Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Momma flies to Erie in May and what does she find. A yard that is blooming and has become overgrown. The main project of the week is above. This is the side yard which is SERIOUSLY overgrown. It was raining early this morning as the front came through so when we stepped out the ground was wet and the wind was cold.
This is another view of the side yard so you can see how thick the vegetation had become. This is just before Adam & I began some serious work.

A trip to Lowe's, a lot of thinning out and weed eating (BY ADAM-remember I don't know how to weed eat) and we get the tools out. The posts are set in sacrete and as you will note-LEVEL & PLUM. I picked up these words from countless hours of HG TV & # 1 son-Scott-the carpenter.

The front bed after a serious round of weeding & thinning. It appears to be ready for some mulch- no pine straw in Erie. The blooming plant is a rhondodendron-1st cousin to our Southern azalea.

This is the same bed opposite side. The bed to the right was so thick that you could not tell which tree and plant was which. We did some MASSIVE thinning.

The front bed all ready for mulch after a round of weeding. The plant to the Check Spellingright is another rhododendron.
One of the quandaries of living in the city is trash disposal. At home, I have the trusty "yard truck" that gets filled and taken to the dump. If you live in the city of Ruston, they come by and pick up all your yard trash-curbside. No bagging-just pile it up. Here is seems if you don't have these mysterious green bags to put your yard stuff in, they will not pick it up-unless it is in your garbage can. The green bags are a mystery since we have NO IDEA where you find the same bags.
3 trips to Lowe's Wal Mart & the Nursery-we are making headway-but still have a lot to do. The Jennings are wonderful hosts and Adam is my ideal yard boy-he does whatever I ask.
We are saving Saturday for play, but are not sure what to do that we have not seen yet. Any ideas from Erieites are welcome.
NOTE TO RUSTON RUNNING BUDS-It was so cold today I needed a jacket. I hated to tell you that, but felt the need to share!


Deb said...

Their rhododendrons are just beautiful! You need to get them a lilac bush! That is the first thing I would want if I moved back north. They have the best fragrance! I wanted one down here but I guess they just don't do very well. Also, the Fraziers are learning about the bagging up of stuff in TX. They have found out that Ruston is one of those rare places where you don't have to bag up clippings etc.

The Kiser's said...

hmm, let's see, things to do in Erie. There's not a whole lot to do but here are some things off the top of my head which we have done (except for the roller coaster):
-Erie Seawolves (baseball) game. They are at home this week. Great little ballpark and pretty good AA baseball. Fun atmosphere.
-picnic at the peninsula
-bocce ball in the sand
-ride the new Roller Coaster at Waldameer
-check out the Tom Ridge Center
-Panama rocks in nearby Panama, NY (45 minutes)
-Kinzua Dam in Warren (i think) County to the east

hope this helps. bye bye

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

It looks like George, George, George of the Jungle there.