Monday, May 5, 2008


"Hi, my name is Lora and I'm an adrenaline addict."

"Hi, Lora."

This weeks meeting of the Adrenaline Addiction Anonymous (AAA) was quite the rush. Since we all thrive on the flow of adrenaline, scheduling an extra meeting while in the middle of numerous projects is for sure a prime symptom. I realized this morning while driving to Monroe with a list (Another symptom) of stops to make for various projects I am in the middle of that I really function at my best when I am under high stress and have multiple projects to juggle. I have to make lists due to the fact that I tend to forget one or two things I need to get if I am highly distracted and doing brain cart wheels while thinking of all the projects in short bursts. Perhaps I have a mild case of middle age ADD when I get all of this going on! This week will be super busy-but then after a weekend wedding, things will slow down for a short period. Somehow, I always manage to get back into a multiple project tizzy again-not really intending to. COULD IT BE THAT I AM ADDICTED TO ADRENALINE RUSHES??????

While in Austin, we admired the above table that son, Scott had built. The top has granite tile inlays, as shown in the top picture. It is made out of treated lumber, so it can be used on the deck. It was really beautiful!

The carpenters were here today and got my new front door in. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I am ready for the cabinet man to bring the butler's pantry, the back splash to be installed, and Mr. Painter to come. Bobby keeps telling me who I need to call and asking questions about what I am doing. I don't think he thinks I have enough sense to get all of this done. I try to calmly answer his questions and nicely tell him that I have made the calls or already know I need to. PATIENCE Lora PATIENCE!

We ran 5 miles this AM in perfect weather. I love to start a little cool, but after about a mile work up a sweat. We had better enjoy this weather while it lasts! After this busy week, I plan to get back on the exercise wagon and not just a 3 day a week run!

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Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

That is one cool table. I don't like too many things going on at once....I get overwhelmed easily. My husband is the exact opposite!