Friday, May 30, 2008


Twenty Five years ago tonight we were enjoying a family Memorial Day celebration. A little volley ball and a cookout with all of the Jameses. A lot of fun, but I was pretty miserable with a belly full of baby. Tomorrow would be the day that Camille would come into the world, via induced labor. You see my doctor was on his way out of town and delivery was imminent, so he was going to make sure I had her before he left on his trip. Back in those days, we did not know what sex the baby would be before they were born. So we were off to the hospital bright and early with Aunt Barbara coming to stay with the boys. Scott was 15 and Gabe was 6 so I had pretty much made up my mind another little boy would be added to the family. After a full day of labor what a wonderful surprise Camille was. I still remember saying, "I can't believe it's a girl!" She has been a blessing and a wonderful daughter each and everyday since then. We are so grateful that God chose to bless us with this sweet daughter and cherish and love her dearly.

Today was the pre-birthday celebration. Some of The Conville's enjoy their birthday for not just one day, but a series of days. Tonight we had a Mexican dinner at Camille's request. It seems the Mexican food in Erie is disappointing, so Mom would prepare a little Mexican feast to begin the weekend long celebration.

This was delicious and tasted much better than it looked. Queso Enchiladas with a meat sauce on top. Spicy but great! The real Tex-Mex deal.

Mexican rice just before it was ready to serve. Full of peppers, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and spices. It also was spicy but great! We all LOVE hot!

For dessert, ice cream layered with home made carmel, heath bar brickle, and whip cream. SINFUL!
Camille seems to be enjoying her dessert. She licked the glass clean!

Mr. Powers sat under the table glancing up and asking, "What about me?"

Full stomachs and contented, The Jennings enjoy a little down time on Friday night after a hard work week.
More birthday fun planned for tomorrow. Still enjoying the cool weather as we all went for a late afternoon walk and enjoyed the beautiful blooming flora.

A long trip and a hard week makes for a tired Bobby. A little nap after dinner should make for a swift recovery.


Adrian said...

What a sweet momma to landscape, clean and cook for her daughter - I guess she is worth it, though! Hope the birthday celebration continues to be great. I remember when Camille was born - I am sooooo old!!!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL we had mexican tonight also. Mexican lasagna. Yours looks TOOOO YUMMMMY. I love spicey!!!
Happy Bday!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and it has been a great weekend. Nothing like spending time with your baby. Adam is a special guy and they have a special marriage. Wow, we are so blessed.


Deb said...

YUMMY! Glad Camille got her Tex Mex Fix. HAPPY B. DAY to "Little Sister"!

I was sure I was having a girl and you were sure you were having a boy....but the Lord had a better idea.... He always does.

Anonymous said...

happy bday

The Tylers said...

Oh I wish I had someone to cook homemade Mexican food. Hope yall had a geat day!