Saturday, May 31, 2008


We had a great day touring within 30 minutes of Erie. We went to Panama Rocks as noted on the stocks that Adam found himself in. I am not sure what his offense was, but the punishment seems to be harsh.
This is part of the exposed roots of the trees on the trail that we hiked at Panama Rocks. The rocks were left when a glacier deposited them and then retreated. It was a beautiful and scenic walk. There was ice down in one of the crevices, but the trails actually look sub-tropical with wildflowers and ferns.

This is one of the deep crevices with Adam and Camille going for a little exploring. There were numerous crevices just like this throughout the trail.

Please note that my smart daughter forgot her walking shoes and had flip flops on for the hike.

Camille is such a strong girl. She carried Adam to the car after the hike, but he had carried her across the water along the trail.
We left Panama and drove to Chautauqua (sp?) and saw the Chautauqua Institute and Chautauqua Lake. The Chautauqua Institute is a beautiful resort area which opens its season in a couple of weeks. It gave us an idea of what the New Yorkers and East Coasters enjoy for vacation. It might be a bit much for us Southerners since we just go to the beach and veg out for a week. Two weeks of lectures, art and culture would probably put me into overload mode.

We then drove to Bemus Point and ate at "The Italian Fisherman". It was really great! Never had an Italian Nacho before, but they were quite tasty. This little village was another example of vacationing in the East. We found it very quaint and beautiful. The restaurant was right on the lake and they have entertainment on the weekends on a floating dock in front of the restaurant. Camille & Adam will definitely be going back!

This is one of the hotels in Bemus Point that we found very historic and a reminder of times past. The 30 minute drive was through rural PA and NY and included rolling hills and lush greenery. I never realized how rural parts of Ohio, PA, & NY were until The Jennings moved here. Surprisingly, it reminds me greatly of home.
The birthday girl has had a great day. We came home and I made Ghiradelli Brownies which we served hot with ice cream and shaved Ghiradelli Chocolate topped with whipped cream. I would have posted a picture but it disappeared before I could find a camera.
BC if off to LA tomorrow and Camille has to work. She said they call it mandatory volunteering at LECOM graduation ceremonies. Mandatory volunteering seems to be somewhat an oxymoron.
What a blessing Camille has been in our lives. She loves well and we all love her well also. What's not to love?


Hannah Lee said...

Oh wow! That looks beautiful. Eastcoast lifestyle. I can't wait for our Boston trip so I can soak in some of that awesome culture. Pass on the birthday wishes from me!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you guys went to CHQ lake! My parents have a place there at Shorelands. That Hotel Lenhart is a wonderful place to sit and have a drink in the evening on one of the rocking chairs.

Kara from Pittsburgh

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

CHQ is great. My aunt/uncle live a couple of streets over from the entrance of the peninsula but they have a cottage on the water in CHQ. They go up Sun-Wed of every week. They love it up there. Such a quaint place. Although you pay a fortune for a shack.

Anonymous said...

What a great and full day. This was a goooood day!!!!

Thanks Lora for chronicling our children and their lives.


The Kiser's said...

Hey, you guys went to Panama Rocks. It's a fun place. Looks like you had a great time. And the country around there is beautiful.

Deb said...

0h my gosh...the hotel looks just like it did when I was a kid... I could just cry. I loved it there. My Aunt and Uncle's house was just a couple streets away away. You all make me homesick..haha.