Friday, March 28, 2008

HEY, PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT IS THE DEAL with these do over shows???? How in the world do you get picked for the "Do Me Over" shows? I would love a new wardrobe-a new look-a new body-better hair-whitest teeth. I think I would be the perfect candidate. I definitely could use the help. HEY-MISTER HEY-OPRAH!!!!PICK ME! When you pick me though-I don't want to look like those people that are fixing you. You know the freaky-over the top-unshaven-weird looking pros-THAT IS NOT THE LOOK I AM LOOKING FOR!

Look carefully at the picture and on top of the birdhouse. I had a "Looker" today and hopefully he will bring his "Mrs." back and set up residence. I love to have a bird family and watch them sitting on the nest, feeding the young & then teaching the babies to fly. This is right in my front yard, so I can take in all of the action.

What is the deal with these computers? I had it all down-how to edit my pictures. All of a sudden-one day-that program is gone and another-THAT I HATE-has taken its place. I try to publish pictures to my blog and they just disappear-OUT FLOATING AROUND IN CYBERSPACE SOMEWHERE. I know just enough to be dangerous. My technical advisor is my younger brother, Noel-"The Computer Guru". I would call and ask him, but then I would get that snort of laughter and smirk of disdain over his "Idiot-Technically Challenged Sister". I only call and subject myself to that when I can't get the computer to come on or work-in other words-"Totally Desperate". I tried down loading another editing program-you don't even want to know about that fiasco! I will just keep on trying and maybe someday I will chance open that editing program that I loved!

Big Kitchen remodeling starting in 1 week. I am cleaning out and boxing up. You have to get everything out to replace what is there. I am excited-NEW FROM THE CEILING DOWN. How exciting is that-even worth a couple or three weeks without a kitchen!

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Deb said...

I love birdie families, too. They usually set up housekeeping in my clothes pin basket that hangs in the carport. I need to get a bird house instead. Just more civilized. I'll get the retired guy on that...haha.

Somehow your old program is no longer your "default". If you know the name of your old program search for it and go to properties and see if there is a way to make it your default again. I have had this happen to me once several years ago. I ended up deleting the program I hated then all I had was the one I liked.