Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have had LOTS of fun telling the Armadillo War stories! I thought my story of BC running through the backyard with his black shorts and loafers with a flashlight and a 38 shooting at the dillo as he ran AT 2:30 AM was pretty funny---But friend G told me a MUCH funnier story!

G & hubby J own a lake house on D'Arbonne. Truly their second home, it is beautiful and has all the surrounding amenities of a home--including beautiful landscaping. Mr. Dillo seems to live at the lake also and had been doing MAJOR damage to their place.

G complained and J jumps into action taking a live trap to the lake. They go up one evening and J sets out the trap. The next morning he comes in and tell G, "Well you caught your dillo now what do you want me to do with it?" She quickly replies, "SHOOT IT!" (side note--obviously all us Southern women think alike when it comes to dillos). He replies--I can't shoot an animal in a trap (Didn't bother me one bit-kept him stiller). So he puts the trap with Mr. Dillo inside in the boat and they head out to the middle of the lake to throw him in--THINKING he would drown surely since ARMOR weighs a ton and he will sink. They finally get him bumped out of the cage-which he was clinging fiercely to. He sinks--and in a few minutes he comes up---turns out according to the WWW dillos are actually good swimmers. They can dog paddle or dillo paddle in this case and swim under water coming up for air every 5-6 minutes. J is INCREDULOUS and decides to run over him with the boat. He proceeds to run over him 3 different times and each time the dillo would go under and manage to come back up in a few minutes--still swimming for shore. J drives the boat to shore ----goes and gets his gun-----and heads back TO DO WHAT US WOMEN KNOW TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE----SHOOT HIM! He shoots the dillo and sure enough he goes down for the count. One less dillo to tear up the yard! End of the story--not quite---

J's brother also has a camp on the lake---BUT he lives in his camp year round. A couple of days later J gets a text from his brother "Remember that armadillo that could swim? Not only do they swim but they float" The dead dillo had floated up on brother's yard and he had to dispose of his brother's dillo!

Moral of the story---SHOOT HIM!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Thats funny!

Anonymous said...

I think you should compile a book.

Chrome Cowgirl