Sunday, June 22, 2008


Somewhere along the line, The Conville's started the tradition of "The Birthday Weekend". Perhaps it started since BC has a leap year birthday and who knew when to celebrate, except every 4th year. Whatever began the cycle, we now celebrate for an entire weekend-not JUST your birthday.

#1 Grand and Birthday boy seems intent on getting away from Momma Lulu and opening the pile of family gifts in front of us. He was "Ready to Partie!" when we walked in the door.
The "Hit" of the presents was the "Real Man Sized Guitar & Amp". Dad tries it out here while Caleb looks on whistfully. Somehow this kind of thing happens at Christmas & Birthdays-the Dads want to "Show" the kids how to play with the new toys. Scott & Gabe were drummers while growing up and living at home and Camille was a pianoist. I am TRULY thankful that I will not be the one listening to all of the practice sesssions everyday!

#1 DIL and #1 DIL's Mom are deep in discussion about how to operate some sophisticated piece of technology. Thank goodness they don't even bother to ask me! We cannot even get our silly DVD player to work. Anything that requires 3 remotes is over the top in my book!

Big Sugar & Little Henry (pronounced Henri) ((OK THIS DOG IS FROM A TRAILER IN HICO & they call him Henri!)) seem to be enjoying the fun. Henri gets himself into trouble with Sugar since Sugar forgets that he is about 100 times bigger than Henri.

First Birthday Cake blowout. The boys decorated the cake themselves. Their Mom promised me that they did not lick the knife used for the icing while doing the icing. HUMMM! Should I trust that they didn't do that while her back was turned?

The next day started "Phase 2" of the birthday. They had this truck that is full of video games come for entertainment purposes. They pull right up to your house and the fun begins. Here we are sitting like ducks in a row playing away.

The outside of the truck has "Guitar hero". You play along with the song simulating the chords by hitting the right buttons. It takes 'Great" dexterity. Needless to say-I did not even attempt it.

The party moves into the trampoline. They like to see if they can knock each other off their feet. Great Fun!

Cake #2 after dogs/chips & fruit (an attempt at being nutritionally correct). Note little brother seems to be all puffed up like HE is going to blow out the candles. That would have begun World War III!

After a few hours of partying with neighbors, classmates, & friends, we decide to head to the lake for a little boating.

Perhaps SOMEONE should tell them they are not in the water?

Here come the boys to pick up the girls at the pier. The little boys like to sit on the front of the boat.

After a fun ride and "COLD" swim for the boys, it is time to head back to the launch. #1 tried to talk his Old Mom into skiing. I explained when the water was the temperature of my bath, I would be glad to try it again.

As we head in, the fog started settling on the lake as you can see in front of Poppa Bob & Cade. It also cooled off a lot-thus wet boys were cold boys!

After 2 full days of partying, #1 is ready for a little down time and a hammock ride. You cannot see the string in his hands that he rocks himself with. As little work as possible, after a BIG TIME!

Late night pizza and the girls and grands are off to bed. I understand the "Big Boys" had a midnight snack cooked up by #2. The next morning, Henri & #2 seem to be having a tough time getting going.
A great weekend and our oldest grand is now 8. Just like your kids-THEY ARE GROWING UP TOO FAST!


Ann Miller said...

hey! looks like y'all had a great time! happy, happy b-day!!
i did not know lisa, was THAT lisa. her step-neice is one of my closest friends; johnny's step-daughter, amy. i forwarded a link to your blog to demonstrate y'all's amazing friendship, and she pointed that out to me! keep the updates coming. they (and we) are all praying for her!

The Tylers said...

Glad y'all had a wonderful weekend!

Deb said...

Wow! Can't get many more blessings than this! Such beautiful grands! I love seeing Gabe and the cute pup! Yes, I am a "dog person" ...can't help it. Their big doggie looks so much like Josh's first dog, Jake. I am glad you had such a wonderful time. Miss you, too.

conville1id said...

You captured the weekend perfectly. We are blessed with these precious kids and grands in our life. We must have had fun, but it did go fast.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Wish we'd been there- looked like a lot of fun!

P.S. I like your hair. It looks pretty cute, woman!

Elisha said...

that is the sweetest picture of cade and bobby i've ever seen.
i think you should frame it!