Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last night Adam & Powers seemed to be tuckered out. I don't understand why. We just did a little yard work from early morning to late evening. You have to understand that in Erie it is daylight before 5AM and it is dusk until around 9 or after. This makes for a long day to work in the old yard. PERHAPS I pushed them a little hard?
Today I started my day with Spring cleaning the kitchen and dining room and yes, I do windows. This is the view of the new project through the dining room window after the window cleaning. Quite a nice view, Huh?

These are the hydrangea and inpatience that we planted at the edge of the ivy bed in the back yard. We even gave the little birdies a little food while we were out there.

Camille had actually planted these marigolds last week before I came. I put a few inpatience between the beds and we mulched all of the beds. The hosteas here are unbelievable. We have beautiful hosteas at home, but here they are phenomenal!

The table and chairs behind the arbor were moved there today after Adam gave those bushes a serious haircut. More of Camille's handiwork in the bed by their patio.

After a long day at work for Camille and Adam's long day at labor in the yard, time to chill and look at the internet. Note Camille is wrapped up in a blanket-the evening is cool.
I see the end in sight in the yard! We have a few loose ends to tie up, but they should not take long. I plan to continue my spring cleaning tomorrow and Bobby will help Adam put shelves and hooks in his yard shed and get it organized.
The weather in Erie was once again delightful, but it is really difficult to believe it is summer when you are running around with a jacket on.
Bobby will arrive late tonight and we will celebrate Camille's birthday-ALL WEEKEND!


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

You are welcome to come and clean and do yard work at my house next.

Matthew Stone said...

The yard is looking great...although Adam and Powers look a little too comfortable for me.

P.S. The picture you and I took at Melanie's birthday extravaganza now hangs nicely in my room...

Deb said...

My sisters hosteas are just fantastic, too. Not fair! You have not mentioned temps... if you wait until July or Aug you could hit the heat wave that invariably hits. I love wearing a jacket to bonfires and wennie roasts on summer evenings.

The yard looks great...marigolds are what I always planted in my little round flower bed , large, perfectly round, smooth stones all the way around...that was in the 60's.