Monday, May 19, 2008


For some strange reason, I have spent my life trying to "do it all myself". When the yard needs mowing, I can do it. When the walk or drive needs edging, I can do it. The list goes on and on. Somewhere along the way, I FINALLY WOKE UP! By the time weed eaters came along, I had learned that not knowing how to start it was not necessarily a bad thing. I mow, I rake, and I blow, but I don't know how to weed eat. Well actually I don't know how to get it started. Bobby has tried numerous times to teach me the technique. I JUST CANNOT SEEM TO GET IT! I may be ignorant, but I am not stupid!
Look carefully among the ferns. Do you see something between all that green?

Oh Yes, there is my cute little rabbit planter. I love this planter, but the bed has become so thick that it needs to be moved. This means sticking my hands down in the pine straw, where Mr. Jake loves to hide and lifting it out. I finally worked up the nerve to do just that, but when I tried to move it, it will not budge. The concrete planter weighs a ton anyway and it seems to be full of damp soil-which makes it even heavier. HUMMMMMM-What to do-What to do.

Mr. Skink, sans tail, is sunning on the walk. I think some varmint probably got that tail, but I heard another twist today. The tile man told me that when the skinks are in danger they can pop their tail off. The tail then continues to twitch which lures their enemy. I have never heard that one before and will have to research whether it is true or not. I do know they can regenerate their tails. Perhaps I should mark this skink and watch him while the tail grows again. Now I know you all would love to see a new tail on this lovely creature.

The back splash completed, but before cleaning. Mr. Tile Man came today and grouted, the final step. Now after it has dried for 36 hours, I can clean it and it will be finished. THE PAINTERS SHOWED UP!!!! I could have hugged his neck if I hadn't been so nasty after my morning run. He had an entire crew of 5 with him and they got all of the wallpaper down. IF I PUT UP WALLPAPER AGAIN, just put me in the "Loony Bin" for I have definitely gone over the edge. The man from the permanent paint came to look at what they need to do outside and they will start tomorrow.
Larry, Susan & I ran 5 this AM. The temperature has turned hot again as it was almost 60 when we ran. The sun has long been up by 6 AM, so it contributes to the heat and it is humid again.. I feel the days of 5:30 AM running coming, right around the bend. SUCH IS LIFE IN LOUISIANA!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oooh, I love the backsplash.

Anonymous said...

The tile looks terrific! I got an electric weedeater because I could never start one of those "jerk" ones. It works EVERYTIME I plug it up!

NY Yankee Fan

Deb said...

LOVEthe backsplash.... just GORGEOUS!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Like the backsplash!