Monday, August 11, 2008


For those that do not live in Louisiana, you are not aware of our summer sufferings. Beginning in July a summer drought begins. The temperatures climb, the humidity stays high, but the rain is scarce. Some days are punctuated with summer showers or storms that soak some and skip others. These storms disappear as quickly as they appear, but are never sufficient to relieve the sun parched and dry yards and fields that surround us.

Yesterday brought a welcome break in the Louisiana Summer Syndrome. Sunday was cloudy all day with a slow sprinkle finally starting late in the day. Last night brought lightning and thunder mixed with a steady down pour which lasted well into the morning today. Sixty miles to our west, they are missing out on this blessing as the front seems to have dipped exactly through Ruston. We are thankful! The rain gauge shows the wonderful rain we have received since yesterday.

When you have had enough rain for the trees to show the wet, you know you are getting a "Real Rain", not just a little summer shower. Down at the bottom of the hill behind the tree house, is a creek which is spring fed and runs year round. It slows to a trickle in the summer, but a good rain makes it sound like a roaring river. A wonderful song in the middle of August.

We have spent hours pulling hoses and keeping the front yard watered. This rain will do what we could never do. All of the plants and the little bit of grass will get a "Deep Watering"-a "Real Soaking". Unless the 100 plus degree weather returns, this will help to sustain the plants for days and possibly a week or two to come.

The leaves on the trees and the plants all seem to actually breathe a sigh of relief. The weatherman promises more is coming tomorrow. We would consider that a bonus during the middle of August. Even if the additional rain does not materialize, I consider us blessed by this little shower from Heaven.


The long night of lightning kept me from my early morning run. I actually have enjoyed having a break for the past couple of runs from my routine. The bad thing is that makes it difficult to go back the next time. That is why I have running buddies-they keep me showing up!


Egghead said...

Wow! Looks like you have had quite the unusual rain for this time of year. Thanks for visiting my wee ones blog a while back. I will try to catch up on some of your blog soon. I am impressed that you run each day....I walk on the treadmill but have never been into running.

Hannah Lee said...

Mrs. Lora...I made the Ritz Cracker Chicken dinner last night. It was wonderful! Thanks for the husband was very pleased!

adrian seney said...

Haven't you enjoyed the temperatures?? Today was the first day in awhile that my back wasn't wet with sweat by the end of the day - YUCK! I blame the James Sweat Glands!!