Monday, August 9, 2010


One of my favorite movies of all time is "Steel Magnolias". While I do think the women of the South are indeed strong and able to withstand GREAT sorrow , there are men in the South who also deserve this admirable title. I have watched with amazement during the years as several men that I have know have filled this same role with great dignity and tenderness. I have HIGH admiration for any man that nurses, cares for, and in general sits by the side of his wife during her final illness. There is no greater service and sacrifice of love. To take the hand of the one you have spent your life with and watch that last breath must be incredibly difficult. To know that your life will be forever altered and though you may go on---life will never be quite the same. To share with your children at times and others sit alone and watch your mate slowly slip from this life requires great strength. I wonder how many of us will be so fortunate--so blessed---to be tenderly held as we pass over to the other side. What a blessing indeed and as far as I am concerned a great redeeming quality for any man-no matter how he has lived his life. Walk through the woods---they are not filled with Oak trees--but when you find you--the majestic beauty is breath-taking. The MIGHTY OAK!

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Deb said...

Not all women are nuturing and patient and not all men either. It is God's grace no matter where we find this.