Friday, March 21, 2008


After a week of hugging the couch and occasionally making it to my chair, I have new calluses as noted in the title. No work out since Monday's run, and I am getting soft and squishy sitting around. The worst thing is missing the great outdoors languishing here, coughing my guts out.

We didn't make it to Texas. More low grade fever early this AM. I have diagnosed myself with bronchitis. Between Musinex and Robitussin, we are breaking the congestion up. The only bad thing is I have just about coughed a lung up too. That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger-or some such line of BULL!

Bobby is off today and we have enjoyed a day of March Madness. I am not much of a television sports fan, except for March Madness and Tennis. We have seen some great basketball today. Bobby does not have too many uncommitted days that he can totally chill and unwind. He needs those days since he is a hard worker in a very stressful job.

I am sad to not be with "The Boys" Sunday when the Easter Bunny visits. This will also be the first Easter ever that we have not been with Camille. WELL, I will have to work hard to not be sad this weekend. There's nothing like a "drug haze" to numb those emotions!

Camille & Easter reminds me of the time that Mr. Track gave Camille a rabbit. When someone gives you a rabbit, the cage, and the food, it is difficult to tell your daughter NO. The rabbit is fine, until Bobby leaves for a work trip. I hear all of the dogs in the neighborhood at 2 AM going crazy. I go outside and find them all trying to get Mr. Bunny, including our dog. I get the water hose and turn the water on them. Our lab thinks this is great fun and makes the game of Chase the Bunny even more fun. Finally in desperation, I bring the rabbit into the house and put her in the kitchen. I close the doors and go back to bed to try and get some sleep before work the next day. The next morning, when I open the kitchen door, -------------Well let's just say that Mr. Bunny ate lots of roughage. I solve the problem by putting the rabbit's cage in the treehouse which can only be gotten to by climbing the narrow ladder.

There comes the time that Camille loses interest in Mr. Bunny. Being the softie when it comes to my daughter and also getting sick and tired of having to nag her, Bobby begins feeding the rabbit every morning. If you know Bobby, you know he is fastidious about his dress. To keep from getting dirty or wrinkled, he would climb the treehouse in his underwear to feed the rabbit every morning. ONE OF MY BIGGEST REGRETS IN LIFE, is that I never made a picture of that cute sight. OH CAMILLE------YOU OWE YOUR DADDY BIG TIME!


Deb said...

hahahahahahahaha LOL! I have heard this story before and I laugh harder every time. You all must have loved that bun rab a lot!

Sorry about your set back...hope you feel better!!

Anonymous said...

oh, but the coat she got from it later was well worth all the trouble...

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Adrian said...

What a sweet man Uncle Bobby is! Hopefully, you won't be too sad this weekend. If you are sad/bored, there are two LIVELY midgets you can hang out with - they will probably make you change your mind. Love y'all!!

Anonymous said...

This really made me laugh out loud! The other day I was telling someone who had just bought a bunny for thier child the story of our bunny pets. I think my sweet dad thought that everyone needed a little experience of "farm life" and dogs alone just wouldn't do :) hope you get to feeling better!