Monday, July 21, 2008


I have mentioned in previous posts that we have been physically preparing for our annual hiking trip. This is the week that we depart. I AM PUMPED! This is the third annual "Runner's Hiking Trip". My second trek with the group. Last year was just UNBELIEVABLE! We stayed in Banff Canada and hiked every day for a week, even taking two hikes in one day while there. The original reason for starting my blog was that trip. I posted everyday while we were gone with pictures and a written descriptions of what we were doing for those at home.

Friend, Sandra, Trip Planner Extraordinaire, is currently in Banff rehiking those same trails. She will send her hubby and in-laws home Wednesday & we will all be joining her. We plan to drive from Calgary to Glacier National Park in Montana the first day. We will be staying in one of the old lodges while in the Park and that will be our base of hiking operations. After hiking through the American side of the park, we will then travel to Waterton, Canada for the remainder of our trip and try the trails on the Canadian side of the border.

Pictures, even with a camera as good as Sandra's, just cannot do justice to the beauty that we experience each and every day. Look behind Dwight's legs on the right and you will see a lake far below. That was about the mid-point on your way up. This is Sentinel Pass where we sat and ate our lunch before heading back down. GLORIOUS!
Another summit on Fairview Mountain, as evidenced by the pile of rocks to the left. Tradition has it that when you summit the mountain, you place a rock on the pile to mark your success. Sandra indicated that it snowed and sleeted on them while they were at the top. Note the glaciers behind them.

This is a small example of the scenery we will see while hiking next week. Between the scenery and the wildlife, this is an experience of a lifetime. I am so looking forward to an exciting and fun filled week. Since Sandra has had a week to acclimate to the altitude, she has a head start. We "Flat-landers" have a really hard time the first couple of days with the "Thin Air" after living at just above sea-level.

I plan to post while gone, if Internet service is available. The first part of the trip is very remote, but check in for updates. I have already lined up the Wednesday supper and Sunday's review for you, but hopefully pictures and hiking adventure tales will be also posted. My wish for you all is that you were with us and personally enjoying the fun. The next best thing is telling you about the wonders and exciting things we experience while enjoying our "Big Adventure".


adrian seney said...

Wow!! Have fun and be safe.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Have a great husband wanted to go there this year for our anniversary. Just can't seem to make it happen w/time and kids right now. Someday. Been to Alaska which is very similar and LOVE IT THERE.

Jessica Stephenson said...

Looks like an adventure to me...can't wait to see your posts!

Anonymous said...

watch the curves in Glacier

jackie said...

Hey Lora,
Sounds like a great time. Justin and Erica were in Glacier the first week of July and absolutely loved it. We saw their pictures on Saturday. I am so envious of the beauty of that area. Be safe and can't wait for your posts.

adrian seney said...

Oops! Am I in trouble for "stealing" your picture? Actually, I just borrowed it. Would you like me to give you credit in my next post?!!!

Hannah Lee said...

B-E-A-UTIFUL! You ladies have a wonderful time. I'll be here in the sweltering heat trying not to melt to death!

Ann Miller said...

how far do you have to hike before you arrive at the spa?