Monday, July 28, 2008

STAY CALM!!!!!!!!!!

We are nearing civilization once again. No cell-No Internet since we have been gone. We are in the Canadian side of Glacier tonight and I am sitting outside a lounge to send this story to you-BUT YOU HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT THIS!

We hiked to the top of a lookout today to see two different glaciers. It was a LONG hike up and a steep incline. We traveled with a ranger for a while and then decided we needed to go faster since we had to travel also today. We were swiftly making our way up the mountain. For THE FIRST TIME since we have been here, I was in the lead of the group. I had just told Sonja that while she was leading she was not making enough noise. I let out a HODIE YOO HOO before rounding a corner. When I rounded the corner about 15 feet in front of us was a grizzly looking at me from a snow field. I very calmly stopped - I DID LISTEN TO THOSE RANGER LECTURES. Turned around and told those behind me "Bear-We need to get in a group." Before I got bear out of my mouth, Sandra and Babs have pivoted in their tracks and were headed down the path. Sonja, Jim & I stayed and watched the bear as he watched us. He rolled in the snow-pictures coming- and frolicked for a while. Sonja stops and wants her picture made with the bear behind her. Unfortunately my picture was out of focus. Could have something to do with hands shaking! Then HE STARTS DOWN THE TRAIL toward us. We are on a VERY STEEP mountain side with no way but the trail to go. We start down knowing the ranger and group are coming up behind us. We keep stopping and looking, but he keeps coming. When we finally reached the ranger, she heads us all back down the steep trail. There were about 30 in the group and we keep having to urge the back part of the pack to NOT STOP FOR PICTURES but keep on going. FINALLY when the bear sees how many are in the group and finds a path down, he heads down the mountain. We have spent the day laughing about the bear and you all will have to hear this tale for many days to come. We have seen multiple bears every day as well as other varmints-SO GET READY FOR SOME TALES!

I will post when I get home beginning Thursday-MANY PICS-and lots of fun stories. It has been glorious!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

OH MY GOSH. I would've rolled down the mountain side. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Bear facts mam

Anonymous said...

ahhh! so much for group effort in staying together! i'm so glad you're alive!

painted maypole said...

wow, sounds amazing! (and great music!)

it's been WEEKS since you commented on my site, and I'm just getting around to reciprocating, sorry, but you know how it is when you're on vacation and all! ;) you defended the south's honor on my post about mommy's in the park, and there are lots and lots of great things about the south, and I don't think my mommies in the park experience is about being in the south - it is just my little community. But I do have to say that southern hospitality and FOOD deserve all the praise they get

andrena said...

awww lawd!!!

I am too afraid to go camping! great shot though!!! :-)

Hannah Lee said...

HOW CRAZY IS THAT! I would be freaking out! You ladies, handled it like pros it sounds like!

Deb said...

Oh my gosh! I might have fainted... I know they are nothing to mess around with and I take that stuff seriously.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Perhaps some Kung Fu Panda would have been in order.

My grandma has brown bears at her house in PA......they won't leave her sunroom alone. They keep breaking in in broad daylight. One of these days they will probably find grandma partially eaten on the sunporch w/the other half up the hill being munched on.

Anonymous said...

bearly got out of there alive?
told you a/b that pepper spray/ bear bells