like a young man.

First comes the comb and the discussion of what is about to happen. John Gordon keeps stating he is all ready, but his Dad seems to be not quite ready.
The clippers finally begin to do their job and the curls are all saved. The act will be memoralized with pictures, videos, and the curls in his Baby Book.John Gordon enjoys a "Frog Float" after the curls have been cut. He was particularly fond of the eyeballs and ended up eating 3 eyeballs.

After a bath and hair shampoo, John Gordon and his Mother are all smiles. It seems all have survived and can still smile after the nervous anticipation of the first haircut. Questions were asked if Uncle Bobby would be around to cut John Gordon's son's hair someday. After a quick calculation of Bobby's Dad's age, and discussion of the fact that he is still cutting hair, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT MIGHT HAPPEN. We will then write about Like Grandfather-Like Son-&Like His Son.

In celebration of a good haircut day, I prepared a peach cobbler tonight. The picture above is just before popping it into the oven.

Fresh out of the oven and hot, it is time to dish up a bowl.

Hot peach cobbler and Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream-IT JUST DOES NOT GET MUCH BETTER!


conville1 said...

John Gordon was the "PERFECT" subject and the sweetest spirit. What a handson lad, and thanks to Judith and Greg.


Dutch said...

Never let a bald man cut your hair.

conville 1 said...

Due to this publicity, I now have 4 women begging me to cut their hair.