Thursday, August 14, 2008


Do you think we have Angels placed in our lives in on Earth? I am reading a book about care giving that I will be reviewing Sunday that brought a long ago memory to surface about not one but two Angels sent to #1 during his early years.

When # 1 was a very small tot, he went to daycare everyday while I worked trying to support a family. # 1 was born when I was 19 and from that day on we began the process of raising each other. I had never babysat for anyone, much less changed a diaper or fed a baby. Green behind the ears would have been an understatement. A patient MIL taught me a great deal of what I needed to do, but those early years were filled with turmoil other than raising a baby.

# 1 stayed with a lady here in town until he was crawling that kept only bed babies, while I worked in a local bank. After he passed the stage that she would keep babies, he had a horrible sitter that eventually HAD to be replaced. MIL's close friend, Mrs. Linder had a daycare and she agreed to giving #1 a spot.

This began his relationship with his two Angels. Mrs. Linder had two ladies that worked for her at her daycare named Lois & Lela. Ironically Lela had worked in the dorm that I had lived in while a 17 year old college student. Lela had taken me under her wing, probably sensing my need for a mother. Then 3 and a half years later, here Lela is again, but this time it was my #1 that needed mothering.

Lois and Lela took a special interest in #1. #1 was a long and tall, but SKINNY tot-somewhat like his Mother. He gave new meaning to being picky about what he would eat-WONDER WHERE HE GOT THAT FROM? I am picky-but he set the curve and still does on pickiness. Lela was in charge of cooking at Mrs. Linders. When # 1 would not eat what they served that day, she would sneak him into the kitchen during naptime and find something he would eat. Going behind Mrs. L's back and giving special food to one of the children would have been seriously frowned upon my Mrs. L, but Lela did it anyway and always told me about it.

They both mothered him and loved him in a sweet and totally unselfish manner that I have never forgotten. When a little boy most needed all of the love and reassurance that life could give, they stepped up to the plate and provided above and beyond what I could give. I know for a fact that these special angels were sent to love, nurture, and protect #1 during a time that I was unable to sufficiently provide all he needed.

Do you believe in Angels? I do, but the Angels sent to us may not necessarily resemble the winged creatures we read about in the Bible. Two angels with brown faces and black hair were sent to # 1 and me to love us and minister to us. I am eternally thankful and grateful for the part they played in our lives.

Do you believe in Angels?


Anonymous said...

I do believe in angels--but this week has been the DEVIL!

NY Yankee Fan

adrian seney said...

Yes, I do! What a sweet story!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

That is a sweet story ! Can't believe I'd never heard it.

Ann Miller said...

absolutely, without a doubt, they are walking this earth among us, whether we know it or not!!! i have had many experiences that can only be explained by divine intervention by way of angels here on earth!!!

Deb said...

There are two kinds of angels... early and heavenly. Earthly angels are God sent just as those angels who fight in the spiritual realm.....Josh had "Pat Pat". I worked in an office from 8-5 each day. Josh stayed with her and her family until he was four. I will always be thankful to her for all the love and tenderness she gave while I was helping to buy our first house.

Anonymous said...

Well we share the same angels Lois and Lelia. Yes our children visited Mrs L's afew tomes in their growing up years. Do you know where they are now? We loved those ladies. Helen

Howdy from Texas said...

i just read this to scott while he was standing in the kitchen. he basically read it alout ahead of time. he remembered the lunch he didn't want to eat - and then told me what he would eat - peanut butter and apple jelly (mixed together) - so he remembers it too - every detail. so yes, they had a big impact on you and scott. thanks for writing this. scott was going to call you but said it was too late. anyway. that was really nice. and when i said to scott "that is really nice, what your mother wrote" he said "yea, that was nice.