Thursday, June 12, 2008


The days are winding down until the official winner of the "How Many Miles Has Lora Run & Walked in '07 Contest" will be revealed. The "Peach Plate" is great but if you would like to view other Follette Creations go to their web site:
It is not too late you can still enter in any of the comment sections since last Friday.

Today's "Give Away" is the above "Warm & Fuzzy" that I found crying for his Momma in my yard this morning. Here he is under my car just after I finally got him cornered. WHY WHY WHY do these animals roam up to our house? I actually would not mind having an outside cat, but we are often gone to see kids & grands all over the country, so I will not be keeping the kitty.

While out weeding a flower bed early this AM, I kept hearing this "MEOW". I could not figure out where it was coming from and forgot about it after I went inside. Later in the day while sitting in my den, I once again hear the distressed, "MEOW MEOW MEOW". I went out the back and finally discovered the little wonder looking for his Momma.

When you start thinking of names for them, it is time to send them packing! At first I thought I would name him what I said when I bumped my head on the corner of the cabinet when trying to get him out from behind the frig. XXXX would not be a good thing to say around my grands though. I then thought maybe Leroy. Now not pronounced Laroy but LEEEEE ROOOOYYY. I am really not sure if the kitten is a boy or girl and I am NOT keeping this cat-so NO MORE naming!

HUUUMMMMM-Bobby seems to be holding that darn cat! WE ARE NOT KEEPING THIS CAT! FREE-CUTE KITTEN- to the first one to claim it!


Deb said...

Sophie would love a cat buddy... bichons are a breed that seems to get along with kitties, but I am SOOOO allergic. I would never chance it. (Nice pic of Bobby probably intently watching his favorite politicos hash things out.)

Mona said...

RW from Goose Creek....guesses

1875 miles run!

Lindsey said...

Did you put Memory from Cats on your blog in honor of the kitty? That's sweet. He's a cute kitty, you should keep him, or put him on

the Jennings secede from the South said...

You're totally keeping that cat!!!!!

carrie b. said...

you're my hero, mrs. conville :)

i love that you have corresponding music to every post.

*sigh* i have so much to learn.

as for the free cat...if you keep it i can never come to visit because i am HIGHLY allergic.

ps: i really wanted an iphone and might end up trading this one in before my 30 days is up when the price drops on the iphone...hmm...

Brooke & Freeland said...

AHHHHH!! I want it! I want it! But - we currently have 4 animals and so I dont think we are allowed to take it. I really want it though because it looks just like Sam when we found her outside!!!

PS - this is exactly how we ended up keeping Sam. She was a full black cat & Halloween was coming up so we said we will let her stay around until we find her a home so she is safe. Next thing we know - we own another cat. :)

Dutch said...

4675 miles

Anonymous said...

call him Darryl