Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ice Cream Truck
New Orleans Lucky Dog Cart
Seattle Air Stream Restaurant

Fraternity Boys Answer To Refreshments on Wheels
I have my own "Personal Meals on Wheels"-Mr C. He has made it his mission to see that I eat while under the weather. I do not have much of an appetite while coughing with every other breathe. We go for a ride to get out of the house and he starts asking me what would you like to get to eat? Usually before we head home, we have picked up a sandwich or soup. The man has a knack at making the non-hungry eat.
While thinking about Meals on Wheels, I thought of the many ways that different food articles are sold while on wheels. The New Orleans Lucky Dog cart led me to the memory of a hilarious story that niece, Ann, told me about a visit to the Crescent City. She had me rolling in the floor when she related an annoying acquaintance eating not one-but several Lucky's-barely taking the time to chew. I believe she said the girl literally inhaled the dogs. They then proceed to visit one of the Bourbon Street Notables and sample the "store special drink". After bolting the drink down-WAY TO FAST- and going back for more, disastrous results happen. The Lucky Dog is revisited-and unfortunately in almost the same form as how it went down. When the angry bouncer, begins to look for who brought the girl in, Ann quickly disavows all knowledge. The story is even better when she tells it with her flair. I never go to NO and not think of THE LUCKY DOG story! They lost a GREAT deal of their charm after that story!
We have all delighted in the tinkle of the bells as "The Ice Cream Truck" made its summer rounds. In my younger days, carnival food carts had a magical pull-corn dogs, cotton candy, taffy, candy apples, and on and on. There is just something about food that is served on wheels.
When Camille was a little girl, she decided to have the age old traditional "Summer Lemonade Stand". We live in a dead end neighborhood and at the time, we knew all of the neighbors, so it was a great thing to do. The only bad thing about a dead end neighborhood is that there is not much traffic, thus not much business. The wheels began turning and she came up with a plan. The lemonade stand became a traveling lemonade stand. She puts the entire inventory into her wagon and then goes door to door ringing bells. I believe she did quite well! Don't we miss the innocence of those days?
Meals on Wheels-a great idea-but I am ready to get back to the business of living-including cooking!


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Those are called "roach coaches" where I come from hehehehe.

Ann Miller said...

oh, i had forgotten that story!! lucky dogs are one of steve miller's favorites...along w/popeye's chicken. he has a very sophisticated pallette!

Deb said...

When at Edinboro I remember falling asleep on the side walk out front of my dorm waiting for Deanos Hoagie truck...haha. My friends never let me forget that one! It was late and I was sleepy...what was the big deal..and Deano was not always on what was the big deal. Ham and cheese at 1 am!! They were warm and the cheese was melted....Dang, I want one right now!

I am so glad BC is takng such good care of you. It does take a while to snap back from this stuff. Hang in there. This too shall pass!