Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Robbie, Yours Truly, Momma & Noel on her 70th BD
Engagement Dinner At Moon River Ranch

Wedding Picture at Moon River Ranch
Seven years ago on Mother's Day, Momma left us. She told Robbie, "I never knew dying was such hard work." Her final illness was heart wrenching and exhausting for me. During the 4 month period of those days, she was in and out of the hospital, in rehab, and in the nursing home. I spent each and every day either at her bedside or coordinating sitters to be with her. I called her brother, Bruce and he and her sister, Molly made a final visit on one of her better days. During the same period of time, Camille was in her last days of high school and one of my niece's was preparing to marry. The only time I left town during the entire four months, was to see my grand baby. When I got home, we immediately had to put Momma back in the hospital. This was a Sunday night and the doctor was talking about letting her go back to the Nursing Home on Wednesday. She had a final heart attack that Wednesday and we just tried to keep her free from pain those last few days. I thought I was prepared for her to leave, since by this time I was praying for mercy for her, but when that day came I had no idea the depth of my sorrow. I still miss her today and think of her often-but now when I think of her I usually have a little smile and chuckle. She was quite the woman! The week following her leaving, my niece was married and soon after Camille graduated from high school for you see, life went on.
Two years ago, Camille was planning a wedding. When we started narrowing down dates, the only date that seemed to fit was the same date that Momma left us. At first I was taken back, but resolved that it would be fine. It was a wonderful day and weekend when Camille & Adam joined their lives. When recently asked in small group, if you could relive a day what would it be-I said that weekend. We were all together and it was a sweet and precious day in my life. QUITE THE PERFECT DAY!
God in His infinite wisdom had blessed me once again. He took a day that would have always been sad and reminiscent of the hole left by Mommas absence and filled it with the joy and happiness of Camille and Adam's marriage. I am thankful and blessed that God placed them together. They are "The Perfect Couple". When this day rolls around now, I am reminded of the blessing of their finding each other and God's infinite grace. Momma would have loved Adam. You know she always did love the men more than any of us women!
So today, Camille & Adam- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I look forward to the joy of seeing you celebrate MANY MANY MORE! We love you both dearly and Momma would have too!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I did not know that, Mom! Wow.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Good story!

Ann Miller said...

you have said momma did the best she knew how...and so did you!! despite what faults she may have had, she did at least three things very, very right; she has three successful children who love and are loved; and for that, she should be proud.

Matthew Stone said...

Wow...that is a powerful story. It is good for me to hear about God's healing today.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Wow.. how amazing.Dont worry Im sitting here with tears all over the place! :) Thats beautiful that its now a day filled with joy!!

Deb said...

I can't believe it was seven years ago....I remember you being weary at that time but thinking how amazing you were and admiring your fortitude ....but now the Lord has brought beauty from ashes. He is in the restoration business for sure! And yes, that was a day was just perfect. You and Bobby were glowing! How great is our God!!!!!