Friday, August 8, 2008


BC is reading a John Eldredge book The Journey of Desire. A prolific writer, we have read a couple of his books, Wild at Heart and Sacred Romance. The latter book our small group used as study material. Deep and thought provoking, John is an excellent writer and manages to prick a note deep within your soul.

This book is about searching for the life that you dreamed of. This has led to some discussions at home about our dreams and aspirations and what became of them. Coming from a long line of cynics and realists, my immediate response was that life had managed to knock the block out from under those dreams and I did not even remember what they were. The eternal optimist (a wonderful trait) bc shared some of his dreams with me and what had happened to knock him off the tracks of realizing them. I have not read the book, but I would surmise that John is going to bring you around to the dreams and desires that God has for us. Food for deep thought! I love to think and wonder and ponder-so I may have to read this book when bc finishes.

A couple of days after our discussion, I did remember a dream I had as a little girl. This dream or fantasy as you will see has always stayed with me and I remember vividly the feeling I had when I imagined it could actually happen.

Growing up during the early days of television, pre-computers, and pretty much the time that you went outside and played and entertained yourself, I had plenty of time to let my imagination wander. Deep in our back yard, we had a swing set that was firmly planted in the ground and allowed for high swinging. I cut my teeth on comic books pouring over them even before I could read. Can you believe that I actually remember lying in bed at night, before I could read and looking at comic books? Superman was one of the reoccurring comics that appeared in our home. This opened the door to flying. I spent hours swinging, all by myself and imagining that I could shoot off that swing when the arc reached it's highest point and fly. This led to many years of dreams of flying over roof tops and trees, through night stars and morning clouds. It was a special and magical dream and fantasy. What came along to stop that dream? I am not sure, but I have never forgotten that wonderful free feeling of soaring off that swing and into the sky. A lost dream-no a wonderful and happy memory from a childhood of long ago that I hope to cherish as long as I have "wings to fly".
Did you have dreams or aspiration or fantasys? I would love to know about them!
Got up at 5 this AM to meet Babs and do our weekly longer run. When I got out of bed, I seemed to have a stomach upset. Knowing Babs would be waiting, I went anyway. Thankfully Jennifer met us also, and finished the run with Babs. I only made about half a mile before I had to turn around and walk back. NOW I will have to get up AGAIN tomorrow and try again. Have no fear, I am not sick, just seem to have eaten something that did not agree with the old tummy.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I had flying dreams, too! Except that it was almost like SWIMMING in the air. And when I needed my flying skills the MOST (aka bad guy was behind me), I could only get up about 8 or 9 feet for a few seconds and then glide back down to the ground.

But as far as aspiriations, I think I wanted to be a famous: Singer, dancer, actress, vet., and all-around beloved person.

adrian seney said...

Curious about your noon yesterday, I had to leave work b/c my tummy just did not feel right. I am just now feeling better. Weird!!!

I will really have to think about what my dreams were....I can't think of anything.

Anonymous said...

i think all of those dreams are just a bunch of wasted time...who believes that anyway. Just give me a dose of realty any day...

Anonymous said...

Wow....dreams and desires and stretching my fantasies. What would life be without that. The great poets and writers and song writers and composers lived with one foot in realty and the other foot in the dreams and desires of their mind and heart and soul. Without a song there would be no reason to live....thanks for reminding us of dreams and romance.

Anonymous said...

I have read the Sacred Romance, Wild at Heart and The Journey of Desire... God has placed these longings in our heart and if not responded life is robbed of the flavor and intent....Man without desire, romance and passion is "a dead man walking"

A Romantic at Heart
New Blog Reader
New Reader

Anonymous said...

These dreams and desires and romance have strummed a precious cord. I happened across this topic. We don't spend enough time examining what we have onthe inside. We just take care of day to day business and ignore the reason we live. Scripture refers to the "desires of the heart" for a reason. Your blog has awakened in me the need for this precious gift....

Janet from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Great subject great blog. Thanks this gives me "some" hope???

Sign me: The lonely skeptic

B-HO said...

WOW---lots of annons. comments...I wanted to be the ICEE LADY at the 7-11 and/or/both a "SOLID GOLD" Dancer---true story!! And at different points in my life each of these became a reality...I had such great aspirations:)...GREAT POST!