Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I had no idea what to blog about------and then Miss Camille jogged a long ago memory.

When Camille was some where around early high school, I think, she tried to burn the old house down. She and her silly as she was friend, Sunny, were having a sleep over. Well as all sleep overs go, I am sure there was too much late night telephone talking, giggling, and stuffing their faces. Long after the late of the night and in fact in the early morning hours, I hear the smoke alarm go off. One of the curses of my life is my ability to hear the key being slipped into the door from the other end of the house-in other words- I HEAR EVERY NIGHT SOUND. Well the smoke alarm, was not exactly a muffled sound, but rather a siren in the night. My feet were on the floor and running down the hall before it even registered on me what the sound was. I began looking for which smoke alarm was sounding, but to no avail downstairs. The door to the upstairs was always kept shut, so I didn't realize we had a fire until I got all the way up there and opened the door. The bathroom is right in front of the door, between the two upstairs bedrooms. There was no light on, but the flames in the bathroom illuminated the dark. I rushed in and discovered that a candle had been left burning-THANKFULLY on the tile counter top. For some reason once the candle had burned almost all the way out, all of the wax spilled out and caught on fire. I rushed in and tried to throw it into the sink and it broke into a million pieces. I believe about this time BC made it up the stairs and helped to put the fire out. Smoke is billowing out of the room and the fire alarm is screaming. I go into Camille's room which must be about 5 or 6 feet from the bathroom door and she and Sunny are snoozing away. NEEDLESS TO SAY-I WAS JUST A LITTLE BIT OVER THE TOP IRRITATED! When questioned, Camille swore up and down she did not leave that candle burning. I guess the Devil must have done it.

If you wonder why dorms and apartments sometimes ban candles, I think you might have your answer in this little story! To this day, I am now super sensitive to the smell of a candle burning and have MANY a night gone to make sure they were extinguished after settling down for my long winter's nap.

If March winds bring April showers, then we should have a monsoon come April based upon all of the wind we have had for March.

Got up and ran our long 10 mile run this AM. This sounded like a good idea Monday after running 5 miles for the first time after a week of ailing. In case you don't already know-10 MILE IS A LONG WAY! I somehow made it, but did some walking at the end. Still ended up with a below 12 minute average, and I will be satisfied with that since I am still HACKING about half the time!


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Our son burnt a hole in the carpet of our new house in NE by burning incense in one of those little pier 1 import cone shaped thingies that he SET on top of a MIKE n IKE BOX on the carpet floor while he was playing video games. It was his patchouli phase which ended really quickly once we kicked his keister for it.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

1. Jessica Odell was also spending the night.
2. I, to this day, say that Gabe lit that candle. I really, honestly did not light that candle!