Sunday, August 10, 2008


A national bestseller, High Exposure, was loaned to me by friend, Sonja. Knowing I love true adventure books, she knew I would enjoy this read. What intrigued me most about this book was the story behind the story. David Breashears wrote this auto-biographical look at his life long pursuit of rock & mountain climbing, but the story between the lines is what I have thought about the most. David's quest of adventure in the rocks and mountains of our world began as a small boy, probably as an escape from the life that surrounded him. An abusive father permanently left his mark on David and the book, to me, is full of the life-long scar left by the abuse and then abandonment.

David does an excellent job of weaving his story in chronological order and the gut-wrenching 1996 tragic Everest season and subsequent year's return climb end the book. David's life long fascination with "High Adventure"led to his volunteering to help with adventure films and shoots to chronicle the risky sport of mountain climbing. His initial volunteering ultimately led to a career in films and documentaries of the dangerous sport. He was "On The Mountain" filming an IMAX film about conquering Everest when "The Big Storm" suddenly swept through in 1996 killing many of the adventure seekers on their quest for the summit. After reading High Crimes a few weeks ago, I read this book looking between the lines for the corruption and human greed found throughout that book. It's is here, but oh so subtle. I will never read another Everest book without searching for the dark side of humanity revealed by this book.

David leads a lonely life in my opinion. He mistakenly substitutes the thrill and beauty of his sport for the intimacy shared with other humans. In my humble opinion, this is evidence of his early years and his basic distrust of others. The one time he allows another in his life becomes a sad story of self destructive behavior dooming the relationship. I found the story behind the story incredibly sad.

A gifted writer and wonderful pictures, David does a masterful job of writing about the beauty and adventure of mountain climbing, while reminding the novice and amateur of the incredible danger associated with it.

This book is available on Amazon for a VERY SMALL PRICE, or go to your favorite public library and check it out or have them order it for you.


B-HO said...

It sounds reminiscent of "INTO THE WILD"...seems it would be a fascinating read--thanks for the commentary!

Charlane said...

I so very happy I found your blog through Adrian's blog. I have enjoyed reading every word. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures.